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Are you in need of writers and are thinking to explore ProBlogger? If yes, you’re in the right place. In my ProBlogger job review, you will find a reputableProblogger job review writer-focused platform that connects writers with clients from all walks of life. It helps business owners find skilled writers and grow their blogs.

Its job board offers the right caliber of content writers compared to most freelance job boards out there. Learn more about ProBlogger, how it works, and how you can make the most from this job offering site.

What’s ProBlogger?

ProBlogger is a writing-specific site. It was created by Darren Rowse in September 2004. He had the intention to connect with bloggers and make money from blogging.

ProBlogger has a very strong Google Page Rank score. It is one of the most trusted sites in the industry. ProBlogger has got a high percentage of positive reviews.

Darren Rowse offers writers the opportunity to hone their writing skills. This creates an ideal space for the board to captivate an audience of professional writers.

Since it started out, it’s achieved a great milestone in the writing space. It offers a job board that allows blog owners to get remote freelancing opportunities. And it’s the ideal place for brands to connect with freelance writers hunting for gigs.

ProBlogger stands out among the writing sites out there. It is a one-stop site for blog owners and brands looking to collaborate.

Who Can Use ProBlogger?

ProBlogger is the ideal site for brands that want to outsource their content writing to the expert.  The board features freelancers who are skilled enough to create well-researched and optimized content.

The Job Board has the categories of jobs below:

  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Blogging Services
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Writing
  • E-book Ghostwriting
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Proofreading and Editing

The Job Board has skilled writers and marketing services. And some of them are very experienced marketing managers, content managers, and copyeditors, and a lot more.

Are you thinking to outsource your writing to an expert? If so, ProBlogger connects you with skilled professionals who are exceptional in their various fields.

How Does It Work?

The writing-specific job board is completely free for writers and other freelancers, but brands pay $70 for the job posting.

Jobs remain active on the board for up to two weeks. ProBlogger blasts the job ads to its huge Twitter following to help the job owners connect more with the perfect writing pros.

It features a Premium Candidate Listing that lets writers showcase their skills to prospective job owners. Now, it becomes easy for job owners to find the right freelancer to create great content for them.

ProBlogger PricingProblogger pricing

  • Its featured ad costs $140, and it keeps your job visible for two weeks
  • The standard listing costs $70, and this keeps your job active for two weeks

The featured listing lets your listing show up on the front page. Business owners can buy a membership package on ProBlogger. They can also enjoy more discounts, or upgrade to a featured job ad.

  • The $300 package comes at a 20 percent discount. It also gives you access to ten candidates and keeps 5 standard job ads visible for two weeks.
  • The $360 package gives you access to 15 candidates and keeps 3 featured job listings active for two weeks.
  • The $500 package includes access to 20 contacts and resumes and keeps 10 standard job ads active for two weeks.

ProBlogger Client Support

The site is meant for listing only. Hiring occurs outside the platform. The role of the site is to create connections between businesses and the right freelancers. Once the listing becomes active, its part ends.

If there’s an issue, clients can reach the site owner through his site’s contact page or social media pages.

Online reports show that ProBlogger offers superb customer service, though response times may vary.

ProBlogger Usability

When it comes to navigating the site, the employer board, and the job board, it’s easy with ProBlogger. It has a clutter-free and user-friendly interface.

Are you a blogger looking to learn more, a writer hunting for writing opportunities, or a business looking to hire? ProBlogger has the right information that you’re looking for.


The Board helps:

  • Job owners connect with skilled freelancers from all parts of the world.
  • Freelancers find jobs that pay well.
  • Business owners take advantage of its 300,000+ subscribers.


  • Job owners find it hard to select from too many applications.
  • App creators, social media marketers, web developers, logo designers, etc. don’t find the board suitable for their listings.
  • Job owners with a low budget find the membership packages a bit pricey.

Reviews from Job Owners

Mauricio said that the Job Board has helped the job owners grow up their business. It has a higher number of candidates than most other sites, such as Freelancer, Upwork, etc.

Graywolf said that he got more applications from ProBlogger than from other sites such as Craigslist, etc. The board candidates had better skills and work experience. Most of the freelancers he hired were from the ProBlogger job board.

Writers’ Reviewswriters' reviews for Problogger

The ProBlogger Job Board offers a small but professionally designed platform for content writing gigs. Because the Job Board charges business owners to list jobs, it reduces the occurrence of scam listings.

Jobs show up on the board in tens instead of hundreds, but it is worthy of checks. Most gigs are worth picking, and I’ve both listed jobs and picked up freelancing work – Ben Taylor stated.

Wrapping up: Is ProBlogger Legit?

ProBlogger is 100 percent legit. There is no evidence anywhere on the web showing that the site is a scam.

ProBlogger both hires and promotes. So, it is a great place to outsource writing projects to professionals. Also, bloggers find online jobs and explore them to seek information.

It is not a surprise that the site has turned into one of the most used job websites online. If you are thinking to hire freelance writers, ProBlogger is the right place to find skilled writers and other freelancers.

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12 thoughts on “ProBlogger Job Review”

  1. I have got to a point in my blogging journey where I can not keep up with the demands of blogging 3 times a week. I know that if I stop putting content out there, then Google will hit me with lower rankings. So I believe the solution is t start outsourcing content. I will indeed give ProBlogger a try. Thank you very much!

    • This can be an exciting transition time for you Ann as having the writing load taken from you leaves your mind clear to focus on promotion and looking for new product opportunities. You are on the right track.

  2. Thank you very much for the ProBlogger Job Review. There are many bloggers, delivering quality content constantly is a key to success. Being able to outsource help will keep you stay on top of your game. The only disadvantage is it is a little bit costly, however its a great investment for those who can afford.

    • Hi Diana, you are correct in feeling that there are some great writers out there. It is good to know that when you need to increase your blog you don’t have to do it all yourself. When you look at the cost it can seem high but really you are getting great value and there are some other places you can find writers. There is plenty to go around.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start your Business, but right now I need to find out what my people are thinking about,  I need to understand and communicate with them and have meaning conversation on the topic of my Blogs, ask question and answer question and really get to know them, before I hire out to someone, I need to know about what I am doing first? Great job on  Clever Affiliate Success, topic are excellent overall discussion is good. I love all you have to say, I will look for you in the future.

    • Hi Dorothy, I can see that you are at the beginning of your journey and you have the right attitude because it is important to really understand your market and how to run a website before you farm out work. My review just gives you a few ideas to stash away until you are ready and they will be there in your head.

      Wishing you a lot of success.

  4. The last few years, I have been using Fivver to find bloggers and writers for my businesses, and I have gone through all the professional bloggers and have not been satisfied with the caliber of bloggers on Fivver. Finding ProBlogger was a godsend. This is a perfect platform for me to outsource my content writing to the experts at ProBlogger. For me, the biggest feature and benefit is the well-researched content that has optimized content for SEO processing.

    I also like the Job Board categories which can help you find exactly the type of content or article you are looking to have written. The Job Board is filled with documented skilled and professional writers to choose for your content. And what’s fascinating is a number of their writers happen to be experts in their field of work including marketing marketers, content managers, copy editors, and programmers.

    If you are considering outsourcing your content to an expert, trust me, ProBlogger is the way to go. I have had hundreds of articles written for my various enterprises, and by far ProBlogger is head over heels better than any competitor. Choose ProBlogger for your content needs, and you will be extremely satisfied. Take it from a satisfied customer. 

    • You do sound very satisfied Terry and I’m so pleased to hear that. Finding the right writer for your work is so important and it can be a frustrating time. It sounds like Problogger really works for you. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me know how good this platform is.

  5. It sounds like another good platform for freelancers to pick up jobs. However, I’m still a bit unsure of a few things;

     What’s the cost as a freelancer to join? 

    It indicates that Job Posters may be inundated with many applicants. Does this mean that the chances of picking up work are very competitive?

    Can you join Free to spectate?

    • Hi Kwidzin, these are all great questions. It is a free writers site to register for the writers. Only the people looking for writers pay to list their jobs and for the writing. I can’t see why you couldn’t register to see how it all works and maybe it will open a new door for you.

  6. Hey how are you doing I love reading your content every time I visit your page I learn something new. I have never used Problogger but I wish I found out about them before I got a Job because I am a great copy writer. I will check out Problogger in my free time to see if I can find some more work. And if they have the great reviews like you say they do I should not have a hard time finding something that I can do.

    • That is a lovely thing to say Calvin and I appreciate your feedback. I sometimes wonder if I am helping people and now you say I am. Thanks. I really do think that you will find some great jobs on ProBlogger. Wishing you great success.


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