Is Write to 1K Course Worth the Money?

This post will discuss Write to 1K and whether or not it is right for you. It also explainsWrite to 1K Course

how it can transform your freelance writing career and your life! Imagine a situation where you had to make emergency funds immediately!

What would it take to do it? It is the question I asked myself some time back but didn’t know the answer to.

For $165 for a lifetime membership, you can learn how to find clients, pitch to them, and build a successful career. Elna Cain offers a 30-day refund policy too.

There are many ways to make quick money, but none of them had the potential to give me cash right away. Freelance writing was a way for me to make my own money.

It would give me the ability to:

  • Work anywhere, anytime.
  • Make my own schedule
  • Set my own rates

Who is Elna Cain? And Why Should I Pay Attention to Her?

Elna Cain, a freelance writer, and blogger is a stay-at-home mommy to twins! It’s tiring just typing it out. Elna was able to replace her full-time salary after just six months of freelance writing.

Elna offers strategies for building your writing skills into a stream of income, but you will not make millions in the next week.

Many people are willing to sell items on the web, and it can be challenging to distinguish the genuine from the fake. You’ll be able to tell the difference quickly if you visit Elna’s website.

Elna has written for such famous brands as Walmart, blogging Wizard, and OptinMonster. As a graduate of the University of British Columbia, she is well placed to teach you how to find clients, pitch, and write compelling material.

What was her next move? You’ve guessed it. She ran for the hills! We are lucky that she didn’t keep her secrets of success a secret. She created Write Your Way to Your First $1K to teach others how to do the same thing she did and change their lives.

Elna Cain, a successful freelance writer, shares her knowledge in Write to 1k. This online course gives aspiring freelancers the tools they need to create their portfolios, brand, and succeed.

Write to 1K Course does not teach you how to create. While you don’t need to be an expert writer to make money from freelance writing, it is essential to know the basics.

Let’s begin by saying that Write to $1K is not for:

  • People who lack self-discipline and motivation to work independently
  • For those looking to make quick money online, there is no automated method.

Write to 1K would serve those who are just starting in writing.

What is Write to $1K? claims that you can become a highly-paid writer in just weeks if you follow the lessons. You’ll find a lot of online training programs that promise you substantial income if you do your research.

Elna Cain created Write to $1K, a step-by-step writing course for anyone interested in becoming a freelance writer.

Bloggers and writers have the opportunity to earn a full-time online income. More people are getting on board with the work-from-home trend.

Here’s my opinion:

The Write To $1K course is for freelance writers who get paid well for regular work. As long as they have a strong work ethic and a writing style, this course will help.

It’s amazing how satisfying it is to find a legitimate writing course finally. It’s refreshing to see the real deal after reviewing so many training programs that turn out to be complete garbage.

If you are serious about earning as a freelancer from home, I highly recommend Write to $1K.

Are you still not convinced?Write to 1K Course

1. There are many real success stories

These individuals have thousands or hundreds of followers on Twitter and have been there for a while. These testimonials are trustworthy,

There have been many scams involving work at home that I have seen with fake testimonials, bogus income, and success stories.

Because of the success stories of real people achieving actual results, I believe the Write To $1K training is solid.

It means that if people like these are getting results, it’s legitimate, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t follow their lead and do the same.

2. Writing can make you money

I am trying to convey that Write To $1K teaches you a business model that works and can make you money in the long- and short-term.

It is a simple step-by-step guide that I believe can help you find a new online job if you work hard and apply consistently.

Online business owners and bloggers use for content outsourcing and finding reliable freelance writers.

You’ll be highly sought after if you work hard, adhere to deadlines, and have a solid reputation. And the demand is growing.

You’re learning from Elna what works. How could you fail to be successful with the Write to $1K Training and the community of freelancing writers?

It makes no extravagant claims or promises of a push-button system that will make you rich or magical software that will take you to the top.

Why not subscribe to these sites and start your own business? You can, if you wish. But there are two routes to becoming a freelance writer. You can either do it yourself or follow a proven path.

3. Elna Cain is A REAL Person

It’s just better to learn from someone who has done it before. Elna Cain is a freelance writer and runs two trendy blogs. You can find them at or

She also has been published in The Huffington Post and The Blogging Wizard. I’m impressed by Write to $1K!

Not only does she have a converting blog portfolio, but she also knows what she is talking about since she has been through the process of becoming a freelance writer. She is the real deal.

Learn how to become an independent full-time freelance writer

Write To $1K is a course that I recommend. It has helped many people become writers. You won’t regret it, I promise. You can also start your blog and learn how you can make money like Elna.

While you won’t become a millionaire overnight, this can be an excellent way for you to work from home and do something that you enjoy.

You can build an online income stream right from your home. It’s evident that freelance writing is hard work and requires you to put in the effort. Although you have the guidelines, it is up to you to take action and make your dreams come true.

You will have to find clients and they will tell you what they want, and you will set a delivery date. From here you will need to work out when you will write it to meet the deadline (never, ever be late.) Over time you will build a reputation for quality work, delivered on time.

You should build a website to showcase your talent. I can help you create one in 30 seconds for free and you can learn all the tips and tricks to build a strong online business.

Build a website to grow with Write to 1K course

What Will You Learn in Write to 1K Course?

The comprehensive course Write to $1K consists of seven modules and 54 lessons, plus some incredible bonuses. The lessons use a simple video format.

Let’s have a look at the contents. Here’s a quick summary of what you will learn:

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

This module will help you get into the freelance writer mindset. These are foundational steps, such as identifying a niche or subject area and setting goals. A solid foundation is Key to building a successful freelance writing business or side hustle.

It will focus on how to transition from being an employee to becoming a freelancer.

Module 2: Building Your Writer Platform

This module is all about your online presence, including your website and social media channels. If you just need website guidance, Elna offers another course, Writer Website in a Weekend.

Module 3: Building Your Portfolio

The portfolio contains all the examples you need to prove that you are legitimate. This module will teach you how to make and present a portfolio that showcases your talents most professionally.

A portfolio is essential before you can approach potential clients. This module will teach you how to make an excellent first impression and present your best self.

Module 4: Finding writing clients

You can’t make money freelance writing if there aren’t any clients. You don’t want to find just any client. Clients who understand your value and have budgets that reflect it are essential! These are the clients Elna will teach you how to nail.

We’re now moving on to making money! Module 4 has a lot to offer. You will learn how to attract the clients that make you happy – clients who provide a steady workflow and are willing to pay what you are worth.

Module 5: Your pitch

Elna gives examples of pitches that have been successful. You can copy her pitch and use it as a template for your pitches!

You now know what kind of clients you want. It’s time for you to get them! Elna’s remarkable success rate in securing clients is 75%, and she will show you how to do it.

Module 6: Your First 1K USD

Elna designed a module to help you understand the technical and structural aspects of creating articles that are of high value.

This module focuses on the meat of the course: how to write engaging, structured articles. She talks about creating an outline structure that you can use when writing. It is a great time-saver.

Module 7: Your Freelance Business

You must know how to manage clients and money. This module covers basic housekeeping tasks for the self-employed, such as invoicing, taxes, and efficient systems that simplify life.

You’re now a freelance writer. With a steady client list and steady work, you are officially up and running.

Archive of Elna’s Successful Pitches

I believe in “see it to believe it,” especially when it involves the Internet. Elna provides real-life examples and screenshots. Through this course, I felt confident that I had made the right choice in following her advice.

Additionally, pitching is a skill that I have a lot of experience with. Elna has a vast archive of successful pitches.

Access for lifeLifetime membership

This course package includes seven free bonuses! You don’t have to pay for each of these bonuses separately. Instead, you can get seven bonus items as part of the Write To 1K bundle.

It is available to me for life. I can go back and refresh my knowledge whenever I like. All updates are included!

You can use the bonuses to help you choose a profitable niche or track your spending and budget for your new freelance writing business.

Private Facebook Group

It is Elna’s exclusive hangout, where Elna and all those who have taken her course can share ideas and get personalized advice from her if they feel stuck.

You will have questions no matter how thorough the training is. That is where the Write To $1K community comes in.

Ask questions, get answers, exchange ideas, and share your progress in the private members-only group and feel supported on your writing journey.

Write to 1K Course Pricing Plans

How much does it all cost? There are two options.

You can either pay $165 for a lifetime or three payments of $65 to $195 in total. There are no hidden or monthly charges.

It is a fair price, I must say. While some courses can be expensive up to $1,000 or $10,000, the $165 and $195 options are very affordable.

Elna offers a 30-day refund policy if you are not completely satisfied.

What I didn’t love so much.

There’s not much I didn’t love about Write to 1K.

The biggest problem is that there would have been more videos than text. However, Elna is continually updating the course, so there are now more video lessons than ever before.


  • High-value bonuses
  • Blueprint for freelance writers to make money
  • Access to future updates for life
  • Extremely affordable


  • It is not the best option for freelance writers who are already highly successful.
  • It doesn’t teach how to write

How can you compete with others fighting for the bottom and accepting only 2 cents per word?

As a freelance writer, you know how frustrating and overwhelming that feeling can be. That is why Elna Cain’s freelance course was so exciting to many.

Who is this course intended for?

  • If you are a skilled writer and have a good command of English.
  • Writing is something you enjoy doing.

Strong work ethics are essential. You must have the drive to do the work and not be told when to produce as an employee.

This course is ideal for the complete freelance newbie who doesn’t know where to begin or has trouble finding clients. It doesn’t teach you how to write content. It basically teaches you how to build a freelance writing company.

Here is a link to my post on how to write content that Google loves and ranks quickly.

Final Notes

Write to 1k includes videos, printable worksheets, tracking forms, and other resources for further study. You can find it on the Teachable app, which is a highly easy-to-navigate platform.

I do not recommend this course to writers who are seeking advanced writing courses. For those who are still struggling to earn a steady income, this is the best course on how to win clients and prove yourself as a freelance writer.

Let me know how you go on trying out the Write to 1K course as it is very popular.

Please leave me a comment and share this post with your friends.

Warm Regards,


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8 thoughts on “Is Write to 1K Course Worth the Money?”

  1. I like how affordable it is. And I enjoy writing, so I don’t feel I need to learn how to write. But I am clueless about how the freelance market works. So, having clear guidance about how to pitch to clients or find customers is valuable. And this course would pay off once we start freelancing. Thanks for your review on Write to 1k.

    • Hi Paolo, yes it isn’t a how-to-write course but a how-to become a freelance copywriter course which is important to understand. If you can already write well but need to know how to find clients, set prices, and do the actual work then this is great value from someone in the trenches.

  2. Hi Lily, Freelance writing is not easy. In freelance writing you’re not going to become a millionaire overnight but it can be a great way to start working from home doing something you love.

    In this course you will learn WordPress website/blogging side of things including writing with intent and great sales copy. Write To $1K course is more about launching a freelancing career.

    I think, there are so many avenues you can take with this, you can create your own blog around any specific interests you have. Learn how to get them ranked in Google and monetise through either affiliate marketing, ads or selling your own books, products, services and courses online.

    • She certainly shows you all the ropes to become a freelance copywriter and make a living from it from home. It can be highly lucrative if you enjoy writing and just need some information to know where to start. An excellent course.

  3. Hi Lily, 

    I appreciate the effort you have put into creating this review about the write to 1k course. It is actually a course that seems rewarding for writers. However, I am a skilled writer and have quite some experience with online and freelance writing. I have seen that you have said the course is not good for people like me. I think I will have to pass it and keep doing what I have been doing as a writer. Hopefully, someone can create a similar course in the near future for slightly advanced writers to offer advanced tips and techniques to become better writers and make more money.

    • Yes, it’s a great course Dave but very specific to becoming a freelance copywriter and all that entails. It’s a good course if you need to learn how to get clients and meet their needs. It sounds like you have writing skills already and just need some extra tips to build on them.

  4. Can you make good money with this? I am always looking for ways to make money from home so if this is one of them then I will definitely join. Is there a monthly fee I have to pay or is it a once-off payment? I also know a lot of individuals that are looking for ways to make money so I will recommend it to them. 

    • Writing for other people as a freelance copywriter and this lady really knows how to do it. Well worth you investing some money for her course. She teaches you how to find clients and give them a quality product so that they keep coming back. You won’t learn how to write with her, just structure and selling. You can definitely make money with this, if you are a good writer and can work with people. You can pay as a lump sum or in installments.


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