How To Start a Business with No Money?

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I Can Help You To StartHow to start a business with no money? Your Own Money-Making Affiliate Website. Do you want to learn how to start a business with no money?

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  • How To Find a Profitable Niche that You are Excited About

  • Use Templates in WordPress to Design Your Perfect Website

  • Attract Tons Of Free Traffic From Content To Your Business

  • To Structure Several Passive Income Streams from Your Site

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Lily Munday

Who Am I?

Hi There! I’m Lily

This is me doing my favorite hobby, singing at a winery with friends. In between, I run my online business from the comfort of my sunroom at home.

I have worked in hospitality all of my life and made a lot of money for other people. Thanks to the power of the internet, I don’t have to waste my time on a dead-end  9 to 5 job anymore…

And today, I like to show people like you how to follow in my footsteps!

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8 thoughts on “How To Start a Business with No Money?”

  1. Hi Lily,

    I’ve recently been looking for some ways to generate revenue on the side online. I make decent money at my day job but you can never be too financially secure. I really enjoyed your review so I decided to check out wealthy affiliate. It seems like a pretty neat program and they offer a lot of trainings. I think I’m going to try and make a business through them and see how it goes. Thank you for pointing me in their direction!

    • Hi Kyle, that is wonderful news and I look forward to working with you to create a business that can give you financial freedom now and in the future. Catch you on the other side. Lily

  2. I have worked on a 9 to 5 job all my life. And I agree with you that we make a lot of money… for other people. It’s exciting to see that there is a chance to work for ourselves using the Internet. I do need training in this sense and am eager to take a look at the platform you’re suggesting.

    • That is great news, Abel. I look forward to working alongside you to find success in this new venture.

      Wishing you a successful journey. Let’s get you started.

  3. As an affiliate already with Wealthy Affiliate, I can vouch for their credibility.  Prior to WA, I made some classic bonehead moves I’m still paying the price for!  If I learned about WA before doing them, my situation would be quite different!

    I learned about Wealthy Affiliate by accident!  I was originally looking into another affiliate program of a similar nature, but learned some alarming facts about them that caused me to look into Wealthy Affiliate more closely and more discriminatory!

    And I’m so glad I did!  I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate since May 2021 as a premium member and don’t regret it!  At first, it was slow, but that’s to be expected!  There’s so much to learn!  But, once you learn and apply what you’ve learned, everything picks up!

    It’s September 4, 2021, now and thanks to what I learned from WA, I make an average surplus of $250 per week.  That momentum started in early July.  From here, I see the momentum gaining ground (and Profit)!

    • That is wonderful to hear Kitty, you will gain more success every day. It’s all available in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. So pleased that you are doing so well.

  4. Thanks Lilly for a great article. I have found that building a website within Wealthy Affiliate to be extremely easy. And that is not because I am a tech head, it has more todo with the wonderful training and support of the community. I found if I did get stuck with something, there was either training or someone to answer my questions. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you want to make money on line. Thanks.


    • That’s great to hear Stephen. I’ve been delighted with the results from the training at Wealthy Affiliate and the friendships I’ve made. It a lovely safe place to learn and grow into success. 


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