Kinsta Review 2022 – Does it perform?

Kinsta’s main distinction is that it only offers WordPress hosting setups. It doesn’t run other types of scripts on its servers, soKinsta review, does it perform you can focus your attention on how the site will function first and foremost.

It’s the best option if you’re looking to set up a website with popular plugins like WooCommerce or WP Rocket.

This WordPress-only nature provides the benefit of being stable and the disadvantage of limiting you to a curated platform.

In the following sections, I’ll go over the key features that Kinsta offers, show you how user-friendly it is and for what price, and at the end of this guide, I’ll tell you which industry can benefit most from Kinsta hosting.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress host that was established in 2013.

A couple of things to disclose about this:

Kinsta hosts WordPress-only websites on its servers and is an excellent option for those interested in managing WordPress sites.

Managed hosting companies can help you avoid the hassle and expense of creating your site, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Performance and Pricing

Kinsta has quite a few different plans and billing options – most of which fall in the $13.99 – $24.99 per month range and don’t come with any hidden fees.

With this platform, WordPress is at its best. You can create your website on its hosting platform and build up your brand in minutes. The host features are unmatched for working WordPress sites, and the pricing is a fraction of what it would be with other web hosting services.

If you plan to have a website with more dedicated traffic, like 60,000 visits per month, Kinsta has very affordable plans that allow this. Or if you need additional resources, like servers and disk space for all occasions, there’s also a package for your needs.

Some of its main competitors in the hosting industry may limit their options when it comes to features that are included with a plan or customer support options.

Kinsta is another rare hosting company that doesn’t raise its prices on renewal.

Competitive Pricing

Before reaching the initial contract period, SiteGround offers a significant discount over its competitors. Getting started with the company for only $4.99 a month, you can enjoy great features and expert support for less than most other companies.

One of the most vital parts of Kinsta’s pricing model is straightforward, well-explained options for new websites and monthly plans for established businesses. In terms of budget, it is not as affordable as new businesses might need, but if you prefer to save money elsewhere in your business, it may be a good option for you.

Kinsta pays for server space with Google Cloud & installs its own managed WordPress stack on top of it. This provides low-cost hosting to everyone.

WordPress offers an array of data centers that are physically located worldwide. There is no limit to how many you can choose from, with Google being Google. It’s easy to find a location close to your target market.

What are its Features?What are Kinsta features. splash

Now, let’s talk about the features you get for your money.

First, Kinsta understands that people who move from another host have a good reason for it. Then secondly, the story is pretty simple; users get annoyed with some shortfalls of their current host and decide to switch to something better.

Kinsta makes it easy to move your website over to its hosting with a set number of premium migrations included in every account. There is a tier based on your plan, so you can decide which one will best fit you.

After filling out a form in your dashboard, your site will be transferred with no downtime. But first, its engineers will make sure that everything is safe before doing the actual migration.

Then, you’ll gain access to unlimited basic migrations – across all plans.

Here are some of the additional features you’ll enjoy:

Automated self-healing technology – Kinsta monitors its servers every minute and makes sure they’re optimized to provide fantastic performance without disruption.

Hack and malware removal – WordPress is very popular and boasts some of the highest search engine rankings in the world. But, it’s also a platform that can be regularly attacked. It offers 24/7 monitoring, which allows you to safeguard your sites altogether.

Multi-user environment – This feature is excellent if a team is responsible for maintaining the website. It creates different user accounts that you can assign with specific tasks.

Staging area – This means that you don’t need to worry about what’s working and what’s not when testing out new features or plugins on your main website. Of course, the staging site is still a copy of your website, and you can use it for future edits – such as those made in updates to any plugins you may have installed. Rolling out a staging site is easy with a few clicks.

It offers free SSL certificates, PHP 8 support, and SSH access.

Free CDN hookup – Content Delivery Networks are the way to go if you want your website’s speed to improve significantly. It gives you different bandwidth options.

Integrated caching – If you host with them, Kinsta has its caching plugin that offers excellent performance. This means you won’t have to search for the perfect caching plugin and waste time on experimentation.

Automatic database optimization – If your WordPress website gets too big or starts to collect a lot of spam comments, you need some help. With this platform, you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do it yourself.

How User-Friendly is Kinsta?

When working on this review, I learned how easy it is to get started with Kinsta hosting.

After you’re done with all your standard signup procedures, you will access the main Kinsta dashboard.

You’ll love how you can easily install WordPress on your new server – with Stats and Parameters! First, you’ll find some exciting stats & parameters about your website. For starters, let’s focus on installing WordPress.

Kinsta provides three different ways to add a website. The first option is via the primary sidebar and includes adding a single site, creating a new subdomain, or creating an account with FTP Storage. The second option creates an entirely new site, while the third option allows you to move any URL of your choice to Kinsta.

Installing WordPress on KinstaInstall WordPress with Kinsta

Installing WordPress is a straightforward process. It can take about 15 minutes for someone who knows what they’re doing, and there are detailed instructions and even tutorials at your disposal to help you through the process.

Here’s the good thing about using Kinsta – you don’t have to worry about some other details that would distract you.

You only have to submit a site name; select the data center location, enter the title of your website, and create the username & password. Kinsta will suggest some plugins that might be important for your business (for example, WooCommerce).

When you submit the form, Kinsta will set up your site immediately.

After completing the migration, your new site will be live in your account dashboard.


  • Team members can help you if you run into any issues with your site. They also provide customer support in a few different languages.
  • Kinsta is an undeniably brilliant choice for WordPress hosting. Not only does it offer excellent performance & server optimization, but it’s also easy to keep your site up-to-date and free of issues when you use it.
  • It is scalable to any level of traffic and lets you work in staging or production. It also uses Google Cloud infrastructure, so you can pick from 25+ data centers worldwide to work with.


  • The main downside to hosting your site on a Kinsta server is that you can only run WordPress sites on this server.
  • There is no email hosting on this website. This means that you’ll have to use another email provider to have an Email account with your custom address. You’ll also need to pay for the extra time and resources needed for managing it separately. (Hostinger offers free email hosting.)
  • Some of its competitors offer WordPress themes and other bonuses for the same price.
  • Another thing to consider is the price. The $25/mo per site is also not the cheapest WordPress hosting solution out there.

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Kinsta is among the most popular managed WordPress hosts. It provides everything you need for managing your site, with top-notch speed and reliability to boot. It is all about deciding what you want to pay for and what tools you need to build a successful business.

If you are experienced and are only looking for fast, efficient hosting then Kinsta has an excellent reputation.

I hope that this review has answered your questions. Please leave a comment and share.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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  1. I do not think that I need this in my business. I do not want to have too many plugins on my website as I believe that it will maker my website slow. But I will be sure to share this article with friends and family. I am sure that there is someone out there who needs it. 

    • Kinsta is a way to know what is happening in your business and improve all your stats. If you are just new you won’t need it at the moment. Working on good SEO is where you should focus your atttention.


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