Is Astra Pro Worth the Money?

If you are looking to create a WooCommerce website or a blog that loads super fast, thenIs Astra Pro worth the Money?

look no further. Astra Pro has it all, it’s designed with an extensive integration system to make your life easy. Is Astra Pro worth the money? You bet!

This WordPress theme is lightweight, SEO-friendly, and lightning-fast. There is a whole stable of WooCommerce plugins and you can even start for free and upgrade for even more features.

You can also import over 180 websites from the free website library. If you are serious about getting your website looking amazing and fast this theme is for you.

Is Astra Pro Worth the Money?

Yes, it is if you are looking for features that will help you build your business fast:

  1.  Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  2. 180 Free Website designs to choose from
  3. A Variety of Headers to impress
  4. A loading speed of around 1 second
  5. Cost: Free, $59 per year, or $699 for a lifetime subscription to Growth Bundle
  6. You can use it on unlimited websites
  7. Designed to be Super SEO Friendly

Choose a multi-purpose WordPress theme

Why is this important?

If you’re a web designer and build a lot of websites for clients, it is easier to edit and customize Astra than working with a pre-built theme.

The Astra theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that ranks well above other themes. All the settings of the theme are within the customizer itself and it works great with all major page builders.

About Astra

Brainstorm Force, who also developed other popular WordPress plugins such as Convert Pro and Schema Pro in 2017, launched the Astra theme.

Astra is a popular WordPress theme that has over 1,000,000 active installations and more than 4800 5-star WordPress ratings.

Astra Theme Features

These are just a few of the amazing features that WP Astra theme offers.

  • Unlimited website usage
  • White label
  • Advanced header builder
  • Advanced blog layouts
  • Sticky header
  • Speed optimization with CSS file generation
  • Sidebar designing styles
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Advance footer builder
  • Hooks and custom layouts
  • Typography with advanced features
  • Options for advanced colors
  • WooCommerce controls
  • Native AMP support
  • Premium support 24/7 and many other benefits

How Fast Does the Astra Theme Move?

You can receive an A grade on GTmetrix and up to 98% performance. Even if you use large-sized images on most sub-domains, the page loads in 1 second.

Verdict: The Astra theme is extremely fast. A lightweight WordPress theme such as Astra is essential if you want to increase your WordPress speed and page load times.

Top Reasons to Choose Astra WordPress Theme

Why should you install Astra for WordPress? What are the Astra Theme benefits? Let’s find the answers.

1. You can use it on multiple sites

The most amazing thing about the Astra theme is that you can use it on many websites. It offers an “ever-free” version that offers great customizations and features.

Astra’s free version allows you to create WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

2. One of the fastest WordPress themesIs Astra Pro worth the money?

Astra is, without a doubt, one of the most popular WordPress themes. Page speed is a key ranking factor in search engines such as Google. Both Astra Pro and Astra Free are built for speed.

Did you know that Astra websites require less than 50KB in comparison to the standard resources (100KB) that other WordPress themes require?

The theme prevents jQuery from rendering blocked using Vanilla JavaScript. The theme is well-coded. Astra is the best choice if you are looking for a fast WordPress theme.

3. Astra Starter Sites

Astra provides you with access to more than 180 pre-made websites that you can import for free. You can use these websites in major page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, and Builder.

These ready-to-import websites are all optimized for speed and conversions.

 4. Customization

Astra allows you to personalize every aspect of your website. You can customize everything, from layout options to fonts and colors to background images to fonts.

It allows you to customize any type of WordPress or WooCommerce website, no matter what platform you are using. Also, you can:

  • Display options for the page title and breadcrumb.
  • Update short description, title, product category, price, etc.
  • Hover options to view product images.
  • Add mini cart to the site’s header.
  • You have several options when it comes to the typography of each product page.
  • You can also change the base color, product catalog cog, or individual product colors.

5. Get free plugins to extend Astra

You can extend Astra by downloading free plugins from the Astra Options page. You’ll find 12 free plugins to help you unlock the full power and potential of Astra.

Below are the 12 plugins that you get for free:

  • Ultimate Add-ons to Gutenberg
  • Custom Fonts
  • Typekit Fonts Customized
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Astra Bulk Edit
  • Customizer Reset
  • Astra Hooks
  • The Unlist Posts & pages plugin – it allows you to hide certain pages from search engines
  • Customizer Search
  • Banner Home Page for Astra Theme
  • The Templator plugin – it allows you to save all your pages and templates in the cloud so that you can export them on any website
  • The Astra Theme Visual Hooks plugin – allows you to insert JavaScript shortcodes and content easily.

6. SEO-friendly WordPress theme

All of us want more search traffic. This is vital to any website or online business.

Search traffic is the only way to get visitors to your site. Although you can drive traffic to your website using paid ads on Google or Bing, it is expensive. SEO is free and converts well, so it’s best to concentrate on SEO.

Astra is a great theme for WordPress websites that can be optimized for SEO.

It employs the highest quality code standards to ensure your site is fast.

Astra is also equipped with schema markups, making it one of the most popular WordPress themes.

 7. White Label FeatureAstra pro white label plicy

White Label is not an option in most WordPress themes, even premium themes. It lets you rebrand Astra WordPress themes as your own products.

This feature can be used to hide the WordPress theme that you use for your websites, whether you are a web designer or a member of a design agency. You can also brand your website with your name or that of your agency.

The white-label option is available only to Astra Pro users.

8. Integration with Page Builders

One of the best things about choosing the Astra theme for your page is its integration with nearly every page builder, including Gutenberg, Beaver, and Elementor.

Astra was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the following page builders.

Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Library: This is the most powerful Gutenberg block library, which is also free. It allows you to customize your site with the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

It integrates seamlessly with Astra themes. You can add buttons, price lists, social share buttons, testimonials, and more without having to code.

Beaver Builder Ultimate Add-ons: This one is for you if you use Beaver builder. It gives you access to more than 60 modules such as Row Separator, Modal Popup and Advanced Posts Grid.

Astra also offers over 40 fully functional demo websites that you can use to quickly build any type of website.

Ultimate Add-ons to Elementor: This plugin is essential if you already use the Elementor page builder. It’s also the most widely used Elementor Add-on that offers tons of Elementor themes, widgets, and templates.

You also have access to over 100 templates and a variety of design options to create any website.

9. Integration with WooCommerce

Do you run an online shop using WooCommerce? Are you looking for a WordPress theme that is conversion-optimized? Astra is the right choice.

Astra provides WooCommerce Add-on access that allows you to design and style your WooCommerce store.

These are just a few of the features that you will find in the WooCommerce Add-on.

  • Infinite scroll
  • Off-canvas sidebar
  • Dropdown cart
  • Catalog

You can check out these options and many others

10. Astra DocumentationAstra Pro documentation

It doesn’t matter which theme you choose, it is important that the theme offers extensive documentation. Astra has a lot of documentation.

There are many resources about Astra, from troubleshooting to starter templates to installation. YouTube has a lot of tutorials for Astra.

Is Astra Pro Worth It?

Though Astra’s free version is simply amazing, the Pro version offers even more features that allow you to create beautiful websites quickly.

Astra Pro has 18 amazing modules. The “Colors & Background” module lets you change the colors of any part of your website, including the header, footer, content, and sidebar.

Astra Pro’s Typography module allows you to quickly modify your fonts.

You can set your spacing for padding and margins with the Spacing module

Blog Pro allows you to customize your blog and archive pages with the ability to display an author bio and load a previous post under the current one.

You can save custom layouts to your website’s header, footer and 404 pages using the Custom Layouts module.

Site Layouts allows you to quickly manage the overall layout of your website. You can apply this module to your outer wrapper.

If you are creating long-form content, the “Scroll to Top” module allows you to add a scroll button to the bottom left or right of your page.

Footer Widgets allow you to customize the footer area of your website in any way you like.

If you sell physical or digital products through your website, Integration Modules for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads will be available.

Is the Astra Pro really worth it? You bet.

Astra Pro plans include a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the theme or features of Astra Pro plans, you will get a full refund.

Astra WordPress Theme PricesAstra Pro Prices

How much does Astra cost you? Astra has both free and paid versions. Download the free version from

Astra Pro is the best option to unlock all of Astra’s powerful features. These are the 3 premium plans that it offers.

1. Pro Plan: For $59 per annum, this plan gives you access to hundreds of customization options. You can also use this plan on multiple sites.

2. Essential Bundle: For $169 per annum, you can access all features from Astra Pro as well as 180+ premium templates and the WP Portfolio plugin.

3. Growth Bundle: For $249 per annum, this plan gives you a complete suite of tools for building powerful websites. This bundle includes:

  • Everything in the Essential Bundle
  • Convert Pro Plugin
  • Schema Pro Plugin
  • Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder
  • Ultimate Add-ons to Elementor
  • SkillJet Academy Membership

If you wish to have lifetime access to any of the above packages, this is the one-time fee.

  • Astra Pro costs you a one-time fee of $249.
  • The Essential Bundle lifetime plan is $499 (one-time fee).
  • The Growth Bundle lifetime plan is $699 (one-time fee).

All Astra Pro plans include a 14-day guarantee and you have the option to install the Astra theme anywhere.

How do I install Astra Theme in WordPress?

Astra is a free WordPress theme. You can get more features with the Astra Pro version.

Alternatively, you can log in to your WordPress Dashboard. Click the Appearance button, select Themes, and then click Add New.

To install “Astra”, search for it and click the “Install” button.

This is it. You’re done. Now you can customize everything, from widgets to menus, to the header and footer, to name a few.

The Pros and Cons of Astra


  • It is a fast WordPress theme.
  • Astra works with most major page builders, including Beaver, Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver.
  • You’ll have access to more than 800 pre-made templates for your website
  • Astra Pro pricing packages start at $59 per annum
  • It is mobile-responsive and SEO friendly
  • You can also download a theme for free, which is enough for most WordPress beginners.


  • Astra theme is a complex theme that requires a lot of learning for beginners.
  • The lifetime plans of Astra are expensive

What is Astra Theme Support like?

When you use the free version, you’ll have access to the forum for support.

You can see that the forum support is free and you will get frequent responses from other Astra theme users.

You’ll also get premium support in form of tickets when you purchase a premium Astra theme.


You can use their vast knowledge base to find useful articles about Astra.

Simply enter the keyword you are looking for and they will show you all relevant articles. Take a look.

Every business on the world web needs a theme for their website and Brainstorm Force as nailed it with Astra. If you are brand new you will love the ease and speed of their themes.

Thanks for visiting today to do your research, if you still have any questions feel free to comment and I will be happy to respond with an answer.

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  1. Hey Lily, thanks for this review on Astra Pro, it was helpful to me as I run an affilate blog and am always looking for ways of improving my site. Currently I’m using the Generate Press theme. I have learned that it’s simply the fastest, safest and easiest theme to get started with. Do you know how Astra Pro compares to Generate Press?

    • Well, I was originally a Generate Press theme user but I eventually found that it was slowing my website loading times down and switched over to Astra. Personally, I find Astra easier to customize.

  2. Thank you for turning me onto Astra Pro. Before your article I found I have never heard of it before but I am always looking for ways to make my websites faster and leaner and it would seem Astra Pro is for me! I also love that it can be used for multiple websites as I currently run three sites and would love for them all to be run through Astra Pro. Thanks again I will definitely be looking into it!

    • Hi Daniel, that is great news. I was surprised when I first heard about Astra, I wondered where it had been hiding. A friend put me on to it and the rest is history. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for this post. I have never heard of the Astra Pro theme before. Love that it loads so quickly and that it’s SEO friendly, which is so important if you want to get your content ranked high. Seems like it would be best for those who already have some experience with building a website verses a newbie just starting out with no tech experience. I’ll definitely keep it in mind as my website grows. 

    • Hi Alicia, it’s actually the opposite as it is so friendly that even a newbie can install it in 3 seconds and it will help you keep you website loading super fast, which is a problem for so many new people.

  4. I actually have one question, do you pay for the theme? I currently use WordPress for all my writing. I am happy with the theme I have right now but I might want to change things up in the near future. Do you think it would be wise to go with this theme? 

    • Hi Daniel, Astra basic is a free theme from WordPress. If you are happy with your current theme then stay with it but Astra is a great choice if you are having trouble with the loading speed of your website.


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