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Moz Pro is a search engine optimization (SEO) piece of software. This software has really focused on the important areas ofMoz Pro Review SEO. It broadly covers important aspects like keywords, technical SEO, and links. In my Moz Pro review, I will break down all the best features so you can see what you get.

The Moz Pro software is very good for beginners that are new to technology. It has a database designed to meet the complex storage and retrieval requirements. Moz Pro has a free trial which means you can test the software before you eventually pay for it. This software is easy to use and has so many features and can also be used by freelancers to grow their business.

Moz Pro was previously known as SEOMoz in 2004 when it came out, created by Rand Fishkin. The company behind Moz Pro made SEO really popular in the marketing industry with its educative content. This same company also developed and designed industry-worthy metrics that are still in use in boardrooms today.

Who Can Make Use of Moz Pro?

Moz can be used by small businesses that are interested in managing their organic search within one interface. This is achievable by the use of the broad number of SEO tools available in the software. Some of the tools in Moz Pro allow free use for a limited time which could be of interest to freelancers and small business owners.

This software is also available for larger businesses that want to invest in a Moz Pro package. Investing in this package gives you access to use the outstanding features. The Moz Pro outstanding features include; keyword explorer and link explorer.

Moz is prominent in the major areas of SEO. However, it offers minimal intensity on technical SEO more than it does on link analysis and keyword research. This is its major disadvantage.

Features of Moz Pro

Moz Pro has abundant features, but for this review, I will only talk about the outstanding features.

Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro is brilliant in making the complex view of SEO very simple and easy. This makes it easy for people to understand it

The Moz keyword is good at picking out a large amount of SEO data. It then calculates the metrics that will be understood by marketers.

It shows: 

  • How famous an inquiry is 
  • How difficult it would be to overtake the inquiry 
  • And it shows other inquiries or questions.

Moz has a priority score for the keywords you enter and this helps you know how important your business is. Any priority score that is close to 100 or 100 would mean that the keyword has a very high click-through rate.

Moz also has the keyword suggestion feature which is amazing. This feature will take your original keyword and will suggest new topics you can target. You can even add your keyword list and track them over time.

Link explorerLink explorer for Moz Pro

Moz’s link explorer has an index of over 40 trillion links. This will help you know and understand your site’s ranking performance. The insights then feed into content planning and link prospecting directly. Moz Pro, however, doesn’t offer its own tools for managing link extent.

The Moz link building suite is easy to use but also has a place where beginners can learn. It has designed a lot of proprietary metrics. Examples are domain authority and page authority which might be quite strange to new users. These metrics show the SEO strength of a domain and its pages based on their reputation and authority.

A link sent from a greater authority site will convey more SEO value to your site than lower authority links. They are useful in selecting backlink targets.

Link Explorer is really good for mining your competitors’ domains for new links. You are likely to get higher authority links for your content when your competitors get them too.

Site Crawl

Technical SEO is the basis of any effective organic search marketing strategy.

Moz Pro presents its own site crawler and it’s also effective for spot checks and routine crawls. It, however, doesn’t give forensic details as seen in other SEO tools, because that’s not its job.

Moz Pro Site Crawler highlights a great number of significant technical issues. These include response code errors, missing title tags, and faulty redirects. When these errors are fixed, it leads to a great improvement in SEO performance.

Moz Pro Site Crawler has a link to guides and tips for people that are new to the software.

Easy Usage of Moz Pro

The Moz Pro’s main interface is clean, controllable, and easy to work with. This tool can be disconnected in other places with tools like the Open Site Explorer page. This gives a different user experience and it can be found within the Moz Pro suite.

The amazing Moz Bar Chrome extension brings Moz Pro’s tools into your browser. This overwhelms the data on Google search results as you browse. The Moz SEO toolbar is a standard tool for anybody new to SEO.

Moz Pro is one of the tools that are easy to use by beginners in the marketing industry. With this tool, beginners can always get a summary of important SEO metrics.

The Pricing of Moz ProThe pricing of Moz Pro

Moz Pro has four major pricing options with an additional option to negotiate an enterprise solution.

  • Standard option: It’s the cheapest of all the plans. You can get this plan for $99/month for a user. It can let you crawl 100,000 pages per week in a technical SEO review. But you can only track 300 keywords per month.
  • Medium plan: This plan goes for $149/month for one user. It allows you to track 5000 keywords in a month.
  • Large subscription plan: It goes for $249/month. It offers access to 3 users. And it enables you to add an additional user to any subscription plan for a token of $49/month.
  • Premium plan: This goes for a sum of $599/month and it’s limited to 5 users. And it gives data access to complement the price tag. This plan provides access to a very fast technical SEO crawler.

Its Advantages

  • Moz Pro keyword explorer is brilliant.
  • There is a Moz Bar Chrome extension.
  • It has useful privately owned metrics.

Its Disadvantages

  • After the free trial, what you eventually pay is very high.
  • It has limited technical SEO tools.
  • Moz local, a subset of Moz Pro, needs a separate subscription which is not really comfortable.


Summarily, Moz Pro is easy and simple to use for beginners and intermediates. The Moz Pro major features, keyword explorer, and link explorer are wonderful to use and are always improving.

Its educational content is so considerate and still guides the market. Moz Pro has developed a wide range of amazing tools. Thus, if you need an all-in-one SEO solution, you should definitely consider Moz pro.

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6 thoughts on “Moz Pro Review”

  1. Thanks for this review as I have just been researching this SEO tool and your article is tremendously helpful.  I like that the Pro version of Moz has a free trial. I especially like Keyword Explorer. It really does help in determining how viable is a keyword in terms of time and energy to get it ranked. I am less familiar with Link Explorer and Site Crawl. I agree it is a quality tool, although a bit expensive, but well worth it if a person is serious in building an online business.

    • Hi Joseph, I can tell that you are serious about building your business and doing the necessary research to see what is out there to help you. Moz really is worth a look, they have great tools and have been around for a long time, and have a great reputation which is something worth noting. Definitely, something you need as you grow.

  2. Hey, Lily thanks for the great info on moz pro.

    I’m just wondering if you think how it compares and contrasts to other SCO optimizers out there specifically. I’m thinking Jet pack or SEO optimizer as far as other brands go this seems pretty inexpensive I really like that it’s a small business-focused SEO Program.

    • Hi Atlas, you are correct that Moz is much cheaper than either Jet Pack or SEO Optimizer and as a benefit this is great. It is worth doing a trial to see if all the tools you want are included. Research and trial is the best way to go.

  3. Hi Lily, thanks for this informative piece. Is this tool in any way associated with moz(.)com? I was reading some articles on SEO on this site and I found them very easy to follow and informative. If is one and the same then I believe this tool is equally very solidly built. This space seems to have found its fair share of competitors that it becomes difficult to discern the different products. I’ve not heard of SEOmoz so I’ll proceed to look into it further, thanks to you. 

    • You are correct Steve, it is associated with so it is worth looking at this tool to help you with expanding your business. There will always be a lot of competition out there in the SEO world.


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