Online Business Opportunity Today

Imagine starting your own business online today. All around the world are millions ofOnline business Opportunity today products that you can sell from home at the touch of a button. The online business opportunity today is all about having your own website and choosing the right products to promote.

Your Own Online Business Opportunity.

How will you meet the challenge?

These are extraordinary times and to not only survive but thrive you will need to change your way of life. Now, this can be difficult at any time but consider the challenges facing everyone today. Because of the Corona Virus, many people have lost their jobs and have to self-isolate. When this challenge has passed then those able to work will need to consider what jobs are available.

I’m not sure about you but I’ve noticed a change in job availability and types of work. At the end of these next few months, many workers will be used to working from home. They will have adjusted to create their own workspace and pattern of work hours.

Many would have comfortably integrated their old jobs with their family and be looking for new and better challenges to work for themselves. These uncertain times make us have a tremendous desire to have control over our income.

Online business opportunity today

Are you a Looker?

Before our world came crashing down with the Corona Virus, where you looking to run a business online but didn’t know how to create a website? Well, I was! I’m retired but more money is always welcome and there is a worldwide market, just waiting for us to play in.

Only one problem, I’m a baby boomer and really just OK with the internet and computers. Really, as a professional musician, the computer age is outside my comfort zone.

So, I went looking to see what was on offer on the internet. But everyone wanted a lot of money to train me, or run a website for me. I didn’t want that! Many of my friends had websites designed at great expense for their normal businesses and whenever they needed to change anything, they didn’t have a clue.

They were paying through the nose to change little details and had to wait until the technician could slot them in.

I had run two businesses in personnel in Sydney and I wanted control of my website and my choices. What about you?

Ready to start today

Finding a teacher

Believe me, I spent hours reading all the sales spins on the internet and I was tempted.Online business opportunity today They were talking about $5000 to set up a funnel. Instant success! Fancy cars! But really? Would I be in control?

It was time to get real and find a learning platform where I could step by step make wise financial choices, to create a business that could grow and endure for my lifetime. And not cost me the earth to get started. I wanted to make money not to spend the mortgage.

I wanted to learn how to create an email list and own it so that I could care for my customers and do resale over time.

Yes, it would take longer to create a profit because it all depended on how fast I could learn. Was I up for it. You bet!

So, back to trolling through the online sales pitch, and then I tripped over a review on MLM business, and in that was an invitation to create my own website for free.

Not MLM but a direct marketing portal for whatever products sold at a commission. (Affiliate Marketing.) I enjoy my Amway business but I wanted sole responsibility for my success online. Do you?

But I didn’t want to have to build a team of people or manage their marketing skills. My dream was to be independent, working my time and goals.

Oh Yeah, I thought! I clicked on the link and started reading. My radar for a trashy sales pitch on high alert. Nothing! Ok, so I can create a website for free and do the video lessons for free. They didn’t even want a credit card to sign up? I’ve been in marketing for over 40 years but I couldn’t see a catch, so I went ahead. Who were these Wealthy affiliate people?

Start for Free today, no credit card is necessary.

Learn to build a business

Where to start

I love being a professional musician, even now that I don’t have to make a living at it. And, with the Corona Virus thank goodness, I don’t have to. Many of my friends are really feeling the burn at the moment. Every single musical event is canceled, local and international, for an indefinite time. Big Ouch!

Thank goodness I had looked ahead and decided that people are buying billions of dollars of goods online every day. I’m not greedy, I would like just a tiny percentage of this world.

My new learning platform suggested that I choose a niche market that I loved. So easy! Music. I chose a name for my website ‘The Music Room’ and created a website in half an hour and there I was a website owner, promoting guitar lessons and guitars, woohoo! I later bought the website name and am proud to have something that will live forever. In just over 10 months I’ve had my first guitar sales, I’m thrilled.

I recently started my second website here at to introduce people to online business opportunities in Australia and overseas. I found out that I love teaching and helping people to become successful in their online website businesses.

Even better you can start for free with no credit card and upgrade when you have checked out the training and are serious about your financial future. Stay for free it’s up to you.

I want to start right now!

What about earning money?

I was so green people should call me Kermit. The more lessons I worked through on Wealthy Affiliate the more I realized how little I knew and how small my viewpoint. Time to get serious. So I joined for the special price of $19 US for the month, which gave me access to everything on the platform. I had to host my website somewhere so it might as well be with the people who were helping and supporting me and they were the cheapest bundle.

Now, I was getting serious about learning all these new skills. Keep in mind that this payment was paid to not only host my website but provide all the training at my leisure and a community of entrepreneurs to help.

The regular monthly payment of $27 US was ridiculously low to host and protect my website. Also, security and technical support are awesome. Don’t ask me what they do, they are a lot smarter than me and watching my back.

I’m not a confident person when something is so new and really enjoyed making friends in a community that ran 24 hours a day. There are successful people and newbies like myself all sharing their knowledge, support, and experience.

You get to decide what you want to promote on your website. Yeah!! Wealthy Affiliate lessons teach you all the skills to promote your website on social media, inserting links and so much more. You will need to work on being a knowledgeable person on the products you choose and writing in an engaging, informative way to help people.

Not a writer? (me either). The lessons help you to develop these skills and two plugins on your WordPress website can lead you step by step to improving in this area. Free Grammarly and the Yoast plugin for writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All is explained as you train.

Getting Real

If you sell 100 pegs at 20 cents each, you make 1 cent a peg. You are going to have to sell a huge amount of pegs to make a profit. If you decide to do your research and provide amazing knowledge about more expensive products and people decide to buy through your website, you could make a great living.

That is what you will learn to do. How long it takes you to digest the information and learn the new skills is totally up to you. But let’s pause for thought at this time in history.

Around the world right now the pandemic is creating total isolation for millions of people in most countries. What an awesome opportunity for each of us to take this precious personal isolation time to create our own website. Learn new skills online. Interact with like-minded people.

Whether you are 20 – 70 times are rough and making money is tough! Some people are making lemonade from lemons. (Turning alcohol for drinking into hand sanitizer.)  Others are feeling isolated and bored. Which will you choose?

Opportunity comes in a disguise

If everyone knows about it then it is too late? Maybe! But this time that isn’t true for you. I know how you feel but this time you areOnline business opportunity today ahead of the game. The internet shopping market is growing by billions every year.

You only have two decisions to make:

  • 1. Do you want to be part of this growth market?
  • 2. What product or products will you promote?

That’s it in a nutshell. If it is yes to both of those questions then let’s get you started for free and see how you go learning something new.

Exciting, you bet! Challenging, you bet? Rewarding in time, definitely!!

Now is Your Time

Have no allusions that the world will go back to normal when this pandemic is over, it won’t. Those who can continue working from home will weather this catastrophe extremely well and find new ways to not rely on only one income stream. You too can grab this opportunity with both hands and run into a new life.

You can create and craft a life that suits you now and going forward. Even learning how to create a website and deal with the challenges. This can make you stronger and you can do it locally for businesses looking to change to the internet. So many ideas, if you will only reach out and accept this brave new world.

I would love for you to join me on this adventure. I will be there to coach and support you.

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This post may contain affiliate links. It means that at no cost to you, I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of my links. Thank you!

I do not share personal information with others, which is covered in my Privacy policy and affiliate disclaimer. You are safe with me on this new journey to win financial freedom for yourself.

Change your life today and head in a new direction to enrich your life with your own online business. Learn and grow into all you can be. If you want to know more about me you can read up about my musical career.

Let’s do this together.

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Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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  1. This is a nicely worded website. It was full of great information on affiliate sales and your personal story. You and me are alike in this way. We both wanted to make a living while being out of the rat race. We found it at WA. Take a personal passion and share it to other people. It sounded good to me too and I am loving it. Good luck in your endeavors.
    This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone wanting financial freedom in their lives. We live in extraordinary times, a world of change.



    • Thanks Courtney,  we are fortunate to have found a way to add new skills from home. I appreciate your comments and wish you great success. 

      Regards Lily 

  2. Thanks for sharing such informative article on online business opportunity. For some time now I’ve been searching for an additional online business to engage in with my family. You just made the whole finding process easier for me by providing this information.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of such educative articles from you.

    • Hi Hillary, yes it can be confusing and there are a few sharks out there. I love that you can get started for free and try it out. There is so much to learn on the internet about building a business and there is lots of help here at Wealthy Affiliate. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  3. Hello Lily,

    This is such a well explain article you’ve got here on online business opportunities today. I must say that I’ve been searching a long time for such a post but never seen anyone as detailed as this very one. I look forward to utilizing this information given here on how to start an online business

    Thank you for all the information it has given me hope. You have a great day.

  4. This is such a well-explained article you have here on online business opportunities today, as an intending entrepreneur seeking to start up an online business, there are varieties of online businesses you can venture into such as free licensing, affiliate marketing and many more. Anyone interested in starting a business should read more about Wealthy Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – Heaven For Beginners  Thanks for sharing, have a blessed day

    • Hi Evans and thanks for your kind comments. It’s nice that I can lead people into a fun, creative way to make money online with their own website.

  5. Hello there! Thanks for sharing such informative article on online business opportunity. For some time now I’ve been searching for an additional online business to engage in with my family. You just made the whole finding process easier for me by providing this information.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of such educative articles from you.

    • Hi Davis, I’m delighted that you found this so informative. There is so much opportunity on the internet these days and I love being able to help people. Do lots of research before you decide.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Very nicely put and worded. I have read a few posts now on online businesses and it’s interesting to see how they differ from each other. From the wording to the layouts and the visuals. I love your geometric layout and the pictures you have supplied. I am also a member of this great Wealthy Affiliate platform and loving it. 

    The mention of the Covid pandemic and how it has affected the impact worldwide is so real. Your own story and how you searched for online opportunities, resonates well with a lot of people I would imagine. You have stated where to begin, earning money, and the reality of what this opportunity can offer makes for a worthy reading post and the urge to look further into it.

    • Dear Helen, it is so nice of you to be appreciative of my article. I’m very aware that there are a lot of women in particular who are unsure about building a business online. But it is no harder than getting up each day and going off to work. At least with Wealthy Affiliate, you aren’t paying much per month for all the hosting, technology, lessons, and support while you learn all about a whole different world of financial opportunity.

      Wishing you great success.

  7. Thanks for sharing your personal story. I want to make additional income due to having more free time after we started work from home. I think it’s really cheap if you only need to pay less than US$ 30 per month to host a website. I like that they also give you much training to prepare you for the online business venture from zero. I’ll check it myself before deciding to invest in them. Thanks.

    • Doing research is so important to starting any business. I’m pleased that my article set you on a good path to achieve a business for yourself. Who knows what the future can hold for you. You need hosting and training to make it work, it’s a whole new world.

  8. Nicely done! I believe that affiliate online marketing is the way to go to earn a living in the current times we are living in.  They do all the work, while you just promote their products.  You don’t have to have a warehouse, office, delivery vehicles, and accounts departments – just a lot of content on your website! I would far rather have this option at home than working a 9-5 job commuting everyday with the cost of fuel.
    Totally agree that creating your own website is the right way to go!

    • Absolutely. Once you get your head around the idea of writing great content on a regular basis and putting affiliate links in where it is appropriate you can really start heading towards a great income.

      It’s all in the learning.


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