Internet Traffic Academy Review: Is Vick Strizheus for Real?

If you want a boost in your website traffic, Internet Traffic Academy might be the right course. This program will show youInternet traffic Academy Review how to explore search engines to drive traffic to your site and profit from it.

Using search engines and banner advertising networks is the key to driving traffic to your site, and Internet Traffic Academy will show you how to do it.

This new training program teaches you to generate traffic without spending a dime. Not only that, but you’ll make 10x the amount of money you invested.

Using the proven techniques taught in Internet Traffic Mastery, you can learn how to create and market affiliate products, blog posts, and more.

The course includes a lot of tools, including a blogging platform. Internet Traffic Academy is your best option if you want to learn how to market your products and services online. You’ll learn the best ways to build your affiliate and niche websites, but it can get expensive.

Internet Traffic Academy Overview

Product Name: Internet Traffic Academy

Official Website:

Product Creator: Vick Strizheus

Price: $1497

Product Type: Traffic Generation Training Program

Best For: Beginner online marketers

OTOs/Upsells: No upsells


  • – The content is informative.
  • – The training is relatively easy to follow.
  • – There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • – There is no upsell.


  • – It’s too expensive for a beginner.
  • – You must become a premium affiliate first before you can promote the program.

What is Internet Traffic Academy?

Internet Traffic Academy is a training program that will teach you the traffic language so you can start building your list and converting visitors into sales.

The training contains many tools to help you start your new business. You won’t have to pay high ticket prices to get started, and you can learn to leverage your time to build your list and generate sales.

While it’s true that every marketer has different preferences and strategies, everyone can benefit from a secret traffic-driving technique.

Internet Traffic Academy, a training program by Four Percent, offers you the chance to master this secret traffic technique. And you can use it to drive multiple times more traffic than you could with your current marketing strategies.

Who is Vick Strizheus?Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus is a renowned online marketer who focuses on generating traffic. The first program Strizheus promoted was the Big Idea Mastermind.

The program claimed to be free, but you must provide your primary email address to join. After submitting your primary email address, you’ll receive a series of emails containing three weekly video messages.

Vick Strizheus is back with another opportunity called the 4 Percent Group to learn traffic techniques for $97. The website is marketed as a place to learn how to earn money online using different business models and is supposedly an excellent jumpstart for newcomers.

Is Internet Traffic Academy For You?

The Internet Traffic Academy is a comprehensive training course on traffic generation. You’ll learn how to create and manage targeted visitor lists, use autoresponders, and generate sales.

The Internet Traffic Academy offers 12 modules and a mastermind group that knows the tricks of the trade. However, if you want to learn traffic generation without spending a bundle of cash, there are cheaper alternatives to Internet Traffic Academy. This academy has helped countless people become successful in their businesses.

Social Media is an excellent way to generate traffic. You can target specific keywords to attract prospects to your website and product.

Internet Traffic Academy can teach you how to maximize your use of search engines and banner advertising networks to drive traffic to your site.

And once you have the traffic you need, you can turn it into profit by selling affiliate offers. You will learn how to explore social media to generate income.

What You Will Learn Inside Internet Traffic Academy

The first module of the course covers Traffic Rules and Game plans. The subsequent two are Influencer Traffic Media and 24-Hour Traffic Media. Module four covers Social Media Traffic. The course includes several live streams and other marketing strategies you can implement immediately. Let’s get into the training content in full.

Module 1: Traffic Rules and Game Plan

Internet Traffic Mastery is a step-by-step guide to internet marketing success. It teaches traffic rules, strategies, and a game plan to help you succeed.

In addition to the traffic rules, you will learn about influencer marketing techniques, CPA marketing, and how to find super affiliates who send you as many as 50K visitors daily. These strategies are essential for generating high volumes of targeted traffic and creating a huge profit.

In this module, you’ll discover how to use influencer marketing to generate more traffic and sales. You’ll also learn to use retargeting traffic media to reach millions of people for pennies on the dollar.

You’ll learn advanced marketing strategies, such as using super affiliates to send you 50 to 100,000 visitors daily. You’ll even learn how to get thousands of buyers without running campaigns.

Module 2: Influencer Traffic Media

This module will teach you how to gain complete traffic independence by using influencer traffic media to your advantage. This is an abandoned gold mine of massive targeted traffic that can reach hundreds of millions of people on demand.

Influencer traffic media can help you promote any website and is one of the most practical methods for traffic generation. You can explore it to increase traffic and sell products with a minimum investment.

Influencer traffic is the ability to influence others, especially those who follow you on social media. You can increase your online visibility and build a list of subscribers.

Influencer traffic is the best way to get your website noticed by influential people. In this module, you’ll learn the importance of using influencer traffic media to promote your product.

There are nine main types of traffic. These include display ads, CPA traffic, and Influencer traffic. These sources of traffic are the most effective and profitable. You’ll learn how to maximize their power and harness it for your use.

This is the foundation of long-term success with Internet traffic. You’ll learn how to increase your traffic and build your list. Internet Traffic Academy also teaches you how to increase your sales and leads with your list.

Module 3: 24-Hour Traffic Media24 hour traffic

The best way to get unlimited traffic to your website is to master Traffic Media. This course teaches you how to tap into a never-ending supply of buyers.

It uses Strategic Syndicate, an exclusive method of traffic media. This method will bring you high-quality, constant traffic to your website.

It can be overwhelming for beginners, but with the help of this course, you will learn the basics of Traffic Media and master this powerful marketing technique.

Internet Traffic Mastery is a 12-module course that teaches you how to use these media to increase sales. Each module teaches you how to generate traffic from search engines and social media platforms.

You will also learn how to understand the language of traffic and how to avoid wasting it. Moreover, you can use the power of data aggregation to target potential customers and remarket them.

Module 4: Social Media Traffic

If you have not heard of Social Media traffic, this course is a great way to learn more about it. It will teach you how to leverage this form of traffic to your advantage.

Think of social media traffic sources as mines where you can mine gold. Internet Traffic Academy will show you how to find this gold and convert it into profits. It’ll also teach you to monetize your traffic by selling affiliate offers.

The mastermind of Internet Traffic Academy knows that the key to traffic generation is to utilize the potentiality of social media to your advantage.

You will discover how to balance paid traffic with organic traffic and use machine learning to optimize your ads. This is one of the essential modules in the entire course.

You can use Google Analytics to track your social media traffic. You can export your UTM tracking data in various formats, including PDF, Google Sheets, and Excel.

Once you’ve done this, import the data into a social media report. After you’ve analyzed your social media traffic, you can create a plan to improve your social media strategy. With this, you can make more informed decisions about using social media to grow your business.

Module 5: Search Media Traffic

In this module, you’ll learn how to convert targeted traffic into paying customers. This method can significantly increase your traffic and sales, whether you’re using social media networks or powerful 2nd tier search engines.

You’ll also learn how to leverage influencer marketing to get your website in front of millions of potential customers. You’ll learn how to make your marketing strategy work for you and build your list for the future.

Using retargeting traffic is the latest buzz in internet marketing. It allows you to target millions of people and dominate the market for pennies on the dollar.

It’s also an excellent way to stack marketing activities and build a large following. You’ll learn how to get super affiliates to send you between 50K and 100K visitors daily! It’s like having your own traffic army, and it’s free!

The search engines are an excellent source of highly targeted traffic. But how do you get those visitors to visit your website? Retargeting traffic is the marketing silver bullet.

Using the right strategies, you can reach millions of potential buyers and dominate your market for pennies on the dollar.

You can use this traffic to build a large following without spending a dime. Moreover, it will enable you to retarget your audience to buy your products or services. And because of its high-quality, low-cost nature, it’s straightforward to manage.

Module 6: Display Traffic Media

There are different types of traffic media, but Display Traffic Media is arguably the most important one. It can bring an unlimited flow of quality traffic to your website, and its use can help you tap into a vast pool of potential buyers.

It may sound complicated, but with the proper training and tools, you can master all these traffic media and bring an unlimited traffic flow to your site.

The Perpetual Traffic Machine is the ultimate traffic generation system and will teach you how to use it to your advantage.

Module 7: Retargeting MediaRetargeting Media

The Traffic Retargeting Module is the most practical course you’ll ever take. This course is worth $147 and teaches you exactly how to retarget your audience, which is significant if you want to maximize your ROI.

Retargeting is displaying ads to a user who has previously interacted with your brand. By maximizing the potential of this tactic, you can increase your conversion rates while keeping customer acquisition costs low.

Retargeting Media is a great way to increase your website traffic and profits. You can use the same techniques to promote your product on social media. This strategy will work in any niche and save you money by lowering your cost per click.

You can boost your conversion rates with more organic traffic. This strategy is particularly effective if you’re targeting your product or service to potential customers online.

Retargeting Media is an effective way to reach your target audience using specific media. The techniques you learn will allow you to make your ads appear in front of people who have already expressed interest in your niche.

These ads will help you build a list of hyper-responsive customers ready to buy. The chances of your visitors converting into a lead will increase.

Module 8: CPA Traffic Media

This is one of the most advanced tactics you can implement to make money online, but Vick recommends that beginners avoid them until they’ve mastered the others.

Once you’ve learned how to create a trusting relationship with your prospects and offer a recurring deal, you can leverage the power of CPA networks to earn multiple income streams.

Module 9: Strategic Syndicate Traffic Media

Retargeting traffic can help you reach millions of people for pennies on the dollar. Syndication traffic can be an incredible way to stack your marketing activities and build a strong following.

But before taking advantage of retargeting traffic, you must understand how it works. In this Internet Traffic Academy module, you’ll learn how to get your website in front of millions of people.

If you’re looking to boost your traffic syndication, you’ll need to create a list. Lists generate more traffic than any other type of traffic, so building a list of your own is the key.

Lists are the best traffic sources, and deliberately built lists will give you the best results. Syndication traffic media works the best when paired with other forms of traffic.

Module 10: Perpetual Traffic Machine

In this module, you’ll learn how to use retargeting to generate endless traffic to your website. Vick breaks down each of these strategies in simple terms so that you can follow them to the letter.

After that, you will learn the most powerful traffic generation method – the Perpetual Traffic Machine. This course teaches you to use your list to create the most powerful traffic source on the internet.

Module 11: Traffic Media XTraffic Media X

In the course of its training, Perpetual Traffic Machine (PTM) teaches marketers how to leverage the power of retargeting traffic to reach unlimited numbers of prospective buyers.

These buyers are referred to as the “silver bullet” of marketing because they can flood a market for pennies on the dollar.

You can explore traffic from these sources to build a massive following and continue to stack your marketing activities.

This 12-module program will give you a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of online marketing and traffic generation.

It begins with a review of traffic-generating tools and then continues with an in-depth study of traffic data and traffic analysis.

The course also covers strategies for using 24 hours traffic media, an abandoned gold mine of targeted traffic available at any time.

Module 12: The Best Traffic Media

If you’ve been trying to gain more sales for your online business but aren’t getting the desired results, there’s a new way to do it. Learn how to leverage traffic media to make your website more valuable.

This training teaches you how to use strategic syndicate traffic media to bring unlimited buyers. You’ll learn how to tap into thousands of pools of buyers to market your product or service. The Perpetual Traffic Machine is one tool that teaches you how to tap into a massive pool of targeted visitors for free.

You can generate traffic from more than nine different sources in a single day. Those nine sources include CPA traffic, display traffic, and strategic scale.

There are nine different types of traffic in this training program. Each is crucial to your business, so ensure you understand what works for your audience.


The original cost of Internet Traffic Academy (ITA) is $4,997.

During this launch, you can get it for a discounted price of $1,497.

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CPA Traffic Media is a great way to secure multiple streams of income. It’s an advanced strategy that beginners should avoid until they have mastered other methods.

The secret to CPA marketing is converting offers that build trust and are more than one-time deals. Once you learn how to convert offers, you can leverage the CPA networks.

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