Passive Income Geek Review: The Most Exciting Blogging Course?

Passive Income Geek is a new course that teaches blogging and other monetization methods. It includes nine modulesPassive Income Geek Review covering various aspects of the process, from niche research to monetization.

The course doesn’t contain much fluff, though. The instructor provides a good overview of the basics and explains what you need to do at the end of each module.

Compared to Authority Hacker’s course, the Passive Income Geek course is different. It goes beyond the basics of creating a YouTube channel and finding high-volume keywords.

Instead of learning how to optimize videos for YouTube, Morten also shows how to outsource content for your blog. This is an integral part of scaling a blog. You can use the tools, texts, and videos that the program provides.

Passive Income Geek is a legitimate course with plenty of value. This course will help you create a site with free organic traffic and monetize it. The material is easy to follow, and the modules are well-organized.

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is a website and community dedicated to making money online. Morten Storgaard’s founder is a father and husband living in Denmark. He has experience in e-commerce and dropshipping and has built a portfolio of niche websites. The website is simple to use and has a vast community.

The Passive Income Geek community is an online forum where members discuss different aspects of passive income. Ricky Kesler, Jim Harmer of Income School, Pat Flynn, and Tim Ferries are his primary inspirations.

The course is available for everyone. Though the creator lives in Denmark, the community consists of people from all over the world.

The Passive Income Geek course is a mentorship program for building a successful niche site. It costs $299 upfront and then recurring monthly for $99. If you’re willing to learn more about building a niche site, you can follow the step-by-step process laid out by Morten.

The most incredible part is that there are no upsells, no hidden costs, and no catches. You can expect to get value for your money if you’re willing to invest some time.

To get started with the program, you can check out the website’s reviews and learn more about it. This program will walk you through the process of starting affiliate marketing.

What is Inside the Passive Income Geek Course?What 's inside Passive income geek?

If you are a beginner at blogging, the Passive Income Geek course is a great place to start. Not only will you learn how to write articles that get visitors to your site, but you will also learn the proper way to set up your website to be easy to manage.

The course is excellent for anyone interested in making money online from home. It can help you earn money online from blogging, even if you have no previous experience.

The course was created by Morten Ross, an experienced blogger, and YouTuber who teaches how to make money from his website. The modules have specific tasks to complete, such as creating and writing relevant content.

Each module has a material tab that you can access. When you complete a module, the site will automatically redirect you to the Passive Income Geek homepage, where you can see your progress.

You must pay an annual fee, and you need to set aside some budget and prepare for it before you can start earning. The course is also updated regularly, so you can count on getting a new lesson every week.

If you are willing to become an affiliate marketer, this course will help you build your online business with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

Another incredible part is that you can access the information anytime. You don’t need to wait for months to make money online. The course will help you build a successful business in just 15 weeks. However, the cost is worth it if you’re looking to be a full-time affiliate marketer.

You’ll get comprehensive training with Passive Income Geek. It includes video tutorials, text guides, and an active community of affiliate marketers.

How Much Does Passive Income Geek Cost?

Morten Storgaard is the creator of Passive Income Geek. This training program is a subscription-based service, so you’ll have to pay each time you access the course. You’ll receive monthly updates from Morten.

The membership cost is $99 for the first year and then $99 annually. For an entire year’s access, you’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting, which will add to your expenses.

How Can Passive Income Geek Help You Earn Passive Income?

If you’re looking to make money online, you’ve probably come across “Passive Income Geek.” This is the brainchild of Morten Storgaard, a successful internet entrepreneur from Denmark. Since 2010, he has been an SEO consultant and has built a portfolio of niche websites. While he doesn’t spend much time on the business side, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

The course focuses on how to make passive income online. It teaches you how to set up a website, attract free organic traffic, and monetize that traffic. Morten Storgaard started as a YouTube video channel and shared valuable tips and tricks. However, some students have complained that the content is too technical and lacks over-the-shoulder examples.

Is Passive Income Geek a Scam?

The Passive Income Geek course is not a scam. There are some valuable parts of the course. It teaches you how to make money online, and several bloggers recommend it.

It has an easy refund policy and does not require monthly subscriptions. Therefore, you can try it out and decide if it’s worth your time and money. You can choose between an annual payment plan ($99 per year) and a one-time purchase ($299.)

Pros:Pros of Passive Income Geek

The first module in the Passive Income Geek Course focuses on social media. This course covers Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Below are some additional benefits of this course:

  • The course’s name is the same as the website and Morten’s YouTube channel.
  • There are no fake gurus on the site.
  • It talks about outsourcing and how to hire writers and ensure that they do a great job.


While this course is beneficial, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • It’s a bit confusing to navigate the site, and the branding is confusing.
  • While it’s a good course, the price might be a deterrent.
  • The course does not feature any live demonstrations. You may not be able to watch the videos of him working in real-time, which makes this course less convincing.

Looking for a Cheaper Alternative?

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Passive Income Geek is an online course about creating a passive income. It is run by Morten Storgaard, who has been online since 2007. He began with an online business in 2007 and is now a full-time SEO consultant.

In addition to a few websites, he also runs several businesses. But this is not enough to make you a passive income. You need to learn how to scale your website and create a sustainable revenue stream.

The first module covers creating valuable content that is authoritative and informative. You will master the process of creating compelling headlines and SEO, which is getting your website noticed by search engines like Google.

You will also learn to monetize your blog through premium ads and affiliate marketing. You will find additional training on email marketing, creating info products, and consulting.

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