Instapage Software App Review

Instapage is an online marketing software app and in my review, I will show you the benefits. It has a whole lot ofInstapage Software App review conversion tools that advertisers and marketers can use.

Instapage is gaining publicity and popularity all over the world by showing off what it has to offer. I will discuss the unique features of Instapage, how to make use of it, and its advantages and disadvantages. This will help you know if Instapage is the right software for you.

In addition to a landing page, Instapage offers personalization and experimentation options for adverts. And its AdMap tool can help you monitor your visitors’ movement on your site.

The major thing that makes Instapage sell more is its conversion capability. For Instapage users, the average customer Conversion rate is about 16%.

Instapage was created by Tyson Quick in 2012 and partnered with Google in 2018.

Let’s dive more into what Instapage has to offer.

What is in the Instapage Software App?

Instapage’s Marketing Suite is called the “Advertising Conversion Cloud.

The tools on Instapage automate the advertising funnel that customers go through. This is a big deal after your prospects might have signed up to your email list or clicking your ads. It makes everything easier for you and your prospects.

The main focus of Instapage is the landing page. That’s where everything begins. The aim of the landing page builder is to help you create an attractive landing page within a short period of time.

There are hundreds of templates to select from, and you can also customize your own layouts. This is possible through the help of Instapage’s block system.

There are different choices of personalization within Instapage to choose from. It changes the direction where prospects are sent through. This leads to a higher conversion rate and makes your prospects know who they are dealing with.

Analyze Your Data

Instapage also gives you detailed analytics about all your adverts and processes. This helps you analyze your conversion through the help of A/B testing.

The marketing tool of Instapage was created with teamwork in mind. This promotes collaborations during the creating process and managing of adverts.

This is possible by reviewing important steps. Maximum editing and immediate feedback make the process easier and this helps you share your campaign with your clients safely.

The following are different services that can be coordinated with Instapage:Open 24 hours to drive your Instapage funnel

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Google Tag manager, Heap, KISSmetrics.
  • Advertising: Google ads, Twitter ads, Microsoft ads, Facebook ads, Adroll, roll work, Bright roll.
  • Call tracking: Matelso, Track drive, Call rail, Dialog Tech, Retriever.
  • E-commerce: Shopify, PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Kenshoo
  • Email marketing: MailChimp, Convetkit, Madmini, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant contact, or MailerLite.
  • CRM: Zoho, Salesforce, Active Campaign, Infusion soft.
  • Live chat: Live chat, Apex chat, Cliengo, Zendesk, Intercom, Olark.
  • Exit-intent and Pop-ups: Optimonk, Sumo, Aiva labs, Hello bar, Optinmonster.
  • Marketing Automation: HubSpot, Autopilot, Pardot, Convertkit, Critical impact, Capture.
  • Others: GoToWebinar, Google fonts, Verb tech, Drupal, WordPress, Fomo, Trust pilot, Typekit.

All tools in Instapage are designed to enhance your ready-made marketing setup. You can get more value from Instapage if your business can utilize the above services.

Instapage Free Trial

Everyone loves free trials. Because everyone wants to know what they are putting their money into before they actually do.

With Instapage, you have a 14-day free trial to help you explore and test its service.

Just enter your credit card details to make the most of this offer. I know this is something that can dissuade you from giving it a try. Instapage requesting payment details is very understandable because they need to keep the software running.

In that context, I would show you the guidelines in opening an Instapage account to avoid any surprises. All you need is to enter your name, active email address, and the password you want.

Filling in the Details

You will be asked what you want to increase conversion for. Is it for your business, marketing team, agency clients, or others? You’ll have to enter your company’s name, and what you do in the company.

For you to enjoy this free trial fully, your visitors should be less than 2500. If your visitors are more than 2500, you’ll be moved to a premium plan automatically.

I would advise you to be careful when using Instapage along with a live website during your free trial stage. This will help you minimize the number of visitors.

Once you are done providing your credit card details, you will be moved to the Instapage dashboard. You can view your subscription in the admin area at the lower half of the admin menu. You can always cancel if you are not pleased before the free trial ends. Make sure you take note of your first billing date.

Instapage Dashboard

After the whole sign-up process, you will be taken directly to your Instapage dashboard.

The Instapage user interface might look dull at first. That’s where the main menu comes in. The main menu is located on the left-hand side of the page. This links to all the major tools and features of Instapage.

The first half of the main menu links to the five major features of Instapage:

  • AdMap
  • Landing page
  • Personalization
  • Experiments
  • Analytics.

The remaining half links to your Workspace inbox, admin area, settings area, and current project.

Google AdsAnalyze Google ads in Instapage

When you connect to your Google Ads account, Instapage will bring in all your ads and calculate your PostClick score. This is a ratio between your total number of ads and your total number of personalized experiences. Your calculated PostClick score will be shown in your Instapage dashboard.

Domain access page

This page is used to give or cancel access to specific domains. For you to manage domains, you need to visit the domain page in the setting area.

Main settings

There’s a display of an audit log of every change you’ve made on your account in the main settings area. From renaming a project to integrating a new service, it will be shown in the audit log.

You can also view generated leads in the main setting area. The addition of a new team member to your account is also available there.

Integration page

The integration page is one of the significant pages in the main settings area when you’re just starting. Any third-party services you use in connection to Instapage will always take you to the authorization page. This will give Instapage free access to your account. You can also copy and paste your account’s API key for other services.

Any services you link with Instapage will always be displayed at the top of the integration page.

How effective is this Landing Page Creator?

A landing page is a powerful tool that helps improve your marketing strategy. It helps you generate a very high converting page that increases the number of sign-ups and revenue for your business.

To create an attractive landing page even with zero experience in graphic design, you’ll definitely need this tool. All you need to do is master everything about Instapage. This helps you create a beautiful landing page for yourself.

As a landing page creator, the aim of Instapage is to help you design a page that converts. Conversion of your page visitors into your most loyal clients involves different practices. Having a beautiful page is not enough for conversions. This is where Instapage comes in.

Instapage has different amazing features that will help you get the best out of your landing page.

The following are other things Instapage can offer you when creating a landing page:

  • Personalization: This involves the creation of a unique landing page experience for your prospects. This is achievable by using post-click content for visitor purposes.
  • Experimentation: This enhances the performance of your landing page by analyzing the outcome over time. It also implements the A/B testing and user experience research methodology for each outcome.
  • AdMap®: This helps you analyze what page your visitors go to after clicking on your ads. It is possible through your ad campaign visual.
  • Collaboration: collaboration helps in simplifying the process of building pages, amongst you and your team. It helps to build more pages in a short period of time.
  • Page speed: This tool makes it possible to get more visitors to stay back on your page. This is possible by swift loading of your page as fast as possible.

How Does Instapage Work?

Creators of landing pages have become more refined over time, of which Instapage is no different. As a matter of fact, it could be the best landing page creator for you. That’s for you to decide.

Here are the tips on how to explore Instapage to create an ideal landing page.

Setting up a landing page

First, log into your account and then create your first page. Locate the landing page on the left-hand sidebar, and then set up your page to proceed.

On the next page, you will have to choose from a wide option of templates to suit your plan. You can also choose to design from the beginning if that’s comfortable for you.

Once you’ve selected the template of your choice, the next thing to do is name it. After naming, go back to the landing page section and click on the page you just created. To customize your landing page, you have to work with the Edit Design button.

Customizing a Landing PageCustomizing your landing page

  • Click on the element you want to edit on the page editor.

Add and organize the right elements on the page which is quite easy. For instance, a video will pop up when you click on the video icon on the left.

You can also resize the video to your satisfaction. You can place any element, anywhere you want on the page.

A landing page theme has different categories of components called Blocks. You can also save and reuse this landing page on another landing page. Choose desired blocks and insert them on the page, and then you can edit these components as well.

Once you’re done setting up your squeeze page, get the outcome on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Drop comments about the landing page

This feature is essential for a designer that wants to get the approval of their clients for the page created.

Find a page and leave a comment on it. This will automatically open a text bar where you can mention the client and the designer.

This feature will save you a lot of stress from constant email checking. You will be able to see the message directly from your landing page.

Refining the Features on Your Landing Page

Then click on conversion goals on the sliding windows to keep track of conversions on the page.

If you’re using a third-party tool for tracking page performance, you can always link it to your Instapage platform.

Hit the Publish Button for Your New Landing page.

When your landing page is fully ready, click on it and tap the Publish Experience button. You can always connect your Instapage plugin to the domain of the platform you want to publish on.

Installing your Instapage plugin on your WordPress site for publishing is also great. You can activate your plugin on your Drupal site so as to choose the page to publish from.

Analyzing Your Stats

Allowing enough time for your tools to gather information from visitors after publishing is essential. The collected information can now be used to review its performance. You will get to see the conversion rate for a specific day and time. It also keeps track of how many visitors you are getting per hour.

Pricing on Instapage

  1. Building$499 Monthly or discount for yearly payment = $399 a Month
  2. Optimizing – $999 Monthly
  3. Converting – $1999 + (Tailored programs)

As a designer, it is expected you will go for the building plan, which you can pay for monthly. This plan is the best option for a small business and marketing team. Looking to boost your marketing strategy by creating landing pages for ad campaigns, you can make use of this with excellent results.

Advantages of Instapage

  •  A great landing page builder, which helps in designing a beautiful landing page.
  • It is very easy to use
  • Points out the changes to be made, which makes the creating process easier.

Disadvantages of InstapageLook at all your options in Instapage

Instapage does not have plan options that are affordable for a smaller business. It would be really nice if they could add this to their options.

In Conclusion

Instapage is one of the best and most amazing landing page creation platforms. This platform aims at helping you increase your conversion rate.

It provides you with the necessary tools needed to create a compelling landing page. If you want to transform your business, then Instapage will be there for you.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. Hiya Lily, That was an extremely thorough article.  I honestly don’t even feel like I need to try the trial after you explained everything so cohesively:)  One, or maybe 2 questions..  I’ve used, still have a YEARLY ugh plan with ClickFunnels; do you know how the two programs compare?  I WANNA say that clickfunnels was like $900 for the whole year so the pricing is a little more affordable, but they do demand that you pay the entire year from the starting gate. and that sucks.  And there were a LOT of features you mentioned in this post that I don’t see in ClickFunnels at all.  Thank you for your post, I honestly didn’t realize there was more than 1 type of funnel or landing page builder out there.

    • Hiya Rene, yes there are more than just ClickFunnels around and they are all pretty pricey. Most do ask for a year upfront and like you, I think this is pretty harsh but then again the monthly fee for Instapage is around $200 which is more than the $900 you paid for ClickFunnels. I guess it comes down to the features that you want and need.

  2. Hi Lily, that’s very interesting. I had never heard of instapage before. It sure does a lot of stuff.  I can see this being very useful for me once I get my business up and running. 

    I really like how you broke down all the details and specifics and gave me enough information to actually understand it.

    There are so many of these products out there but this does seem like an effective one if you have a business that you have gotten going and want to take to the next level.




    • Hi Sammy, yes there are a lot of these tool companies doing the same thing. It’s a matter of research and finding the one that fits what you want to do and can afford. It’s always best to trial any tool first if you can but they can really grow your business.


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