iPro Academy 2.0 Review

You probably wonder if iPro Academy 2.0 is worth your money. Before you decide, read my iPro Academy 2.0 review to getiPro Academy 2.0 Review more information. This iPro Academy 2.0 review will discuss who Fred Lam is, what the course is about, and how it works.

Twitter has a fantastic user base that is rapidly growing. Twitter advertising will give you the power to bid on installs and increase your ROI.

It has the potential to reach millions of users, and iPro Academy 2.0 will help you expand your reach beyond Twitter’s confines.

However, if you have a limited budget, Twitter advertising may not be the best option. Ultimately, you should consider iPro Academy 2.0 for the best ROI.

The courses available through iPro Academy are priced relatively high. Unlike other training courses, you can benefit from one-on-one coaching for as little as $20 a month. Another plus: there are no contracts. You can cancel your membership anytime without being locked into a contract.

iPro Academy 2.0 Overview

Product Name: iPro Academy 2.0

Official website: iPro Academy | A Global E-Learning Community For Everyone

Creator: Fred Lam

Price: $1997

Type: Online Business, Traffic Generation

Best For: Newbie and expert online entrepreneurs

iPro Academy 2.0 Pros

  • – There’s plenty of training and lessons
  • – The course can benefit internet marketers

iPro Academy 2.0 Cons

  • – It is expensive
  • – It is risky for beginners

Who is Fred Lam?Fred Lam

Fred Lam is a trustworthy business person with an incredible mission to make everyone financially strong. He has built several multimillion-dollar businesses. He once shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, and Jack Canfield.

Fred has jumped from dishwasher to CEO of multimillion-dollar businesses throughout his career.

As a kid, Fred left Hong Kong for Canada, where he landed his first job as a dishwasher. He became interested in entrepreneurship in school and began creating websites for online businesses.

His first eCommerce business generated almost $5 million in just four months. He created his ad agency and landed BMW Group Canada as a client, becoming the youngest marketing manager globally. He has made millions of dollars with his online business and is now a leading name.

The founder of ZeroUp, Fred Lam, has helped generate over 20 million in sales. As a media buying guru, he is an authority on getting traffic.

His eCom training academy offers 20 different courses on various aspects of internet marketing. Fred Lam is an incredible mentor and tutor who has helped many people achieve financial freedom through internet marketing.

Fred Lam’s success has been documented in the form of multiple books, video courses, and online video series.

What is Fred Lam’s iPro Academy 2.0 about?

Fred Lam’s iPro Academy 2.0 is a training program that promises to teach you to create a successful online business.

His courses range from dropshipping to eCommerce. Some courses are a few weeks long, while others cover several topics. Certifications are also available.

The founder of this training program, Fred Lam, has a decade of experience in coaching internet marketers. There are also courses in video ads. Fred Lam has an exclusive consulting relationship with Ryan Shin, who created EcomStudio.

Aside from e-books and live workshops, Fred Lam also offers weekly webinars. These webinars allow you to learn from Fred Lam and his coaches.

In addition to teaching you how to optimize your ads, Fred Lam will show you how to use video content to generate traffic.

He also offers live case studies, where he teaches his own $50,000 campaign to show you how to leverage video to attract traffic.

How does iPro Academy 2.0 Work?

Facebook has moved from a social platform to an advertising platform, focusing on business results. Instead of focusing on user engagement, Facebook now treats ads like link clicks.

This is why so many marketers are looking for solutions like iPro Academy 2.0. Meanwhile, Google has decided to focus on display campaigns within your Adwords account.

And Twitter recently switched to an Objective-based campaign model, which will be harder to compete with.

The new algorithm doesn’t include engagement clicks in the CPC calculation, so you can still target your audience based on that.

But if you’re looking for a better ROI, cost-per-install bidding is a better option. After all, you’re trying to increase downloads, not lose customers.

In iPro Academy 2.0, you get access to the Facebook community and a Facebook-exclusive group. You can directly get help from Fred Lam, who will guide you and help you succeed.

In addition to iPro Academy, Fred Lam has a successful track record as an online marketer. He has more than 8000 subscribers on YouTube, several books, and millions of views.

As a result, Fred Lam is an excellent tutor. You won’t find a better tutor anywhere else. And if you’re new to iPro Academy, you’re better off learning from those already in the business.

What You Will Learn Inside iPro Academy 2.0

If you’re new to digital marketing and looking for a comprehensive training course, you may want to learn more about the iPro Academy 2.0.

The iPro Academy 2.0 contains 11 modules covering Facebook ad mastery, Google Adwords advertising, Bing advertising, and penny-click mastery. Fred Lam, a digital marketing expert and founder of the academy, teaches you the best practices for each.

Module 1: Learning the FundamentalsModule 1

Before diving into iPro Academy 2.0’s module on time-work and generating an 8-figure income, ensure you familiarize yourself with its fundamentals. Learning the fundamentals is the most crucial step in your journey.

This online training program is designed to teach you how to create video ads. After learning about the basics of video ads, you can move on to learning how to create and manage your store. Module 2 of iPro Academy covers the nuts and bolts of online business.

The iPro Academy 2.0 provides the tools and knowledge to start an online business and become financially independent. The courses will teach you about internet marketing basics, how to save money, advertising, and three money-saving formulas.

You will learn how to create a profitable website and use social media to promote your business. There are three modules to learn the basics of creating your website.

Module 2: Creating Your Website

iPro Academy 2.0 is an online business training course that teaches you how to earn an income online from a website.

You’ll learn how to promote your website, use Google Adwords, and the three formulas to maximize your advertising budget. You’ll also learn the skills to become a business owner.

Module 3: Understanding the Sales Funnel

Understanding the sales funnel is critical to converting website visitors into customers. You will fail if you don’t know how to create a sales funnel.

Thankfully, several products can help you learn how to build one and keep your leads happy.

In addition to the iPro Academy, Leads Hunter is another product that claims to help beginners close deals faster. Leads Hunter gives you a copy of Fred Lam’s sales deck and other training materials despite the name.

Module 4: Facebook Ad Mastery

If you’re unsure how to start a Facebook ad campaign, this module will help you navigate the many options. Facebook ads have infinite targeting options, so choosing the wrong one can waste the budget.

Fortunately, there are some best practices for maximizing your return on investment. Read on to discover how to use these tips to create the perfect Facebook ad campaign.

Afterward, learn how to maximize the power of the Facebook ad platform and make the most of your ad budget.

First, you need to have a Facebook account and a computer. This will enable you to log in to Facebook and complete the tutorials.

Then, you’ll want to choose an ad copy. Using your ad copy will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. After all, a successful ad will convert to a lead and ultimately a sale.

During this module, you’ll learn how to use Facebook ads to make your online business reach new audiences.

Module 5: Google Adwords Advertising

You’ve probably heard of Google Adwords advertising if you’ve just begun your online marketing journey.

This program allows businesses to bid on relevant keywords to be displayed as display ads on websites in the Google Network. Businesses pay for these ads according to the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model.

First, set up a Google account. Then, set up conversion tracking and find the right audience for your campaign. You can also set your budget and target the right audience.

Once you have the right audience, you can begin creating your ads. You’ll also need to create and optimize them. There are many steps involved in this process. You will learn about ad group errors, ad groups, ad content, etc.

The final part of the course focuses on improving your campaigns. You’ll learn how to optimize your ads and make them more profitable. This is where you can start to take advantage of the platform’s many features.

The course includes several videos that will teach you how to use the various features of Google Ads and optimize your campaigns. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your campaign’s performance, this course is for you.

You have probably heard of Google Adwords and have tried it but did not know what it was all about? It is Google’s online advertising system that drives qualified traffic to businesses. This means that you’ll spend your money on potential customers who’ll be the best fit for your business.

You’ll learn about the importance of location targeting, the 3-lever system, machine learning, and scripts in Google Ads. Thousands of people have already enlisted in this course, and he’s regularly updating it to keep up with the latest developments.

Module 6: Bing AdvertisingBing advertising

This training program teaches search engine marketing basics to help you create successful online advertising campaigns.

You will learn internet marketing terminology, various advertising methods, and the three formulas for saving money.

You’ll also learn how to create a website, which is crucial if you’re hoping to get the most traffic for your business.

Upon completing this course, you can apply the techniques taught in this training to grow your online business and achieve financial independence.

If you’re interested in increasing the ROI of your Bing Ads campaign, there are a few things you should know. You can’t optimize for cost based on keywords alone. The Bing Network has several options, including native ads and Audience Network.

Default settings are designed to get you many impressions but low-quality clicks. Proper Bing Ads setup will increase your quality score, lower your cost per click, and drive instant leads and sales.

The Bing network is vast, and using the platform’s full potential can be expensive. You need to know what you’re doing.

During this module, you’ll learn how to create highly targeted in-text ads. This is an effective advertising method and an excellent way to boost traffic to your website.

Module 7: Penny-Click Mastery

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money with penny-click ads, this course is for you. Rather than incurring a lot of money on advertising, this course will teach you how to get started for free, without the need for technology, inventory, or capital.

You can get cheap clicks on your ads by using in-text advertising, and you can even get bonus training on how to make more money with in-text advertising.

Module 8: Zero up a Business Model

The Zero Up course starts with an introduction to the Zero Up Software. It’s an invaluable tool for tweaking your store’s settings and installing the Zero Up theme.

Then Fred introduces you to inventory arbitrage, also known as dropshipping. Fred will show you how to find suppliers, products, and competitors’ ads. After that, you’ll be well on your way to a successful business.

Module 9: Instagram AdInstagram advertising for iPro Academy

If you are a marketing or communication expert, you can benefit from OSM’s Facebook and Instagram Ads Training.

Lauren Sengele, Senior Ads Manager at OSM, has over eight years of experience in digital marketing and social media advertising in the B2B, B2C, and government sectors.

Her course is a must-attend for anyone looking to get ahead in their career. Learn how to create, test, and analyze ads with Facebook and Instagram.

During the first module, you’ll learn about the importance of a call-to-action button in your Instagram ad and the URL to your website or app.

You’ll also learn about the Facebook Pixel and how to connect it with your website or app to track conversions.

After this module, you’ll be well-equipped to design and confirm your Instagram ad. You’ll also learn how to create compelling headlines that get clicked.

Module 10: Email Traffic Master

When using an email marketing service, you must know the different email types. This module breaks down the different types of emails, including newsletters, transactional emails, and onboarding emails.

The module also explains the science behind subject lines and images. Email copy is crucial for tracking data and revising your strategy. Moreover, it covers various tips and tricks to increase open rates and improve the ROI of your emails.

A frustrating thing about email marketing is tracking and optimizing it. There are many factors to consider, such as content and subject lines, which can affect the success of an email marketing campaign. Email Traffic Master simplifies this process by providing comprehensive training.

Module 11: Gmail Sponsor Ads

When you’re looking for new ways to target and display your ads, you may be tempted to try Google Adwords’ sponsored placements.

This service, however, comes with a price tag. While there’s a limited amount of competition in the managed placement space, the results can be spectacular if you find the right balance between creativity and targeting.

iPro Academy 2.0 Pricing

The iPro Academy 2.0 program costs $1,997. The cost doesn’t include the extra expenses you’ll need to incur to earn money.

It can be costly for most newbies. You can also purchase iPro Academy 2.0 for 4 payments of $597, which you’ll have to pay monthly over 4 months.


iPro Academy 2.0 has an 8-week coaching masterclass with Fred Lam to teach you how to use Bing Ads. You can choose either payment option depending on your budget. However, plan on spending a little more to get the most out of this marketing tool.

You will learn to create a website, a crucial step in achieving financial independence. You’ll also learn to use various SEO strategies to boost your website’s ranking and increase traffic.

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