How to Explore Pinterest for Traffic

Why struggle with Pinterest for traffic? Simply put, it is the nitroglycerin driver of social traffic. It has the ability to driveHow to explore Pinterest for traffic millions of new web visitors to your web pages on an everyday basis. You can learn how to explore Pinterest for traffic and draw regular visitors by following my top 15 tips.

Top 15 tips for loading a Pinterest for traffic pin

  1. Remain Focused
  2. Improve Your Pinterest SEO
  3. Keep All your Boards on Brand
  4. Explore Pinterest as a Search Engine
  5. Ensure you create relevant pin descriptions
  6. Use Rich pins when adding additional information to every post
  7. Use a contest to attract potential followers
  8. Associate with other Pinterest participants
  9. Get to know who is currently pinning your posts
  10. Make the most of trending posts
  11. Pin your stuff consistently
  12. Flee from using a link shortener
  13. Practice with Pinterest ads
  14. Connect your digital platforms to Pinterest
  15. Allow user to pin your content easily

1. Remain Focused

On Pinterest, you can find exciting content that motivates you; don’t forget to stay focused on your business account.

Verify your site and look professional to the audience; this creates confidence in the followers who seek your experience and expertise.

2. Improve Your Pinterest SEO

Include your site address, business name, and a short description of how your brand resolves any specific issues for clients in your Pinterest profile.

Remember to assign a category to each board; this ensures that you show up more frequently in search results.

3. Keep all your Boards on BrandKeep all your boards on brand

A good way to keep all boards on brand is pinning intriguing content that captivates that potential client of yours.

Your top 8 boards are the most seen; ensure they target your brand’s areas of skills and experience. Creating a branded board cover is a way to take it a step further.

4. Explore Pinterest as a Search Engine

If you have research that you never want to disclose publicly, you can save it to your secret boards. This is a fantastic route when it comes to seeking behind-the-scene business tips or collating resources.

To make sharing content with your team easier, include contributors in your secret boards.

5. Ensure You Create Relevant Pin Descriptions

Although it can take some time to draft a relevant and well-researched description whenever you want to pin a post, here’s some good news; you can use a simple hack to do that.

Underline a scrap of text from the post prior to clicking the Pin button; the text will automatically be sent to the description.

When drafting post descriptions, you want to ensure you are targeting those keywords that sound natural.

6. Use Rich Pins When Adding Additional Info to Every Post

Rich pins include Product pins, Place pins, Recipe pins, Movie pins, and Article pins.

To start using rich pins, validate your website first; to do that, hit the Edit profile tab, and then click the Confirm website button. You’ll see a Meta tag. Copy that and paste it to the social section of your SEO plugin.

If you need to apply for rich pins anytime, type your website address in the Pinterest validator and follow the instructions.

7. Use a Contest to Attract Potential Followers

Using a contest on Pinterest is a great way to build engagement with existing followers and attract prospective ones. However, you need to abide by the laid-down rules.

  • Deliver quality over quantity
  • Always keep in mind that Pinterest focuses only on people looking for things that will inspire them
  • Stick to the anti-spam measures and keep your Pinterest contests useful, interesting, and fun
  • Get easily involved with straightforward and clear instructions
  • Do not overdo contests that can liquidate too soon
  • Do not request the least number of pins
  • Don’t trigger spam characters, such as requesting comments from participants
  • Do not ask people to pin your Pinterest content rules
  • Allow participants to add favorite pins
  • Do not ask participants to vote with likes, boards, or pins
  • Don’t ask Pinterest to endorse or sponsor your contest
  • Do not make yours a “Pin it and Win it” contest
  • Never run sweepstakes where each follow, like, board, or pin stands for an entry

8. Associate with Other Pinterest ParticipantsAssociate with other Pinterest people

A proficient way to collaborate with a wider audience is by participating in group boards, especially if you are contributing high-quality content. To single out trending group boards by industry, use PinGroupie.

Note that you will need to stay consistent to beat the competition if you choose a board that has many contributors.

9. Get to Know Who is Currently Pinning Your Posts (and what precisely they are pinning?)

Enter the link below into your web browser:[YourSiteURL]

A screen showing the most recent pinned content from your website will appear. This way, you will see the posts that are currently hitting the spot with your followers. This expertise will help you re-strategize moving forward.

10. Make the Most of Trending Posts

The trending posts on Pinterest may not sound relevant to your followers, but it’s a fantastic idea to analyze your “Trending” page frequently. It lets you know what is appealing to your audience.

Find out how you can incorporate these themes and trends into your tactics.

11. Pin Your Stuff Consistently

It’s good to have a board exclusively for all posts. From here, you’ll pin every video, every freebie, every piece of content, and every podcast. It’s equally good to create a board for freebie and place all of these boards around the top of your Pinterest profile.

You should re-pin every blog post to the relevant boards (the collaborative ones inclusive). To create even more organic traffic.

12. Flee from Using a Link Shortener

In writing Pinterest descriptions, you’re permitted to share links, but you shouldn’t ever shorten links.

If you shorten a link and a user clicks on it, they will get a spam alert automatically. This will prevent users from proceeding to your website.

13. Practice with Pinterest Ads

Advertised pins look pretty much like normal pins, but they feature as ads, making brands to display content for a specified price. Also, Promoted app pins allow followers to buy apps through the pin directly, while still on the platform.

Options to focus on are:Options to focus on

  • Your uploaded list of subscribers or clients
  • Your site visitors
  • Followers who have built engagement with pins from your website
  • Followers who show characters similar to any one of the above

Note that you cannot use these features when you haven’t verified your domain.

14. Connect Your Other Digital Platforms to Pinterest

Add Pinterest Share and Follow buttons to your site.

If you want to tweet your pins, select the image you want to share, hit the “Send” button, and then click the Twitter option.

Use Woobox to show your Pinterest feed on a Facebook page.

15. Allow Users to Pin Your Content Easily

Create the “Pin for later” option and allow users to easily pin your posts.

After clicking the “Publish” button, pin a picture from the blog content. Load Pinterest, and copy the link of that pin. Return to your blog content and add the phrase “Pin this blog post for later”, embedding the pin’s link.

I hope that all these tips will help you to draw a massive amount of traffic to your blog and bring you success.

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LILY Munday

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6 thoughts on “How to Explore Pinterest for Traffic”

  1. I’m new to the field of using pinterest to drive visitors to my site, so this article helped me a lot thank you. I am going to use some of your tips today in order to see if it makes a difference to my site visitors (i’m sure it will if I implement them correctly). Many thanks for an informative article, it gives me lots of new ideas to increase traffic to my site through pinterest! 🙂

    • Hi Sophie, Pinterest has a lot more promotion power than people realize. It’s a great way to reach out to people and help them achieve success with quality information.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and the outcome of my business is not as satisfactory as I expected. I know the key issue is the traffic. My friends informed me that Pinterest could be a good source for traffic. I think about doing something on this, but never take time to do anything. Here comes your article, which contains all info on Pinterest. I bookmarked your page and will study more on Pinterest. I will definitely try to gain traffic through this route.

    • That’s terrific news, Anthony. I know I put off doing Pinterest for a long time but there is such great training available online and on Wealthy Affiliate that you shouldn’t hesitate to set up a business account with Pinterest and start drawing some traffic to your website. Good Luck.

  3. I am still very weak in the field of social media and I still have a lot to do on this. Pinterest is one of my tasks that I plan to tackle shortly. That’s why your article How to Explore Pinterest for Traffic has been very helpful to me now, as it has given me a lot of information and useful tips that I will follow when building my profile on Pinterest that will be linked to my website.
    Thank you and I wish you all the best,

    • Hi Nina, I’m delighted that you found it so informative. If you get a chance to also watch Jay’s videos on Pinterest he really will help you to dig into Pinterest. It is really quite simple once you start but you must post every day to get good results.


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