Passive Profit Pages Review – Did Bill McRea Create It?

This Passive Profit Pages review will tell you about the program’s unique selling point – its money-back guarantee. ThePassive Profit Pages Review program allows you to try it out for 60 days without risk.

While Bill McRea may not be the most experienced affiliate marketer, he does have a successful YouTube channel with hundreds of subscribers.

He also has a Udemy channel that teaches people how to create a successful solo advertising business. In addition to his products, Bill McRea has his own marketing business and is part of the ClickBank network. If you purchase his Passive Profit Pages course, you’ll be protected against unauthorized use of your personal information.

Besides its money-back guarantee, Passive Profit Pages has other features. These include five passive profit pages you can customize and install on your website.

After you install these pages on your website, all you have to do is add content and promote the businesses of others online.

You can also get six training videos and a PDF traffic report. If you are ready to invest in affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to earn decent cash online.

Passive Profit Pages Overview

Product Name: Passive Profit Pages


Creator: Bill McRea

Price: $9

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Best For: Anyone who wants to earn a passive income from affiliate marketing


  • – It is cost-effective
  • – The business model is profitable
  • – You don’t need any skills
  • – The working hours are flexible


  • – It comes with low-quality pages
  • – It doesn’t have verified success stories
  • – The lead generation course isn’t adequate.
  • – Costly upsells ($1000 Website Page Builder)

What is Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages is an online course that claims to teach anyone how to create a passive income page and earn thousands of dollars quickly.

The program claims to provide detailed instructions and a video course, but you need a mobile or computer device with an internet connection to use it.

There are several advantages of using Passive Profit Pages. One of them is that you can create a page anytime, anywhere, without prior experience or training. The training course is backed up by customer support and you can use it on any device.

The training videos provide detailed information, including how to choose a subdomain and set it up. The program also explains the six-hour wait time required for set-up.

Bill McRea also gives instructions on buying a domain name and redirecting it to your Passive Profit Pages site. You can even delete your current site if you are unsatisfied with it. The training covers how you can make money from Passive Profit Pages.

Who is Bill McRea?Bill McRea

Until Bill McRea founded Passive Profit Pages, he had a typical life. Before that, Bill owned and operated a small cafe in his suburb. But when Starbucks opened nearby, his business couldn’t compete with the new rival.

Bill decided to explore other ways to make money. After meeting a new client named Tony, he earned a decent amount of money in a matter of days, which inspired him to teach others how to do the same.

The company’s system was designed with beginner’s mindsets in mind. Moreover, it enables people to earn money without a website or complicated software.

Those without website experience or technical knowledge can get started with Passive Profit Pages in no time. The company offers training videos that explain ClickBank and affiliate links and how to implement the pages most efficiently.

Bill McRea claims to earn $25000 in thirty days from Passive Profit Pages, and his customers earn hundreds of dollars daily.

Who is Passive Profit Pages for?

Passive Profit Pages is an affiliate marketing program that helps anyone provide five ready-made pages. The software will automatically create affiliate links when you select them.

After installing the pages, you can upload content and promote another person’s online business without investing a single cent! You’ll have five pages up and running in just a few hours a day.

Bill McRea began using Passive Profit Pages to generate extra cash. After just four months, he was earning $100,000 a month.

Bill McRea remained humble, but he was able to take this opportunity to start an online business. And while Bill had no previous experience building websites, he did it with help from a client he knew. And he was so pleased with the results that he decided to share his system with others.

Is Passive Profit Pages Scam?

Bill McRea claims that anyone can make money with passive profit pages. He states that the method is easy to use and can be profitable in the long run.

However, Bill admits that it could take years for this system to be profitable. However, he explains that he gets traffic to his pages through his engagements with other people’s products. If you are wondering whether or not Passive Profit Pages is a scam, keep reading to find out more.

This program promises you to earn massive amounts of money and become debt-free. You can build a bank account of $1000 within a day.

This money is entirely legal, and you can work whenever you want. There are no requirements for special skills or training.

What You Will Learn Inside Passive Profit Pages

According to Bill McRea, anyone can make money using passive profit pages. However, he also states that these pages require years to develop.

In addition, Bill says that the traffic will come from engagements on the products. In addition to his claims, he also provides real examples and strategies for ensuring the success of your pages.

Video 1: Get ClickBank – 4 mins 34 secondsGet ClickBank Approval

The Passive Profit Pages training is a six-part video series that explains the basic process of setting up your new website.

This training video is about five minutes long and teaches you how to insert your ClickBank ID into your page builder. It also explains the six-hour wait after setting up your site. You can purchase your domain and redirect it to your new site in minutes.

The Passive Profit Pages training program contains a slew of upsells that cost more money than the actual product. It will cost you over $1,000 to purchase the entire program.

Passive Profit Pages comes with a page builder that will insert affiliate links into your website. It costs about $1,000, but it’s safe to purchase as ClickBank sells the product.

If unsatisfied with the results, you can click back and get a refund. However, you should be aware that you won’t receive Google rankings with this training.

Video 2: ClickBank ID – 0 mins 19 seconds

You need to use a ClickBank ID to earn money online from affiliate marketing. However, there are several ways to make money online. One way is by creating a website and inserting affiliate links. You can also use the ClickBank ID for passive profit pages to insert affiliate links into your website.

The instructions cover all the technicalities of inserting a ClickBank ID into your page builder. After that, you can delete your site and make new ones. Afterward, you’ll be able to earn money online from passive profit pages.

Video 3: Use Lower Case – 0 mins 26 seconds

When choosing your subdomain, this training video reminds you to use lower case. You also learn why you should wait six hours to set up your site.

Bill McRea also shows you how to buy your domain and redirect it to your Passive Profit Pages site. In this video, you’ll also learn how to delete your current site if you don’t want it to be displayed.

Video 4: Give It Time – 0 Mins 22 Seconds

Have you ever wished you could give it some time? Well, you can do that with the aid of this training program.

The training video has a lot of good information about time management. It is recommended for you to watch it at least four times before you decide on your time management strategy. It’ll help you stay on track and motivated to work on your goals.

Video 5: Custom Domains – 4 mins 57 secondsCustomise your domain

Bill McRea shows you how to redirect your domain name to your Passive Profit Pages site. Just remember to keep it lower case to avoid software glitches.

You’ll see how to delete your old site if you decide to change your theme or niche later. The training video covers all the basics and takes about 6 hours to complete.

While this product comes with a PDF that explains how to create a custom domain, there is no guarantee it will rank in Google.

The sales video trashes all the other available offers. But the upsell is a big one. If you’re struggling with traffic, this product will show you the best traffic solutions you can use. This is crucial for generating traffic to your pages.

Video 6: Rebuilding a Page – 1 min 6 seconds

This program allows you to start over if you want to change the niche or theme of your website. The whole training is only about 12 minutes long.

But before you purchase the program, make sure you have the knowledge you need to launch your website successfully. Buying traffic is an option, but it is risky, and you might not see the results you want.

How Much Does Passive Profit Pages Cost?

You can get Passive Profit Pages today for just $9. However, the upsells ($1000) may require you to spend a bit more.

The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. And they ensure that you have a secure purchase.

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