Ministry Of Freedom Review: Is it for Beginners?

If you’re looking to make money online, you’ve probably heard of the Ministry Of Freedom program. But what is it, who isMinistry of Freedom Review Jono Armstrong, and how does it work? Let’s find out!

The Ministry Of Freedom review is a must-read for those interested in making money online. The following sections will give you the scoop on this program. Then, you can decide whether it’s right for you.

This program is made especially for people with disabilities and makes some big promises. However, it has a few things that might put you off.

Its sales page claims that the launch pricing is only available for a short time and then changes again. So, is it worth your time? Or is it a scam? Read on to find out what my thoughts are.

The marketing page for the Ministry of Freedom is very visually appealing, with lots of screenshots and video testimonials.

There are more than a few scams on this platform, but overall the Ministry Of Freedom review
will provide you with the facts.

Ministry Of Freedom Overview

Product Name: Ministry Of Freedom

Official Website:

Creator: Jono Armstrong

Price: $1,497 one-time or three installments of $597

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Best For: Anyone interested in selling WarriorPlus products

Ministry Of Freedom Pros:

  • – The program can help you Kickstart your online business
  • – There are reports of students getting positive results
  • – You’re learning directly from the owner

Ministry Of Freedom Cons:

  • – It’s hard to get a refund
  • – You’ll have to promote scam products
  • – Expensive

What is the Ministry Of Freedom?

Ministry Of Freedom is a training course broken into nine modules, each focusing on a different aspect of online business.

The program also includes mental preparation, as making money online is not easy. You’ll need a lot of dedication, commitment, and patience.

This program isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re someone who loves making YouTube videos and wants a more fulfilling lifestyle, the Ministry of Freedom might be right for you.

The sales page for the Ministry of Freedom shows a countdown timer and claims that their launch pricing is expiring soon.

However, the price has been unchanged since last year. The company claims to offer 45-day refunds, but it is unclear if it is easy to get a refund.

Some people say the company is a scam, while others have a genuine concern. There’s nothing illegal about paying for traffic, but it requires a significant investment.

The Ministry of Freedom converting page is highly visually appealing. It features screenshots, testimonials, and a video.

However, it’s written in an overly promotional manner and doesn’t provide value. The sales page also features a dozen success stories.

The Ministry of Freedom website isn’t a scam and could be worth checking out if you’re interested in making money online.

Who is Jono Armstrong?Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong is a famous internet marketer and guru who created the Ministry of Freedom affiliate marketing course.

He claims to have made millions online using affiliate marketing. He has a large following on YouTube and has more than 64K subscribers.

Armstrong is an avid bassist and lives in Indonesia. His ministry of freedom course teaches people how to become affiliate marketers.

Jono Armstrong recommends the launch jacking strategy, a method of writing reviews of products before they are released, including his affiliate link and any bonuses. Then he gets a commission from those sales.

How Does the Ministry Of Freedom Work?

The training program offers a step-by-step blueprint system for making money online. It’s a high-ticket course that requires a lot of time and money to implement, but it is possible to make serious money by following the instructions.

Most people don’t want to invest that time and money, and they want results now. Ministry Of Freedom can be an excellent option for those willing to learn.

What sets this system apart is its unique marketing approach. Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, the Ministry of Freedom doesn’t teach you how to market products but teaches you how to sell them to others.

During the training, you will learn to market the same product, and it will take you a couple of days to sell it.

Is the Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

If you’re looking to earn money online, you might have considered the Ministry Of Freedom training course. However, its price tag makes it difficult for most people to purchase.

If you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars, you can get the training you need for a small investment. It teaches a proven blueprint system to help you earn money online in a short period.

However, it requires time and patience to see any results. The majority of people are unwilling to invest the time necessary to learn how to make money online. These impatient people expect instant results without doing any work.

What You Will Learn inside the Ministry of Freedom

Week 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

If you’re thinking of buying Ministry Of Freedom, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not your typical training course.

It covers various topics, from creating a powerful mindset to using tools to promote other people’s products.

Even the course’s bonuses are worth checking out, so make sure you know what you’ll get. This is the flagship course of Online Marketer Jono Armstrong.

You will learn how to create a positive mindset and set your goals before beginning. You’ll also discover the tools you need to make your business a success, such as an autoresponder. These tools are crucial to success in the affiliate marketing industry.

In addition to teaching affiliate marketing, the course also teaches other ways to promote products, including using paid ads and affiliate marketing.

You will gain 100% access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other students.

Week 2: Tools and ApplicationsTools and applications

The video tutorials explain the basics and the mental aspects of success. The assessment quizzes are simple, fun, and not tricky. They also demonstrate the tools and applications in action.

To make the most of this opportunity, consider joining the affiliate program. You can use the affiliate links to promote the product and earn commissions.

The program teaches you to find products to promote. You can purchase these products from the same marketplaces as the Ministry of Freedom.

To get the most out of your investment, you should use this program’s tools and applications to promote your digital assets. Once you do this, you can earn more money with every sale. You can also pay other people to market your products for you.

Week 3 and 4: Launch Jacking

Launch jacking is a good technique used correctly and part of a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

However, it is not an excellent idea, and you should only use this tactic if you have a helpful product that will help others.

WarriorPlus is full of scam complaints, and the Ministry Of Freedom course is no exception. The training program uses a very scammy method of promotion.

The method is called Launch Jacking and is used to sell digital courses on WarriorPlus. Jono Armstrong shares the secrets of this marketing tactic. He recommends using the MunchEye launch calendar.

To start, you must register for a free webinar. After the webinar, you’ll have access to bonus resources and a live community.

The course does not have any upsells or extra fees. The product contains a ton of information and years of experience from Jono Armstrong, a successful marketer, and guru.

Jono has sold over 32,000 products on JVZoo and has been featured as one of the top marketers. The knowledge you will receive inside the course will help you make sales and become more profitable.

Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies

You’ve probably heard about launch jacking if you’re new to affiliate marketing. This marketing technique is all about being the first to review products in your niche.

Having a steady stream of products to review is crucial. This strategy can help you attract an audience that would otherwise pass on your product.

You’ll learn how to leverage free traffic and convert that traffic into subscribers who will continue to buy your products for years to come.

The training program contains step-by-step guides to launch-jack, so you’ll learn what you need to know to get started.

Week 6: Soft Launching

If you’re concerned about making a profit online, you’ve probably considered taking a soft-launching course.

You might have heard about the Ministry of Freedom, a course created by online marketer Jono Armstrong. He claims that this course is the most comprehensive available.

The Ministry Of Freedom course is not for everyone, but it teaches some advanced launch jacking techniques that can help you earn 50 -100% of the commissions.

You’ll also learn to boost your email list and build authority with your product. The course has a comprehensive list of training modules that you can access in the Ministry Of Freedom Members’ Training Area. This training area also contains helpful resource links and templates.

Week 7: Email MarketingEmail marketing

The second half of the Ministry Of Freedom course focuses on email marketing principles. This is the system’s foundation, and this week is all about getting started.

This course features live calls, guaranteed link approval, and a set of bonuses.

Among these bonuses is the ability to promote products and services from WarriorPlus buddies. While the course may seem pricey, the bonuses are more than worth the price.

A practical method of email marketing is building your list. Jono Armstrong, a renowned expert in email marketing, shares his techniques to generate thousands of dollars.

You’ll learn how to send emails on autopilot. Jono has utilized this technique for years and is the highest-ranked affiliate on Warrior Plus. Additionally, he is a serial product creator.

Week 8: Product Launching

The Ministry of Freedom course focuses on sourcing products from the same marketplaces that other marketers do. But a soft launch is different. It is designed to test the market and iron out any kinks before going live with the product.

To do this, students must work together to create a product idea and implement the lessons taught in the course. After completing the module, members can launch their product by paying affiliates to promote their product on their behalf.

After creating the product, you can start earning 50-100% commissions, build authority and increase your email list. You can check the complete list of training modules in the Ministry Of Freedom Members’ Training Area.

You can find template examples, useful links, and other tools to help you make your product launch successful. The Ministry of Freedom course is currently priced at $1497.

Week 9: Paid Traffic

The Ministry Of Freedom course provides two options for making money from home, free traffic and paid traffic. Free traffic is an easy way to generate leads and sell your product.

On the other hand, Paid traffic requires you to spend time building your list, creating videos, and getting reviews.

You will learn about the power of affiliate marketing and launch jacking, a process in which you create a video SEO to promote an upcoming product.

The Ministry Of Freedom course covers paid traffic, including Facebook and video ads. The program teaches you how to create a product and sell it to earn massive commissions.

In addition to the course, there are bonuses and a private Facebook community for members only. It’s well worth the price, but it may be too expensive for beginners.

This is because paid traffic is risky for beginners. You may get banned from ad accounts, and your successful ads will disappear for no apparent reason.

Ministry Of Freedom Pricing

Jono Armstrong provides two payment options for members:

  • – A lifetime payment of $1,497 + $50 (microphone) + $127 Per Month to run your website.
  • – Three monthly installments of $597

You will save $295 by choosing a one-time payment. If you prefer to pay in three monthly installments, you will make the first payment immediately and the next payment one month later, and the last installment the same way.

You’ll have to pay for some additional tools as you progress with the course:

  • $50 for a microphone and webcam
  • $97 monthly for ClickFunnels page builder software
  • $15 monthly after a 30-day trial for GetResponse email software
  • $15 monthly for domain and web hosting, though this is optional

Finally, you’ll need to buy traffic. While you learn about getting free organic traffic from week 1 to 4, you’ll learn about using YouTube and Google ads from Week 5 to 9, as recommended by Jono Armstrong himself.

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The newest training module in the Launch Jacking course is centered on advanced marketing techniques, including how to use bonus offers with reviews.

Another critical lesson that Armstrong taught is how to use a soft launch, otherwise known as a soft opening.

This is a technique used by some internet marketers to gain a foothold before launching an affiliate program.

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