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Rank Math SEO Plugin is lightweight and the most integrated WordPress SEO tool with lots of amazing features that includeRank Math SEO Plugin Review 404 monitoring, Google Search Console integration, Sitemaps, detailed SEO content improvement, and analysis suggestions. In my Rank Math SEO plugin review, I want to explain why you should seriously look at this plugin to help you achieve success. It’s Free!

Striving to get your content before the right audience?

Rank Math is An Accurate Tool that will get the Job done for You.

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About Rank Math

Rank Math is the best free and most powerful SEO tool to intensify your SEO endeavors. It’s a responsive, feature-rich, and speed-enhanced WordPress SEO plugin that always beats the competitors’ reach.


  • Free forever
  • Speed Enhanced and Lightweight
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Modular Design
  • Lots of premium features in one single plugin


  • Migrating to another SEO plugin may be challenging

After the Yoast SEO bug issue occurred in 2018, people came to realize that it isn’t safe to depend on one single product and, thus, required a better and more reliable plugin alternative.

Although the Yoast management officially sent apologies for its bug and recommended a lasting solution, hundreds of thousands of webmasters and bloggers lost total trust in the SEO plugin.

Many bloggers might have removed this plugin from their sites and may never re-install it. The rest of them didn’t take action because they thought there’s no better Yoast SEO plugin alternative in the market.

It isn’t the case anymore.

Rank Math SEO Plugin has come to stay and will revolutionize the WordPress SEO industry for life. With this SEO plugin, even the novice in WordPress can perform a lot of SEO activities to skyrocket their site in search results.

Before we compare these SEO plugins and explore the Rank Math SEO plugin in full, I’d like to answer this question.Why would you change over to Rank Math SEO?

Why Would You Need a WordPress SEO Plugin?

Although WordPress ranks as one of the most SEO-friendly and powerful Content Management System (CMS) due to best coding practices, millions of industry-related websites are vying against yours to achieve the top ranking positions on search engine results pages.

You need lots of content optimization to rank your site on top of SERPs. It’s daunting for non-techies to improve their site structure and SEO without exploring a WordPress SEO plugin. Even experienced webmasters may find it challenging to look at the source code only while trying to perform SEO activities.

So, why would you take the harder way, when an easier way to SEO is within your reach?

Yes, I’m talking about Rank Math!

I’m making a reference to the available WordPress SEO plugins. These tools can do anything from content optimization for improved search visibility to advanced SEO routines such as tracking 404 error pages, adding schema microdata, etc.

Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO Plugin is the ideal solution for most on-page SEO activities.

1. Modular Design

2. Speed-Enhanced and Lightweight

3. Detailed Content SEO Analysis

4. Beginner-Friendly User Interface

5. Social Sharing Preview Management

6. Setting up Rich Snippet

7. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Settings

After reading about all these features, you won’t hesitate to install this plugin for your WordPress website.

1. Modular Design

Not all features coded in a specific plugin are needed by some websites. However, not all plugins make it possible to switch the unneeded features. And that’s why the Rank Math SEO plugin is integrated with a modular design. You have the option to activate only the features you need.

Enable or disable the specific module with the toggle button and hit the Save Modules button down the page.

2. Speed-Enhanced and Lightweight

Despite that the Rank Math SEO plugin is the most advanced, it’s very responsive, 2.47 MB compressed. It is good news that the developers at MyThemeShop have improved on the plugin’s framework to speed it up more than ever.

Why is it necessary?

Being a responsive plugin, a Rank Math SEO optimized website loads faster than when optimized with Yoast SEO.

3. Detailed Content SEO Analysis

Before Rank Math SEO Plugin arrived, Yoast SEO was the perfect winner in Content SEO analysis. The SEO analysis with Yoast SEO discloses all Improvements, Google Results, and SEO Errors that you may need to fix immediately.

Rank Math explores the same type of engine that reports your Readability score and SEO in real-time.

Here’s the Breakdown of how the Rank Math SEO Plugin Analyzes SEO.

  • Readability of Title

You’ve heard about the 80-20 headline rule!

This SEO plugin tracks your title score by verifying it against some points such as sentence sentiment and voice, the overall length of the title, and if the title has a magnet or number word that captivates the searcher’s attention.

  • Basic SEO

It finds out if your focus keyword is found in the SEO content, URL, description, and title. You’ll improve your website ranking on the search engine when you include the focused keyword in such places. Draw more organic traffic to your website.

  • Content Readability

With the readability of content, you boost the user experience and encourage them to stay on your page longer.Content readability

The SEO plugin scans the whole page and reports the overall copy score, length of the content by the percentage of transition phrases or words, and the Flesch Rincaid Reading Ease Test.

The use of formatting tags (Italic, Bold, Strong), subheadings (H2, H3, H4 …H6), and shorter sentences are an excellent way to make the content readability better.

  • Additional SEO Checks

You will see a huge list of the on-page SEO activities that need to be completed. The plugin does additional checks such as the image alt attribute, basic link analysis, keyword density, etc.

Plus, it signifies how you can improve content optimization simply by including focused keywords.

4. Beginner-Friendly User Interface

There’s a learning curve for the novice in technical SEO, whether you’re using All-in-One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or any other.

The MyThemeShop developers have brought about tons of technical SEO features such as Open-graph, Rich snippets, 404 Page tracking, where you might need to hire a WordPress developer.

For example, you have the option to choose the type of Rich Snippet below the content you are currently editing and include schema microdata beneath the Rich Snippets button.

This will make Google better understand the content and rank your blog higher in search results.

Plus, you can increase the organic click-through rate (CTR) with additional information (pricing, review count, etc) that Google may display.

The Rank Math SEO plugin makes this whole process beginner-friendly, and a non-techie can also do it without requesting the help of anyone.

5. Social Sharing Preview Management

Twitter and Facebook are one of the most trending social media platforms that may help drive massive traffic if properly explored.

However, when someone shares your web page address on Twitter or Facebook, the SEO title, Featured image, and description will show by default.

If you require a custom title, description, and thumbnail image to be used for social media sharing, you can activate this too.

Plus, you can look at the Twitter/Facebook Preview below each of your posts and make some changes. It’s certain you’re already impressed with the work of Rank Math SEO.Setting up rich snippets

6. Setting up Rich Snippet

I’ve explained how important Rich Snippet is earlier. But what does it mean?

Rich Snippets look much better than the common search snippet, and searchers will immediately get more info on the search engine results page itself.

Plus, they have a higher CTR (click-through rate). Google, together with other search engines, understands that users prefer your pages and this ultimately leads to a positive impact on their site’s search ranking.

Rich Snippets

Integrating this structured data into a web page was quite challenging. But, the Rank Math SEO plugin has simplified this process by making the feature accessible to all webmasters even if they do not have the previous technical know-how.

All you need to do is select an ideal Rich Snippet type and include the needed values in the appropriate boxes/fields.

7. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Settings

A fantastic feature of Rank Math SEO is that you don’t need to use a separate plugin for Setting custom values for the Robots Meta Tags, Creating and submitting Sitemap, and Redirection.

However, all you need to do is simply enable the specific module in Rank Math SEO to activate those functionalities on your site.

Now, let’s discuss how to install Rank Math SEO on your site.

Installing Rank Math SEO Plugin

Installing the Rank Math SEO plugin is straightforward and simple. Visit the WordPress plugin repository and search for Rank Math SEO. Click the Install and Activate button, and you are good to go.

Once you’re done activating Rank Math, the plugin will be automatically added to your WordPress dashboard menu where you can customize it as you deem fit.

Setting up Rank Math SEO

After installation, the Rank Math SEO plugin launches a setup wizard that lets you customize the settings.

Here are the steps required in setting up Rank Math SEO:

1. Import Basic SEO Settings

Prior to running the setup wizard, the plugin checks to see if your website is compatible to run Rank Math SEO. If everythingSteps required to set up Rank Math is found to be okay, then you can proceed with the setup wizard.

Most webmasters and bloggers use All-in-One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO. Are you thinking to switch from other SEO plugins to Rank Math?

You can click on the checkboxes to import all Metadata and settings from these plugins.

2. Add Additional Info About Your Site

You can supply more info about your site, such as the business type, name, Open graph thumbnail, and Website logo.

For small-scale businesses that are struggling to rank in local searches, supplying those details will be helpful. For your information, Rank Math SEO features 60+ business types to select from.

3. Integrate Google Search Console (GSC)

With the GSC (Google Search Console) integration, you may get some powerful insights about your site, such as the keyword performance stats, crawl errors, and some more crucial info directly in the WordPress back office.

You will easily formulate SEO tactics to rank better in search results. To explore this feature, you need to verify your site with the Search Console.

4. SEO Redirection and Tweaks

Redirection, webmaster verification, and Link structure are some of the things you will manage under this feature.

5. Configure Sitemaps

Under this feature, you can submit a sitemap using the preferred settings.

Since you can no longer submit URLs directly to Google, getting a Google bot to crawl and index your website content requires that you submit a sitemap to Google Search Console.

6. Completed Setup

Once you’re done setting up, you can close the setup wizard and move on to explore additional features of this SEO plugin.


If you choose to skip the initial setup wizard and launch it some other time, follow this route:

WordPress Admin >> Menu bar >> WP Dashboard >> Rank Math Setup Wizard

However, it’s always better to set up this plugin immediately after installing it.

Utilizing the Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings

The SEO plugin provides several SEO modules in one single tool. That’s the reason you must explore its SEO settings to the fullest.

After installing and activating the SEO plugin on your site, a dedicated icon will show up on the WP Admin bar.

You can click on this if you want to switch from one option to another in the plugin.

1. WordPress Dashboard

This is the Welcome Screen of the Rank Math SEO plugin; it is where you can use the available options to switch Modules On and Off, Import and Export Settings, and the Setup Wizard.

Plus, you’ll see an About section that tells you the main info about Rank Math SEO. There are also a lot more tabs for System Help and Information that enable you to contact Support whenever you have technical issues.

2. General Settings

This is the area of the Rank Math settings you need to have a deep look into. It provides lots of settings you couldn’t ever have imagined in any WordPress search engine optimization plugin.

Do not waste any time. Give Rank Math a try and see the difference in your SEO.

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One of the things Rank Math SEO does for you is that it offers a tab that comes with many options to manage the site URLs and links.

It also enables you to control advanced redirections by exploring the dedicated redirection manager in the plugin.

All this and many more features are available through this WordPress plugin, which is free to load to your website. A great choice for new website builders and old ones.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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  1. Hi there, thanks for this info! I am always looking at ways to improve my seo, but to be honest there’s so many different tips it can kind of get overwhelming as i’m still pretty new at this. I like the sound of this plugin and the fact that its lightweight and efficient so will be definitely looking into it for my site! Many thanks again. 🙂

    • So glad that I could help Sophie. There are a lot of tools out there to achieve better SEO, you just have to find the one that will work for you. Wishing you great success.

  2. Hello there and many thanks for sharing this valuable information with the world press community about Rank Math SEO Plugin.
    You are correct that WordPress ranks as one of the most SEO-friendly and powerful Contents Management System (CMS) due to best coding practices, millions of industry-related websites are vying against our site to achieve the top ranking positions on search engine results pages, as We all need lots of content optimization to rank our site, etc. But to find such a plugin to help the site for the ranking is huge. This is a great find, I will give it a try. Thank You again.

    • It seems that you are really learning about optimizing your website to get traffic and rank higher. Doing this yourself is the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and help it grow.

      Check your site speed before and after adding any new plugins to make sure that it doesn’t slow your site down. Site speed is also key to ranking well, especially your mobile speeds.

  3. Well, this was a great review.

    I am seriously thinking about switching to Rank Math now.

    I see that you have put in a lot of work into this review and I respect that a lot.

    The best thing about this plugin is that it is free and that is a big plus.

    Thank you once again and have an amazing day!


    • Anything that is free that can help you build your business is a plus. You can always add more expensive tools once you are making a little money from your website. Rank Math is a great tool.


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