Laptop Lifestyle Academy Review: Who is Jake Tran?

If you’re considering signing up for the Laptop Lifestyle Academy course, you might wonder: What is this course all about?Laptop Lifestyle Academy Review Who is Jake Tran, and is it a scam? Jake Tran is a YouTube personality who has been teaching people how to get remote jobs.

Jake documents his work on his YouTube channel as he explores various financial topics. While he does have plenty of other projects, his involvement with the Laptop Lifestyle Academy course is unique.

This online course offers basic training in work-from-home careers, including the art of remote working. It includes tips and techniques to land a job. The course’s videos and articles will give you an overview of the various work-from-home options available.

The course is divided into nine sections. In total, there are over 70 lessons in this online business training. The first section includes an introduction video and information about the affiliate program.

The second section contains six videos structured like a traditional classroom setting. The training is structured in such a way that it’s easy to follow. You can learn new skills in a few weeks.

Laptop Lifestyle Academy Overview

Product Name: Laptop Lifestyle Academy

Official Page:

Creator: Jake Tran

Price: $97

Type: Work from Home Training

Best For: Anyone who desires to make money from home

Laptop Lifestyle Academy Pros:

The program has a decent refund policy.

  • – It’s cost-effective.
  • – The training program is legitimate.

Laptop Lifestyle Academy Cons:

  • – The program doesn’t teach any actual skills.

What is the Laptop Lifestyle Academy?

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy is a slam dunk for people who want to work from anywhere. You can quit your day job and become your boss by learning how to use your laptop. It shows you how to get your money’s worth, so why not try it?

The Academy is a one-stop-shop for online entrepreneurs looking for a new career. Jake Tran offers training courses for people who want to work from home and in a supportive community.

The Academy features over 30 training programs that don’t follow a traditional course format but are designed to solve specific problems.

Who is Jake Tran?Jake Tran

Jake Tran has a massive following on YouTube and has been generating income from content creation for over two years. He earns between $8,000 and $10,000 monthly from his YouTube channel. The Youtube star says that his content has gained millions of views.

Jake Tran has more than three million YouTube subscribers and regularly grows his audience by posting videos on the site.

Aside from creating informative content for his channel, Jake Tran is also an entrepreneur and social media influencer who creates videos about scams, dirty business secrets, and corruption.

Jake Tran first became known online after starting to upload his videos to YouTube in November 2018. Since then, his content has grown to almost a million subscribers and eleven million monthly views.

Jake Tran was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and grew up in Orange County, California, and Arizona.

His entrepreneurial spirit has been exhibited since childhood when he would buy energy drinks from Asian markets and sell them to his friends.

Is Laptop Lifestyle Academy a scam?

Well, first of all, no. While it can be stressful and exhausting, this online school will also provide you with the skills you need to find an online job and keep it. This makes it a definite no-brainer to sign up for the course.

The price is worth it. You’ll spend just a few dollars on the course and learn how to start working from your laptop.

It’s convenient, you can work anywhere, and you won’t even have to wear office clothes. You can travel the world and work from your laptop. That’s a big bonus for many people!

Can Laptop Lifestyle Academy help you make money?

Fortunately, the Academy’s training is based on systems that have worked for many people. If you’re considering starting a laptop business or want to learn how to make money online, you’ll find valuable information within this Academy.

Although this is not a step-by-step course, it is an excellent resource for people who want to work from home.

The course isn’t about building a successful YouTube channel. It’s a course about landing a job as a remote worker. The benefits of working from home include not having to commute or wear a work uniform.

It also provides opportunities to earn additional income without leaving the comfort of your home. Besides being cost-effective, Laptop Lifestyle Academy teaches you how to earn an income online without any previous experience.

What is Inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy?

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy is an online community that helps its members leave behind the 9-to-five grind and embrace the freedom of self-employment. Students learn how to build an online business and run it anywhere.

In this course, you’ll discover how to maximize your investment and achieve your goals. Jake Tran’s course will help you achieve your goals while working from anywhere, from the comfort of your own home.

Module 1: Get Back Your InvestmentGet back your investment

If you want to learn how to land a lucrative remote job, Laptop Lifestyle Academy is the right place for you. This online community helps members ditch the 9-to-5 grind and focus on starting an online business.

It also helps you learn how to make the most of your investment. Laptop Lifestyle Academy teaches you how to get the most out of your investment.

Module 2: Why Would Someone Hire Me?

You will learn everything, including how to prepare for a job interview and write the perfect curriculum and application form.

Jake Tran will grant you access to an exclusive community on Slack, and you’ll learn tips for getting your money back if you’re not satisfied with the course.

Module 3: How to Find Your Ideal Remote job

Finding a remote job can be a daunting prospect for a new employee.

Remote work often requires video chatting, which differs from face-to-face interactions. A supportive Facebook group and online job postings are great resources for finding remote jobs. And you will gain access to this support group when you join.

Module 4: How to Get the Job

The program is structured like a work-from-home community. The members shun the typical 9-to-5 office job in favor of online careers.

This course teaches you to start your own online business and leverage your investment to its full potential. You’ll learn the best practices and strategies for building a solid online presence and earning money from home.

In addition, this course is highly recommended as a step-by-step guide to starting your own work-at-home business. You’ll learn how to network in a way that will impress employers.

Module 5: Learn to Network

The course will give you the knowledge you need to land your first remote job. It’s aimed at young people, so you can afford it, and you won’t have to pay a dime more to take it.

It’ll teach you strategies for networking with potential clients. And landing jobs won’t be a challenge for you anymore.

Module 6: Craft the Perfect Resume

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy is a course about finding a remote job, creating the perfect resume, and filling out job applications.

It is marketed as a one-time payment course, but some are skeptical about the amount of value they’ll get for their money. Despite its simplicity, this course is worth the price if you’re looking for a quick, online job.

The course is entirely online, with access to the course from anywhere. Jake Tran shares his tips and tricks for making an impressive resume, and he also teaches how to prepare for an interview and the perfect application form.

Module 7: The Secret to Get Non-Stop CallsThe secret to getting non stop calls

This course is for you whether you’re looking for a new career or want to make more money online.

It will teach you to create a profitable online business and generate thousands of monthly calls. I’ll also give you access to a bonus video showing you exactly how to use the secret method to boost your business’s profits.

The program provides a robust coaching process that will make your business explode with calls and new leads. This module will teach you to use your Unique Coaching Method to get more calls, leads, and money.

Module 8: How to Nail Job Interviews

This course is designed for people who want to start their own business but need some guidance. Jake Tran is a YouTube entrepreneur with over a million subscribers, so he has the credentials to teach you everything you must learn to land the job of your dreams.

When Jake started, he didn’t have the skills or experience to land a remote job. He learned the necessary techniques through trial and error and failed at many.

As a result, Jake Tran pinpointed specific hacks and techniques that made him stand out from the crowd. He then compiled these tips and techniques into a course you can access from anywhere, including Slack.

Module 9: The Secret to Never Get Fired

This module explains the secret to never getting fired, a technique that has saved many a job. It will teach you to become more confident, knowledgeable, and booming.

This secret will help you avoid common mistakes many people make in their job search, including being unprofessional.

After completing this module, you’ll know how to use this technique to make your next job application stand out!

You will learn to avoid being fired and be a high-performing business owner. It is easy to learn and guaranteed to improve your career prospects.

Laptop Lifestyle Academy Pricing

The Laptop Lifestyle Academy program costs a one-time fee of $97.

Though the price seems affordable to many, you can access a lot of free training content teaching how to earn money from home freelancing.


Jake Tran’s course teaches you to do remote work, get the best value, and make money off your work. The background section explains the program’s progress and includes two videos.

You’ll learn about different ways to get online gigs. But you won’t be able to build a successful online business if you don’t know the basics.

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