Printable Profits Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

If you have been thinking of getting into online retail, you may be wondering what you should expect from the program. InPrintable Profits Review this Printable Profits Review, we’ll look at this business opportunity and see if it’s worth your time. Also, you’ll discover who Dave Kettner is and what his credentials are.

Printable Profits is an online business program that helps people sell products through e-commerce sites. But is it worth it? In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know before joining this course. Is it a legitimate business opportunity? Or is it just another rip-off?

The course comprises eight modules, 16 hours of video content, and a Facebook group where you can interact and share ideas.

The course begins with an introductory video, which introduces the course and explains researching and selecting designs. Afterward, you’ll get to know the course’s content in depth.

The program offers many valuable tools for marketing your products. It covers topics like keyword research and pay-per-click marketing. Pay-per-click marketing is expensive, but it’s not the only way to market products.

You can sell various products in a relatively short period. And as long as you have the proper skills and mindset, the possibilities are endless.

Printable Profits Overview

Product Name: Printable Profits

Official Website:

Price: $1,735 with Upsells

Type: eCommerce Training

Best For: Anyone who wants to start their print-on-demand business

Printable Profits Pros:

  • – It has high-income potential.
  • – It has a solid strategy with minimal running costs
  • – You won’t have to run Facebook ads

Printable Profits Cons:

  • – The program has no strict refund policy
  • – It is pretty expensive

What are Printable Profits?

If you want to get started in the Print on Demand business, the answer is to purchase a course from an expert.

While the program promises to teach you how to make a lot of money, you’ll have to spend some money to start up.

You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. You also need to know that Print on Demand is not a scam. Moreover, be prepared to pay a fee of up to $400. However, this is nothing compared to the time and money you’ll spend on marketing.

You’ll need to create products that appeal to a broad audience when marketing. Print on demand is a rapidly growing market largely untapped by most publishers and marketers.

To capitalize on it, you must first find products that buyers are looking for and provide them. Although you don’t need to create original content, you can use free public domain content and PLR content, which you can get quickly. The Printable Profit empire provides resources to find and use the content.

Who is Dave Kettner?Dave Kettner

In addition to his own online business, Dave Kettner has created several products to sell on Amazon. He is a top seller in the Cell phone and Accessories niche and earns six figures every month.

Although he has not revealed his net worth, he claims to have made eight million dollars in Amazon sales since 2009. Kettner’s private label business model uses Print on Demand and Private Label to sell his products to other sellers.

Although he is a well-known name in eCommerce, the real secret behind his success lies in running a successful Private Label online business.

Dave’s founder of Printable Profits has extensive experience running an Amazon Private Label business. Kettner started his online business in 2013, selling his first product.

Since then, he has been generating a six-figure income every month. Kettner is the inventor of the Printable Profits course.

Known for creating profitable courses, Dave Kettner’s first product sold on Amazon in 2013 and today generates a six-figure income monthly.

Is Printable Profits A Scam?

As a newbie, you might wonder if this program is worth it. After all, it’s costly to start a business. Plus, no one knows when they’ll start earning more than they spend.

Luckily, the program covers eight modules and comes with bonus material. The first module teaches you how to create products that people will buy. Even if you’re not a design expert, you can easily create attractive products that people will be eager to buy.

The program’s creator, Kettner, has over 9,000 subscribers and a highly successful YouTube channel. While his background is quite similar to Fred Lam, a famous author, and online entrepreneur, his course is worth the money. Despite the high price, there is much potential to make money with this program.

List your products on a popular marketplace and start earning. The more profitable your online business is, the more profits you can earn.

How does Printable Profits work?

As a member of Printable Profits, you will receive an exclusive monthly report, reminders about big holidays, and other opportunities to earn cash.

You will also have access to support from fellow MUGpreneurs and receive advice from Dave Kettner.

But once you start generating profits, you will find that the more you upload, the more custom products you sell.

Besides creating beautiful printables, you can also create gated memberships that offer members, monthly planners, newsletters, masterminds, and more.

You won’t need to have artistic talent as long as you know your target audience and the type of products they want. You can create your products in just five easy steps.

Can You Make Money With Printable Profits?

You can earn money by selling printables that have no expiry date. Journal pages are one example. You can create blank planner pages or journal pages and sell them as printables.

Printouts are excellent because they don’t require inventory, and you can sell them on multiple platforms. You can promote them on Pinterest or Etsy to expand your audience. Plus, you don’t need to rent any space for them. This makes it a scalable business.

You’ll have to post the same content on social media multiple times. You can also create a template that you can easily update.

You can bundle several products together. And after all, there’s no limit to how many you can create. The possibilities are endless!

Free printables build social proof and reviews. This helps sell your printables. These freebies appeal to a particular audience. And people buy from people they trust.

Free printables will help you attract a niche market and create a fan base. You can also sell digital products and services by creating a storefront. Depending on your expertise and budget, you can sell printables with a storefront or plugin on your website.

What is Inside the Print Profits Course?What is inside Printable Profits?

If you’re wondering what’s included in the Printable Profits course, read on! It outlines a step-by-step method for building a Shopify store from scratch.

In Module 1, you’ll learn about picking a niche, researching your competition, planning your business, purchasing a domain name, designing your brand, and establishing your website and product listings. You’ll also learn how to build and design your store’s products and find print-on-demand services.

Welcome Video (5 mins)

A welcome video will engage website visitors and convert them to leads. Most inbound marketing content is based on forms, so a video is a great way to showcase a solution to a buyer’s problem visually. In this type of content, the goal is to educate, excite, and entice viewers to complete a form.

Module 1: Discovering Designs That Sell

The first lesson in the course is on discovering designs that sell. Learn how to find popular designs and best-selling items on the internet.

Learn how to use WordSwag to create designs for your products and start selling them online for big profits.

And once you’ve created a design you’re proud of, you can create products that sell well using dropshipping. This lesson includes over 2 hours of video.

This module is fundamental because Amazon is competitive, and many entrepreneurs are spending big bucks on advertisements. Learning how to sell on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon is essential for scaling your business.

There are several tools to help you market your products on the internet. You can learn to market your products using keyword research, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and free marketing. But be warned: PPC is a costly strategy!

Try to find other ways to promote your products, such as blogging, instead of PPC. It’s worth checking out this course before spending your hard-earned cash on it.

Module 2: Creating Your Design (1 hour 45 mins)

You will find all you need to create a professional design identity, including detailed guidance on building a brand, designing your stationery, and getting press.

This module will teach you advanced technical repeats in Illustrator and Photoshop. It even includes downloadable product templates.

You’ll also get step-by-step guides for using Photoshop to create your designs! This module will take you about an hour and 45 minutes to complete.

It focuses on selling on marketplaces like Etsy. In this module, you’ll learn how to scale your Etsy store. This module will teach you how to sell on Etsy and expand to other platforms.

Module 3: Creating Products for DropshippingDrop shipping with Printable Profits

In the first module, you’ll learn how to find designs that sell. Learn how to find the best-selling products and the most popular designs globally.

You’ll create your designs in module two and learn to use WordSwag and other tools to create unique products. But, in module three, you’ll create products for dropshipping. You can even drop ship your products and create your product designs.

After establishing your brand and creating a logo, you can move on to selling personalized gifts on Etsy and other platforms. You’ll learn how to scale your Etsy store and grow your profits.

You can also sell custom prints on Amazon and eBay. The Printable Profits Course also includes a bonus module that teaches advanced listing techniques for Etsy.

In addition to this, you’ll learn about a few other popular online marketplaces, including eBay and Shopify.

While print-on-demand is a legitimate business model, it’s getting more challenging to succeed. One example of a winning product is a mug.

Anyone can create a winning product, even beginners. While it’s true that many people with zero design experience can succeed with this model, you’ll be better off with other eCommerce business models.

Module 4: Listing Products for Sale on Etsy

The course comes with video lessons, readable content, and 13 bonuses from printables experts. It also features printable lesson plans and a VIP Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive help.

You can even sell your products on Amazon! You’ll also learn how to expand your Etsy business and sell custom prints and artworks on Amazon.\

The course covers everything from creating your products to designing and posting ads on Etsy. The course lasts about three hours, including video lessons.

This module covers creating listings, listing your products, and collecting transaction fees. There’s also a bonus Facebook group for Etsy sellers and a bonus video series. The course is worth every cent.

Module 5: Etsy Optimization and Growth

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to use advanced listing strategies on Etsy to generate more sales and profit. The course covers two hours and twelve minutes of content and will help you expand your reach and sell your products on various marketplaces.

While this module covers Etsy in-depth, it also addresses the various online marketplaces, including Amazon. In addition to the Etsy module, you’ll also find bonuses like a private Facebook group.

Unlike dropshipping, the Printable Profits model doesn’t require you to pay for ads. The course’s most enormous cost is the course itself.

After all, it’s the only course you’ll ever need. With just one course, you can be up and running in no time. And the course is only $397 per month.

You’ll also get access to the video vault and business consult, two features that will help your online business scale.

Module 6: Expanding To Other MarketplacesExpanding marketplace

This module covers expanding to other marketplaces and improving current internet businesses. It includes a Business Consult, Video Vault Access, and a membership to the KIBO Code, a video-based marketing platform for creative businesses.

Amazon is a giant online marketplace. Many challenges are associated with selling your products on Amazon; so many people choose to sell their wares on eBay or Etsy.

But Amazon has high competition and requires you to pay for ads and marketing. That’s where the Printable Profits course comes in handy.

You will learn how to become a successful seller on these marketplaces. You’ll also learn how to scale your business and reach new levels of success.

This module also covers email marketing, social media, and Google retargeting. The next step in expanding your business is to choose a product to sell and choose a supplier.

In Module 6, you’ll learn how to set up a Facebook fan page and a Google search campaign to increase your exposure.

Module 7: Expanding To Amazon Private Label

To make serious money online, you must understand how to sell on Amazon. This popular online marketplace has massive potential for making money.

You can sell your products or outsource the creation of your products. However, there are several things you should consider before taking this route.

You will need to start by learning the private label business model basics. There are many disadvantages to using the private label system, and you must be aware of them before signing up for the course. However, the benefits of this program outweigh the drawbacks.

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

This module will teach you to leverage your unique strengths and develop consistent, reliable processes to scale your business and succeed. It’ll also teach you to create your buyer presentation and how to find your voice.

You’ll learn to use productivity tools to stay consistent and avoid wasting time and energy. These tools will be handy as you continue to scale and grow your business.

Printable Profits Pricing

Price: $1,588 paid in four monthly payments of $397 plus the 250x Profit Multiplier upgrade at $147 brings the total cost to $1,735.

Get a Free Website and Training for a Blog

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Printable Profits teaches you the Private Label business model and the Print on Demand business model.

The training program teaches people how to start an online business. The program’s goal is to teach people how to sell custom mugs, and the training platform makes and handles the inventory for you.

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