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In this review, I’ll talk about the program’s benefits, as well as the system’s effectiveness. Despite its price, Online MarketingOnline Marketing Classroom review Classroom is not a scam. Instead, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who want to start an online business.

You can re-watch and re-cap the program’s webinars as often as you want. You’ll feel fully supported and have a competitive edge over your competitors.

The program includes a private Facebook group to ask questions and receive feedback. It has a support ticket system to submit an issue.

Support tickets are generally answered within a day, and members can check their website regularly to see if they have got any updates.

The course has an extensive library of case studies to aid your business strategy. There is also a blogging section to discuss success stories.

It provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for its members. It’s worth trying to see if it works for you. It claims to make you a millionaire online in 60 days. This is excellent news if you’re looking for help starting your online business. However, you have to be sure that you’re not just signing up for the next big scam.

Who Can Join?

Anyone interested in starting an online business can join this program. The online marketing training program from Online Marketing Classroom has a lifetime membership. It includes access to training, tools, emails, and private Facebook groups where you can ask questions.

However, there is a cost of $1497 and no free trial. This makes the training program expensive, but it has one of the most comprehensive features. If you aren’t satisfied with the course materials, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

The Online Marketing Classroom is a great place to start your online business. It is easy to use and has an affordable price tag. The Blue Membership costs $37 per month and offers workshops, tutorials, cheat sheets, and Facebook support.

This package might be for you if you’re thinking of starting a business. The Blue Membership offers step-by-step guidance to build a successful online business.

Those interested in joining the program should know that enrollment is limited. There are only a limited number of seats available in each class. To join, you must sign up before the start of the class. This ensures a quality learning experience.


The Online Marketing Classroom has three central cores. The 60-Day eCommerce Challenge features over 50 videos. This course is divided into nine weeks, focused on a single lesson. With this, every detail is covered.

Whether you’re just starting or you want to improve your current skills, you’ll find a course that is right for you. You can attend a weekly webinar, which allows you to ask questions and learn from fellow students.

The Training and Support Team is the backbone of the Online Marketing Classroom. A whole team of experts and mentors works with the community daily. With access to this group, members are sure to find the most relevant topics for their business.

The training and software tools offered are cutting edge, and you can be sure they’ll help you build a profitable business. You’ll save time, money, and effort while getting results faster.

With in-house tools and training, it helps you establish three different online business models. You can choose any membership plan to start your own online business with just a few dollars. It’s worth every penny to try the program!

Some tools help you monitor competition and find niches. The Blue membership is the most practical and comprehensive of the three. It is the least expensive and includes the most tools.

The online marketing classroom offers many valuable tools to boost profits. Its eCom Product Finder randomly plucks out profitable eCommerce niches. You can use the tools for Amazon sales or your eCommerce store.

Another feature is the Viral Search Tool, which scans the web for viral content. This feature can help you monitor your competition, find profitable niches, and get your products to the top of the search pages.

Training with Online Marketing ClassroomTraining with Online Marketing Classroom

This program will teach you to create a comprehensive marketing plan and integrate your existing marketing strategies. It offers replays of live events so you can see what you missed.

You’ll learn how to optimize your YouTube video, use Facebook and social media, and much more. The class is available for beginners and advanced marketers, so there’s something for everyone.

You’ll have access to the entire team of mentors and experts who are active in the classroom. This gives you access to people who have already done it and know what works. That means you’ll save money and time while getting the results you’ve been looking for. You can get started right away with the help of Online Marketing Classroom.

The course is divided into 12 modules. Each module includes real-life case studies and practical examples.

You can participate in webinars and other interactive elements like assignments, quizzes, and checklists as part of the course. This will enable you to implement the strategies you’ve learned. It’s very interactive, and you’ll be able to complete projects that build upon the last one.


A significant benefit of joining this program is the speed at which you can become an expert in your field. This program provides training on the fastest and easiest ways to make your business successful.

It will teach you to boost traffic, increase sales, and add more income streams. With the help of cutting-edge software and training tools, you’ll learn to grow your business in a short time. Then you can continue to grow and scale as your business grows.

Another benefit of joining Online Marketing Classroom is the quality of training materials. You’ll have access to training videos, re-caps, and case studies to help you develop your business.

In addition, you can learn from the cutting-edge ideas of other business owners. These ideas will give you an edge and help you grow your business. This makes the investment worth it. You can use these innovative tools to get started if you’re new to online marketing.

One of the best features of Online Marketing Classroom is the software suite included with your membership. Experts have developed these tools, and they cost a lot of money to develop. They will increase traffic and profits for you quickly.

You can use these tools to find niches and keywords, increase Amazon reviews, and track competitor activity. Taking advantage of these powerful tools will help you become more profitable and save you money on other subscriptions you may need.

How Much does it Cost?How much does it cost?

The Online Marketing Classroom has a one-time purchase that gives you two years of access, plus monthly updates. This offers a savings of $831 over the cost of buying a single course. The courses include labs where you learn different business models.

These lessons are designed for beginners and experienced marketers alike. The classroom also includes monthly webinars that focus on cutting-edge business strategies.

The Gold membership is $97 per month and includes access to the entire software tool suite, commission blueprint course, 60-day challenge course, and internal courses. The Platinum membership is $1497 for two years and provides access to all labs and tools.

The Gold membership also includes a private Facebook group for members and a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The program is very effective, and you can make the most of your time and resources.
  • It’s also worth considering that you’ll have access to a private case study, which is available only for gold members.


  • It doesn’t offer a free trial.


The software suite has been developed to help marketers grow their businesses. The tools it provides can increase traffic to a website, generate sales, and even earn you profit. They can even increase Amazon reviews and track products.

After the first 2 years, you can continue learning at your own pace with a lifetime subscription for $37 per month. The costs are reasonable for the two-year membership, and the recurring monthly fees are reasonable. The course is flexible, so you can use the resources you need for your business or for a short time.

Keep in mind that this monthly cost doesn’t include hosting a website, paid plugins, etc. These are extra costs that you will have to pay monthly.

My #1 recommendation for a better package with all the above training but with hosting, a free keyword finder, security, and technical support. There is also a friendly community that will answer any questions 24/7. All for less than $50 per month.

You get to start today for free with 10 videos to get you going. Have a website up and running in under 3 minutes.
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