How to Make Money with Amazon

If you want to know how to make money with Amazon, you’ll learn the right steps you need to take to get started here. The online retail giantHow to make money with Amazon has many ways you can make money. You can sell goods, offer influencer services, provide professional services, or deliver products.

If you want to make money with Amazon, you need to know how to make it work. You can do it in diverse ways, including selling wholesale products, Self-publishing, earning through MTurk, and Private labeling.

You can sell to customers, businesses, and even nonprofit organizations. You can even work from home, providing customer service via remote chat or RV.

Start small and work your way up. Ultimately, you want to earn a decent income with minimum effort. In addition to this, Amazon offers many incentives, including high profits.

Tips on How to Make Money with Amazon

  • Promote affiliate products
  • Make money as a wholesaler
  • Self-publish on the Amazon KDP Platform
  • Earn money on MTurk
  • Start with private labeling
  • Utilize the Amazon’s Trade-In Program

Promote Affiliate Products

There are many benefits to affiliate marketing with Amazon, including the ability to sell products in the categories you specialize in. The Amazon Associates program is free to join, and you can get a small percentage of sales.

You can promote different products by creating an Amazon Associates account and placing advertising scripts on your website. You’ll need a regular stream of targeted traffic to earn money with Amazon’s program. Affiliates can earn as much as 3% – 50% of sales – and it’s easy to get started.

You’ll need to create an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Account and submit keywords or ASINs (Identification Number) for the products you’d like to promote. This will help increase your revenue and boost sales.

You’ll also want to promote other products related to the products you’re selling. Burger King and Mc Donald’s often ask their customers if they want fries with their burgers. Many other products go well together and work better when promoted as an affiliate.

One advantage of affiliate marketing with Amazon is the reputation of the company. It’s synonymous with fast delivery, good service, and easy payouts. You’ll also benefit from Amazon’s massive selection of products, including booming Christmas sales.

Amazon offers affiliates an opportunity to browse their products using a link, and you’ll earn a commission every time someone purchases through your affiliate link. For newbies, Amazon offers an option for free.

A high-quality website is an important part of success in the affiliate marketing industry. It’s a good idea to ensure your website is optimized for Google search. This can help you attract a higher number of visitors.

The more traffic you drive to your site, the more money you’ll make. Depending on your niche, Amazon may be the right fit for you. However, you may have to determine which keywords will produce the most conversions.

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Make Money as a Wholesaler

One of the most lucrative selling opportunities on Amazon is selling wholesale products. Wholesalers make money with Amazon because they can sell branded products for lower prices. They do this by buying items in bulk at wholesale discounts, earning higher profits.

This approach is also easier to scale and requires less upfront investment. The key to becoming an Amazon wholesaler is to choose the right products and suppliers.

First, they must research the market and look for high-demand items. Once they find a supplier, they purchase these items in bulk at wholesale discounts.

The best products anyone can sell on Amazon are seasonality-proof. While many products are in demand during spring break and summer, there is a greater demand for popular items year-round.

For example, crayons are more popular during the spring and summer seasons. Electronic accessories, pet supplies, and female care products are in demand throughout the year.

However, bulky items can incur high storage and shipping costs, limiting your profit potential.

Lastly, the popular products on Amazon aren’t necessarily the best quality, so you’ll need to work on your branding and marketing efforts. You can be up and running selling on Amazon within six weeks if you have a reliable manufacturer.

You can find a huge range of products and niches at wholesale prices from reputable suppliers. And while selling on Amazon isn’t easy, it is a lucrative option.

While retail arbitrage is profitable in the short run, you may need to spend a lot of time researching products before selling them.

Once you’ve gathered your inventory, the company will ship it to your customers. But, since most wholesale suppliers have high minimum order quantities, the initial investment will be much higher than it would be with private label sellers.

Self-Publish on Amazon KDP PlatformSelf publish on Kindle

Amazon has made self-publishing more lucrative. However, its success has come at a cost. Some authors make more money writing for Amazon than for traditional publishers.

Omer is one such self-published author. Although his total book sales are lower than the bestsellers, he still makes an impressive living in writing.

After selling his first e-book, he quit his day job as a computer engineer. Currently, he’s making more money with writing than he ever did as a computer engineer.

An effective method to make money with Amazon is to have a large marketing plan. Promoting your book on social media and tapping into your professional network is crucial.

Authors can even use Facebook and Twitter to promote their books. The author’s page on these sites should link to their book’s page, so people can learn more about the book and its author.

If you’re selling your book on Amazon, you’ll receive royalties based on the product’s price. The price of the print version determines the cost of printing a book.

A book priced under $2.99 will receive a third-party royalty, while a book priced at $6 will earn you 70%. But it takes more than that to make a profit.

Earn Money on MTurk

If you are frustrated with your day job but still want to earn extra money, try MTurk. Amazon owns MTurk, so you can expect to make money from this site.

However, beware of scams. Scammers will ask you for your personal information so they can use it to commit identity theft and credit card fraud.

To avoid victims of these scams, only accept HITs from requesters with high ratings. To check whether someone has a good rating, highlight their name and activity to view their profile.

While there is no minimum threshold for the HITs you complete, you can still make money with Amazon through MTurk. Some Turkers have reported making $10 per hour or more by completing as few as three HITs daily.

Moreover, you can start with a low-paying task and build up your qualifications. Eventually, you can reach $8 per hour by completing HITs worth more than $1.

MTurk pays daily and lets you choose the type of payment you prefer – cash or Amazon gift cards. You must link your checking account with your MTurk account to receive your payments.

Once you have a bank account linked to MTurk, you can set the frequency of payments to every three, seven, 14, or 30 days. The potential is endless, and you can even earn a full-time income.

As a new Turker, you should take the time to find tasks that you can complete well. Then, try to find tasks that pay up to $5. If you are consistent and have the time, you can even make $50 a day on MTurk.

Nevertheless, be aware of scams. Never enter your financial or personal information into any MTurk account.

Start with Private Labeling

There are many steps to take when starting with private labeling on Amazon. You will want to choose a reliable manufacturer and then approve their samples.

  • You will then need to create a brand identity for your products, packaging, and color scheme.
  • You can outsource these tasks to freelancers or agencies and use websites like Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Or hire a results-driven Amazon marketing agency like Sunken Stone.

A private label product is manufactured by a different company but rebranded with the seller’s brand.

The brand owner specifies the label and packaging for the product. This is why it is important to find a reputable supplier that works well with the manufacturer.

Private labeling is not an easy process. You must follow strict Amazon rules and regulations to ensure your product is of the highest quality.

A more advanced private labeling strategy involves taking the product off Alibaba and selling it through a third party.

While it is not fool-proof, it is recommended for more experienced sellers with the time and capital to experiment outside of their comfort zones.

While third-party selling has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. For one, it requires several layers of knowledge. Secondly, private labeling on Amazon can take some time.

Using data-driven tools is crucial when starting your Amazon private labeling business. Data-driven tools such as DataHawk can help you learn about your target market. You can use them to research new opportunities and discover trends in your niche.

You can learn what is selling and what is not by analyzing data. This data is crucial in making informed decisions about your product’s pricing and listing. If you aren’t comfortable with Amazon’s tools, you can use specialized apps like the Seller App for free.

Utilize the Amazon’s Trade-In ProgramUtilize Amazon Trade-in

Consider utilizing the Amazon Trade-in program if you have unwanted gadgets or other items. You send them back to Amazon, who will evaluate them and offer to trade them for something of equal or higher value.

After they’ve received your goods, you can expect to receive a payment within two weeks. In most cases, there is no charge for using the Trade-In Program on Amazon. But if you abuse the program, Amazon may take action, including banning your account.

The Trade-In Program on Amazon is not for everyone. However, it could be ideal for you if you’re a frequent eBay seller.

Selling your products on Amazon will allow you to sell items at higher prices, which means you can turn your inventory quickly.

Furthermore, it will help you make money with Amazon since you don’t need to build a huge following. Nevertheless, you might wonder if the Trade-In Program works, as it is only open to qualified sellers.

As far as the Trade-In Program is concerned, it works relatively smoothly. You can sell anything, including electronics, to Amazon, and you’ll receive credit for your next purchase.

However, you should look elsewhere if your items are of higher value. Some users have reported that Amazon has become dishonest after receiving items that cost more than their original value. It is advisable to shop around before deciding whether to use the Trade-In program or not.

Using the Trade-In Program on Amazon is simple and convenient. You can send your items through Amazon for trade-in if you have the right packaging.

Be sure to use bubble wrap or another high-quality packaging. Additionally, Amazon provides a free shipping label that you can use when sending your items to them.


While writing articles about a product, check Amazon’s current promotions. It runs promotions year-round, which is a great time to link to Amazon’s latest promotion. Make sure you follow Amazon’s terms of service.

Also, check out affiliate networks and partner programs. You can make money with Amazon from these products using several methods, but the best one is still to focus on a niche you’re passionate about.

Those selling books for Amazon can take advantage of the KDP Select promotion program, which offers authors a wider audience and a higher royalty rate. While there are some caveats, many authors are enjoying success with Amazon.

Using the Trade-In program on Amazon, you can get rid of items you no longer want, thereby getting some extra cash.

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