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The best assets you can have through online means are the high revenue and high traffic business. Your assets show how Powerhouse affiliate review 2021serious you are in your business.

Will the Powerhouse Affiliate review help you to understand how to achieve the high revenue and traffic business? What if it is a scam?? Is it worth doing? You are in the right place to get answers to all your questions here.

In my review of Powerhouse Affiliate, I’ll uncover what it is about and how it works. This will help you see for yourself whether this affiliate network is worth it or not.

Let’s move on!!

Name of the Product: Powerhouse Affiliate

Product Creator: Joey Babineau

Type of Product: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: It costs $19 to be a premium member; then, $47 per month or $797 for a lifetime.

Not For Beginners

Recommendation: This platform is recommended for those who want to learn how to use paid traffic for their affiliate marketing adventure. This is not recommended for beginners.

Quick Summary: Looking at Powerhouse Affiliate, it never seemed much to me. But after seeing what it has to offer, its courses, and platform, I was really impressed.

To try it out, you can join PA without any cost. With the free membership, there comes limited access. Consequently, to get more access to platforms and courses, you will need to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

The Affiliate Training is designed to show how you can build your affiliate marketing skills on both CPA and PPC.

You have to pay for ads to get traffic to your offers and, also, build a website for creating your CPA promotion.

What Doesn’t PA Provide?What doesn't PA give you?

  • Websites
  • Research Tools
  • Autoresponders
  • Plugins
  • Landing Page Builder

One challenge you will face in using this platform is that you need to outsource affiliate tools such as websites, research tools, autoresponder, etc as this platform does not provide this. On place to outsource these resources is my #1 Recommendation, you can read all about it here.

What Does PA Include?

In a nutshell, Powerhouse Affiliate provides Training in CPA (Cost Per Action) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

This is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It’s pretty good to try out.

Powerhouse Affiliate

Powerhouse Affiliate is a network where people are trained to become successful affiliate marketers; it majors in CPA marketing. This platform trains you on how to build your own affiliate marketing expertise from scratch.

It shows you different experiences of super affiliates and how they earned their money in CPA affiliate commissions.

Also, there are some unique methods you can learn on this network, to enable you to earn unstoppable website traffic and commissions using affiliate marketing.

This platform helps you build a CPA marketing channel that is profitable; it has a structure that allows people who promote them to earn money.

CPA – (Cost Per Action)

Before going on with this review, you need to know about CPA. The full meaning of CPA is Cost per Action or Cost perCost Per Action


This is an online way of measuring advertisements and pricing models based on a specific action (someone filling in their email address, or credit card, etc.) And this is exactly what Powerhouse Affiliate is about!!

The Cost Per Action (CPA) is being calculated as the cost divided by the number of actions measured.

For example, if $150 was spent on a campaign and the number of actions associated with the campaign is ten, then the CPA is $15. (This is what you earn from people completing those actions)

Who Started Powerhouse Affiliate?

Joey Babineau is the creator of Powerhouse Affiliate. He has been involved in the online money-making business since 2002 (17 years.) He lives in New Brunswick, Canada.

In 2013, he created the Powerhouse Affiliate network to help people make money online. He is an expert in CPA and affiliate marketing.

He works online from his home and writes his own paycheck.

It’s similar to your goals, right?

Is Powerhouse Affiliate a Scam?

Definitely not! The Powerhouse Affiliate network is no scam. It is a network that is a hundred percent legit for starting your affiliate marketing business.

The process of learning how to make money by leveraging ads and paid marketing is plainly straightforward and legit.

Although the platform is young and does not have many reviews, based on my research there is no need for you to worry as to whether it is a scam or not.

Let’s now see what you can get with Powerhouse Affiliate.

What You Get Inside Powerhouse Affiliate

Inside the Powerhouse Affiliate, you have everything you need to start up your CPA marketing. Basic and advanced training, resources, community, and support are available.

However, tools such as landing page builder, email autoresponder are not available in the Powerhouse Affiliate network. So, you need to outsource them yourself. Compare Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate Programs for these resources.

Powerhouse Affiliate only instructs you on how to build your affiliate marketing using paid traffic and so on.paid traffic

With Premium Membership, here is a list of perks and features you can enjoy:

  • Dashboard Training
  • Affiliate Information
  • Community
  • Webinars
  • Support
  • Case Studies
  • Facebook groups
  • CPA network
  • LP studio, etc

How Does Powerhouse Affiliate Function?

As earlier said, Powerhouse Affiliate is based on CPA marketing. There are five stages of the training you will undergo which will help you know how to build up your own CPA business.

For beginners, CPA marketing is not a recommendation. CPA requires a budget and also a difficult method you can only solve if you have enough knowledge and experience.

Nevertheless, CPA marketing is a legit platform, and here are the five different aspects you will undergo:

Stage 1: Affiliate Marketing Certification

2: Monetization Channels

3: Performing Marketing Arbitrage

4: Advanced Traffic

5: Advanced Strategies

Stage 1: Affiliate Marketing Certification

The first stage of the Powerhouse Affiliate training is all about the basics. This is because most people are not familiar with all the terms on the platform before they jump into it.

This stage tells you and displays to you what to expect and how you create your own business.Affiliate Marketing Certification

In this stage, you will receive several lessons like;

1: How to be successful

2: How to earn money as an affiliate

3: Niche and Target Market Research

4: How to set up your website – stage 1

5: How to set up your website – stage 2

6: The right period to earn money with your blog and landing page

7: Create a high converting landing page

8: Guidelines for a profitable landing page

9: Tracking

10: An overall view of website traffic

Stage 2: Monetization Channels

This stage is designed to build up your own business by gathering email and assets online.

To set up, you should have your landing page and email campaign before getting into paid traffic. Your goal should be to create a long-term campaign with a lot of subscribers and followers.

In this stage, you will receive lessons like:

1: The affiliate funnels and email autoresponder

2: How to create your “opt-in mail” and squeeze page

3: Autoresponder and squeeze page

4: Autoresponder sequences

5: Tracking your email opt-in and subscriber rates

6: The blog “pre-funnel” strategy

7: List Segmentation

Stage 3: Performing Marketing Arbitrage

This stage is designed to get you familiar with Performance Marketing, and also show you how to create affiliates with the offers of CPA.

In this stage, they give you different ways to promote offers, collect leads, develop landing pages, set a marketingMarketing and creating leads funnel, get traffic on your website, and so on.

They teach lessons like:

1: What is CPA affiliate marketing?

2: How to get acceptance into the top CPA networks

3: Offers, restrictions, and traffic sources of the CPA

4: Collection of Leads and preparing sales funnel

5: Set up the squeeze page

6: Setting up the landing page

7: The landing page ‘hack’

Stage 4: Advanced Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any marketing campaign that is successful. And this stage is going to teach you how you can earn traffic.

You will also learn how you can track down and accurately do an analysis of data.

The Marketing Model for Powerhouse Affiliate is paid ads, as earlier said. So if you don’t have a budget, do not go into it.

The following lessons will be taken in this stage:

1: Four pillars of a traffic surge

2: Solo ads

3: Traffic on Bing ads

4: Traffic on push notifications

5: Traffic on video

6: Traffic on Facebook

7: Native Ads

Stage 5: Advanced Strategies

In this aspect, you are going to learn about native ads. Also, they will show you how you can get traffic and also, tacticsAdvanced strategies that will bring you success.

In this part, the platform teaches you:

1: Webinar worth watching

2: Display advertising and Native Ads

3: Most productive landing page for native advertising

4: What is the accurate Advertorial?

5: The adverts and networks

6: Optimizing, scaling native adverts.

Will It Work For Me?

I think it is going to really work for you as Powerhouse Affiliate is a very decent training platform.

The platform promises to show how you can make use of CPA marketing it is very specific but not SEO, content writing, and other important aspects.

The success of your affiliate marketing lifestyle relies on the time, effort, and budget you dedicate to your training.

Pricing of Powerhouse Affiliate

To test the platform, you can join the Powerhouse Affiliate for free. However, your free trials are limited; you cannot access some courses or platforms without paying.

To apply for the Premium Membership of Powerhouse Affiliate (within three days), you have to pay a total sum of $19. After that, for every month, you pay $47 and $797 for a lifetime membership access.

But you need to get affiliate tools such as:

  • Hosting
  • Landing page builder
  • Autoresponder
  • Tracking software


The Powerhouse Affiliate network offers a fourteen-day test, that is, you have to test out the PA and CPA marketing within fourteen days to make your decision to continue or not.

If you wish to opt-out within the fourteen-day test period, you can get a full refund back.A full refund


When you promote Powerhouse Affiliate to others, you earn money (only applicable to members).

The company gives a fifty percent (50%) commission on whatever you sell plus your second or third tier commission.

Here is how it works:

For tier 1, you earn fifty percent on each Premium referral plus a recurring commission

Tier 2, you earn a ten percent commission on each Premium member you refer plus a recurring commission with it.

For tier 3, you earn five percent on each Premium member you refer to the platform plus a recurring commission.

What I Like About Powerhouse Affiliate

  • The Powerhouse Affiliate platform is legit and reliable
  • You can join for free
  • It also allows for a free trial and there is no time limit to the free membership
  • The platform has an expert, Joey himself, on online marketing that can put you through his example
  • Their training is well-structured and covers every aspect you need to know
  • Their price for the platform is affordable

What I Don’t Like

  • The platform cannot be recommended for beginners as it is for advanced marketers with solid knowledge and experience
  • CPA is a form of paid advertisement; it does not accept free traffic methods like that of SEO
  • You also need to outsource tools and other resources yourself.


This platform is only for CPA marketing and I am not that happy about that.

As earlier said, for beginners, it is definitely not recommended. This is because you won’t get the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing.

And because Powerhouse Affiliate focuses only on paid advertisement, your foundation will be very weak. You need to also be doing excellent SEO.

But for advanced marketers who are looking for ways to drive their business, this platform is perfect. Also, for those who focus on paid advertisement, this is right for you.

Simply put, Powerhouse Affiliate is a good and legit platform and I recommend it.Recommendation


Keep in mind that Powerhouse Affiliate is no scam; it is very legit. And through this platform, you will learn directly from an expert.

Also, if you don’t like it, you have the option to request a refund. In any way, make use of Powerhouse Affiliate Training to get the best out of your Affiliate Marketing adventure.

Thank you for reading this review.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.


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  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and focus on affiliate marketing business. I am actively looking for new ways to enhance my business. Based on your analyses, Powerhouse Affiliate is definitely one for me to carry out further investigation. It is nice to see that this business is not a scam, so that I know that I will not waste my time, energy and money on this. It is also nice to know that if I don’t like it, I have the option to request a refund. I definitely give this a try.

    • Hi Anthony, I’m so pleased to hear that you think you will give it a try. You can’t really lose. Although, I really need to impress on you that it is geared toward PPC, so if you don’t have the money yet to use on a marketing campaign I would suggest you look at MaxBounty or CPALead Network.

  2. Hello there, I just found out about this particular platform. I know that Powerhouse Affiliate is a network where people are trained to become successful affiliate marketers; it majors in CPA marketing. This platform trains you on how to build your own affiliate marketing. I have some questions, how many persons know about this? Because I really want to invest in it.

    • You join in with Powerhouse Affiliate and they help you to make money from your traffic. I’m sure that there are thousands of people involved as it has been going a long time Maureen.

  3. Lily! Well this is just another beautiful and detailed review from you! Great stuff. From your review,  Powerhouse affiliate no doubt promises to be a great platform . I think it has everything I need to get started with Cost-per-action marketing. I will like to know if it Shows Actual Real Live Traffic Campaigns?

  4. Thanks for a comprehensive review of Powerhouse, Lily! I’ve been looking to join this affiliate marketing platform for a while but needed to learn about it deeply before making a move. In the first place, I have been thinking of earning from CPA offers and have always found it difficult to get approved with a network like MaxBounty.

    Glad you reviewed the private CPA offers of Powerhouse! I found it so interesting to promote and earn from. I’ll like to use your affiliate link if you don’t mind. Thanks.


    • Hi Joyce, I’m so pleased that you gained a lot from this information and you are ready to start earning from your traffic. I will be delighted to sponsor you.

  5. In my efforts to gain more knowledge about CPA and PPC, I believe you have provided information on just the right platform to find out all about these two options in Affiliate Marketing.  I will most definitely take a look since I can do that for free and I wouldn’t have lost any income, but instead, improve my knowledge about these two options without jumping into it not knowing what it’s all about. Thank you for alerting us to this platform and all it has to offer.

    • Each company that offers CPA and PPC has certain conditions that you have to meet to join in but this company seems kinder and more forgiving when you are new to the concept.


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