How to Set Up a Landing Page

Many people with landing pages want a free and efficient landing page builder! These landing page builders are out there,How to Set Up a Landing Page but most do not produce the required result.

So in order not to waste time and money on the wrong channel, this article features landing page builders. We have the free and efficient ones and also, the ones you should avoid.

This article also includes a few builders used for full websites. Of course, this may sound surprising. But, these website builders can also be used as landing page builders. Guess what? You can even use them without cost, as long as you like. This is a major advantage over landing page builders, which have a time limit for which you can use it for free.

In this article, you’ll find landing page tools, some all-in-one marketing platforms, and a few paid options which are really of great benefit.

Looking for a free and efficient landing page builder? Then, you are in the right place.

Qualities You Should Look For in A Good Landing Page

These qualities will help you determine the best landing page builder, suitable for you. In this section, we have five qualities we are going to consider:

1. It Should Be Easy To Use

It should be a very simple and painless process to build a landing page. Although some tools are easier to understand and do than others, yet they should still be easy to do.

2. It Should Consist Of Many Options One Can Use For Customization

Why do you need customization? This is because your brand and your landing page need to match. These builders provide options such as changing fonts, colors, uploading content and images, and more. So this will help you achieve customization.

3. It Should Have In-built Analytics

These builders have analytic tools, and this enables you to monitor your performance. It also enables you to track your data and make changes, if necessary.

This is because your brand and your landing page need to match. These builders provide options such as changing fonts, colors, uploading content and images, and more. So this will help you achieve customization.

4. Marketing Integrations On Email and Social Media

Another quality of a good landing page builder is the ability to make incorporation simple. It should be simple for you to fit your landing pages into your social handles or other channels. In-built tools or integration with common third-party marketing tools should be available to aid the process.

5. It Should Be Optimized For High Conversion Rates

Templates or tutorials should be made available to help users build a landing page with a high converting rate.

Best Website Builders Which Can Be Used As Landing Pages

Website builders as landing pages? This may sound surprising, but as said earlier, there is much more advantage to using them.

Compared with landing page builders, website builders are easier to use. Also, apart from that fact, customization options are available to change your landing page. What’s more? It also has built-in analytic that help you track your performance on the FREE plan.

These website builders have free plans you can make use of, with no time, to create as many landing pages as desired. This is unlike a dedicated landing page builder that has a time limit for the free plan.

Now, let’s consider a number of free landing page builders you can use for your landing page.

Learn all you need about creating a website and landing pages below for free!

1. WIX – Comprises Over 30+ Free Landing Page Templates For a High Conversion Rate

Nowadays, businesses and even individual business owners explore WIX to create their websites. The right choice they’ve made! Apart from creating a website, WIX can also be used for creating landing pages.

With its 30+ free, professionally designed templates for a landing page, you will find one that suits your business needs.

WIX is very easy to use (a quality found in a good landing page). Using the drag-and-drop builder, there’s room to change the color, font, and layout to your liking. In short, WIX puts you in control of how you want your page to look and function.

WIX provides built-in tools for email and social media marketing. It allows you to design your emails or your posts using the WIX tools. And then, it connects them to your account. WIX also provides the WIX Video Maker to create videos that you can use to draw customers to your landing page.

WIX also integrates with almost all marketing tools; Mail Chimp, HubSpot, Facebook, etc.

2. SITE123

A Direct Way To Build A Landing Page Without CostThe cost of creating a Landing Page

SITE123 is really good at building a single-page website, and this makes it a good tool to build landing pages. It is very easy to use. You can get online in few minutes, even if it is your first time building the landing page.

In SITE123, jump links are easy to add to different sections of your page. Thus, this makes it easy for your visitors to see the information they are seeking without having to scroll down. With SITE123, your page can be long and detailed, yet, simple.

Comparing to WIX, SITE123 does not provide so many customization options. But you can still customize your color and fonts, though the options to choose from are limited. You can choose from predesigned content blocks, elements such as buttons, and forms to add to your page.

SITE123 has free plans with several templates that you can use for marketing. Unlike WIX, it does not contain further customization. It lacks analytical tools and third-party integration in the free plan.

In short, SITE123 is good for a basic marketing campaign. If you need a simple, direct landing page, SITE123 is very right for you!

3. Weebly – Best For Specific And Short-term Campaigns With Free Email Marketing

Weebly is another free landing page builder with a lot of benefits. Some include; lots of landing page templates, good email marketing ability, and ease of use.

Also, each element has its own menu which you can customize, enabling you to be specific with your changes.

The Weebly Promote (Weebly email marketing platform) is another feature that allows you to create emails.

WithWeebly Promote, you can send two emails to about five hundred people and monitor them (available in the free trial). Weebly also has analytics and social media integration that is advanced (for a paid plan).

Other Website Builders Not Efficient Enough For A Landing Page

In this section, we are going to highlight a few website builders that won’t work well for landing pages. The reason is that some were too simple and others were too difficult to use for a short-term marketing campaign.

  • gives 3GB storage for users on its free plan. This makes it very fit to be used to include video on the landing page. Despite this, it does not have templates necessary for building landing pages. Also, it is very difficult to use, hence, it is not fit as the best in this article. but you can create a whole website in WordPress using Wealthy Affiliate for Free!

  • SimpleSite

SimpleSite makes it faster and easier to build landing pages.

But, there are limited customized options. So there’s little hope that you will find what you want for your brand. It lacks integration for your social media and for email marketing.

  • Jimdo

Though Jimdo creates a pretty fast landing page, other factors such as analytics, email marketing, and customized options are absent.

Landing PageBuilders (Dedicated)

We have seen free website builders that you can use to create great landing pages above. However, you can use a dedicated landing page builder for this and get extra features for your campaigns.

In terms of analytics, tools for promotion, high conversion rate, these builders have advanced features. These advanced features are designed to work well. But it also involves more time to build your landing pages.

For these builders, they are free to some extent. You get a free trial to test whether they match your needs.

4. The Most Simple Dedicated Builder For Landing Pages – LEADPAGES

Leadpages give you sections that you can customize and arrange in the order you like. You can start from a high converting landing page to give a more pleasing design very quickly.

Similar to other dedicated builders, Leadpages has a lot of advanced options for email marketing, scheduling posts, etc. There is also analytics that will help you track your success. There are features to ensure that you’re using the best layout and content for your page.

Another feature of Leadpages is the lead magnets, which assist you to add files or links to your landing page.

This feature enables your visitor to quickly and easily access information. The only major challenge is how slow it is. In cases when you want to update your landing page, logging in is very slow. This is really frustrating but it does not hinder progress.

5. Personalize Your Landing Pages Using UnbounceUnbounce you Landing Page

Unbounce may seem confusing, at first. With time, you’ll see that Unbounce is a tool with in-depth customization.

Unbounce has a lot of templates for landing pages, grouped by page goals. And if you want more options, you can get them from ThemeForest.

With Unbounce, you can browse and view templates in the same window. You can even compare different options available to suit your needs. There are also series of tips on ways to build a high-converting landing page.

Similar to other builders, a lot of tracking and integration for the landing pages are also present. You can personalize it in this builder. You can use the AI-powered smart traffic tool to get each page that visitors want.

There are many marketing channels to explore when it comes to generating leads. So, you don’t have to rely on Facebook alone. A good way to go is creating a landing page for your business. Let me show you how to set up a converting landing page in minutes.

Make a Formal Request

You can create visuals and ad copy just to attract customers, but you won’t get any conversion yet until you make an ideal request. A CTA (Call to Action) is a straightforward request and it should consist of the main objective of your landing page. Though it’s an easy component to build, it’s the most crucial.

So the normal practice is to keep your call-to-action identifiable, comprehensive, and simple. When you want to design your landing page, create messages like “subscribe”, or “sign up” in a large format. Be sure to make your CTA buttons resonate with your specific audience.

Create an Incentive

If you want to use a CTA to promote your business, then be prepared to fulfill everything that revolves around that CTA. You can give a lot of things in return such as e-books, coupons, or make specific site features exclusively accessible.

When customers know that their action is incentivized, they wouldn’t mind to proceed to checkout, and that’s a lot of conversions.

Even though rewards should serve a particular purpose too, the goal of your offer should be to get a higher conversion rate. You don’t have to give out gift cards. Giving a coupon would suffice. And you will certainly convert more customers. You can also allow customers to attend an important webinar for free. With that, they can learn more about the numerous benefits of your products.

Make it Simple

To make people see the value of your products, be sure to present the information to the audience in a simple way.  So you need to deliver this information properly. You don’t have to use a visual for your CTA, but if you must use it, make it little.

Make your presentation effective. If you want to list some benefits, make sure you keep them short. Since customers will have to scroll through the page, you can extend your talking points. Give a clear presentation and pay specific attention to readability.

If it takes customers a long time to fulfill your call-to-action, then fewer chances are they’ll take action. Your CTA should remain in the mind of your audience. So you should make it strong.


If you’re using a sales funnel, then you need a powerful landing page setup for your business. And it’s good to know that there are free ways to set up a stunning landing page. Choose a favorite landing page builder from the list above and start your journey to generating more leads.


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  1. I never knew landing page builders were free. I though they all cost money but it’s good to know. I am still building my site and focusing on getting as much traffic as possible.

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    • You are so welcome Fatoumata. We are all learning on this journey and every little bit of information moves us towards more success. Thanks for dropping in to comment and here is to your success with landing pages when you are ready.

  2. I have a travel blog and I do not have a landing page.  I really have not looked into it.  I am wondering if I am missing the boat by not having one?  In what ways are they beneficial?  I am just curious as to the benefits you get from a landing page.  I guess once I know this, then I can decide about building one.

    • Hi Leah, a landing page is basically a shortcut to either collect an email address so that you can stay in contact for ongoing sales or to push for a sale when they land on your landing page. It definitely has a place in your marketing plan.

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    • I’m delighted that you are getting so much value from my articles Jesse. There is so much to learn when you first start out and it’s hard to know which detail needs to be actioned immediately. Don’t forget to set up your email autoresponder so that you can collect all those visitors when you have your landing page going.


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