How to Increase the Domain Authority

When you are building out content for a larger audience, one thing you should make a priority is how you will improve yourHow to increase the domain authority

rankings on different search engines like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. I’m going to show you the tips and tricks on how to increase the domain authority of your website.

When your potential audience or customers use any of these search engines to search for keywords related to your niche or industry, they will possibly find your site, and then click to get the information they are looking for.

As you continue to improve your rankings, your site will come up whenever a keyword related to your niche is searched. You’ll get more traffic and also more leads, and your users will become more conversant with your company.

In a bid to get a higher ranking, there is one thing you need to do – increase your domain authority. When your domain authority increases, this will send a signal to the search engines that your site is more trustworthy, and has more authority than most sites trying to rank higher for the same keywords.

Defining Domain and Page Authority

Before we move any further, what really is domain authority? Domain authority, simply put, is the authority of a website, or the level at which a domain is being rated. It is a standard used to determine the strength a website’s link profile has.

Domain authority is not a common term; probably you have heard about it, but don’t really know what it is.

Well, no problem! This post will cover the exact definition of the domain authority, how to check it, how to boost it, and so on. And by the end of the post, you will know more about the term “Domain Authority”.

Let’s get started.

About the Domain Authority

Domain Authority, also known as DA, was created by Moz, a software company. According to them, Domain Authority is aAbout Domain Authority search engine ranking score used to predict the ranking of a site on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The score of the domain authority ranges from one to a hundred and the more you score, the higher you will rank.

Going on, the domain authority is calculated using several factors like linking root domains, and also, the total number of links so as to get the domain authority score of a site. Note that the domain authority predicts success, not necessarily represents success.

The domain authority is not used by Google and when you boost your DA, it does not make your site automatically rank higher in the search results on Google. Simply put, the score of your domain authority will determine your competitiveness in your niche. As a result, you will know the right keywords to choose when writing content.

For instance, let’s assume your score for your site’s domain authority is 56. If you are competing for a keyword along with sites whose DA scores range from 39 to 47, you’ll know that good blog content will still have an excellent chance of ranking. But if the sites you are competing with have a DA in the 80s, you will have to retarget your keywords.

The page authority is a score that is used to measure the level at which an individual page can be ranked in search results. Notwithstanding, domain authority plays a bigger role in determining page authority. So it is better to focus generally on improving the site as a whole than just a specific page.

Additional Measures of Page Authority

Until 2019, Moz’s domain authority was the standard for checking the websites’ reputation. Moz gave access to everyone who wanted to check their domain authority. Through a page on the Moz website, you can check your domain authority by just typing in the website’s URL. And then, the page and domain authority appears.

Later, Moz changed this feature, now requiring users to create an account and submit their email before they can check the DA. Due to the adjustment, most Moz users could no longer keep up, so other companies created their own ranking tools for use.

The other tools do not use the term “domain authority” but close terms like “domain reputation” or “site authority”. But not to worry, it all refers to the same phenomenon.

Take note that the domain authority score differs from one tool to another. For example, a score of 51 in one tool may be equal to 76 in another tool. Whatever the case may be, use your ranking tool compatibly.

Domain Authority versus Page Authority

Before we go further, let’s clarify the two terms which are domain authority and page authority (a metric developed by Moz).

According to the Moz website:

  • The Page Authority helps to measure out the ranking strength of a page
  • The Domain Authority measures the ranking strength of an entire domain or sub-domain.

How to Check the Domain AuthorityHow to check domain authority

At first glance, the domain authority might seem very hard to find. But on checking your site’s DA score, you will discover that it is easy to use the Moz website.

You just have four steps to follow and you will be fine.

1: Stop at Moz’s free tool named the Link Explorer.

2: In the search bar near the top of the page, type in your URL.

3: Sign up for a free account on Moz or you can log in if you are already a member. 

4: Study the data given to you by Moz.

Take note that Moz created the domain authority and other companies have also made their versions. For instance, the Majestic has Site Explorer and another has the Domain Eating. You can make use of one of these tools as well.

How to Achieve an Excellent DA Score

As earlier said, the range of the domain authority is from one to a hundred. Take note that each website starts from scratch, from range one, and gradually, they climb up the score range through their backlinks and popularity. A good score of the domain authority depends on the DA scores of your competitors.

To know whether your domain authority is good or not, compare it to the DA scores of your competitors. If it is high enough, you can keep it at that and if it is low, you can work to improve at it.

Why Should You Increase Your Page and Domain Authority?

If you want to get higher rankings in Google search results, then the best thing to do is try increasing your page and domain authority. When you increase your page and domain authority, you give yourself an advantage over websites that have lower Authority.

Ways to Increase Your Domain and Page Authority

One important tip to take note of is that the quality of links that are connected to your site will play a big role when trying to increase your Domain Authority.

  • Quality of the backlinks to your website (ranking of the websites who choose to link to you)
  • Great content that is beneficial to the readers and enjoyable to read
  • Search the webs for reputable websites to link to your website

Google and other search engines see these links as a means of trustworthiness. If some website owners must direct their traffic to your site, then they are quite confident that you have great content that the readers will greatly benefit from and enjoy.

This is also a pointer to the fact that if you want to increase your domain authority, then you will have to search through the web and source for links from reputable websites. However, the task of sourcing for good and quality links from good sites is not an easy one to carry out. But by spending the right time and energy, you can get those reputable links.

We have considered a lot so far, and in this section, we are going to see key ways to boost your domain authority score.

1. Know the Basics, Get it Right

First and foremost, set up your website properly. This involves optimizing the content on your page, ensuring that your page loads fast, building a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website.

Here are a few tips you can apply:

  • Do not forget your internal links. Also, ensure that your anchor text matches with the page you want to link to.
  • Make sure that your page has mobile-friendly features. When your page is mobile-optimized, it increases your user experience and, also increases the chances that your content gets backlinks
  • Ensure that your website is fast enough to load pages. You can use PageSpeed Insights to ensure this and aim for over 90 on loading speed per page. When yourKnow the basic strategy of how to build backlinks site loads quickly, it is a green flag to Google.

2. Create Link-Worthy Content that Others Can Link to

  • When you make good content that others would love to share, you boost your chances of getting backlinks from high authority websites. It will also give an additional benefit of increasing your root domain, and thus your DA score.
  • It is very helpful in boosting your DA score when you create articles, guides, infographics, podcasts, and a lot more. You can also check the most popular pages on your site and then, strive to make similar content.
  • You can discuss related topics to ensure you get more shares and backlinks.

3. Create a User-Friendly Site Structure

  • The site structure is also a factor to consider when calculating your DA. The simpler your site is, the quicker Google will index it and add it to the SERPs.
  • Also, your site must be easy for people to use. And since most people accessing the internet are using a mobile view, you can optimize your site for mobile too. Check to ensure it functions well on a mobile device, loads fast, and has a good user experience.

4. Get Quality Backlinks to Your Pages

To start building links back to your post pages, you must be realistic when trying to contact website owners with reputable links.

  • Sites with higher domain authority get requests every day for link building, and most times you might go unnoticed unless your site is a reputable one.

In trying to get good backlinks from other sites, producing great content alone cannot do the trick.

  • You will have to spend quality time promoting your content in order for it to be noticed.

For most sites, the contact page is a direct place to get the contact of website owners; however, it is advisable to go to relevant sections of the site to get the contact of the editor.

  • Be realistic when writing these proposals
  • Make them understand that you are familiar with their site
  • Give them reasons your content will benefit their readers

Most times, you may not get a good response from these site owners, though it depends on how reputable your site is. As long as you create quality and great content that correlates with a good number of these sites, you will be sure of boosting your domain authority.

In getting backlinks, avoid building them from a particular domain; rather spread your links into different domains. Getting these links from only one domain may not give you any results in the long run. You need to get your backlinks from different domains so they can spread your links faster and give your domain higher authority.

5. Produce Good Content for Your AudienceProduce good content to gain page authority

Websites with a good reputation will not send their traffic to random sites. These site owners are very selective of sites they link their pages to; they only link their pages to sites that provide quality and good information for their viewers.

Getting links from these reputable sites can be very challenging; you need to ensure that you create quality content that matches the criteria of those sites with higher domain authority.

  • So before you start writing, get to know the kind of content such authority sites create.
  • Produce quality content that correlates to the authority website that you want backlinks from.

Creating content to fit into the likes of these authority sites does not necessarily mean that you should make a duplicate of their work; this is something Google and other search engines frown upon. Instead, you should try producing content that correlates with theirs, and also have similar qualities.

Earning Backlinks

You earn backlinks from the blog and social media comments that you offer to external websites. But you earn better quality links from niche related authoritative sites similar to your own.

Another way to earn backlinks is from your guest posts, Quora answers, and niche specific forum posts.


The process of increasing your domain and page authority and, at the same time, creating good content can be stressful and challenging, but it is highly beneficial in the long run.

Domain Authority is good as it can help you build a strong SEO strategy for your business. Note that it only predicts success, so increasing your DA score should not be your final goal.

If you want to get a good reputation and increase your domain and page authority, ensure you do the right things. Follow the steps listed in this post, and in no time you will have an abundance of traffic on your site.

If you keep all the information in this article in mind, you will be enlightened about domain authority. You will know how to boost it and you will be able to rank well on search engines!

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.


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  1. Wow, I had no idea how important domain authority is but I now see how much of a strong focus it needs when building an online business. Backlinks seem like the best way to go but the fact is it’s so tough to get them when starting out this can be very off-putting. Would you suggest emailing them directly or contacting them through informal means like social media?

    • Hi Stevie, I hear what you are saying and you are correct it is difficult when you start to try and get backlinks. The best plan is to do at least 5 articles per week on your website and show these authority sites that you are serious. Once you have about 100 articles and good traffic then it will be worth approaching them directly and politely to see if they will consider a backlink.

  2. Very interesting article. I’m just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like these are extremely helpful. To be fair I have not heard before about domain authority but it seems a very important aspect of online business. Looking forward to testing the Moz tool and I am very curious about the results. Hopefully, additional data will give me a chance to increase my business popularity.

    • This is a great time for you to become aware of how important domain authority and page authority are to your success. Take the time to understand how to make your website load fast and fill it with quality content to attract visitors.

  3. I find this area of building out your website extremely slow and time-consuming, and sometimes you want to give up, but over time all these practices do help, but it can take years in some cases, especially getting other people to link to your site.

    I try not to dwell on the authority on my sites for this reason and I don’t want to get discouraged, so I focus rather on writing good content and sharing it and getting more visits in this way. I am sure eventually my authority will get better. Watching the process each day on analytics can be very demotivating, so I focus on other things.

    • I agree Michel it can be discouraging but it is worth the effort in the long run and you are doing the right thing by providing quality content and promoting it. Well done.

  4. Wow Lily! Very neatly and explicitly presented! You nailed the topic. All my questions emerging have been answered. 

    It is very informative and practical to follow. 

    I can see that following your recommendations will surely boost one’s domain. Commentators are the ones learning from you. I suggest you request more comments from WA platform to help others.

    Your audience will surely get the help they want.

    Congratulations for an authoritative post!

    • Hi Rose and thank you for your kind comment and encouragement. I really do hope that this cornerstone article will help many people to improve their domain authority and gain the success that they wish for.

  5. Thank you for the knowledge. I only heard about Domain Authority but never bothered to check it, since I think it’s not really that important. Thanks for opening my eyes. Do you have any suggestions for how frequently we should check our Domain and Page Authority? I want to check my previous score, but it seems it’s not available in Moz.

    • Hi Al, I’m delighted that I have opened your eyes to see how very important your domain authority is to your business growth. If your website is fairly new it won’t show up yet, so keep checking back over the next few months.

  6. Hey Lily,
    I really like how you separate domain authority and page authority and go deep in their explanation. In the past I used to pay a lot of attention to DA but as I understand now it doesn’t play as much of a role for Google. It is simply a score created by Moz to predict the success of a domain. I think where most of the focus of an online marketer should lie is the page authority. I think there you can tweak and create real results for your business.

    Thank you for this article Lily, it gave me great knowledge in how to improve my business!
    All the best,

    • That is a great plan Sergej as it really is page authority that will bring more traffic to your website and the sales in the end. It’s something we have control over with the quality of our content.

  7. Hello, I am pleased to come across how to increase the domain authority. Wealthy affiliate is one of the legitimate platforms I know. It’s important to be sure to invest in online investment companies or businesses which have been reviewed in order to determine whether to invest or not. Many people fall for scams, so we have to be careful that we don’t be victims. Thank you so much for this important information you have provided.

    • We all take this journey Kokontala and I’m pleased that my article helped you to understand that gaining domain Authority is so important and it does take time.


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