How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social media app that helps you connect directly with other users and get many problems solved.How to promote your business on LinkedIn However, there are some important features in other media it doesn’t have. For example, you can find some automation tools on Facebook that will help you build traffic to your website. Here is how to promote your business on LinkedIn.

Users mention their professional skills, educational status, places they’ve been in the past, and people they have worked with at one time or the other. You’re allowed to set up a business profile on this network and also allowed to promote your brand.

How is this done?

Have a Company Profile

You need to have a separate profile for your business. This should be different from your professional profile on the platform. Include what your company has to offer customers and what they stand to gain from doing business with you.

Remember to add your company’s contact address, website address, and all important details about your business.

Use the right keyword in the description of your company’s profile. This will make it possible for you to show your business in search results when people search with such a keyword. Companies that need services related to the one your company renders will also find it.

Use A Custom URL For LinkedIn

It will be good if the custom email for your business carries your business name. When people search your business name online, it should show with its customized URL. This will help your business’ LinkedIn profile rank high on search results.

Describe Your Achievements

Try and give a clear description of your business. Also, explain how fast your business can help customers build their own business. Try and build your company’s credibility by giving an example of a customer you have dealt with and the kind of services you rendered to them.

If there are other smaller organizations that your company supports, then you should mention them.

Analyze Results

It’s a good thing to get feedback from customers who have interacted with you and enjoyed doing business with you. When you analyze and interpret the results, you will be able to get the opinions of people and what they expect from the company.

Contribute Answers

Help people find answers to their questions on the platform. The expertise you display through providing such answers will assure the audience that the company has qualified persons that carry out its objectives.

Join groups

You can join some of the groups on LinkedIn and participate actively in their discussions. This allows your profile to come up as you make contributions. Apart from your name and photo, make sure that your business profile is a part of your information. So, information about your business will also come up every time you make a contribution.

Set up a Group for Your Company

You can start a group meant for those who relate to your business. You can use the group to promote the business and facilitate other discussions about it.

This will allow persons who participate in discussions on the group to get first-hand information regarding your business. This way, more and more people will join the group to learn more or relate to the business.

Build a Contact ListMake a contact list from LinkedIn

You can invite all those who connect with you on LinkedIn to subscribe to your email listing. On LinkedIn, you can send messages to 50 people at once. But you will not be able to personalize the messages. You can explain what the subscribers will gain when they sign up for your emails.

Appreciate Your Customers

Customers’ patronage helps your business grow and it is important that you acknowledge them. You can send messages of appreciation to them. Anytime you have new products or services, let them be the first you advertise to, using their emails.

You can also send them newsletters in their newsfeed. From time to time, the company can send out its appreciation to all its customers through its LinkedIn profile.

Post Status Updates

Under the company’s profile, you can give updates, information, announcements, special deals, tips, and even share links with your audience. Updating the company’s status regularly will make your audience check often to know what deals or information is new.

You can send them monthly emails with offers such as webinars or whitepapers. You can even send them new blog posts through which you can share ways of solving simple problems. Direct your updates to target groups of the audience who need your services or products most.

Post Content on LinkedIn

When you post quality content, a lot of potential customers will be attracted to your business. Quality content should add some value to your audience such as guiding them on how to solve a problem.

It’s possible for you to schedule content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using professional software such as Buffer, ContentCal, or Agorapulse.

The audience will be attracted to such a post. Try and explain to them how your business can help solve problems for them.

Ask Customers to Send their Testimonials

After a customer has transacted with your company, you can ask him for testimonials. These testimonials are proof of what your company has to offer. It will also make other customers feel safe and comfortable dealing with you.

Use LinkedIn Advertising

You can use LinkedIn DirectAds to set up campaigns to target audiences. You can target by industry, job function, gender, age, and several other criteria. Your ads will be directed at people who use such services that your business offers.

Post Opportunities

Anytime there is a position to be filled in the company, you can post the opportunities on LinkedIn. Such opportunities may be marketing and distributorship offers. You should post them so that those who relate to the company’s profile will see the opportunities.

Explore Company Buzz

You can use this app to track people’s opinions about your company on LinkedIn. You can use it to analyze how well people respond and appreciate your business. If the contributors need anything to be clarified, you can always give them appropriate explanations.


LinkedIn is one platform where you can meet and interact with different professionals. It is also a place where you can market your business to potential customers. Now you can go ahead and promote your business.

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10 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn”

  1. You’ve given a lot of great pointers in this article, Lily! LinkedIn is a great platform for business owners with a totally different vibe than the other social media platforms. I have been told by other trainers that having a business profile is good, but it isn’t necessarily the place to start. Our personal profiles can be much better in terms of getting engagement. Our personal profiles can point to our business profile. Would you agree that it’s best to set up a personal profile that is welcoming and informative first, and then start with the business profile?

    • Hi Dana, I think that it is important to set up both a personal and a business profile and link the two. Most people want to know more about the person that they are doing business with, so I post my content on my personal account. Which also has a blurb about my business on it and a link.

  2. Hi there. I was just reading your article here and I’ glad I stumbled upon it now. I have been using LinkedIn for a few years now, but i haven’t really been using it to the full. I’ve only really been using it to post my website articles into it. But I really do need to stat spending more time on the platform. I’m gonna bookmark this page for futyure reference.



    • Hi Kev, it takes time to understand each social platform so I’m pleased that you enjoyed your read of my article. LinkedIn definitely has its place in promoting your business, so worth the time.

  3. As a full-time freelance blogger, I have created a LinkedIn page…..aaand not touched it since. It seems like I am missing a trick. I didn’t realise it had so many options. Newsletters even! Scheduling and advertising are things I guess I should have expected if I had really taken the time to sort it out properly, company buzz didn’t even enter my mind but now I am thinking about it I am realising how useful that could be. 

    • I totally understand Kelly. It is super easy to miss our promotion points as we are so busy just getting our heads around creating a website and adding lots of content. Take the time to install a social media plugin to your website that will load up your content as you put it on your website. One of the best is Blog2social and you can try it out for 30 days and then it’s only $10 a month, it will save you heaps of time and you can link to FB, Twitter, and many others at the same time.

  4. I have never used LinkedIn before. But I have been hearing for a long time that I should have an account with them. It is a much more serious platform than Facebook. And it also seems to be more appropriate for the type of business I am working on these days. I will give it a try. Thank you for the encouragement to test it.

    • You are welcome, Abel. It’s important to promote your content and LinkedIn is a great place for business content. You may wish to also check out schedulers so that you can know that your content is being posted to several social media platforms every day. Have a read of Post Planner and Blog2social.

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