Linkody Review (2023 Update) – The Most Accurate Backlink Checker

Linkody is a helpful tool that keeps track of the links pointing to your website. It shows you who is linking to your site and helps you understand how well your link-building is working. With Linkody, you can see which websites are linking to yours, check if the links are good quality, and find any issues that need fixing.

Linkody makes it easy to stay updated on new links, see changes in your link profile, and improve your website’s visibility and credibility.

When you select a backlink checker, you want to detect, track, and report backlinks for automation. I create content, buildLinkody review websites, and promote brands. And I know you do the same. In my Linkody review, I will look at all the advantages of using a tool to keep you focused on this all-important SEO builder.

Link building is very crucial, and investing time into this search engine optimization routine can pay off.

Which Tool To Choose?

There are many tools you can use to manage backlinks. You can start with Google Search Console (GSC) but it has a lot of restrictions. Third-party link checkers will help unlock some special link management features that GSC cannot offer.

Do you want to track your competitors’ backlinks and find out how they are performing without forking out hundreds of dollars monthly? Linkody is the right tool to help you achieve that. It’s a cloud-based software-as-a-service tool designed to help find and build external backlinks to your site.

All-in-One SEO Pack Plugin

The All-in-One SEO pack plugin can track all backlinks to your site and that of your competitors and also perform other routines. But the pricing is on the high side and it has many features that people don’t need. Although you can get the All-in-One SEO plugin free with your Wealthy Affiliate website hosting and training for $49.95 a month plus Jaaxy Keyword checker. Awesome value.

This site participates in affiliate programs. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Thank you for your support. For more information please read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

As a site owner, you want to maintain and improve your backlink profile, so Google can rank you higher. This is where you need a monitoring tool, and Linkody will send you a notification when a link drops.

Checking your backlinks is up there with checking your Grammar, punctuation, and spelling and getting the best SEO you can prepare. Free Yoast can really help with learning better SEO with instructions as you write.

If you remove a link or experience server issues, this could lead to links showing up as “Not found”. When this happens, you should investigate and do that as soon as you can. Looking for ease of use, Linkody is the right tool for anyone.

Linkody does not offer PPC monitoring, keyword, or SEO research tools. But if you want to find out when existing links drop, or when new ones are created, Linkody will do that job perfectly.

There is a white-label reporting feature that lets you run an SEO agency and send frequent reports on link building to your clients. So, this feature turns Linkody into a great investment.

Why Should You Track and Investigate Backlinks?

If you aren’t tracking backlinks, you won’t know when spam links are acquired, or when existing links are lost. Tracking your competitors’ backlinks comes with an advantage. If you do proper monitoring of your competitor’s link profiles, you will get an idea of where you can get quality links from.

How to Build Backlinks

This is the post topic for another blog post on its own. Link building is a technical topic and doing it takes time, effort, andHow to build backlinks patience. But guest posting is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks to your site. Though you can write guest posts for any niche, getting it from a relevant site is much better.

What You Gain from Linkody

1. Link Checker and Tracking Service

A great feature of Linkody is that you can set up notifications to track your backlinks on a daily basis. When a backlink is lost, within 24 hours, you can reach out to the site owners.

If manual changes have occurred on the linking site, then the details are still intact and fresh in the mind of the site owner. Then you can reach the owner and talk about getting the link back to your site on time.

Linkody shows, by default, all links from one domain as a referral. So far Google does not assign much value to footer links, for clarity’s sake, Linkody disregards all links but just one.

2. Competitor Research

Checking your competitors’ performances might seem like an intrusion, but it’s a good practice in your link-building tactic. If you know where your competitors’ backlinks are generated from, you may exchange a resource on your website for a competitor’s link or build similar links.

3. Disavow Rule Generator

If you understand Google and SEO best practices, you might want to know the relevance of the Disavow tool. In the recent Penguin Update, Google disclosed that it will devalue all spam links. Devaluation of spam and irrelevant links are subject to an algorithm.

Since algorithms aren’t perfect, it is advisable to manually disavow the links you don’t want. You can still access the Disavow tool and it’s a good practice to keep your link profile spam-free.

4. SEO Metrics

Do you want to assess the SEO value of your site’s backlinks? Linkody draws out industry-standard rank parameters from two of the giant players in the search marketing space; Majestic and Moz.

Mozrank is a metric Moz created; it ranks sites based on how popular their external backlinks and internal links are. On Moz, DA (Domain Authority) is the measure of how high your site ranks on Search Engine Results Pages. So, the higher the DA, the higher it is to rank for keywords on Google! Citation flow (CF, Number of Links) and Trust Flow (TF, Link Quality) are SEO metrics used for measuring the quality of a site’s link profile.

Citation Flow signifies the number of links and Trust Flow refers to the link quality. When you have built lots of toxic links, this is a sign that your site is a spam one. Thus, to get a good proportion of Trust Flow to Citation Flow, you must focus on building quality backlinks.

Getting Started with Linkody

Start by adding your website address to Linkody and let the tool detect your backlinks. Log on to the domains page; click theGetting started with Linkody +Add Domain tab, and type your website address correctly.

Linkody will start to search your website for backlinks. It may take some time for this process to finish; so return later to check the progress.

Link Quality

This feature is hidden in Linkody. But I really think it should be made a little bit more obvious.


People often forget that there are some useful tools on the dashboard, provided you know where they are.

This feature helps you understand the quality of the link. And when you focus on link quality, it develops your site even more.

To see this feature, move your computer mouse about any link on the Link Page. Then, a spyglass appears before the column for the URL Form. Click on the spyglass, then an overlay window will appear that will show you all the information about the link domain and URL.

Links Page

The links tab contains different pieces of information about the profile of your website. Twelve different columns are available, containing detailed information of each backlink to your domain.

Each column can enlighten you about how the world views your profile. The column that is most important, of all columns, is the Status column. The Status column tells you about the health of your backlink.

It shows you one of the following:

  • OK – Everything Is Good
  • LNF – Link Not Found
  • 404 – Page Not Found
  • SU – Site Unreachable

Note that some backlinks are not found in the Linkody’s dashboard. Remember that no backlink checker is perfect as they sometimes miss some backlinks to add when finding links to a site.

If you need links that are not on the Linkody’s link section, select +ADD LINK and fill the form out. Its processing might take a few hours, so you can come back and check.

Competitors Page

This page is manually created for you to keep an eye on your competitors.

On this page, you get to see where your rivals get their backlinks and you can even add this to your backlink profile. It is the same process you take when you want to add your own backlinks.

On this page, you even get a notification from Linkody when your competitors get a new backlink. And with this, you can also create links that are similar to your website.

Tags Page

With your added backlinks, you also have the opportunity to add tags. And on the Link Page, you can select and add tags.Tags Page Then, you select the domain you want to tag by selecting the boxes in each row.

A drop-down menu will appear; click on it and it will show four options. Out of these options, select “add tags” and type in a descriptive tag.

Then, return to the Tags Page; you will see the tags you have just created and the link attached. You can edit the title, and view the link associated with the tags by clicking on the cogwheel beside each tag.

When you add tags, you make it easy for yourself to sort out and group backlinks.

Analytics Page

The way metrics are presented on this page is unique and concise. This page is used for making research. Also, it helps to determine the quality of your overall backlink profile.

Glancing at the analytic page of any domain, you see information sample for:

  • Things people write as the title of a hyperlink to your website
  • The Moz Domain Authority for all backlinks
  • An exact number of link pages associated with a Moz Authority score.


Disavow is a file created so webmasters can reject any link they do not want. Rejecting links may be a result of spam links or bad links built on your website by your competitors.

When spam sites point to your website, the quality of your backlink profile reduces and your site can be viewed as non-reliable and less authoritative.

This is why the disavow file is an important tool to use when you want to reject a link. Using the disavow file is manual and there’s no way around it.

With Linkodys’ disavow tool, you can easily select URLs that you don’t want and submit them to Google. To use the disavow tool, here are the processes to take:

  • Select links that you do not want by checking each box in each row on the Link Page
  • At the end of the row, click on the cogwheel; then, select the disavow domain
  • Go to the Disavow Page and choose the rules you wish to add alongside the Disavow file
  • Then, click on “Export”. This helps to create a formatted text file that you can upgrade to Google.

Landing Page

From a linking page, users land on a landing page. Landing pages are the actual place to see the real URLs on your site.Landing page

On many sites, the homepage is the most linked URL. Moreover, your homepage might not be the center of attention if a particular part of your site stands out.

Use the “Set Focus Keyboard Box” under the “Focus Keyword” column to organize your backlinks.

  • This will help you see topics that are getting the most links.
  • Also, this will help you target keywords to use on your landing page.


The changelog page is just like an activity log. This page records all the changes you made to your link in your Linkody account.

What Steps Do I Take When Linkody Alerts Me to A Lost Backlink?

When Linkody alerts you, try to contact the site owner and investigate why the link was lost.

One of the reasons may be that the website owner never noticed that a link has been removed. Also, it may be that a competitor has asked for a backlink in place of yours.

Also, sometimes, websites can have issues with connection and updates; so, some links can be lost in the process. When you see a lost link, don’t panic.

Instead, check manually for the URL. And if it seems that the link has been removed by the owner of the website, you can ask for the reason.

Keep in mind that sometimes it can be traced to errors. So try to communicate with the site owner as they can help you rectify the situation.

If You Can’t Locate the URLs that Link to the Linkody’s Website, What is the Right Action?

If you can’t find links that you know you are in need of, you can add them. Just click on +ADD LINK which will open a new window with three options: single link, multiple links, and CSV import.

Choose a Single Link tab and type in the full URL in the dialog box (for adding a single link). Then click on Add Link. If you like, you can add more information and tags to sort out the URLs.

On clicking the “Multiple Link” tab, you can even add more links to your page. Ensure that the links are on separate lines. Then you import the URLs. The CSV import tab has a feature that can help you import CSV files with links, as many asHow much is Linkody? possible.

With this, you can add URLs with no stress.

How Much Is Linkody?

At the present, Linkody has five levels of pricing. 

  • 30 Day Free Trial.
  • Webmaster – costs $14.90 a month, provided a business has only 2 Domains (500 monitored links) 1 User.
  • Advanced – costs $24.90 a month for 5 Domains (2000 monitored links) 1 User.
  • Pro – $49.90 a month for 20 Domains (5000 monitored links) 3 Users.
  • Agency – $99.90 a month for 50 Domains (20,000 monitored links) 5 Users.
  • Agency XL – $153.90 a month for 100 Domains (40,000 monitored links) 10 Users.

Start for just $14.90 a month Webmaster. On this plan, you can monitor your own domain and your competitor’s domain. Also, you will be able to monitor 500 links at once.

We also have the Pro plan ($49.90) for a brand with two websites, SEO professionals, and so on. The Pro Plan puts you in control of 20 domains, and also, 5000 links.

The highest level in the plan is that of Agency XL ($153.90), which puts you in control of 100 domains and 50,000 links.

It is easy to sign up. Also, you can use the Linkody software for 30 days free before you decide whether to continue with it or not.

Get a Free Website and Training in Backlinks and More

Start your training now


Linkody is worth giving a shot!! It has cheap backlink checkers and monitoring tools you can use. Not only that, it provides useful information in a clear form. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who wants to improve their website’s ranking, Linkody can be a helpful tool.

It is good for all different kinds of websites. Do try Linkody and you will see the best available backlink checker.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

Good hunting!


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  1. Well, this is my first time encountering linkody. I myself struggle to do backlinks and I am kind of relieved to know that such services like linkody exist. What I specifically like about it is that it has an SEO metric which is really something I am looking for. In general, I don’t know how to assess the value of my own backlinks and I think this specific feature of Linkody would certainly help me with this problem. Cannot wait to try its amazing features in the future.

    • Hi Nico, yes tracking backlinks can be a challenge and it is so easy to forget to check so having a plugin that keeps track for you is a bonus. I love the way it notifies me so that I can deal with any problems quickly. It gives me peace of mind. Delighted that this idea helped you.

  2. Hi Lily, thank you for your detailed write up on Linkody. Link build has always been a mystery to me in some ways. I build my links through YouTube and Pinterest but never thought about writing a guest post. Thank you for that idea and now I have a way of tracking my backlinks. Thanks again and have a great day!

    • Hi Hon, I’m so pleased that my post helped you with some tips to really get noticed by Google.

      Wishing you a busy and happy 2021

  3. Hello Lily,
    I’m very pleased to follow your blog posts. So much to learn from you and very rewarding, especially to newbies who do not know much about the value of having backlinks solutions. Tracking backlinks has been very challenging for me, and I have been hiring people to do this kind of work for me. Now that I found out from your Linkody Review that there is such plugin ” The Most Accurate Backlink Checker”, I will not hesitate to use it. I’m in. Thank you for sharing all the good stuff with your readers. I’m a big fan.

    • Hi Akim, that is great news that you can switch over to Linkody and save money paying someone to do this for you. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  4. I’ve tried both SEO plugins that you mentioned in this review but personally, I think that the All-in-one SEO is the best option and the easiest to slowly learn how to optimize and grow your business. I have never tried this software that you’re discussing, nor have I ever used anything related but from what I’m gathering, I think I may need to give this a try. Thank you for the recommendation!

    • You are doing well with the All-in-One SEO Stephanie but you will find as your business grows that you need more specific information and that’s when Linkody is a a gem for tracking your backlinks and making sure that you don’t have error pages coming up on your website.

  5. This website addresses a fairly technical topic so, as a Wealthy Affiliate Associate, I am pleased that you confirm that the All-in-One SEO plugin, which is provided for free with the Wealthy Affiliate website hosting and training package – which costs just $49.95 a month, and the package also includes the Jaaxy Keyword checker – is “awesome value”. 

    I like that you provide a lot of clear, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

    • I’m so pleased that you understand how important checking your backlinks are and that the Wealthy Affiliate package is such a good buy.


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