How to Get More Blog Subscribers

An effective way on how to get more blog subscribers is to make it easy for people to opt into your blog. You can do this byHow to get more blog subscribers displaying an easy-to-use one-field opt-in form or creating a clear call-to-action module.

The opt-in form should stand out from the rest of your content and be easy to find. Moreover, you can also include a link to your opt-in form in your sidebar, header, and footer.

If you’re looking to increase blog subscribers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, keeping your most valuable blog content behind a subscription button is important.

Giving everything away is not a good business practice, and it can also lead to low subscriber counts. In addition, remember that people are more likely to opt into your blog’s newsletter if they’re interested in the content you offer.

Here are some ways to Get More Blog Subscribers:

  • Install OptinMonster
  • Use SumoMe
  • Create a Lightbox
  • Drive More Traffic to Your Blog
  • Add a CTA to Your Email Signature

Install OptinMonster

To get more blog subscribers, you should use OptinMonster. This WordPress plugin will help you create professional opt-in forms, popups, and landing pages that will turn casual visitors into engaged followers.

The tool also helps you test various design ideas and variations to optimize each change’s conversion rate.

OptinMonster makes creating and displaying opt-in forms a breeze. After creating an account, you can start setting up your opt-in forms.

You can choose from 8 different opt-in types. The Floating Bar, for example, displays a horizontal bar across the browser window, complete with space for a title caption and a signup form.

OptinMonster even integrates with almost every email service on the web, so you can easily track your subscriber conversions.

It has pre-built templates for popular opt-in forms, which you can change to fit your style and content. Its drag-and-drop builder makes designing an Opt-in fast and easy.

With a few clicks, you can drag and drop elements to design a professional-looking Opt-in that is unique to your site. No coding or design skill is required to get started with OptinMonster.

OptinMonster has an exit-intent technology feature, which detects when a user is about to leave a page and pops up an opt-in window.

With exit-intent technology, you can easily convert 2 to 4% of your website visitors into email subscribers. With the OptinMonster software, you can convert even more visitors than any other marketing method.

Use SumoMe

An excellent way to get more blog subscribers is by adding the SumoMe plugin to your WordPress site.

You can download it from the SumoMe website and install it on your WordPress dashboard. To install the plugin, click Plugins > Add New and select SumoMe.

The plugin will show you which tools are available to get more blog subscribers. Understanding your audience better is a good way to improve your blog traffic.

Know what your audience likes, wants, and uses. SumoMe offers three tools that allow you to understand your audience better.

Use the Google Analytics App to see your website metrics. Integrating these tools lets you see which posts perform better on Google. Once you’ve got this information, you can start optimizing your posts.

You can also use an inline form, a popup embedded within the content of your page. You can add a CTA (call to action) for visitors to complete.

Using an inline form will give you the freedom to control its design and use different types of forms. Inline forms are better for converting visitors because they’re less intrusive. And you can even use them to collect data about your visitors.

Once you’ve set up your Sumo account, you can start using the tools to increase traffic. Try the “Share” tool and the “Inline Form” first to see which ones work for you. These will not distract your visitors from reading your blog content.

You can then test these tools and see how they affect your traffic. This way, you can optimize your website and increase your blog’s subscribers.

Create a LightboxCreate a lightbox

A lightbox can be a highly effective tool for attracting more blog subscribers. By using this feature, you can highlight important messages or images.

You can use it to showcase videos or images. You can also use the lightbox to offer special discounts for those who subscribe to your newsletter.

To increase your conversion rate, set a cookie length of a year or more. Remember that not all lightboxes are created when creating your lightbox form. Knowing what you’re offering is important before creating a popup.

Create a compelling title and description for each message, and personalize each. A lightbox is an effective way to attract new subscribers and make your existing subscribers happy.

To get more blog subscribers, use it to generate leads. Just be sure to test it out first to make sure it’s working well.

An image can help capture a user’s attention and set a certain tone. However, it should not block the text on your page.

Instead, it should complement your message. Choose an appropriate place for your image and set a trigger to make it appear.

You can also use triggers to display the images on the page. Choosing a location that is easy to access and adjust is important. Once you’ve selected a location, you can add text to the lightbox.

If you’re unsure which style you want for your lightbox, test it first. Try it with a few different triggers and styles.

If one style works, you’re halfway there! You can use a different style for a more effective lightbox if it doesn’t.

Experiment with many other ways to implement a lightbox on your website. You might be surprised by the results!

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Building relationships with the media is the key to driving more traffic to your blog. If your blog is visual, target LinkedIn; if you have a nerdy bent, target Reddit and its subreddits.

To be featured in the news, do something that would get your blog featured on the front page of the local newspaper or online publication. This is not an easy task, so you need to get creative.

While the Facebook native video is killing it these days, you can still take advantage of the power of the social media giant.

Try creating groups for your ideal readers and focus on building them as your audience. Facebook will reward your efforts if you post a link-free long form. Facebook is also good for sponsored posts, but make sure to create engaging content. Then, create a post with rich media to grab their attention.

While hosting a summit may be a bit time-consuming, it will drive a lot of traffic to your blog and get more blog subscribers. You can use your blog to host these events and give away freebies to the audience.

You can use the extra traffic for paid advertising and other marketing efforts. You may also use offline sources to drive more traffic to your blog, including speaking gigs and freebies.

Publish your articles on popular forums and websites. Many online communities have question and answer sections, so be sure to include them in your posts.

If you can answer a question on an influencer’s website, you can get your blog featured on their site. The more traffic you generate from the influencers, the better.

It will also boost your blog’s traffic exponentially. Then, you can use your influencers to get your blog featured on their blogs and other sites.

Add a CTA to Your Email Signature

Adding a CTA to your email header and signature can be one of the best ways to increase your blog subscriber list.

Not only will it get more blog subscribers, but it will also increase your traffic. People respond well to visual content, giving them a good reason to visit your website and shop.

The simplest way to add a CTA is by using a button or a relevant logo. The CTA should be at least 47 pixels tall to make it easy for readers to see and not look pixelated.

You should also ensure the entire email signature looks professional, as a hard-to-read CTA may discourage your subscribers from clicking on it.

Another great way to use a CTA in your email signature is to include links to your social media profiles. If you are running a fashion blog, use your social media icons to direct people to your blog.

Social media icons can also be useful for bringing in new traffic to your site. Adding these icons to your email signature can help nurture existing customers and prospects. It can also link to upcoming events.

Aside from using an email signature to drive traffic to your site, you should also use it for advertising special deals and discounts.

You can add an eBook or a promotional banner to attract more customers. If you want to make your signature less promotional, you can embed your business information in your email’s footer. You can create a simple template for your email signature at Newoldstamp.

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There are several ways to get more blog subscribers. You need to know which ones are the most popular. You can use those to create a landing page that will attract more visitors.

Another way to grow your blog subscribers is to create a content upgrade. This type of lead magnet is specifically targeted to a particular blog post. For example, a list of the top ten book promotion websites was created by Kindlepreneur.

It only took 10 minutes to create, but it converted 9.9% of visitors who left without converting. This was a content upgrade for a blog post listing 100 books.

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