Quora Partner Program Review 2022

Quora is a community-based question-and-answer platform that has the mostQuora community review users in the United States; the users on this website normally collaborate by asking questions and giving answers to questions. But you can also make money from your answers through the Quora Partner Program.

This platform is an information exchange site that encourages high-quality and intuitive answers to questions.

There are lots of professionals on Quora and registering will require you to present your real identity. As someone who wants to gain recognition on the platform, you have to give intelligent and great answers to questions on the platform.

Quora was founded in 2009 by a former Facebook employee named Charlie Cheever. It was a network worth $80 million when it was founded in 2009, but Quora currently has a net worth of $1.8 billion.

Is Quora Secure?

Quora is a very secure and safe website and it makes sense to share your phone number, address, or any other information.

Is Quora a Good Place for Marketers?

Quora receives more than 700,000 visitors from the United States on a monthly basis, and if you are a marketer that is seeking exposure for your business or brand, then Quora is a perfect place for you to go.

Benefits of Joining Quora as a Marketer

  • Develop expertise and authority on a particular niche or topic
  • Find out questions about your product or services
  • Give answers to users about your product or services
  • Learn from other industry experts, users, and customers.

Errors You Should Avoid on QuoraUse Quora Correctly

  • Abbreviation and capitalization of mistakes
  • Being too descriptive at the start
  • Going for the lowest bid
  • Not importing keywords to search for topics
  • Giving answers to unnecessary questions.

Steps You Can Use to Create an Account on Quora

  • Simply sign up on their home page
  • Select a number of topics you would like to follow (at least 9)
  • Upload a high-quality picture on your profile
  • Fill in your details on your profile
  • Adjust your privacy settings for visibility
  • Add your social media account or accounts
  • Complete your information in the credentials section.

How Questions Are Asked on Quora

You first have to go to the top right corner of the page and then click on the icon that says “add a question”; after doing this, you will be shown a search bar where you can start typing your questions.

If your question is one that already exists, then there is no need to type it in, but if the question has never ever been asked, then you can type it in.

How Much Can I Earn by Answering Questions on Quora?

You cannot get paid for answering questions on Quora but you can get paid for asking questions on the platform. If your question happens to get the required amount of views and you’ve been invited to earn on the platform, then you will get paid.

Quora has a partner program where they invite authors and other individuals to ask interesting questions that gets views and answers from viewers.

How to Use Quora for Profitable Marketing

Below are some strategies you can implement for marketing on Quora:

1. Create a page that describes your business very well

Quora allows you to create a page about anything on the platform, and this is a great opportunity to create one for your business. You can create a page by clicking on the “add question” tab and choose a new topic.

2. Look for a new topic idea

Just like typing a keyword into a Google search, you can do the same on Quora; all you have to do is use the search box and type in the keywords that you want to search and then make the results show to bring up only questions. You can pick the most asked questions and use them in writing your content.

3. Ensure your answers are interesting

A lot of the top Quora users make use of visuals in order to support their points when answering questions. You can also do a similar thing by including visuals and by making your answers very comprehensive and easy to read.

4. Use the interest and opinion of other users

Not only can Quora assist you in coming up with stories and ideas, but it can also give you an entire content idea. All you have to do is ask people for their opinions on a question and add their response to your article.

5. Do research on a topic

Do research on questions people are asking on the platform and use those questions to create a great product review or blog post.

Here is exactly how you can go about it

  • Go through some questions and answers that are related to what your blog or niche is all about.

6. Re-answer questions from the platform on your blog

A simple way of doing this is to find questions you can give detailed answers to and then create a blog post about them, when such questions are being asked again on the platform you can share a link of the answer to them.

7. Answer a question with a sense of expertise

You should only opt to answer questions that you have reasonable and exceptional answers to; as you spread your knowledge, you will begin to gain more influence and followers on the platform.

8. Follow Quora topics based on notifications

One of the interesting benefits of being part of the Quora community is that you can have relevant questions and answers sent to your mail on a daily basis.

So, all you have to do is judiciously follow up with the emails you have got in order for you to know when an opportunity is available.

9. Create a profile that is very descriptive

Having a very good and descriptive profile is very important because anytime you give an answer to a question, you will have people looking through your profile, and this does not only give your business exposure but it makes you more popular.

Quora is a wonderful platform where writers can get relevant questions and answers to boost their blog posts or articles.

As you’ve been shown in this article, another wonderful fact about Quora is that it is a medium you can use for marketing your brand or business. So, if you need to market your brand or business on Quora, ensure to implement the strategies in this article.

Tips to Earn Money from Quora Partner Program in 2021

If you’re reading this page, I’m sure you have heard about Quora either through a blog post or Google search!

Quora is a well-known question-and-answer site that allows you to ask any question and get quality answers, or answer other people’s questions yourself.

What if you monetize those answers?

Yes, you heard me right! You can earn some revenue directly from the Quora platform through the Quora Partner Program. If you can answer questions creatively and also like asking hard or simple questions, then the Partner Program is for you definitely.

Thinking to give it a try? Read down the page.

What’s Quora Partner Program (QPP)?

QPP (Quora Partner Program) is a free revenue opportunity designed to reward Quora users for asking nice questions.

In simple words, partners (users) get paid when the asked questions generate traffic for Quora (externally or internally) and earn revenue from the advertisements placed with those questions.

Through this revenue program, Quora shares a bit of the ad revenue made from the partner’s questions. Typically, the revenue is based on how much the questions drive traffic to Quora.

How to Become a Quora Partner

It’s an invitation-only program. So, you can’t join the partner program unless you’re invited. The moderators on Quora send random invitations to users all over the world to test-run their innovation for content creation! And the most amazing part is that they can send this invitation to anyone randomly.

While some users thought that it takes a long time to get invited into the Quora Partner Program, we’ve seen several cases of new Quora users receiving an invitation to join the program. So, it isn’t just about who merits being invited but rather being invited randomly from a pool of millions of Quora users. Anyone could be fortunate enough to be invited.

So, check your email always. No one can ever say who the next winner could be!

But note that the Quora Partner Program is only available in the United States, Spain, Japan, France, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Australia, Italy, Brazil, and India.

After you receive the invitation, you will find an added tab in your Quora account. Now, what you simply need to do is ask questions. There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask on any given day. But run away from spamming the forum; otherwise, you could lose your partnership.

Quora Partner Program Revenue Potential

Since there’s no restriction on how many questions you can ask on any day, it follows that there’s no restriction on how much you can earn as well.

However, if you do ask more than three thousand questions in any given week, your Quora account can get suspended or banned. You must be watchful in that area. As long as your questions keep driving traffic, you can earn without limits.

How Long Can You Expect to Generate Revenue from Any Question?

After asking a new question, you will receive payment only for that question (not for questions asked anonymously).

With a question, you can earn revenue for up to a 12 months period only.

You won’t receive lifetime revenue from each question. The revenue is only for a calendar year. However, you’re not going to receive any payment for the answers you posted to any of the questions.

If you ever ask identical questions, Quora moderators will merge such questions with other similar ones, and you will not earn revenue from these questions. So, bear in mind to always ask 100 percent unique questions.

If you violate a Quora policy with any of your questions, then moderators will not hesitate to remove that question and you’ll be sent a notification.

Getting Paid by Quora

To receive your revenue payment from Quora, it’s required that after earning your first $5 US, you first connect either your PayPal account (if you aren’t a US partner) or Stripe account (if you are a US partner) with the platform.

But before you can withdraw earnings, you must have earned a minimum of $10 US. After hitting the threshold, you will have your revenue added up and sent to your connected account on the 1st Monday of the following month.

Maximizing Revenue in Quora

On Quora, ad revenue from a particular question is based on the engagement and views the question generates either from Quora’s external traffic (organic traffic from Google) or internal traffic.

And these factors also determine ad impressions, which are absolutely responsible for your earnings.

So, follow the tips below to maximize your revenue.

  • Ask your questions around the popular topics
  • You must ask 100 percent unique questions only
  • Ask only questions that are intriguing to the entire Quora community to provide answers to (doing it this way can make such questions go viral on Quora)
  • Explore Google Trends for topic analysis and popular keywords and ask questions that use those keywords. This way, your questions will drive organic traffic
  • Ask questions on useful discussions and current affairs
  • Ask questions about some specific brands or mention names of brands in each of your questions
  • Keep the preferences and views of Quora users in mind when you’re asking questions
  • Through the Quora Partner Program account dashboard, find out (through the Value Insight tab) which type of questions are trending well in terms of revenue and ask such questions.


By now you have a clearer concept about the Quora Partner Program and how it can help you earn revenue from your questions. If you follow these tips, you can be assured to grow your revenue with time.

Though it happened in the year 2020 that earnings from the Quora Partner Program decreased, it is waxing stronger by the day.

To be honest, it isn’t that easy to hit the $10 withdrawal mark for an average Quora partner. To make this work faster, you must ask 20 to 30 quality questions each day after performing deep research. So, you will need to invest quality time and energy to maximize your revenue and generate a significant amount from this program.

Thank you for visiting, I would love it if you would leave a comment and share this blog.

What has been your experience with Quora?


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  1. Thank you for this detailed explanation of how quora work and its partner program. I didn’t know that you can make money using quora. When I type questions or inquiries in google, I am often redirected to answers in quora. Now, it’s clear to me why that happens.

    It’s so nice to earn money using an app, but it’s also very time-consuming in my opinion, especially that we have to post 20-30 unique questions a day to be able to earn a substantial amount. It can be a good source of extra income for someone who has a lot of free time, but definitely not for a stay-at-home-mom who have 2 small kids to take care of and a household to run.:)

    • Absolutely Julai, I hear you. It’s very important to pick which affiliate programs you want to invest your time in as this one does take a lot of time. There are easier less time-consuming ways for you to earn money and building a good website with quality content and affiliate links will also give you time for your lovely children. At least affiliate marketing is flexible enough to work around the home.

  2. Good day, I’m pleased to come across this important information. Well, I’m thrilled to have read this review about Quora Partner Program. I’m happy to see that Quora is a secure and safe website, as you outlined. I am seeking exposure for my business, and it seems Quora is a solution to that. Thank  you so much for sharing this crucial information.

    • You are very welcome Kokontala. It’s nice to hear about the real truth about these forums before you get involved. This is a great community and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  3. You definitely wrote a very comprehensive article about Quora and it’s partner program. I’ve gone to Quora a few times to get answers to a few questions I had, usually another user has already asked and gotten the answer. I’ve also read that as long as you aren’t promoting your website and click funnel in a way that could be viewed as spam and your website or funnel would actually benefit the asker, it’s a great way to promote yourself as well. I personally haven’t tried it.

    • Yes, they all have rigid rules but that is to protect everyone from spamming and it becoming just another promotion forum. I find it great for getting to know people and help with answers.


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