How to Promote Your Blog For Free

Trying to create engaging, quality, and remarkable content can be very difficult. This is because it normallyHow to promote your blog free

requires doing a lot of research and finding out about the content you want to create. How to promote your blog free by republishing content on LinkedIn and Medium.

Accordingly, this is the major reason most people take the option of republishing other people’s content on different social platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

Republishing other people’s content might seem a lot easier than creating your own original content, but there is also a great amount of risk involved in it.

In this article, you are going to be shown the risks involved in republishing other people’s content. You will also be shown some rules you have to follow in order to successfully republish other people’s content. So you can promote your blog free without getting penalized for it.

Risks Involved in Republishing Other People’s Content

Republishing other people’s content is an effective way of getting more audience to your site. It can expand the reach of your brand, but when you are not doing it right, it could result in your site being penalized.

This might result in you losing a lot of traffic. If you get penalized for republishing another person’s content, it will automatically mean that the original owner of the content will be given a higher page authority than you. As a result, this might mean a great loss in traffic coming to your site, especially when you both write on the same niche.

While it might really be dangerous to republish other people’s content on your site or blog. You will get a lot of benefits if you decide to post them on social platforms like Medium and LinkedIn. It will be a great opportunity to get your business or brand to a larger audience without being penalized by Google for republishing content.

Important Things to Consider When Republishing Content on LinkedIn or Medium

1. Wait for a considerable amount of time before thinking of republishing any content on LinkedIn or Medium

Most people are in too much of a hurry to republish content immediately after it is published or released on a site. But this is a very wrong approach to republishing on Medium or LinkedIn. Wait for at least three to four weeks after the original content has been published before republishing.

2. Select Only the Important Part of the Content You Want to Republish

Most people tend to use the copy and paste style of writing when republishing content on LinkedIn or Medium. But this is also a very wrong approach to use.

In the process of republishing original content. Only take the important information that might be useful to you or just shorten the original content.

You can choose to use either of the above steps when republishing content; the major thing that you need to focus on is making your content slightly or totally different from the original content.

3. Avoid Reposting All the Unsuccessful Content on Other Social PlatformsPromote your blog free on LinkedIn

Some republished content is not successful on your blog or on Medium or LinkedIn. Still, some people might consider reposting it on other media platforms or directly on their blog.

This is very beneficial but you should also apply caution when doing it. As you have to ensure you do not post every piece of content but a selected number of them.

4. Make Effective Adjustments to the Content

Republishing original content will require you to make a lot of adjustments like:

  • Changing the font size or types
  • Make your headlines different and at the same time attractive to people who might consider reading through your content.

You can also consider changing the infographics and pictures that might have been used in the original content. Thus replacing them with the ones that best describe the message you are trying to send out to your audience.

5. Make Helping Your Audience a Priority

When republishing content on LinkedIn or Medium, don’t just be focused on the amount of traffic that story or content can bring to your business or brand. But be focused on the amount of value your audience will gain from reading through your content.

LinkedIn and Medium are great platforms for republishing content. For this reason, take the time to optimize the content. In order to reach the goal audience, you are hoping to reach.

When republishing content, check first who you are speaking to? Professionals, young students, or any other set of individuals in society. This will help in using the right tone and language while addressing these groups.

6. Work on Making Your Content Get Leads and Traffic

Irrespective of whether you decide to republish content on LinkedIn or Medium, it is very important that you include links.Create links in your blog free These can be of other relevant stories or posts on your site and also optimize the content for search engines.

7. Use Different Methods to Make Your Republished Content Look Fresh and Original

A rel=canonical link is a code that tells Google and other search engines the particular page that should be given a higher authority.

By adding this rel=canonical link to the bottom of your content. You automatically send a signal to the search engine that you are the original owner of the content even when you are not.

An easy way to can make your content look original and unique is by linking other helpful and relevant resources to the content. This not only shows the search engines that you are the original source of the content. This shows them that you likely have other helpful resources useful to the person that comes across your post.

Points To Remember When Marketing Your Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform that can boast about 730 million active members, and this is one platform that any content marketer would not want to miss out on.

Since 2017, LinkedIn decided it was going to open its publishing platform to all its registered members. Hence this new development allows members to publish content directly from their blog onto the platform. Thus to fully utilize LinkedIn as a marketing network for their content.

LinkedIn is mostly a B2B social media platform, brands that are B2C and B2B can both benefit from publishing their content on the platform. A lot of famous people such as Sir Richard Branson of Virgin and other top executives of Microsoft, all use LinkedIn as a publishing platform.

2 Steps To Apply When Publishing Your Content on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn allows you to reach a larger audience while building a relationship between you and your customers.

There are two recognized ways of publishing on LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn status update – this feature can be likened to someone using Twitter. It allows you to pick out and publish short but detailed messages from your content
  2. LinkedIn publisher – this feature allows you to write long-form content, which is supposed to be between four to seven paragraphs.

By using any of these methods, you can market your content freely.

Importance of Having a Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a lot of members and many people are there to market their business, brand, or content. This is why you need to have a personal strategy for marketing your content on LinkedIn.

Having a good strategy for marketing your content on LinkedIn will give you different benefits; it will also get you the results you want from marketing your content on LinkedIn.

How Effective is LinkedIn When You Are Trying to Market Your Content?

Unlike Pinterest, Facebook, and a lot of other social platforms, LinkedIn does not use blogging, inside sales, or telemarketing to generate traffic for its users. But that does not necessarily mean it cannot be effective for marketing your content.

By actively participating on the platform, you can generate traffic for the content you are trying to market. LinkedIn can be really effective for marketing your content.

Here are three important things you should be aware of when trying to market your content on LinkedIn:

1. There is an Option to Post Videos That Can Be Very Engaging on LinkedIn

People prefer watching videos rather than reading content in order to get valuable information, and this is one aspect that the platform has been optimized for.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to post videos on your status update. These videos can be in the form of short clips and should be about different interests and topics. Using the video option is a very good way of keeping your audience engaged, and getting more traffic to your content.

2. Make Most of Your Posts on LinkedIn Short but Descriptive

People naturally prefer to read through short and straight-to-the-point articles than reading long-form articles. This is something you need to capitalize on when marketing your content on LinkedIn to help to reduce your bounce rate.

Using short-form status-update and posts can make a very significant increase in the amount of traffic you canGet more traffic to your website generate from LinkedIn.

This is mainly because short-form status updates and posts tend to get a lot of shares and comments, and this is very essential for marketing any piece of content.

When trying to promote content on LinkedIn, focus more on writing short status updates and posts than writing long-form content.

3. Write Your Content once and Share it Multiple Times on LinkedIn

If you already have a blog where you post your content, then this tip will be very useful to you. Share the links of content you already have on your blog as many times as you can but be sure to do so in the comments section.

LinkedIn does not permit its users to constantly post links to content that will take the readers of its platform, but since you have the opportunity of sharing these links in the comments section, be sure to do so as many times as you can.

Extremely Important Rules You Should Follow in Marketing Your Content on LinkedIn

Providing content to people on LinkedIn can be very demanding most times, but it also has some benefits. While you are trying to reap the benefits of marketing your content on LinkedIn, here are some little tips you should keep in mind.

  • Provide valuable content: Most people don’t have a lot of audiences simply because they have failed to provide valuable and engaging content for their audience. If you provide pieces of content that are valuable to your target audience, you would not have to spend much energy on promoting or marketing your content on LinkedIn
  • Be consistent: In order for you to get and keep the attention of your audience, you have to keep consistency in mind because keeping your audience engaged will require giving them value consistently. A precise number of posts to be shared per week should be three to five
  • Use relevant hashtags: Using hashtags helps a lot in differentiating your content in order to provide your audience with what they need. Using hashtags also helps in showing your audience what they might be interested in.

Final ThoughtHow to promote your blog for free on social media

To make sure efforts on your LinkedIn content marketing pay off, you have to make sure your content is relevant.  While also trying to understand how the features of the platform work.

Trying to create original content is certainly not an easy thing to do. Consequently, make sure you follow these listed guides when you are trying to republish other people’s content on your site or on any media platforms like Medium or LinkedIn.

Thank you for visiting, I would love it if you would leave a comment and share this blog.

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18 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Blog For Free”

  1. Wow, this is a very comprehensive guide on promoting your posts on other platforms.

    It certainly needs to be studied to get all the vital details.

    Unfortunately I don’t understand why I would want to publish someone else’s posts though.  I can’t work out how that would benefit me!

    I have never heard of rel=canonical either, so I will have to check that out as well.

    There is certainly a lot of food for thought.


    • Hi Geoff, I totally understand where you are coming from. What you do is recycle other people’s posts by adding new photos and changing some of the wording. By shortening them you will get fresh content to send people to your website through your links.

      I’m pleased that you learned some new ideas.

  2. I enjoyed your very informative article on how to promote your blog for free. I have republished others’ posts and was not aware of how to go about it, what the rules were for doing it. But I found out that I did do somethings right and I also have to go back and change a few things to make them right. So you helped me with your arrival, so thank you.

    I liked all the information you gave on how you should post on linked in. I have a LinkedIn account but I really never think of using it to repost my blog articles. You gave some really great tips on keeping things short and using video to get your points across. Both of those are very good ideas to use on that platform. I most definitely will be using it more now that I have read your article.

    Thanks for all of your great pointers. Your article was very informative and to the point. I enjoyed it very much.


    • This is great news Sheena that you gained some valuable insight into how republishing posts on LinkedIn is best achieved. It is a great way to share really great knowledge again and again once you know the rules and understand the importance of polishing it to meet the rules.

  3. Hi and thanks for this. I thought that publishing other people’s content is a big no-no but I think you are saying it is OK as long as you use extracts to illustrate or highlight specific points or if you just rewrite it. Somebody famously said, “if you copy one or two other writers’ work then that is plagiarism and you will be lambasted for it. If you copy many writers’ work that is called research and you might get an award.” 

    I suppose though there is a big difference between what you publish on your site vs what you publish on a social media site. Though they are related the intent of the latter is to drive traffic to the former i.e. to the content on your site. I am still too focused on creating content for my site at the moment but will keep this in mind. 

    Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, I love your quote and yes you are changing it all around before you republish it. It has been said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” And researching and republishing excellent information as a resource is important.

  4. I have never used LinkedIn. Nor have I republished other people’s content. And I see I am missing a big opportunity for generating traffic to my site. Your guidelines are simple to follow and I would sure like to reap the benefits. So, I’ll give this strategy a try! Thank you very much!

    • It was certainly a revelation to me when I first realized that it was ok to republish other people’s material as long as I polished it. Definitely a good plan to get more people to your website.

  5. Really interesting and insightful information you have given here. Personally, I’m not one to re-publish other people’s content because I like to know that what I post is unique and that distinguishes me from other bloggers, but reading all of the information you provided has opened my eyes to another possibility to obtain more traffic to my website. I usually use the common social media’s that everyone uses but I have never really given LinkedIn a chance. Thanks for the advice, I’m putting your words into action. 

    • Like yourself Stephanie I considered reposting someone else’s content as a no-no. But some content is too good not to refresh and repost and it is ok if you polish it with your own style. Enjoy all the new traffic.

  6. Thank you for sharing this information on how to promote our blog for free. As an affiliate marketer, I can use all the free traffic to my blog. I have never thought of utilizing with LinkedIn before but that is genius. I will using all your tips and give it a go.  Thanks again for the information. 

    • So pleased that you found a gem in my article Nuttanee. Sometimes we miss just a small detail that can make the difference in promoting our website and getting the sales.

  7. Well, Lily, this article it’s almost too insightful. I use to keep this kind of information for my team only. I personally consider LinkedIn to be an untapped gold mine for online marketers. If you use it wisely, it can bring you more results than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined.

    More so, you can get these results completely free.

    I use LinkedIn mainly for list building, but I also find here a great audience for my posts. As you said, LinkedIn can be very efficient for marketing your content. I would add that LinkedIn not only offers a higher organic reach than Facebook, but you can build a highly targeted organic audience.

    • That is great information to share with all of us. I actually enjoy sharing my articles on Linkedin and have had great results too. Thanks for adding your story to this article. Take care and enjoy the journey.

  8. Hi there, I think social media platforms are great to share and promote your blog for free. There are a lot of different blog sharing websites that allow you to submit your blog for free.

    The best way to promote your blog for free is to constantly be using the blog sharing websites so that your traffic keeps growing.

    Creating informative and good looking infographics is a great way to promote your blog.

    Guest posting is the best way to promote your blog and get traffic to your blog but to take advantage of these benefits you need to get your posts published on high-quality websites with lots of traffic.

    Thank you so much for sharing very informative article on how to promote blog for free. Much appreciated.

    • You are very welcome Bushra and I’m pleased that you understood how you can promote your blog for free using these platforms and social media. Wishing you great success.

  9. Interesting content Lily and thanks for sharing with me. I Had a LinkedIn for a year or two now, and this is my second time hearing about Medium. So I know its a great opportunity as long as I jump on it before everyone away me is talking about it. I was told is best to get in to markets when things and quite and leave when it becomes a party. I have never used someone else content I always try to use my own words, but from what your saying I can just change the pictures and words so that it’ll fit my thoughts. I don’t understand the links and how its going to lead traffic coming to my site but I am going to read it again.

    • Hi Calvin, I’m so pleased that this was of interest to you and that you realise that you need to use this to promote your website. By rehashing some of your content and adding a link to another article on your website you can gain traffic.


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