Publisher Supremacy Review: Is it a Legit Publishing Course?

The Publisher Supremacy course is a new training program from Dane McBeth. It’s designed to teach authors how to sellPublisher Supremacy Review thousands of books in a single year, and it promises to do just that.

It’s based on the proven methods of other successful authors and is backed by over 10k subscribers on YouTube. But can Dane McBeth live up to delivering on his promises?

This program offers training in writing an e-book and publishing it through online marketplaces like Amazon. Unlike other courses, it offers support and bonuses such as a private Facebook group, coaching balls, and more.

Book publishing is not an easy task, and this program makes it easier to learn the ins and outs. Publisher Supremacy is a valuable resource for new authors and those looking to make money online.

So you’re thinking of joining Publisher Supremacy. How does Publisher Supremacy work? This review will cover the basics of this program and its potential downsides. Hopefully, you’ll feel better informed about this program after reading this review.

Publisher Supremacy Overview

Product Name: Publisher Supremacy

Official Website:

Product Owner: Dane McBeth

Product Price: $1,997 or 3 Payments of $797

Product Type: Self Publishing Course

Best For: Anyone aspiring to sell simple books online


  • You will get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product.
  • The instructor is a professional in the book publishing industry.


  • For starters, the course is too expensive.
  • It’s not realistic to earn 5k a month by selling e-books.

Publisher Supremacy Review Summary

If you’re an aspiring author who wants to make a killing from selling your e-books on Amazon, Publisher Supremacy might be for you.

If you’ve gotten past the initial sales pitch and are looking for a proven system to sell your e-books, Publisher Supremacy is designed to help you achieve your goals.

What is Publisher Supremacy?What is Publisher Supremacy?

Publisher Supremacy is a recent course that aims to teach students to be successful book publishers. Dane McBeth, a 22-year-old entrepreneur, created the course to maximize his students’ potential as book publishers.

Publisher Supremacy is an online training course designed to help writers get started in the self-publishing industry. The course will teach you how to write e-books, publish them on Amazon, and make money online.

If you are a new author or someone who wants to make money online through affiliate marketing, this course is a perfect choice. The training course is comprehensive and includes monthly coaching balls and a private Facebook group.

Is Publisher Supremacy a Scam?

If you’re wondering if Publisher Supremacy is a scam, you’re in the right place. This course was created by Dane McBeth, who is known for his many free advice videos.

Dane McBeth has no credentials to back up his claims and has not been active in publishing for several years. He also has no way to prove that he practices what he preaches.

First, Publisher Supremacy claims to teach you how to publish on Amazon and other online marketplaces. This course is a unique niche within the online money-making market and is gaining popularity.

The program teaches you how to write e-books and publish them on marketplaces like Amazon. There are also a lot of bonuses in the program, but we’ll talk about those in a minute.

Whether Publisher Supremacy is a scam is a surprisingly common one. The publisher of this e-book sales course specializes in teaching people how to create and sell e-books on Amazon.

The program is divided into seven weeks of training and comes with bonuses. But is it the best course available to learn how to sell e-books on Amazon? This review of Publisher Supremacy will help you decide whether the program is worth purchasing.

This program aims to help aspiring authors publish their books. It boasts a monthly quality check, a private Facebook community, and bi-weekly coaching balls.

The creator, Dane McBeth, has made plenty of money from book publishing on Amazon. In addition, he has a channel with more than 20,000 subscribers. McBeth is an author who freely shares his knowledge on self-publishing through his videos.

Who is Dane McBeth?Dane McBeth

Who is Dane McBeth? Dane McBeth is a 22-year-old Canadian entrepreneur. He’s an accomplished author, self-publishing expert, and course creator.

He’s helped thousands of people launch their careers through his courses. Before leaping to self-publishing, Dane was a straight-A student and star athlete in high school.

He had ambitions to attend a top university but decided to pursue a different path. Instead, he started working at a sports store and was booming by nineteen.

He has no way to prove that he practices what he preaches. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot from his courses. He has a lot of great advice to offer, so be sure to check it out.

What’s Inside Publisher Supremacy?

This course teaches you to make your Amazon sales explode and get thousands of new customers while building a profitable online business. But it doesn’t stop there.

Publisher Supremacy also teaches you to work beyond Amazon and build a Shopify website to sell other products, like e-books. And as a bonus, Dane includes over 100 tools to help you market your products.

Lesson 1: Publisher Supremacy Accelerator

If you’re willing to take the next step toward publishing your eBook, the first step is to enroll in the Publisher Supremacy Accelerator.

This training course will teach you everything from building a website. To write your first book and monetize your eBook through Facebook and other social media.

The Publisher Supremacy Accelerator course contains over 30 hours of video content divided into seven weeks of training.

The course includes video tutorials and audio recordings, which you can listen to at your own pace. This is an actual course, and it is not a scam.

But I believe that you are still better off buying free books from other sources and putting your money into your marketing.

Lesson 2: Publisher Supremacy Marketing

Publisher Supremacy is a legit business model. It covers the basics of building a book, researching target markets, preparing for publication, monetizing your Amazon ads, and more.

Moreover, it covers the many ways to start a profitable self-publishing business. The course teaches authors how to use social media marketing tools and build a community on Facebook.

Lesson 3: Mindset MasteryMindset for Publishing

Publisher Supremacy covers all you need to know about book publishing, from finding your niche and building a book to marketing and monetization strategies.

You’ll also learn to write an email marketing campaign and use Amazon ads to sell your book. You’ll have a fully functioning self-publishing business by the end of the course.

The course is structured with nine significant themes and several lessons in complexity and detail. Each lesson explains every part of running a successful self-publishing business, from finding and curating products to going live and creating a proper ecosystem.

It’s unlikely that you will make 5k a month selling e-books – and there’s no need to spend your money on the program if you don’t have the necessary experience or expertise.

Lesson 4: Audiobook Autopsy

This course teaches you how to target different niches. But it goes much further than that. It is a must-have module for anyone looking to start an audiobook business.

If you want to sell e-books on Amazon, you need a course called Publisher Supremacy. It was released just recently and taught a proven business model.

The course teaches the basics of self-publishing, including creating branded websites, email automation, and Facebook pages and groups. It teaches you to increase your sales.

Lesson 5: Top Tier Book Transformation

This Publisher Supremacy course is filled with over 30 hours of video content. It covers everything from building a branded website to finding and monetizing target keywords.

You’ll learn how to get as much free and paid traffic to your eBook and make money with your self-publishing business. You’ll also learn how to monetize your Amazon ads.

Dane McBeth built his program as an all-in-one solution for beginning book publishers. It is an ecosystem based on specialized outsourcing, social networks, and funneling sales.

Building a portfolio and branding is key to success as a book publisher. Your books need to stand out to get the attention of your target audience, which will ultimately lead to more sales and positive reviews.

The Publisher Supremacy training will teach you how to build your portfolio and branding and how to produce high-quality content at scale.

Lesson 6: Books To Business

Publishing a single book can be quite a daunting task if you don’t have the experience. If you want to publish multiple books, you’ll need to hire writers.

It also requires a lot of time, but the results can be lucrative. The course creator, Dane McBeth, has a YouTube channel where he discusses all aspects of submitting a book on Amazon and gives free advice.

Throughout the program, you’ll learn the basics of self-publishing and how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote your book.

You’ll also learn to create a branded website, automate your email marketing, and monetize your books with Facebook ads.

Lesson 7: Hiring and Automation

You can automate your business using some software apps. For instance, you can set up a robust autoresponder. This way, users who opt-in to your email list can start receiving automated emails from you.

This module will also teach you to hire ghostwriters effectively and outsource that part of your business that you cannot automate.

Lesson 8: Building Your Ecosystem

Unlike in the past, ecosystem orchestrators are not monopolies but a partner or complement to the ecosystem. Publishers that want to maintain their supremacy must create a robust ecosystem.

There are two ways to create an ecosystem: first, you can become a first-mover by building your ecosystem around your product or service. Next, you can build your ecosystem to compete with a rival.

Lesson 9: Establishing a Brand Presence

This program teaches you how to create a brand presence for yourself while also promoting your e-books using free and paid traffic methods.

It teaches you how to publish e-books on Amazon. It promises to teach you how to create and sell e-books while earning thousands of dollars every month.

Publisher Supremacy is an eBook publishing training program that teaches you how to write eBooks and publish them on various online marketplaces. It is unique in this niche market and is growing in popularity.


Bonus 1: The Royalty Starter Kit.

2: Over One Hundred Worksheets and Resources.

3: Shopify Shortcut.

4: Done For You Emails & Automation

5: Supremacy Quality Check

Pricing for Publisher Supremacy CoursePricing

The course itself is a good value at $1,997, and you can pay in three installments of $797. You can also choose to pay in a lump sum or opt for a split payment plan. The course includes autoresponder software, ghostwriters, ads, and Shopify.

To be eligible for the 90-day money-back guarantee, you must have completed at least 50% of the course and published one book on KDP. And you must give it an honest try if you want to get a refund.


The Publisher Supremacy course contains over a hundred tools to help you succeed. It is easy to implement the strategies Dane teaches in Publisher Supremacy.

Once you have mastered the techniques and tools, you can automate your book publishing business using book publishing software and an autoresponder.

The training program covers topics such as building a book, conducting research, preparing the eBook for Amazon, marketing your eBook, finding target keywords, and monetizing your eBook with Amazon ads.

There is also an option to use affiliate marketing to drive traffic to your book. The Publisher Supremacy course will also teach you how to make money with your self-publishing business.

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