Income School Project 24 Review 2023 (Updated)

The primary goal of Income School Project 24 review 2021 is to show you how to make a Passive Income. The Course is to help entrepreneurs provide enough for theirIncome school project 24 review 2023 homes by creating an ideal online business.

They do this with 60 beginner-friendly steps that walk members through the process of achieving financial freedom in 2 years. 

That is if you study hard, learn, and action all this knowledge. It’s not a get-rich-quick plan.

Passive Income Blogging Course: Incredible Value

Income School Project 24 was founded by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, two Canadian affiliate marketers who show their members the right way to earn passive income online.

This is incredible value in Income School compared to the usual charges; it unlocks access to an awesome community with experienced and like-minded entrepreneurs from all walks of life. This project is designed to help members earn passive income in their online journey.

If you are looking for a simple, step-by-step approach to earning passive income online, Income School Project 24 is the right choice for you.

Getting Value for Your Money

The passive income courses ensure incredible value for the money; they contain about 20 courses that are frequently updated.

Revenue Potential

Ricky and Jim walk members through the process of building $7000+/month passive income in two years.Revenue potential Therefore, there is amazing revenue potential with Project 24.


It helps newbie bloggers earn passive income from blogs. The course is easy to follow and has an interactive community of members who love to help one another.

General Rating

It is rated 5/5 with an amazing course for beginners who learn how to earn passive income from blogs.

What is Income School Project 24?

Income School Project 24 is a passive income course module by two seasoned affiliate marketers, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, who created the company “Income School LLC” in 2018. The course teaches proven ways to earn passive income from YouTube channels and blogs in two years.

It contains far more than Ricky and Jim advertised it. The community provides helpful resources such as weekly podcasts, vlog, and 20 courses.

Ricky and Jim frequently update and clarify their marketing methods with regard to the new changes in search algorithms. They also share the strengths and weaknesses of their big-time internet marketing experiments.

After building more than 20 successful passive income blogs, which include Dirt Bike Planet, Improve Photography and others, Ricky and Jim share their skills on how to create passive income with blogs. The course is designed for newbie bloggers who want to earn passive income online.

Who Are Kesler and Harmer at Income School  Project 24?

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer are experienced online marketers who show their followers how to earn passive income online to replace a full-time income in two years.

Jim was studying in a law school when he created his first blog to help fund his law program and sustain his family. He learned from failures in the course of building his photography blog and joyfully won the blogging battle, which led to becoming a successful blogger instead of practicing as a lawyer.

Ricky, Jim’s old-time school friend, partnered with him on his blogging adventure a few years later. After seeing the success of the new websites they created, they founded Income School Project 24 with the aim to build websites and become financially free in a lifetime.

Ricky Kesler resigned from his full-time job to earn a full-time passive income from building blogs with Jim.Who is Project 24 built for?

Who is Income School Project 24 Built For?

P24 is an amazing blogging course for:

  • Newbie entrepreneurs
  • Pro Online Marketers
  • Those planning to scale up their income and earn passively

Income School Project 24 is a great place for newbie entrepreneurs to learn how to build passive income from a blog. Ricky and Jim walk you through the 60-step process of creating a passive income blog. These include choosing a niche, setting up a WordPress website, selecting what to write about, and performing competitive analysis. They provide an in-depth explanation of what length each article should be based on the competition.

They also offer guidelines on how to create content that will captivate not only the readers but will also rank higher in search results.

If you need to join a community that will walk you through the process of building a successful online business, get interactive support every step of the way. Follow the correct route to achieving financial freedom in 24 months, look no further; Income School is your institution of learning.

What Will You Get at Income School Project 24?

Ricky and Jim delivered more than enough in Project 24 and that’s awesome! For just a 12-month fee, you can unlock about 20 courses from your frequently-updated Income School Project 24 account dashboard.

You get a weekly podcast, frequent updates on digital marketing, vlogs, access to a lively community, and a lot more. The consistent hard work the co-founders put into this membership site and incredible blogging course is worth commendation.

Some courses are YouTube Course, Blogging Course, Photography Course, Podcasting Course, Info-Products Course, E.A.T Course, Email Marketing Course, Pinterest Course, A Weekly Podcast, Access to a Community, and many more.

Why I Strongly Recommend Income School Project 24?

I recommend this passive income course because thousands of positive reviews are published out there by people who are members of Income School Project 24. I strongly recommend it because it works even for beginners in the online world.

A lot of people who joined this membership site were a witness to how Ricky and Jim delivered more than expected. Project 24 created what has been a truly-supportive online business community, with vlogs, weekly podcasts, practicable money-making techniques, and tricks regularly updated.

If you are a beginner with little or no knowledge of online marketing, Income School Project 24 is one of the few online business communities that offer beginner-friendly courses.

Complete Income School Project 24 In-depth Review

Most online business communities teach their members how to earn passive income from home. But most courses they teach aren’t updated.

Some techniques only work for a year, two years, or three years ago, and aren’t applicable in today’s business world.

Search algorithms keep changing by the day. It is necessary to update with the current pace, so your business can remain famous and relevant. One resourceful passive income course is the Income School Project 24 online course, an equally great training course that also provides website hosting and security is Wealthy Affiliate. Worth a read to compare.


Income School Project 24 – No Free trial, no refund – $449 for a year, and $249 for each successive.   Free Theme but no hosting.Pricing

Wealthy Affiliate – Free to start – $497 per year for Premium and $697 per year for Premium Plus – Black Friday Specials. 2 Free websites plus Hosting and Security.

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This site participates in affiliate programs. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Thank you for your support. For more information please read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Income School Project 24 – Pros

  • Jim & Ricky Are Pros
  • No Extra Expenses/Upsells
  • Constant Updates
  • Populated & Active Community
  • Unique Training Approach
  • Focuses on Free Traffic
  • Beginner-Oriented
  • Increasing Success Stories
  • Tons of Positive Review

Income School Project 24 – Cons

  • New Kid on the Block
  • No Free Trial
  • Somewhat Unrealistic Claims
  • Competitive Prices but high for just education and no websites
  • No Refunds

Why I Prefer Income School Project 24 to Other Online Marketing Courses?

Income School Project 24 unlocks current techniques to help your podcast, blog, YouTube Channel, or niche site grow, and remain successful and relevant.

Ricky and Jim are successful online entrepreneurs with broad experience and knowledge in the online marketing field. And they are still creating new YouTube channels and websites today. You learn the tactics to level up your income online. The duo shares a lot of bits publicly in their course and on their YouTube channels.

The Full Blogging Course

One of the courses they teach at Income School is blogging. The founders of Project 24 began as bloggers before they expanded to some other profitable passive income ideas.

With lots of highly-successful blogs under their auspices, the duo currently generates millions of dollars yearly. You learn traffic-driven strategies that will help you monetize your blog and earn a cool and stable income in many ways.

On their YT channel, they share major tactics such as competitive analysis, search analysis, content mix, etc. Let’s have an overview of these tactics.

The Alphabet Soup and Search Analysis

In running a blog successfully, your primary aim is to create content on anything that people are always looking for in theThe Alphabet Soup and Search analysis search. People spend money on tools or search for keywords that don’t deliver the information they need. Examples of such tools are Inorganic blogging traffic and Pay per Click (PPC) traffic.

However, with Income School Project 24, you learn about the productive ways of implementing this. Let’s consider two major ways of driving blog traffic.

Paid Traffic

PPC (Pay per Click) is the method that lets you pay to get website traffic. You pay for Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. Although this is a quick way of getting website traffic, it isn’t the best, especially for newbie bloggers.

It can be very expensive and may require specific expertise that takes some time to study. For these reasons, you don’t get to learn this at Project 24 Income School.

Search Engine Traffic

What you learn at Income School is building organic traffic. It is the traffic you build when you create quality video content or blog content without using the paid traffic means to get website traffic.

Everybody uses keyword tools to look for topics to write about; a keyword tool signifies how much traffic you can drive with Pay-per-Click approaches, not the actual organic traffic searching for that content type. But Ricky and Jim apply the “Alphabet Soup” technique – exploring Google-suggested search elements and running across the alphabet to search keywords.

Competitive Analysis

To find out if there’s a lot of competition around a topic you need to evaluate it on Google. To do this, Ricky and Jim explain perfectly in Income School Project 24. Enter your topic into the search bar of Google and view the results.

If the result brings lots of quality, insightful, and relevant information from authority sites, it’s possible that your topic is highly competitive and much covered. If, for example, a topic is featured on authority blogs, government sites, or other popular sites, you must avoid such a topic from scratch because you won’t rank for them on time.

As a new website, it will be hard to get ranked with such a topic on Google. A good way to find a less competitive topic is by finding out if it contains little or no info about the topic. If you write about a topic that has low competition in search results, you will rank higher on Google.

Content Mix

Income School Project 24’s Content Mix is a technique that helps you get ranked quickly. You do not need to begin with highly competitive topics; if you do, you will find it hard to rank your content on the search engine.

So, in Income School Project 24, Ricky and Jim analyze why you must start with concise, less competitive topics and aim later for competitive ones. You move all the way from staple posts to stellar ones.

To start, the course recommends starting with ten response articles. Response articles are 1200+ words long articles that provide answers to what people look for in search results. The duo teaches you how to structure your response articles and gain Google snippets. Google snippets are special features that place you in Position zero in search results.

On medium competitive topics, a staple post is a long-form post of length 2500+ words. Staple posts are more in-depth and contain more resources your readers look for. They contain shareable elements or list posts.

A pillar post is a much longer post of length 3500+ words on highly-competitive topics. Pillar posts are long, well-researched, detailed pieces of content on such topics in your industry. They are important posts that users look for on your site.

Income School Project 24 recommends starting with ten response, ten staple, and ten pillar posts on your site. This is just the start and they emphasize everything in 60 steps.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (EAT)

EAT is crucial for your site. Google wants to make sure it presents information from bloggers who are authorities on that topic. This is particularly true for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) niches such as Finance, Health, Technical, Legal, e-commerce, politics, news, etc.

In this blogging course, Project 24 shares tips on how to become authoritative on the search engine. These include presenting important information (such as having testimonials, and privacy policies) to show Google that you are a trustworthy, authoritative expert in your industry. Ricky and Jim help members further by creating an in-depth EAT course that makes EAT attainable even for beginners.

Ghost Town Phase

One of the courses at Income School is Ghost Town Phase. It’s the phase when you will have zero traffic on your site, and this can continue for as long as 9 months after planting your “seed”.This is the phase when many struggling veteran bloggers sell, give up, or quit their blogs.

However, Income School Project 24 emphasizes the significance of being persistent, patient, and courageous during this phase. What you need to do during this phase is to offer your blog audience high-quality content, make use of all the 4 strategies Project 24 covers, and build a brand.

Get a Free Website and Affiliate Marketing Training

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Some other courses Income School Project 24 offers include Niche Site Course, Podcasting Course, YouTube Course, and more. If you are looking to start an online business, all you need is a platform that offers beginner-friendly passive income courses, and Income School is one of the best in this field.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.


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  1. Hi there, it seems the opportunity cost here for newbies and perhaps veterans in passive income building as we will call it is great here. Looking at the cons there is nothing to lose, however more pros to gain. Thanks for this value-packed post today, it could really change someone’s life. Tough economic times call for change. 

    • Hi Andrew, getting an education in running an online business is so necessary to be a success. This company has a good reputation and lots of followers so they must be giving value for money in their courses.

  2. Thanks for the Income School Project 24 review. It sounds much like the Wealthy Affiliate community with some little differences. Good to learn about its co-owners: Jim and Ricky! I personally learned from their past failures and successes. The 60-step passive income blogging course they offer is worth the $449 yearly membership fee.

    Glad they teach how to build a blogging business and achieve a full-time income in 24 months, unlike the platforms that promise success after 3-6 months of starting. I read about some of these courses and liken them to what I was taught when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for the posting effort!


    • Hi Joyce, they really have achieved a lot with this course and I do appreciate that they don’t promote it as a get rich quick program. It’s a very comprehensive course.

  3. It was interesting reading your review on Income School Project. It is great to see there is quality training out there that is regularly updated, which is not the case with most courses you come across.

    I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I must agree with you that having your hosting and training all in one place is definitely a more cost-effective way to go. I also like that Wealthy Affiliate includes a keyword tool that works like a dream. Does Income School provide this?

    The prices are similar, and I would love to know if you can pay the amount off per month, or do you need to pay the entire amount for the year upfront?

    • Hi Michel, it sounds like you have found your new home amongst the happy Wealthy Affiliate family and training. I tend to agree with you it is best to have it all in one place.

      It seems that the $449 for the year is paid in a lump sum and if you stay they auto take $199 a year. I gather that you can’t pay it off. This also makes Wealthy Affiliate a better bet as you can choose to pay monthly or yearly with savings.


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