How To Create A Website For Free!

In every business, there is a beginning, and learning how to create a website for free is the bestHow to create a website for free place to start your online career.

Why would you want to add more to your already busy life? For most of us, it is all about freedom. Financial, time and personal.

You might be wondering what you need to do to create a business website. It even gets scary and discouraging sometimes when you begin to think of business capital and other expenditure.

Well, don’t worry because cyberspace has been evolving and now you can have a virtual business. Let me quickly itemize the things you need to get started.

  • A gadget that uses an internet connection to surf the web. It could be your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. But having a phone allows you to carry your business about easily in your pocket. Now, how about that for comfort and portability?
  • Do you need startup capital? No, you don’t! Although you may need little money but it’s surely not going to put a hole in your pocket
  • Build a basic website or blog and look for a category of product you can market. After that, look for products under that category
  • A superb way to reach a large audience is through social media platforms. So, endeavor to get on any of the platforms. It could be Facebook or Twitter. Anyone will suffice.

Now, by reading this piece, you’ll see words like market, products, promote. So then you know it’s definitely marketing you’d be doing. But what form of marketing is that? To put it simply, it’s Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails marketing products for people. You can either use social platforms or a website with good traffic. Your job is to get those products out there and put them in people’s faces.

When anybody signifies interest, then you can refer the interested buyer to the actual owner of the product. Now, how do you earn money by doing this?

You earn from affiliate marketing when you make referrals and they buy the products. This way, you get percentage cuts. You’re like an online retailer.

What You Need to Set Up a Simple Website

To set up a simple website that you can use to market products, you need the following:

  • A Domain – This is the address of the website you’ll be using. You need to buy a domain name from host providers such as Hostinger, Bluehost and more.
  • A Host provider – You need a good web hosting provider that’ll host your website on its servers. With a good host provider, you need not worry about your website going down or loading slowly. I recommend Bluehost and Hostinger as providers you can check out.
  • A website Builder – A website builder is responsible for how your website looks. You can make attractive site interfaces with site builders.

After creating your website, you need to find products you can market to your audience on the site. The following steps will get you on your way to marketing your first product.

  • Make findings about the Affiliate network for the category of products you want to market.
  • Pin point a product that people want. This way you get to promote products that are in demand. The higher the demand, the quicker the sale and the faster you earn.
  • Create content that people like. Contents that will generate traffic should be the content that you put out there for your audience.

Affiliate marketing is a seamless way to earn some good bucks especially when you have a large number of audiences. It also helps when you’re very active on social media. That way, people can easily vouch for the products you market because they know you.

To get started you will need to:

  • Decide on a Niche
  • Choose a Hosting platform
  • Create a Website
  • Decide on Affiliate Sales or your own/other products
  • Learn How to Create Traffic to Your Website
  • Create a mailing list
  • Convert Visitors to Sales

Read a review of the top internet learning platform with 17 years of experience in helping people of all ages to become financially independent. This is a wonderfully inexpensive way to upgrade your skills if you are 40+.

Choosing Your Niche

In any business, you will need to choose what you want to sell. It’s best if it’s a passion or hobby that you have. Some niches will create a faster income than others. You will be writing content 2-3 times a week for your niche and giving many years to it to become profitable. So choose wisely, as it is a time commitment but keep in mind you can always change your niche later.

This is an exciting moment when you select a particular segment of the market. Who do you wish to help and correspond with on your website? What are you passionate about? I personally love anything to do with making music, guitars and performing. I’m drawn to horses, travel, and investing. It can be whatever naturally draws you and if you’re not an expert now, you have the world to research and become an expert.

Some top earners are;How to create a website for free

  • Make Money Online
  • Relationship Advice
  • Personal development
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Fitness

If you are attracted to one of these areas you will want to narrow your niche within that topic, to create a unique website business.

Be a Problem Solver

Every day someone is looking for a solution online and you are going to write about ways to fix that problem. If a passion doesn’t spring to mind, you can work backward from a product to a website idea. With affiliate or commission sales you don’t have to own the product, you can promote it on your website and make a small commission from the company.

Some Affiliate Programs are available through Amazon, Clickbank, and Shareasale. Indeed, if you wanted to go to these programs and see what they sell, you could find a niche with a product ready to pay you a commission. Even better there are thousands of terrific affiliate programs for companies all over the world that you can sign up for and make a commission.

Each company pays a different percentage and some pay quicker than others, so it pays to shop around. Even better join a community that can give you inside information on the best companies to be affiliated with and start for Free.

This site participates in affiliate programs. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Thank you for your support. For more information please read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Learn how to build a successful business

Choosing a Hosting Platform

To create a website you will need to pay a hosting company to look after it. This is called a hosting company. It’s a bit like finding a garage for your car! There are two types of hosting. You can have assisted or not assisted hosting.

Not all hosting sites are created equal. It’s best to shop around for the best inclusive deal.

Some hosting sites just park your website, you only get security and/or lessons for more money. Consequently, what you should look for in a hosting company that will give you a package deal that includes top security, technical assistance, and quality lessons. Throw in a supportive, experienced community of entrepreneurs and you have a place to learn and grow. It can be a steep learning curve. So for this reason it will help to find a mentor, who will guide you along on your business journey.

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Hosting a website costs around $30-50 a month. But some only offer you a place to park your website. Consequently, when looking at what is offered by different companies, check what is included in this cost. Security, Technical Assistance, Lessons, Community, A free trial period. Indeed, some purely host only but don’t offer anything else, so be sure to check out the fine print as I did.

Create a Website For Free

Choose a home for your website. Once you have done this the fun starts. You have a niche in mindHow to create a website for free and it is time to get creative. Choose a theme and create a space to blog for your future customers. This is where you can answer the questions that they are researching and offer help with a solution.

Not long ago you would have needed to be able to write computer code to create a website but WordPress is now available. Couple with this a learning platform that hosts your website and gives you Free Themes and pre-loaded widgets and you can have a website up and running in 30 minutes.

The internet has come of age and is available to anyone willing to take the journey. There are two types of free website builders available, here is what Wikipedia has to say.

Decide on Affiliate Sales or Your Own Product 

Now that you have your website up and running, you will want to monetize it because after all, you started this journey to create a business and make money. It is very simple to type in affiliate programs in Google, to find products that you would want to promote.

Keep in mind that millions of people a day do research before buying. Thus, you will want to become an expert in your chosen niche. For example; if you were looking to buy a vitamin, you might research the best Multivitamin available? You will be looking for the best information about ingredients and comments and reviews.

This is what you will be providing. A service of insightful, correct, and extensive information. Hopefully written in an interesting and engaging way, so that they will feel that you helped them decide and buy from your affiliate link, even when you are sleeping.

Learn How To Create Traffic To Your Website

We are all aware of social media and sometimes it can be a pest. But this is the best way to tell people about your new website. You may already have a Facebook Page and are able to create an added business page to showcase your website posts.

You may choose to go on Pinterest with pictures from your website to draw visitors and comments to your website to read your posts. My music website benefits a lot from me posting interesting photos of musicians.

Instagram is a really fun place to show and tell about your life and how you can be of assistance. It is a very low-level promotion and designed to connect with people interested in your niche and ideas. Many people have a huge following.

Perhaps you already have a Twitter or LinkedIn account that you enjoy connecting with people through and that may be your first choice for promotion.

It certainly is a much cheaper way to promote your business than newspapers, TV, and Billboard ads. Even flyers in the letterbox only receive a 1% return on thousands that are delivered. The day of paying huge amounts of advertising budgets to promote yourself is gone if you can be a creative social person.

Added Income

Posting regular information or photos to any of these social media will draw people to your website. At this point in your journey, you could even start making money by creating websites for other people or helping with their social media. There are many jobs online in this area that could make you supplementary money, while you build your business.

Speaking from experience, normal bricks and mortar business can take from 3-7 years to start making you money. Usually, you will have to take a $20-100,000 loan out against your house to fund it. On the other hand, an internet business will cost you around $500 a year whilst you build it and you could be earning, depending on your niche and affiliate links within 1-5 years.

Creating A Mailing List

Why create a mailing list? Statistics prove that we like to buy from people we know andHow to create a free website

respect. Consequently, as you start to get people visiting your website it would be nice to encourage them to follow you, by freely giving you their email address.

This way you can give them free advice on their areas of interest, snippets of saving opportunities to build a relationship. You can use what is known as a capture page or funnel to do this. Mostly by offering a free digital product or just asking when they visit.

From this list, you will be able to forge long term connections by a weekly newsletter and sales opportunities. Some funnel companies can be very expensive and also seem to offer instant success but at Wealthy Affiliate, the tools are available in your package to create a friendly funnel. No high-pressure tactics, just good business sense.

Subscribe and get my free E-Book on the Top 10 tips for building your new business fast.

Convert Visitors To Sales

We all surf the net when we are looking for answers and this is the way you help people to make decisions and convert them to buyers. No one needs a salesperson but we all would like a friend to explain the best and worst of a product. This is the job of your website. Consequently, the more helpful, truthful, and informative your reviews are, the more likely that people will support your website and buy through your links.

Be prepared to spend time writing informative content. There is a lot of research to do and trial products. Even better, if you are writing about something you have a passion for, as it comes through in your writing.

How to create a website

This site participates in affiliate programs. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Thank you for your support.

For more information please join me through my link, so that I can mentor you to your success, and feel free to read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of how to create a website for free. Please comment or ask me any questions, I’d be delighted to help. Share and Like too. Thanks.

See you on your journey,

LILY Munday

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I started searching for a way to create my website for free on the Internet as I was about starting my online business. I was so happy when I got it done at wealthy affiliate for free. An upgrade even gives you a really better feature. 

    • So very true Benny. Very glad you have found a home with us and the support to create your free website. 

      Wishing you great success 

      Lily 😊💲

  2. You are truly clever to be able to put our this kind of post on your website to teach people how to create a website. I think the way you explained it, it’s not as hard as many people in our world today make it seem. I do not know which of this steps is the most important to take but I’d like to treat all the steps with utmost caution. You have really helped me here. Thanks

    • Hi Henderson, you are so correct in making sure that you  are cautious with each step you take. There are lots of great opportunities out in this market to create a living but also the deep water can hide some sharks.

      There is plenty of help here and always a friendly face to help keep you growing and learning. Please let me know if I can help in any way.



  3. Thanks for this article on how to create a website for free. These days I like to look at anything that is offered for free with a little skepticism, but what you have laid out seems very legitimate and worth a try. I like that you went way beyond the free website to explain how to leverage that site to earn money online.

    After reading through the tips and steps you laid out, it appears to me that just about anyone can do this, and they can do it from anywhere. That is a strong case for trying it out these days, with the advent of the Coronavirus and all the implications that may have for working. 

    It would seem to me that getting some kind of a revenue stream in place outside the regular 9-5 makes sense, as you never know when the regular job and pay may be disrupted due to circumstances. This plan that you laid out shows us how to get that in place quickly. Good information, thanks again!

    • Hi Dave, thanks for your great feedback. I really hope this helps to clarify just how easy it is to get training in internet marketing. It’s a big exciting world out there and we all need a little insurance for the future.

      Wishing you great success.


  4. Creating a website was never in those when I started out with studying computer and all it properties…in those time settings up a website was so expensive that only top business men and companies had website….but today even with $100 one could set up a nice website by his or her self.

    I like how you have listed every thing that is need and the process on how to getting together and get the best website….amd totqlly agree with your Wealth affiliate has one of the best service especially from hosting to domain names…thanks anyway for sharing your article was really helpful to me as I have to tweeks to make on my website after reading this article.



    • Hi Dave, that is terrific news that I’ve helped you to see something to polish on your website. It’s exciting to learn a little bit of something new everyday and at Wealthy Affiliate you never get stuck, as there are a lot of talented people to ask.

      I remember the days when only business people with a lot of money could afford to create a website and it gave me a headache even beginning to try and understand where to start. I can’t believe how quickly I have learned how to create a website and connect with like minded people. The stars are the limit.

      Wishing you great success.


  5. I am a die-hard fan in online business, all I can say is your article does give a brief, yet thorough overview of setting up a profitable website.

    I am sure it can help a lot of newbies to get started easily. However, I think it can be even better if you can use more graphics and videos to illustrate the message that you trying to deliver for better understanding.

    Anyway, I appreciate your article and I already bookmarked it for further use!

    • That’s great news Zac. It is always a little daunting for new people wanting to start an internet business, I’m glad this advice helped.

  6. The prospect of creating a person’s own product to market through their websites can be a bit intimidating, but it can be very lucrative. I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve wanted to and your article makes me want to check more into that. 

    Do you consider marketing your own product the same as affiliate marketing? Do you work the sites the same? I’m wondering if the rules that make a site work for affiliates with other companies are the same ones that work for an affiliates own products. 

    Any input would be appreciated!


    • Great questions Darrin. I am still learning but from what I’ve learned it’s far more intensive creating your own product to sell than being paid a commission, where they pack and deliver the product. Yes you do get to keep all the profit after costs but it is time consuming. You also have to deal with returns etc.

      Ebay and Amazon have a facility to set up a virtual store and they will ship products at a cost to you. This can include products you create or a labelled for your business. 

      The other option is creating your own digital product delivered by email and you control the profit. It’s all about how much work you want to do against the profit margin. 

      Hope this helps 


  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains some valuable information’s one could hold on to. I personally never knew i could create a website and that too for free, i am really glad i came across this as it has helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing this, i think i will be sharing this with a couple of friends now.

  8. Hi Lily,

    I very much agree with you, creating a website is all about deciding to be a problem solver. As a blogger and an affiliate marketer, my key objective is to solve people’s problems by creating relevant content around specific issues which to me is a niche. I try and make my solutions easy to access by optimizing it for search engines and also point to it from pinterest, Facebook and other social media. Top of it, I recommend products to solve problems to earn a decent income from my blog. 

    I think this is the kind of life we choose as bloggers, and we are happy and fulfill helping people solve problems

    • So very true Parameter, becoming a problem solver can be fun and profitable, especially if you understand about writing content and promoting it on social media. I really enjoy being part of the Wealthy Affiliate family and learning how to build a healthy, successful business.


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