IM Checklist Review: Worth it?

Internet marketing is a fantastic option for starting an online business. However, many people do not have the requiredIM Checklist Review knowledge to start, so they get confused with all the available platforms. This is why a successful marketer has designed a product called IM Checklist. This tool helps to make marketing much easier and more profitable.

It features a comprehensive list of tips, tools, and strategies. This resource also includes a PLR license so that you can rebrand it as your own.

IM Checklist comes with a trial version, which allows you to view the content for 20 hours before committing to a monthly membership ($17.50 per month.) The course also offers bonuses and tutorials that help you build a better business.

Moreover, the product is available for sale on eBay and Clickbank.

What You Can Do with IM Checklist

  • Allow you to Edit, add Graphics and rebrand the material for your use
  • You can create video courses with IM Checklist
  • You can add the IM Checklist to Paid Membership Sites
  • Build an email list with their Guide
  • Build your Blog posts and infographics

IM Checklist Gold Membership is a great way to start Internet marketing. It has over 43 hours of video training, exclusive tips, and tactics to help you create a successful business online.

You’ll get access to 198 marketing checklists in 5 formats, a step-by-step guide, and exclusive private label rights for the software. It’s also straightforward to find a niche for yourself and launch your business.

These are separated into volumes on different subjects so that you can focus on one area at a time. You can edit the material and rebrand it for your business.

What is IM Checklist?

IM Checklist is an excellent resource for online marketers. It is free to join and contains various helpful tips and strategies. You will receive new content every month, and the creator makes it easy to customize and edit the content.

If you aren’t yet ready to start an online business, it is a great time to start a checklist. Once you have a few checklists in your toolkit, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert in your chosen field.

Each checklist contains a guide on using an IM product to promote. The IM Checklist is a great tool to create lead magnets and increase profits. In addition to its free downloadable versions, it also offers a monthly membership that allows you to print PDFs.

If you’re a newbie in the world of online marketing, it can be overwhelming to know what to do. You need to know which tools are the most effective and which ones need some work. This program has tips and tricks to boost your business.

When you use it correctly, you’ll be on your way to success. The IM Checklist is a powerful tool to make your online business succeed. You will learn how to promote an affiliate product without any tech skills.

Who Created IM Checklist?Kevin Fahey Created IM Checklist

Kevin Fahey, a successful business entrepreneur, and business coach. Created this training material for his students. He then realized that there was a wider audience in need of these lists and guides to grow their businesses.

They are designed to cover all aspects of marketing ideas and strategies.

What is Included inside the IM Checklist Course?

IM Checklist is an Internet marketing course that teaches you how to create and sell your products. It shows you how to create video series, create an email list, and sell your products with full authorship credit.

This course also provides a background in affiliate marketing, which is a highly effective way to market your products. You will learn how to make your products and monetize them through affiliate marketing.

It has several volumes that cover different aspects of internet marketing. The course teaches you how to launch a product successfully with different strategies. You’ll learn how to sell affiliate products, create product pages, and more.

You’ll also learn how to create your videos. The videos and webinars are beneficial, and the course is easy to follow. The IM Checklist course is a very user-friendly program.

The course teaches you how to create webinars, video products, and blogs and make sales. You’ll learn about the process of creating a webinar and how to sell your product.

What Topics Does IM Checklist Cover?IM checklist Program

  • Getting leads through Social Media, Radio, and Television ads
  • How to Implement Search Engine Optimization
  • The best way to use Quizzes and Competitions
  • How to Create Daily Routines
  • Creating Marketing Funnels
  • The Secrets of Building an eCommerce Store
  • How to use Instagram to promote your business
  • How to market your brand locally and drive more business
  • The importance of Facebook ads
  • Writing quality content to draw a crowd and impress Google (Content Marketing)
  • How to Monetize your website with Products from ClickBank, CPA, and other methods
  • How to create and Promote a Webinar
  • Creating great YouTubes
  • How to create an email marketing campaign.
  • Graphics design course
  • Self Publishing guide
  • Checklist for Outsourcing your needs
  • Details on building a business in WordPress

Build a List of Leads

This product will teach you how to build a list of leads and trust. It will help you develop a product that will make you money. You’ll also learn about how to get people to buy your product.

It shows you how to create and use webinars to build your list. You’ll learn how to use video and audio training courses, create a webinar website, and build an email list.

You’ll also learn how to use it to create infographics, blogs, and video training courses. Ultimately, IM Checklist will teach you how to make your webinars profitable.

IM Checklist Volume 26 focuses on lead generation. Without a lead, you’ll have no business. This course teaches you how to use software to track leads and convert them into buyers.

You’ll learn how to create a unique webinar landing page that will generate sales. Your webinar should be unique and offer value. The more people attend the higher your chances of success.

You’ll learn how to create an effective webinar pitch and how to sell your product. You can monetize your webinars and earn more money online by following this guide.

The IM Checklist course is a must-have for internet marketers. This guide includes interactive checklists that you can follow step by step and tick the boxes when you complete a step.

It also offers Private Label Rights and White Label Rebranding. You can join its Gold Membership to enjoy all the new releases free.

It offers comprehensive training about list building, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more. It contains bonuses that’ll help you get started quickly. You’ll be able to grow your business and earn a full-time income while doing it.

It allows you to access the exclusive mastermind group of top marketers. So, if you’re thinking of joining IM Checklist, check out the bonuses and find out if it’s right for your business.

Learn How to Create a FunnelCreate a funnel

In volume 28, you will follow 18 steps to create your own funnels. You will learn about the psychology of the buyer and how to persuade them and convert to a sale.

You will learn about the Bridge Page Funnel, Tripwire, and how to create a thank you page.

The Pros and Cons of Using the IM Checklist


  • It is designed to help you build a successful online business.
  • An affordable and flexible way to make money.
  • It’s a significant investment that will help you achieve success.
  • You can use it to set up a paid membership site.
  • You have PLR to modify, reuse and sell the material.


  • There is no master resell rights
  • It requires a monthly recurring payment.

IM Checklist Pricing and Evaluation

The IM Checklist is made by Kevin Fahey, an entrepreneur and business coach. Using the IM Checklist guide for his own business, Kevin created a checklist to help those jumping from affiliate marketing to product creation.

The pricing and evaluation of this product are reasonable. It is available in both gold and silver membership plans.

IM Checklist is an excellent tool for internet marketers looking for access to PLR content. Its membership is inexpensive at $17.95/month, and it offers valuable marketing suggestions in the form of checklists. You can create your account and gain full access today at $3 for 5 days only.

There are also PLR licenses available for this product. You will pay an annual fee to use the product. This is an attractive price for such a comprehensive product.

What Bonuses does IM Checklist Offer?

As a member, you’ll have access to three bonuses: how to make $20K per month, five marketing strategies for newbies, and a PLR license, which allows you to customize the document files in seconds.

This comprehensive guide can help you succeed online, no matter your current stage.

You can create a video series and add your checklists to paid membership websites. The IM Checklist course doesn’t grant Master Resell Rights (MRR) but allows you to sell your products and services without any limitations.

You can use the resources within it in your business and reap the benefits. The product contains over 40 PLR resources in five formats. Each one comes with a PLR license that allows you to rebrand the materials with your logo and content.

You can use the checklists as lead magnets or content for your email list. You can also print the content to give to clients and potential customers. The IM checklist’s member area includes a printing option.

Besides offering comprehensive training for Internet marketers, it gives you the power to customize your graphics and videos.

If you have the money to spend on this product, you should give it a try. The Silver edition contains over 590 pages of valuable information on Internet marketing. You can easily find all the information you need about IM in a simple search on Google.

Is there a Refund Policy?

There isn’t a refund policy for the month that you have paid for but you can cancel anytime.

It is best to try IM Checklist for $3 before committing to the monthly charge.

Is IM Checklist Worth it?

The program contains 413 checklists to teach you everything you need to know about Internet marketing. These checklists are designed to serve as step-by-step guides to help you learn the best practices and succeed in your online business. They include a section for WordPress building.

Each month, the IM Checklist adds new content to its platform. The creator shows you how to edit the content to make it more effective. It is updated regularly. And it’s worth your time and money! It’s a comprehensive training program that will boost your chances of success.

These checklists will help you make better decisions when implementing your plans. And because it’s a white-label rights product, you can sell it alone or give it away as a free download.

Is There are Better Option for IM Checklist?

You can really enjoy modifying and using the IM Checklist material and I can’t see any reason why not to do this. But keep in mind that for your $17.50 a month it doesn’t include Hosting a website or any of the other tools that you need to run a successful business.

I would consider IM Checklist as an add-on tool to be used when you already have a website set up.

Many years ago I was in your shoes and wanted to start an online business, I literally knew nothing. So I went searching for answers and a place to learn about building a website.

There are so many parts to building a website business and I found a place where I could start for free, build a website (in under 3 minutes) and learn all about writing quality content. How to build an email list and how to promote on Social media.

Each of these subjects could fill 100 books or videos and they do online. The question is wouldn’t you prefer that they come all in one place, with technical support and security and a system for learning?

I was in your shoes two years ago. And spent 6 weeks researching how to learn all the basics, from how to build a website to how to promote on social media. After I was horrified by all the scams touting fast and easy money for only a fee of $5000, I had to rethink my strategy.

I then researched for businesses to start cheap and read about MLM’s and Affiliate marketing. This is where I found Wealthy Affiliate a learning platform and my mentor Jack Cao.

Why Start for Free?

I love free as I’m on a tight budget with lots of family commitments and am retired. So how to learn and earn at the same time? When I was thinking of starting an online business I did many hours of research as I didn’t want to get scammed

One of the articles I read had a link to a review of Wealthy Affiliate, so I went for a read. It stated that I could join for free with one website built for me in 3 minutes (even join without a credit card) and try the first 10 videos of training.

Needless to say, this appealed to me as I could put my toe in and see if I could do it first before spending even $1. I was impressed with how quickly I created my very first website in WordPress, just by picking some templates.

I then started with the first video training to begin getting the knowledge I needed to succeed. Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate video

It really was that simple. Because each lesson has questions and tasks to tick off as you go. This way you can be sure that you aren’t missing anything important.

How Important is a Community?

If you had asked me that question when I first started my training I couldn’t have told you as I had never been part of a community and had no idea how important it is to your growth. Very quickly after starting more experienced members sent comments to encourage and support me.

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I’ve never had this sort of support in any area of my life. But with over 1.4 million members it wasn’t long before I made some great friends of all ages.

These people were there when I had frustrating times or felt overwhelmed. They reached out to give support and excellent advice. Many of them are making six-figure incomes online and I am humbled that they would help me, a newbie.

Up to Date Training

You are probably aware that the internet is growing and changing every day. So there are two parts to the education that you need to build a stable successful business. The first part is creating a website, running it well and writing content, and promoting that on social media.

The second part is upscaling your business to earn more and more money as the years go by and this takes understanding trends and what your customers want and need from you.

Wealthy Affiliate tackles these challenges in three ways, one is obvious, as in the 120 video training Plus more than 1000 hours of tutorials that will teach you all the basics.

The second way is with cutting-edge live lessons that are created by super successful members and the owners Kyle and Carson and their friend Jay.

The third way is very clever in that they reward members who have been around for a few years to make tutorials on all aspects of creating, running, and promoting a website. This keeps the learning up to date for everyone, and we all need to read about these tips many times, there’s a lot to learn.

What about the cost?

Let’s be serious for a moment. Any business you run will cost you money to start and to run. An online business is no different. You can’t run a website on the internet without hosting it somewhere. This cost can range from $5 right up to $1000 or more a month, depending on what you need to run your business.

You can just pay for the cheapest hosting but it doesn’t come with any other tools that you will need (some don’t have good security or stable uptime). So you really have to think about what exactly you will need for your website to be safe, have room to grow, and give you technical support when something goes wrong (because it always does 😉

Then you need to decide if you know how to run a website business or do you need training? Because this is where it can get expensive. Everyone is selling ‘The best training for only $…….’ and you probably don’t know about the other tools that you will need to help you find the best titles for your blog, tools to gather subscribers, SEO tools, and so on…

Wealthy Affiliate starts for free (you don’t even have to give them your credit card details) with 10 training videos. If you like that and want to learn more, you can pay only $19 for the first month (a whopping 51% discount). This way you can access all the lessons and really have a good look around the platform. Then if you are happy you can move up to the usual $49 a month payment (this will give you total access, website hosting, technical support, and masses more.)

In this package, you will receive a free keyword finder (Jaaxy). You will need to use this to create the best keyword titles for your content and content is key to your success.

Am I Making Money from Affiliate Marketing?

Keep in mind this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, nothing about creating a business is. One lesson I have learned over the past 2 years is that you have to learn what to do and do it consistently to build a solid business.

That is what I have been doing and what I would advise anyone starting an online business. Learn the ropes, day by day. Do the work and you will reap the benefits.

This was a recent payout that I was delighted to see in my inbox one morning.Wealthy Affiliate money from Paypal

I knew I deserved this as I have been working hard. But even better was knowing that I’ve learned how to build a solid business.

I know what I have to do to make it grow bigger every year for as long as I live.

This is what I would love to see for you. Read more about Wealthy Affiliate and leave me a comment if you need more questions answered.

I have 100% faith in this platform to help you build a strong financial future if you are serious about your wealth.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment, like, and share. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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