Is FunnelJoy Legit or a Scam?

Cindy Donovan created FunnelJoy, a cloud-based platform that is extremely fast and reliable. So, you can drag and drop yourIs FunnelJoy legit or a scam? pages and make edits in real-time.

FunnelJoy makes it easy to create stunning funnels using DFY templates and high-converting marketing funnels. That’s right! It’s easy to use, and you can launch high-converting profit-pulling campaigns by simply dragging and dropping block-based web pages editor.

Why Should You Get FunnelJoy?

Ask any Internet Marketer who is successful and they will tell you: To make money online you need to have somewhere to send people.

  • To build your list, a lead/subscription capture page or pop up in your autoresponder
  • Sell your products and services, and a sales letter
  • To create a bonus or review page for affiliate products

It’s more than just those pages. Profit maximizers are essential if you want to be truly successful. There are more pages…

  • Confirmation pages
  • Download pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Downsell Pages
  • Welcome Pages

You want them to look great, be fast loading, and be created quickly. FunnelJoy has many features that will help you solve this problem. Also, maximize your profits on everything.

It’s easy to go from a novice marketer to a top-ranking one. Hence, you need a system that will allow you to make a huge amount of sales, leads, and commissions online.

You can have entire sales funnels that make six figures or just the pieces you need to create a lead capture funnel. Even better, you can set up any funnel you want and have it live in no time.

How do I make money online

FunnelJoy Features

You can create any page you like using the templates. Then, watch it come to life instantly without having to code a line.

Let’s look at the next feature in FunnelJoy.

You can quickly create custom funnels for higher profits.

FunnelJoy makes it easy to create comprehensive marketing campaigns and automated marketing funnels that will help you sell your products and/or services immediately. Thus, it can make even the most complicated, multi-layered campaigns a breeze.

You can also see the changes happening in real-time so you can pinpoint the right look for your campaign pages.

FunnelJoy is a powerful campaign and funnel builder that you can combine with professionally designed, high-converting templates to make your business and profits explode.

There are reasons you must get instant access to FunnelJoy.

  • No additional cost or upgrading is required for Agency License.
  • This license allows you to sell web pages and complete funnels for your clients for a fee, too easy.

Top marketers have proven these strategies to be highly effective and they will help you get the most out of FunnelJoy. These include a PDF that breaks down each step, Mind maps, Blueprints, and Case Studies based on the results of other FunnelJoy members… and much more.

Funnels for Webinars, Lead Generation & SalesFunnelJoy for Sales

It doesn’t matter which task you do first. Whether you build funnels for webinars, lead generation pages, or product launches… FunnelJoy makes it easy to create stunning marketing pages that convert in just a few clicks.

You can choose from many beautiful, high-converting templates and pre-made blocks. These components include text, image countdown timers, and opt-in forms. You can easily change backgrounds, colors, layouts, as well as copy, with just a few clicks.

When you are done, one click will launch your page with FunnelJoy’s integrated hosting.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

Mobile-friendly page builders are available. Therefore, you can build these pages using the locked block sections. FunnelJoy’s 100% cloud-based nature is a major advantage.

Access it from anywhere and instantly create, modify, and run campaigns. You can access the pages on your Smartphone or tablet with the same page load speed and quality. Later you may want to adapt the pages to any screen size.

This is a great feature because most of your customers will be able to access your page from their phones to view your products and services.

Make money while you are still working

It Supports Both Physical and Digital Products

  • Sell Unlimited Products.

Create as many products digital or physical as you want. FunnelJoy doesn’t limit you to only selling digital products. It makes it easy to create a sales page for your next eCom store.

You can add images and descriptions. It is also simple to use the drag-and-drop feature.

Save thousands of dollars by getting access to FunnelJoy now. To sell physical and digital products, you don’t need to invest in multiple platforms or tools.

  • In-Built Autoresponder Integration

FunnelJoy has an integrated email support system. It allows you to provide support to your customers, right from the dashboard. It doesn’t take long to export your customer list into an autoresponder, and then send those emails.

FunnelJoy integrates everything for you. You can access your customer list and send individual emails to your customers or bulk emails with promotions and offers that you would want to run.

  • One-click upsells

A customer who has just purchased from you is the easiest customer to sell to again. You can add a 1-click upsell at your checkouts. It’s simple. Then offer a second, better offer to customers who have just clicked the “submit order” button for your product or service.

You can immediately place someone who has purchased from you with just one click in an automated post-sales marketing sequence using FunnelJoy. This will allow you to offer additional products that will be of benefit to them.

To help customers get more from their initial purchase, top marketers use multiple upsells in a funnel.


FunnelJoy is, without a doubt, the best funnel and web page builder… here’s how:

It used to be expensive, but it is now affordable for those who really need it. We non-tekkie marketers can now make what used to be a difficult job simple.

Cost Breakdown

There are three tiers depending on how many users need the tool from the same business.

  • Pro – 1 User – $29 a month or $264 Yearly ($22 a month)
  • Work – 5 Users – $59 a month or $660 Yearly ($55 a month)
  • Agency – 10 Users – $99 a month or $960 Yearly ($80 a month)

FunnelJoy will level the playing field so anyone who wants to grow or scale up their business and takes action to make it happen can compete with the Big Boys.

You can create pages instantly, so you can drag/drop or edit them.

Integrations are simple and seamless. You can add your own webinar connection or autoresponder. Order integrations with sales platforms are also easy.

When you are ready to go live, click on the publish button and it will be ready! Don’t wait!

Ready to start today

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10 thoughts on “Is FunnelJoy Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I never knew you can sell websites and also make you websites more of an success. the pricing is cheap and it’s for beginners. Pro is $29 a month, work is $59 a month, Agency is $99 a month. This is great if you are a affiliate marketer and wanna make more.

  2. The first thing that surprised me is how much we get for this affordable price tag. $29 is just a few visits to Starbucks. And I have been trying to figure out how to work my way with an auto responder. I know how important they are for our business. And having FunnelJoy lend us a hand with this is awesome.

  3. FunnelJoy looks like something that I will need in the future. I am still getting my website organized and posts written to give it some more body. Eventually, I will definitely need something to help me make an email list, lead capture, and the ability to upsell, and other aspects that FunnelJoy can give. I will definitely keep this in mind for the future.

  4. Thank you for this post! I found all the information to be super informative, as well as unbiased, and meant to give honest help and encouragement for those seeking help with funnels and web page building. What is your personal experience with FunnelJoy like? After reading your post I’m considering giving it a shot to see if it could help with my own Website design and building. 

    I found this post super helpful, thank you again!

  5. I really like the information you’ve provided about FunnelJoy. I’ve been working a long time to produce my own product and I’m about ready to “go live”. A funnel builder like FunnelJoy is exactly what I’ve been looking for to take the next step. Do you know if it integrates with WordPress or gets loaded to a blank domain?


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