Moz Vs. Jaaxy review – Features and Benefits

Although both tools are handy for SEO, the Jaaxy search feature has some advantages overMoz VS Jaaxy Review Moz. It shows you what keywords are trending and how popular they are.

Similarly, it also shows you the number of search results for a specific keyword. This information is beneficial when ranking your website in the most popular search engines.

Another great feature of Jaaxy is the search history. This allows you to see the results of previous searches and see how your competitors rank for those keywords. It will help you find and target keywords causing your competitors to rank well.

With a few clicks, you can see who your competition is and what they’re doing to increase their ranking. If you’re not able to get a high-quality result, you’ll have to try searching for it again.

Jaaxy’s rank tracking feature is excellent for SEO beginners. All you’re required to do is enter a keyword or domain name and click on the Search button. The tool then analyzes the top page of Google and searches for that particular site. You can then copy the tactics they use to improve your ranking.

Jaaxy ($49/monthly) is a competitive keyword finder and tracker and Moz ($99/monthly) has keyword tools and also SEO tracking tools.

Know what Tools you are Looking For

  • Keyword Research with data on traffic, number of competing websites, and competition rating
  • Check where your article is ranked
  • Search History
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Learn who your competitors are
  • Easy interface
  • Keyword tracking on your posts
  • Discover Trending Keywords
  • Brainstorming Feature (Alphabet soup)
  • Low cost, High-value tools
  • Keyword List Saver

Benefits of Jaaxy:Basic Feature of Jaaxy

  • Jaaxy has a wide selection of tools. Its free Starter Plan lets you test out different SEO strategies for your website.
  • If you’re already an affiliate, you can promote products related to your niche to earn additional commissions.
  • Unlike Moz, Jaaxy is more flexible and has more features.
  • It’s a lot easier to use than Moz.
  • More affordable than Moz.
  • It has a wide range of additional features, including a monthly keyword search.

Basic Features of Jaaxy and Moz

One of the best features of Jaaxy is its keyword research tool. Its free plan lets you compare keywords, competition, and more. It provides saved keyword lists that you can use for various other applications.

Moreover, both tools let you see your competitors’ pages and rank parameters. This is essential for SEO and can help you rank better in organic search engine results.

The Jaaxy keyword search tool is more intuitive and can save and manage lists of keywords. Unlike Moz, it allows you to use one keyword at a time, managing your keyword list with ease. This feature is an excellent benefit if you struggle to develop new keyword ideas.

Using a similar program to Moz can help you gain more traction in the long run.


  • Jaaxy is easier to use.
  • You can use both tools to discover trending keywords and drive PPC campaigns.
  • Both tools let you create keyword lists and market them, which means you can make money while using the software.


  • While you can search unlimited keywords, the free trials don’t offer actionable metrics.
  • The free trials provide an overview of your competitors’ research. While this is a great benefit, it comes with some drawbacks.

Moz vs. Jaaxy – Comparisons

The main difference between Moz and Jaaxy is the price. Jaaxy is more cost-effective than Moz. Both search engine optimization tools are designed to help you rank well on search engines. But which is better?

You should always keep a few features in mind before deciding which one to purchase. Listed below are some of the main differences between the two services.

Keyword research is a significant issue for SEO. While both Jaaxy and Moz provide keyword data, the former focuses on research. Jaaxy’s Keyword Planner is free to use but lacks many features. If you’re an SEO expert, you’ll appreciate Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup feature, which lets you brainstorm keyword ideas.

Despite the price difference, both tools can help you improve your SEO beyond your wildest dreams.

Jaaxy has a minimalist interface and offers easy-to-understand explanation pop-ups. For example, Jaaxy has an exclusive feature to save your keyword lists. This feature makes it much easier to find and optimize your keywords.

Moz vs. Jaaxy – Differences

Both offer keyword research tools that are useful for SEO purposes. But the main differences between the two are in the features and pricing structure.

The major difference between the two programs is the amount of data they offer. The free trial of Moz allows you to access up to 50 keywords, while Jaaxy offers up to 30 words per month for an unlimited free trial.

However, Jaaxy’s free version has many advantages over Moz. Its interface is user-friendly, while the premium plans have more advanced features than Moz.

Jaaxy is more cost-effective than Moz. Both tools offer keyword data, but the latter is more powerful. Jaaxy’s free trial allows you to analyze keywords and their search volumes. Additionally, both tools offer saved keyword lists that you can use in other applications.

While both tools are excellent for keyword research, Jaaxy is a more comprehensive option for online marketing. Moz is a more comprehensive SEO tool. Its free keyword research tool isn’t limited to keywords, though. Its other features include search analytics, site speed, and more.

You can use both tools to track your competitor’s rankings. Moz allows you to monitor your competitors. Its competitor analysis tool allows you to keep track of your competition. Jaaxy has an exclusive feature called SiteRank, which allows you to see your competition’s rankings. This is an excellent tool if you’re trying to rank well on search engines.

Moz Vs. Jaaxy – PricingPricing of Moz and Jaaxy

If you’re an established business, you should consider Jaaxy. It offers a simple, clean interface and pop-up explanations for each feature. Its Pro plan is priced at $49 a month or $499 a year. Its Enterprise Plan is priced at $99 a month or $999 a year.

But you can pay $49 a month for a Wealthy Affiliate website and get Jaaxy Lite for free it is included with hosting, Technical support, 150 Video Lessons, a supportive community and so much more. You can even start a website for free and try Jaaxy for free too, let me show you how.

The Standard and Medium Plans of Moz cost $99/month and $179/month respectively, while the prices of its Large and Premium Plans are $299/month and $599/month respectively. But you can save up to 20% if you are willing to pay yearly.

While the main differences between the two tools are pricing, you may find that Jaaxy is more useful if you have a large client base. For instance, if you’re a marketing agency, you may want to consider Jaaxy because it has more affordable tools. For example, you can quickly get enough keywords and content for your clients using Jaaxy.

Moz’s keyword research tool offers more keyword ideas than Jaaxy’s keyword tool. However, it lacks actionable details such as average figures. You will have to conduct competitor research manually.

Moz does not include traffic estimates for keywords that rank in the top three pages of search engines. You will also have to do manual keyword research. But this isn’t a huge issue when you’re using Jaaxy.

Moz vs. Jaaxy – Affiliate Programs

The Jaaxy affiliate program is a thriving business. You can earn money from Jaaxy by promoting the tool to your friends and family and earning a commission.

If your referral is upgraded as a Pro user, you will earn $8 per month or $80 per year. If the referral is upgraded as an Enterprise user, you’ll get $20 per month or $200 per year.

You’ll earn a 30% commission from each yearly/monthly payment that a referred user makes. These referred users will be bringing you the recurring commissions as long as they continue subscribing.


Besides keyword research, Jaaxy offers keyword tracking, keyword analysis, and more. It can track your ranking and insights into keywords that rank in different SERPs. It also provides your site’s keyword density and offers the most accurate estimates.

Unlike Jaaxy, Moz includes statistics on the number of backlinks to your site.

When you are just starting out and watching how much you are spending each month then a package deal for a website and Jaaxy keyword finder is an excellent choice at $49 per month. Once, you have been around for a year or two then you may want more data on your competition and how you can improve your SEO, this is when you may consider the extra expense of Moz or Ahrefs.

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4 thoughts on “Moz Vs. Jaaxy review – Features and Benefits”

  1. By default, I would agree with you to go with the free or cheaper solution.

    I see the Moz allows you to monitor your competitors, as well as do more SEO tasks – but then I see that Jaxxy does that, too. I wonder how valuable those are to me, and how unique they are. For example, it gives site speed, but I should also be able to get that in my WordPress hosting platform too. 

    Overall, you seem to be recommending Jaxxy strongly. I see that Moz includes stats n backlinks. 

    Thank you for the info!

    • Hi John, although Moz is more expensive you can get site speed and backlinks etc from other free tools. I personally feel that Moz is overpriced for what it offers and that Jaaxy gives you a lot more tools for your money.

  2. Hi Lily,

    I also use Jaaxy. But, I use the free one and I do hope to upgrade in near future once my online starts to bring money in. I have a question about Moz: Is it possible to subscribe for free trial with Moz too? Because, I am willing to explore it as well.

    Thank you for an interesting article.

    • Moz has a 30-day free trial that you can access and then decide which you want to go with. It will depend on what information that you need for your business.


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