LinkMink Review: Is It Right For Your Business?

LinkMink is an affiliate marketing platform that provides a dashboard for tracking affiliate traffic. The dashboard providesLinkMink Review information for both affiliates and site owners. The reports show the number of sales generated by affiliates as well as their country of origin.

This link tracking software offers various analytics features, including time spent on a website before a purchase, traffic conversions, and variables.

Its integrated payouts feature lets you manage everything through Stripe. Identifiers from your Stripe account are then sent to LinkMink through a webhook.

It will then track commissions, referrals, and revenue. LinkMink also integrates with popular affiliate networks, including ClickBank and Influenster.

This platform is the way to go if you’re trying to make more money online. However, before you sign up for LinkMink, knowing what to expect is essential.

In this review, we will look at the service’s key features. It’ll give you a clear view of your affiliate traffic and sales and information about country purchases.

This tool will help you maximize your profits without taking too much risk. After that, we’ll look at how you can use the dashboard to automate your payouts. Let’s start with its dashboard, which is minimalistic and easy to use.


  • – LinkMink is free for 14 days.
  • – This trial gives you a full overview of the service, including how it works and how you can make the most of it.
  • – The service’s dashboard is simple and easy to use, and it provides users with a full range of metrics, including time per user, country, IP, and many others.
  • – Automating payouts is also possible, so you won’t have to spend time chasing payments.
  • – LinkMink has a support and FAQ section for those with questions.


  • – If you’re not comfortable installing and managing complicated affiliate software, LinkMink might not be the right fit for you.

Features of LinkMink

  • – LinkMink has a few features that make it easy to use.
  • – The user interface is clean and minimal yet packed with metrics and tabs.
  • – Its dashboard is straightforward and has a lot of useful integrations.
  • – It offers commission management, automated payouts, and a comprehensive Affiliate Dashboard.
  • – Its free trial is 14 days long, so you’ll have plenty of time to test it before you commit to the paid version.

What is LinkMink?

LinkMink is a good choice for online retailers because of its flexibility and simplicity. Its features include a dashboard loaded with metrics, analytics, and tabs. Even if you’re not an expert in affiliate marketing, you can still benefit from LinkMink. You can also subscribe to the monthly or yearly payment plans.

What differentiates LinkMink from other affiliate marketing software is that it works with Stripe, eliminating the risk of affiliate fraud.

The software also includes features for running an in-app refer-a-friend program, which lets you track referrals and commissions.

If you’re unsure how to get started, the company offers live chat support. Irrespective of your level of experience or knowledge about affiliate marketing, LinkMink has a lot to offer.

One of LinkMink’s biggest benefits is its low price. Even starting, you can upgrade to a more expensive plan later.

However, this software has its perks and drawbacks, and you need to ensure you understand its ins and outs before purchasing it. For example, you shouldn’t expect your affiliates to migrate to the new platform without a lot of hassle.

How Much Does LinkMink Cost?How much does it cost?

There are three plans available. Each plan includes unlimited affiliates.

The basic plan costs $39. The other two are $65 per month. The auto payout feature is only available in the growth plan, which costs $65 a month.

You can use LinkMink to track up to $25,000 of referred revenue each month. The growth plan offers more tools and features.

The Pro Tracking feature provides comprehensive analytics on how much time users spend on a site before purchasing. You can also track traffic conversions and variables.

If you choose Integrated Payouts, you can manage everything through Stripe. Then, every time a user buys, LinkMink processes a webhook with the payment details provided by Stripe.

LinkMink’s Pro Tracking feature will let you measure everything from how long a visitor stays on your site before buying to how many times they buy. You can also track traffic conversions and variables with this feature.

The best part is that LinkMink integrates with Stripe, which allows you to manage everything through just one platform. LinkMink will then keep track of your revenue, commissions, and referrals.

Is LinkMink Right for You?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, LinkMink can be a great option. It does not cost a lot and offers a great range of features.

Its Pro Tracking feature tracks variables such as click-through rates and traffic conversions. You can also use the Integrated Payouts feature to manage everything through Stripe.

You can send the identifier from Stripe to LinkMink, and the company will keep track of the commissions, referrals, and revenue.

If you want to be a high-volume affiliate marketer, LinkMink offers powerful tracking features for affiliate marketing campaigns.

This tool is strictly customizable, and you can set auto-approvals for affiliates you trust. The software also has a convenient interface for searching and sorting affiliate program data and offers CSV exports for ease of use. However, before making a decision, consider your needs.

LinkMink Dashboard Details

If you’re interested in a tool that can help you keep track of your online marketing, you’ll want to consider LinkMink. The interface is light and minimalistic but packed with metrics, graphics, and tabs.

Even if you’re not a computer expert, LinkMink should be easy to use. For additional help, the company offers a support section, FAQ, and integration guide. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, they’re available to help via live chat.

Despite its affordable price, LinkMink has several perks. This software allows you to track website traffic and generate detailed reports. Many of the available tools can help you increase your ROI and revenues.

While the software is designed for affiliate marketers, it’s also applicable to eCommerce business owners without issues.

Other Useful Features in LinkMinkOther useful features

The dashboard is incredibly easy to navigate. It features graphics, metrics, and tabs to help you monitor your traffic. There are even some help videos and FAQs.

A dashboard is a crucial tool for tracking and managing your affiliate program. The dashboard is easy to navigate and offers useful information to boost your performance, track your affiliates, and view your sales and commissions.

This is particularly useful for eCommerce sites. This feature lets you track revenue and commissions and optimize your marketing campaigns. The LinkMink dashboard also lets you create a new affiliate program.

You can use this tool to track customers once they sign up for a paid plan or subscription. It then automatically tags the customer with a unique identifier so that you can monitor the success of your marketing efforts.

LinkMink Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to LinkMink:

  • – Tapfiliate
  • – Refersion


If you’re looking for a LinkMink alternative, you’ve probably heard of Tapfiliate. Like LinkMink, this affiliate marketing platform allows you to set up affiliate programs across various websites.

Its generous integrations mean you can use it with almost any digital marketing software or eCommerce service.

The main disadvantage of LinkMink is that it’s a little on the basic side, but it has many features that other affiliate marketing tools lack. The most notable of these features is an affiliate discovery tool.

Without this feature, you’ll have to find influencers and bloggers to get your affiliate program noticed. If you want to use LinkMink as a long-term affiliate marketing solution, you’ll have to invest in PPC ads or other means of promotion, like social media.


If you’re in the market for an affiliate marketing software app that tracks your rewards for your partners, you may be interested in learning about LinkMink alternatives.

Refersion provides affiliate marketing solutions that connect merchants with premium content publishers and helps them build powerful affiliate relationships.

It tracks sales, identifies referrals, and follows GDPR compliance. Refersion also works with all publishers, including blogs, magazines, and social media accounts.

Founded in 2006, Refersion was a pioneer in affiliate marketing software. It is a popular open-source affiliate network that integrates with eCommerce platforms and offers an admin panel that lets you track and manage your affiliates.

It also includes a reporting tool that helps you see what’s working and needs improvement. It’s a great solution for newbies and small businesses looking for affordable affiliate marketing software.

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The system works perfectly with Stripe and integrates with Google Analytics and Excel. New users can get help quickly, and the website is easy to navigate.

Lastly, LinkMink is mobile-friendly, which is important for affiliate marketing. But, before you sign up for its affiliate marketing software, you must understand what it does before committing to purchasing a plan.

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