MonsterInsights Review 2023: Is It the Most Advanced Analytics Plugin

Are you planning to install the best Analytics plugin on your website? Even if you don’t like to deal with numbers, you should know analytics is vital; planning your tactic on real data is the most productive way to grow your website. In my MonsterInsights review, I will show how you can get the practicable data you need to action from this plugin.

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The Significance of Google Analytics

As a WordPress user, you know how useful Google Analytics is. But if you are not deep in the knowledge of WordPress, you may not know where to go or what to do with the data.MonsterInsights Review

And what’s the essence of using analytics when you cannot put the data into use to grow your site?

If you are not an expert yet, all you need is a simple tool that shows you the most essential part of the data at a glance, in a simple-to-understand way. An example of such a tool is the MonsterInsights plugin.

If you are good at analyzing data, you may not need to install the plugin on your site. But if you insist on adding MonsterInsights, you will find the setup much easier to do than Google Analytics.

If you’re a new WordPress user and want to set up Google Analytics, placing the tracking code may be a challenge for you.


If you use the theme editor wrongly, you may destroy your website! So ask for technical help if you are not sure.

Before Setting up MonsterInsights

Before setting up MonsterInsights, you need to set up Google Analytics first. Thus after installing the plugin, click on Insights, and then on Settings. Without having to play with code, you can connect your Analytics account here.

How do you connect the MonsterInsights plugin?

Once you click on the Connect button, a popup window will show up. Link the Google account you used when you createdHow do you connect MonsterInsights plugin your Google Analytics account.

To grant the plugin access to your Google Analytics data, you must hit the “Allow” button. Before you hit the “Complete Connection” button, choose an analytics profile from the dropdown menu.

The plugin will now connect your site automatically to your Universal Analytics account. Then the tool will redirect you to your WordPress dashboard where you have the option to customize whatever you choose to track.

Click on Insights, then on Settings; this is where you find some tabs that will allow you to customize settings for conversation, publishers, and e-commerce.

If you click on those tabs, you will find all the customization options and amazing features of the MonsterInsights plugin.

These include:

  • Anonymize IPs: This is used to anonymize your visitors’ IP addresses.
  • Interest and demographics reports: This is the option that gives you insights into the users who will help you promote yourself, with excellent results.
  • Activate enhanced link attribution: This is when you have several links to the same destination on a page; it will show which links are getting the most clicks.
  • Scroll tracking: This will bring reports on how far up and down users scrolled on your site.
  • AdSense tracking: This gives you the option to connect your AdSense account and track your ad performance.
  • Cross-domain tracking: It compares sessions from two sites as one session.
  • User permissions: This gives you the option to decide who can view change and report settings.
  • PDF downloads and email summaries: You get summaries of the most crucial data from your website weekly. You have the option to download the report of your analytics in a PDF format and use or share it offline.

View Your Traffic Stats, Always Check into Insights » Reports

The MonsterInsights plugin displays a quick summary of the most vital analytics for your website. Also, it shows reports for GSC, Dimensions, Real-time, Publishers, Site Speed, Forms, and e-commerce. With this, you’ll get deeper insights into different sections of your website.


Plus Program – $99.50 a year 

+ Analytics Dashboard
+ Dashboard Widget
+ Email Summaries
+ Page Insights
+ Date Range History
+ Real-Time Report
+ Publishers Report
+ Search Console Report
+ PDF Exports
+ Universal Tracking
+ Scroll Tracking
+ Headline Analyzer
+ EU Compliance
+ Engagement Tracking
+ File Downloads Tracking
+ Enhanced Link Tracking
+ Affiliate Links
+ 1 Site

Pro Package – $199.50 a yearPro Package

Everything in Plus, and:
+ eCommerce Report
+ Form Conversions
+ Custom Dimensions
+ Author Tracking
+ Category / Tags Tracking
+ Google Optimize
+ WooCommerce
+ Easy Digital Downloads
+ MemberPress
+ LifterLMS
+ 5 sites
+ Priority Support

Reasons Your Site Requires the MonsterInsights Plugin

1. Receive Insights from Tracking Features in real-time data.

The MonsterInsights plugin enables you to activate a myriad of tracking features that you would otherwise have missed on your site.

2. Organize Google Analytics Easily.

The plugin gives you a quick and simple Analytics setup. Without having to alter any code, you can easily connect your site with GA in a few clicks.

No matter how small or large your site is, this easy setup process will suffice. With MonsterInsights, it’s easy to set up multisite networks.

3. Make Strong Decisions Comfortably.

The reports of Google Analytics are easy to understand but these can be overwhelming sometimes. It means if you are good at analytics, it may be hard to make informed decisions from your whole Google Analytics reports.

One great thing about this plugin is that it ensures you have the most vital reports that matter to your brand in a comprehensive way.

This means whether you are a WordPress expert or not, you can make data-driven decisions that will impact your business positively with MonsterInsights.

4. Get Google Analytics Reports Straight In Your WordPress Back Office.WordPress back office

With the MonsterInsights plugin, you can easily view your website’s real-time performance at a glance right in your WordPress back office.

So, you won’t have to log into your Analytics on an everyday basis to find out how your site is performing. You are rest assured to get the most important data about your business right in your dashboard.

5. Benefit from Integrated Analytics Tracking

Why Use Both Google Analytics and MonsterInsights? 

While you can easily organize basic Google Analytics tracking to assemble data like bounce rate, page views, sessions, etc., the basic analytics setup does not give you the option to activate enhanced tracking reports.

If you must activate e-commerce tracking without installing a plugin, then you would have to place the tracking code manually on your website. The only issue with this technique is that any little error can skew the whole Analytics data.

Want to use the MonsterInsights plugin, then there is no need to bother about the risk of skewing your Analytics data since you won’t have to play with any code during the process.

If you need to track social media stats or custom events without the MonsterInsights plugin, then you’d have to spend a lot of time doing the setup yourself or using the service of a developer. You will want to know how your organic traffic is building.

The plugin allows you to activate advanced tracking features with a click of the mouse.

How Does MonsterInsights Compare to Other WordPress Analytics Plugins?

Are you looking for a WordPress Analytics plugin and wondering how MonsterInsights stacks up against the competition? Let me break it down for you. MonsterInsights is an excellent choice, and here’s why:

Easy to Use

Imagine this: You want to track how your website is doing, but you’re not a tech expert. No worries! MonsterInsights is super easy. You don’t need to be a coding genius. Just a few clicks, and you’re good to go!

Tracks Everything You Need

MonsterInsights goes above and beyond the basics. It tracks all the important stuff about your website. It helps you see how your online store is doing, tracks form submissions and even lets you customize things. It’s like having a website detective!

Helpful Support

We all need a helping hand sometimes, right? Well, MonsterInsights has got your back. They have a friendly support team ready to help whenever you need it.

Fast and Works Well

Nobody likes waiting, particularly online. But with MonsterInsights, your website stays speedy. It’s built with speed and works great. You can collect data without your website feeling sluggish. It’s a win-win!

Works with Everything

No matter how big or small your website is, MonsterInsights is here to help. It works with all WordPress themes and plugins. It’s like a flexible friend that can fit in anywhere.

So, when it comes to WordPress Analytics plugins, MonsterInsights is a real star. It’s easy to use, does more than the basics, and gives support.

Why settle for normal when you can be extraordinary? Upgrade to MonsterInsights and make smarter decisions with your website. You deserve the best!

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MonsterInsights lives up to its goal of making new users track data easily. Without being overwhelmed, it provides meaningful insights into Analytics. It is, indeed, the best WordPress Analytics tool.

I hope you have enjoyed my MonsterInsights review and that it has clarified the need to sometimes simplify the ability to quickly see real-time data from your website every day. Tracking this data can help you to make good business decisions and know where to put your time.

Always check your website speed before and after trying a new plugin. Happy business building.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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6 thoughts on “MonsterInsights Review 2023: Is It the Most Advanced Analytics Plugin”

  1. Hi there,

    I wasn’t aware of Monsterinsights plugin, so I would like to thank you for your review. Frankly, I still struggle with Google Analytics all the time, sometimes I also lose the UA track code on my site, and then when I forget to check out my numbers on Google Analytics, it is a mess to do everything all over again. 

    So maybe I should give this plugin a try so that I am aware of my site not tracking data sooner? And reading your review, probably a lot easier as well haha.

    thanks for this blog post!

    best regards,


    • Hi Lizzy, having Google Analytics go down can be incredibly frustrating and this plugin can simplify your daily challenges by letting you know on your website dashboard. Anything that stops you from becoming distracted from writing quality content is a great idea. Give it a shot and see if it helps.

  2. Thank you for this great review!  I spend way too much of my day going to different websites, i.e. Google AdSense and Google Analytics to find my reports for the day.  There’s so much to digest and I have to click back and forth to find what I need.  It would be great to simply go to my back office and get everything I need to make decisions for the day.  It sounds like MonsterInsights is going to do that!

    • Hi Cynthia, I’m so excited that this could be a solution for you. There is so much to think about when running a website business that you need your own secretary to keep you posted. Having all that information delivered to you is a blessing. Enjoy!

  3. Monsterinsights is a great plugin that will help you get good insights into your business. I do not use it myself yet, but I know many who use it. I have thought about starting to use it this year. But I have installed Google analytics and the insights from Analytics is also a good help. What I find interesting about Monsterinsights is the reports you can generate. However I have more than one Website and for me pro package would be the best because you get insights from 5 sites. Do you know if they have a free trial? I always like to try a product before buying it.

    • Hi Hilde, this is an excellent plugin to create those records for your many websites. You can load the MonsterInsights Lite plugin for FREE from your WP Dashboard.

      Thanks for the great comment and question.


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