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Over the past decade, Facebook has been one of the most-used social media platformsHow to post on Facebook on the globe. Hundreds of millions of users get on Facebook every day to conduct business, contact loved ones or even post content. Let’s take a close look at how to post on Facebook to promote your website.

It’s no secret that Facebook has emerged as a global platform. Some people explore Facebook to either post pictures of a recent occasion they attended, or post informative content.

Users can also post video clips or lengthy videos. Sometimes, with Facebook, you can find a high school mate who you’ve not seen for ages. You can go to Facebook, type the names of people you know, and, if lucky, you’ll find them.

Though different names may appear, you can distinguish them with the pictures. But the purpose of this article is to show you how you can make highly engaging Facebook posts.

The Facebook App

Typically, the Facebook logo cuts across all platforms; be it on mobile, desktop, or tablets! It looks the same throughout. A typical Facebook logo has a white-colored letter ‘F’ on a blue background.

The letter is not centralized on the logo. Instead, it edges close to the right side of the logo. The major device views on Facebook are the mobile and desktop.

Facebook has applications that are optimized to give you a smooth experience on the corresponding devices. For instance, you can open the desktop view of Facebook on your mobile.

But, won’t run as smooth as it would on a desktop because the desktop view suits desktops better. So, to get a smooth experience, always use the corresponding device.

Facebook terminologies

  • Wall – Your Facebook wall is your space. It contains all your activities. So, if someone tags you in their post, that post shows on your wall. The pictures, links, videos, and status posts that you create will show on your wall. However, you can decide to make your wall private, by regulating what should or shouldn’t display. Refer to your settings menu.
  • The menu button on a Mobile– The menu button consists of three short horizontal lines that are vertically parallel to one another. Hitting this button drops down other sub-menus
  • Groups – As much as Facebook is a platform, it’s also a community. There are different groups on Facebook that you can join and interact with different people. For instance, you can have a group that contains the graduating set members of either your high school or college. You can also have a group that consists of your relatives. Groups are for discussion and passing information to people in large or small numbers

What You Can Post on Facebook

  • Status – This part lets you write anything that’s on your mind. You can write motivational quotes, your opinion about a particular thing or you can even send a shout-out to your friends and loved ones. Here, the text field has a provision for emojis that you can use to express your feelings
  • Pictures – You can post photos of yourself, family and friends, or just about any kind of picture. Along with the picture, you can also write description text. The text is commonly known as the caption
  • Videos – You can post video clips. It could be a comedy skit, a video of someone making a controversial speech, or even a video of you. Any video at all cuts it for this part
  • Links – You can post links to different websites for your friends to see. For instance, if you’re surfing the web and you come across anything interesting, you can post the link for your friends to see. This way, you’re sharing the link. You can also post links to other social media platforms you belong to.

Where You Can Post on FacebookCreating a Facebook account

  • On your wall
  • You can post on groups you belong to

Having learned the necessary parameters on Facebook, let’s dive right into learning how to make a post. For this purpose, we shall be looking into making posts on mobile and desktop. But, how can you make posts without an account? So, let’s learn how to open an account first.

Opening a Facebook Account

For you to make Facebook posts, you need to have an account. When you get on the official Facebook page, ( you will see a prompt to log in with your details. Look here to learn about Facebook.

But since you don’t have an account, you need to sign up. So, click the signup button and choose between using your mobile number or email address to register.

Either of the two will suffice. Follow the subsequent prompts and provide the information required and you’re all set.

Making Posts on Mobile

The mobile version uses applications on mobile phones. Unlike the desktop view, the mobile view of Facebook doesn’t cover a wide-angle. Instead, the mobile view is optimized to pack the features into the screen of your mobile.

So, since there’s no wide-angle coverage, you only get to make vertical scrolls with the app interface. Follow this sequence to make your first Facebook post:

  • Navigate to the Facebook icon on your mobile and tap it to open
  • When it opens, provide your log-in details and sign in
  • Depending on the choice you made, you can use a mobile number or email address

Navigate to the Section Where You Want to Make a Post

As I mentioned earlier, you can send your posts to different sections. It could be on your wall or in the groups you belong to.

Wall PostWall post on Facebook

Immediately you sign in, you’ll see a text box with either ‘what’s on your mind’ or ‘write something’. Click on the text box to see a typing cursor. It is easy and quick to post.

Write what you want to share and post it on your wall. If you want to post pictures, click on the ‘photo’ icon and post the picture. The photo icon is below the “write something” text box.

Group Post

To make a post in the groups you belong to, navigate to the menu button and click on it. A drop-down sub-menu will appear. Navigate to the ‘groups’ tab and click on the group you want. When the group opens, you’ll see a text field.

Click on the text field and type what you want to post. You can also post pictures and videos in the group by using the corresponding icons.

If you want to post links either on your wall or in a group, you can copy and paste the link in the text field.

Creating Posts on Your Desktop

The desktop version works with web browsers on your desktop. It is on the desktop screen that you get the full Facebook experience.

The desktop interface consumes a reasonable volume of bandwidth to give you a smooth experience. So, the desktop version consumes more data bandwidth than the mobile version. Follow this sequence to use the desktop version:

  • Go to your desktop browser and type in the Facebook URL to sign in. The address is
  • Once you sign in, navigate to the section where you want to make your post

Wall Post on Desktop Computer

Immediately you sign in, you’ll see a text box with either ‘what’s on your mind’ or ‘write something’. Click on the text box to see a typing cursor.

Write what you want to share and post it on your wall. If you want to post pictures, click on the ‘photo’ icon and post the picture. The photo icon is below the “write something” text box.

Group Post

To make a post in the groups you belong to, navigate to the ‘groups’ tab on the left of your screen and click on the group you want. When the group opens, you’ll see a text field.

Click on the text field and type what you want to post. You can also post pictures and videos in the group by using the corresponding icons. If you want to post links either on your wall or in a group, you can copy and paste the link in the text field.

The Ideal Facebook Post

The ideal Facebook posts are the regular ones you see people engaging all the time. These posts end up with a good number of likes and comments mostly because they’re thought-provoking, informative, or even funny.

A good Facebook post has the potential to make a significant impact on your business. Every time you make an ideal post, you’re putting your content in front of a targeted audience.

Below are the things an ideal Facebook post should contain:

Be Conscious of TimingBe conscious of time for posting

Most times, people underrate this factor, but it’s a very crucial factor. It’s crucial to note the timing of your post. The optimal time for Facebook posts to perform is 8 am in the morning on Tuesdays.

The reason is that, on Mondays, people are coming off the weekend to go about their businesses or jobs. Mondays are usually busy, so people are most likely swamped with work.

On the other hand, on Tuesdays, workload reduces and people start looking for fresh content. So, Tuesday is an ideal time. And also, endeavor not to post content when people are busy with what’s happening on the news.

It could be a viral issue concerning politics or anything. But avoid making posts when something is trending on the news and lots of people are talking about it. People are less likely to engage in your posts at that time

Posts of 40 Characters

According to statistics, it has been observed that posts with a short length get more comments and likes. Normally, a short post is clear and straightforward.

When you make short posts, you won’t trap your users into reading a long boring post. It is easier to convey your message in a short post than a long one.

You might be wondering why 40 characters because it’s short! Don’t worry! The 40-character-length is just a brief and catchy statement or phrase. It usually appears to users as a link post, to get their attention.

The main content of the post resides in the link. So, they get to see more of the brief and catchy 40 characters when they click the link.

What is a Link Post

When you type in a link in the text field for your status, Facebook extracts the content of that link. A proper link post consists of the link’s description.

It could contain data on the title of the page and also have pictures. Generally, adding pictures to posts spice them up and make them look appealing.

After typing the link, Facebook will extract its description after a while and display it for you. Then you can edit the initial URL and type in an enticing description or short caption to grab attention.

Post Emotional ContentPost emotional content

Emotional content is relatable and makes people identify with your personality. For instance, a funny meme is more likely to get higher engagement than pictures that don’t arouse any emotions.

So, if you want people to engage in your posts, you need to trigger an emotional response. Emotional content can help increase the number of shares on your post. So, remember to make funny, entertaining, or even controversial posts.

Interact with People’s Content

As the saying goes, “one good turn deserves another”. It is crucial to engage in other people’s posts because it lays the foundation for a mutual relationship.

Most people don’t appreciate it when a favor doesn’t get returned. The worst part about this is people will make assumptions about you.

It could be an assumption that the reason you don’t engage in other people’s posts is that you want to keep to yourself. Others might even think you’re too full of yourself.

So, it’s always the best practice to be nice and jovial with people. Don’t give off a wrong vibe or personality to people, and they’ll see you as someone they can share with.


Facebook is a fun place to be. It’s like a world of its own because of its massive user base. You can market your business onMake a splash on Facebook Facebook, and advertise your craft for people too.

Facebook is unarguably the best platform for paid marketing. This is because it has data on a lot of people around the world. Endeavor to put out unique and authentic content on the platform, if you want to stand a chance at breaking even.

You can have a lot of fun and also promote your business on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting, I would love it if you would leave a comment and share this blog.


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  1. That is very instructional for people who are new to Facebook. Although Facebook has been out for a while many people still don’t know how to use it correctly and this is amazing for people like that. I must admit this is honestly the most thorough set of instructions that I have read on Facebook posting.

    • That is quite a compliment from someone like you Misael. I enjoy your in-depth articles on money. Facebook definitely has a place in any promotion for a business.

  2. This was very informative and much appreciated. I remember years ago I was planning on getting into Facebook ads in order to generate income, but I was unsure how to do it and didn’t know where to start. I did a little bit of research into it but found it too complicated and costly. I never thought to get back into it, but this info makes the process a lot less daunting. 

    • Hi Ray, it can be a bit confusing and you really need to know what you are trying to achieve before paying for advertising. I’m so pleased that you have benefited from my article. Hopefully, soon you will have another look at it.

  3. For someone just getting started in their online journey and possibly with social media, this would be a key article to have. The step by step breakdown of actual terminology and where to post content is a guide in itself. My mother has never had a Facebook account and I feel she could follow this post and be up and running. Did you ever think of possibly making a series… 

    Include other platforms such as twitter, instagram, pinterest and great similar guides? I think they would be killer lead magnets or possibly have a chance to turn into your own products down the road. Good read!

    • What a wonderful idea Brian and I will look into doing a video series of how to get started on these social media platforms as they definitely can be confusing. I’m so pleased that you found it easy to follow.

  4. I recently introduced my mum to facebook. She retired in February and feels she has the time to try to learn it. She wants to be able to see all pics and maybe reconnect with old friends. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought. She didn’t understand the different spaces and what to use them for. And I found it hard to explain. Your article was heaven sent. Thank you for making our lives a little easier   =)

    • I’m very pleased to help Momo. My mum won’t even turn on a computer and I’m sad that she is missing out on connecting with our family in this great way. It can be a little scary for anyone new to the internet and we didn’t grow up with all these social media. I hope she jumps in and starts to enjoy connecting soon.

  5. I have been on Facebook for quite some time now, and I am familiar with almost everything there; posting status on my wall or in groups, and commenting on other posts. I wasn’t aware of Tuesday morning being the optimal time for posting on Facebook, and I have never done a link post. This is fascinating.

    • Always great to hear from you Kokontala. I never knew that you have been on Facebook for so long, well done. It has certainly changed over the years and I’m pleased that they are trying to keep in social without banning some business promotion.

  6. I found this very informative. It’s clear and informative without going into too much detail or terminology to scare off newcomers. This would be a very good page for older people who are a bit unsure about relatively modern concepts like Facebook. I have been on Facebook for years but never used it to its full potential. There are lot of points in here I found very interesting. The timing for example. I had never thought about that. The short content also makes sense. Thanks, Lily

    • Facebook has a lot of points for promotion if you stay within the guidelines. Letting people know what you are doing is a great idea and it’s fun. I like your comments about the simplicity of my article in letting newbies understand the simple facts on Facebook.


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