How to Make Google Love Your Website

Today, I’ll be talking about how to make Google find your website irresistible. I know you want Google to love your content so you can make the first search page. But do you know millions of people around the world want to achieve the same thing too? I need to show you how to make Google love your website so you can achieve your goal.

I know it might seem like an intimidating task at the moment, but it’s very possible. And I’ll be revealing to you how to go about it now that I have your attention.

Websites that are search-friendly are the ones that get better rankings in search results, and it draws higher web traffic with no difficulty. To achieve this, you need to know how to make Google give preference to your website.

There are various agents that you can manipulate for you to achieve this goal. The very important set of tools that can make Google notice your website is SEO.

Excellent search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect of managing your website. But you need to understand the benefits of a good SEO. This is the only first step in understanding how to work with SEO practices successfully.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is simply the optimization of your website for search engines with a distinct aim of making Google see your website easily.

Before we go into SEO fully, we need to first understand how Google works. All pages assess Google based on a lot of factors. These factors then affect the exhibition and position of the website in any search results.

Google is always working on algorithms that have over 200 different items. These items are all interrelated to each other. Algorithms are being updated continually to adapt to the latest trends, news, and people’s attitude. And only Google knows how these algorithms work best.

For your website to rank on the first page organically it needs a great deal of work. And for you to maintain that spot, you will have to sustain the energy which you started with. You can also maintain this spot by getting the esteemed search engine rankings.

This can come in the form of a paid AdWords advertisement or a non-paid advertisement. You can also do this organically with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a little bit complex but more stable and efficient.

People tend to trust websites that are at the top organically more than those that came with a paid advertisement.

The most significant benefit of Organic SEO is its capability to extend to a large number of new visitors for a very long time. It also focuses on the target audience of your interest.

Two Types of SEO:

1. Onsite SEO

Onsite search engine optimization is the adjusting of your webpage content to make it visible to search engines. The more relatable and useful your content is to search queries, the higher you’ll go in search engine ranking.

Onsite SEO works best by using carefully the terminologies that your audience can relate to. Your audience tends to search for the information you provide using relatable terms. When they do this, it will likely display your website at the top of their search results.

The following are the things you can do with on-site SEO

  • You can create interesting, unique, and valuable content
  • Research and use the most searched keywords
  • Optimize your page titles and descriptions
  • Link web pages with accurate internal links to your other content
  • Ensure that the rate at which your page loads is swift
  • You can also provide mobile-friendly web pages for your audience
  • Update any content that is older than 10-12 months, so it is freshly crawled by Google
  • Post a lot about Plugins and Themes as they rank a lot.

2. Off-Site SEO

Offsite SEO is about the tactics that bring increased traffic to your website from different places on the web. It’s, basically, any methods that aren’t directly applied to your website.

These are few things you can do with off-site SEO

  • Social media marketing is something you can do off your website
  • Add inbound links from other websites to your content
  • You can create press releases outside your website
  • You can also post your guest content outside your website.

Now, let me show you some tips on how to move your website to Google’s first page. 

Let’s dive in: The first thing I will be talking about is;

1.  Website Loading Speed

Google’s algorithm ranking has a page speed calculator, which is one of its tools. Page speed is a very significant part of SEO. Google made sure that any page that loads quickly will be given the privilege of a better spot. This makes your page appear at the top position of the ranking list.

Page speed also prevents you from losing impatient prospects. Based on research, the maximum time a mobile user can afford to wait on a loading page is 5 seconds (keep it under 3 seconds if possible).

2. Have an Engaging and Catchy Design

One thing that I’m very sure of is that no one wants to get bored with anything. This means that it’s important for you to spice up your design to prevent your website from being ignored.

An engaging design element is suitable for use on any device. And those elements are separated into the screen according to their display size. Google loves designs that are engaging and this makes you get better search spots than pages that aren’t engaging.

The swift development of technology has created amazing devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. Since the technology industry is developing rapidly, the number of internet users on mobile devices and smart TV is growing daily. With all this, it’s logical to keep up with technology and optimize your website for any device.

3. Use Keywords

Keywords, like the name imply, are something you don’t want to joke about in your SEO journey. It’s generally a word or a phrase entered into a browser. The list as a result of a Google search is the content connected to that keyword, in order of importance. Where your website ranks in that list is decided by Google’s algorithm.

For your website or online store, the major source of visitors and prospects comes through organic traffic. This is because people make use of keywords. When your link appears on a great number of high-quality keywords, just expect multiple traffic increases. If you don’t use high-quality keywords, your competitors will always be at the top, above you.

During the use of keywords, you don’t have to write many words. Around 4-5 words for a title and check it in a keyword checker such as Jaaxy. Also, the usage of synonyms is not advisable, because it will definitely be ignored. When writing, write your content naturally so that it won’t look like it was written by a robot.

It is really advisable to write the way you speak. The best thing is to sound original and create a well-written text for your audience with favorable use of keywords. To boost a text using keywords, writing a blog on your website and include your keywords can help you carry this out effectively.

4. Have Unique and Quality Website Content

High-quality site content is very important for Google, which is one of the major factors it considers when evaluating a website. You have to make sure that your site has attention-grabbing and natural content.

If the content of your site is unattractive and boring to visitors, it will prevent them from staying for long. Well-structured content with the accurate use of keywords increases the chances that visitors will want to stay on your site for longer which will also boost your online visibility.

One thing I know is that Google can’t be fooled. It doesn’t like duplication. Rather it encourages creativity. This means you should create your own original texts, slogans, or product descriptions yourself.

This will increase your chance to be ranked higher. Give your site unique content. The easiest way of concealing your site in the search engine is to plagiarize other people’s work. Google can detect plagiarism and when it finds out it will move you way below your competition. And I know you don’t want that to happen to you, so you’ve got to be creative.

5. Use lots of pictures and videos

Google has a spot for pages with rich content. Aside from text itself, you can make Google like your content by enhancing it with quality pictures, videos, or other files. You should also not overlook this significant part of your website.

For your website to be unique, invest in professional photos or videos. This makes your content more attractive and elegant than that of your competition.

You must never use photos that you just downloaded from the Internet and do not own. Google knows when a particular item is duplicated, be it text, videos, or photos from the photo library. This means duplication is not the solution and Google might penalize you for that by shifting your site to a lower spot.

6. Update your website

Updating your web content for Google is important just like dieting. You must update your website on a daily basis. This will get Google’s attention and will also make your site more reliable for visitors.

Updating your website content includes making your customers know about your company’s new services, products. Another area of increasing your website with new content can include structure or functionality, redesigning of the web, web audit, and SEO, updating content.

Creating a blog on your website is something I would recommend to you. This will provide you with more space for original content. You can also get to use high-quality keywords and phrases. Therefore, you have to make sure you put out valuable content on your blog to get new visitors all the time.

7. Building your Link

When other high-quality websites give attention to your site, Google will definitely consider your site to be excellent. It will also rank it higher in the search results. The thing is, with link building, the quality of your link is more important than the quantity.

So, you don’t have to add backlinks that are irrelevant to your websites. You most definitely want to know the best link to use. It is best if you point to well-rated and visited sites that have a similar goal as your own site. In this case, social networking is very advisable.

8. Make your Website Valuable, Relevant and make it Shareable

Google’s search engine ranking algorithm has website popularity included in it. So when your content is liked, given more attention, and shared you are definitely on the right path. Google will commend you by giving you a better ranking. Social networks and platforms are an amazing way of sharing your content.

Relevant social platforms are the only ones that can be selected for your online communication. When you share your content on social platforms, it will be indexed immediately.

Having a social media account is not enough in SEO marketing, but you still have to make use of your social networks regularly. This means you must be active and consistent to share social-related content on your social platform.

9. Make Use of keywords in your title and subtitles

This is a very important area of your basic on-page optimization. This helps you convey your message to Google and your audience about what exactly your website is all about.

10. Be sure to have an HTML sitemap

When you add an HTML sitemap to your website, it will make it possible for Google to navigate your content deeply and easily. Google can also provide you and your audience with a better way of navigating your website.

11. Always add your website to Google Search Console

There are a lot of reasons for you to add your site to the Google Search console. It is very important in helping you monitor, manage and optimize your website’s organic search visibility. Google search console can be used to view clicks and impressions.


Search Engine Optimization and online marketing work together to help you increase traffic constantly to your site or online store. You should definitely use the capability of SEO to get new visitors, beat competitors, and earn cool money.

During the creation of your site, don’t forget that you’re not only creating for visitors but Google also. Do everything to make Google pay attention and in turn love you.

Have fun building your relationship with Google!

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.



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  1. Hey Lily, Thanks. Those points helped me a lot.  I copied down a lot of them and am going to start using them to improve my ranking. 

    I just found one of my pages on page 5 of Google.

    That was the best I have done so far.

    But you Page 1 tips were great.

    Thanks for the lesson.

    L, Sammy

    • Getting on that first page is crucial to your success Sammy and I know with my tips it’s possible. Once you integrate the tips it will become second nature.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing great tips that I’m sure will help me to rank better with my website, as I was looking on the internet about what to do to help my website to rank better, I found your website and I’m glad I did, your article has lots of great tips that will help anyone who is starting to blog to do better! 

    • I’m delighted that you found my website Alejandra as it is important to get noticed by Google and really it only takes a few tips to make the difference. Wishing you great success.

  3. I love the way you described Google loving your content as an intimidating task. This was how I felt when I started blogging. But today I know that with proper on site and off site optimization the sky is your limit. On site optimization action is easy and always with your control. Off site seo is not difficult but it entails building relationships to get backlinks 

    • I can see that you really understand how SEO and Google work Parameter and I’m sure that even more success will be coming your way as you continue your business-building journey. It’s great to hear of such success as yours. Wishing you even more in the future.


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