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It’s true that 68 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO is a structural part of every marketingRank Math SEO Review strategy. In my Rank Math SEO review, we will look at all the benefits of using this plugin.

How can you improve your SEO? WordPress is your CMS platform of choice. There are many SEO plugins available, and many of them can be downloaded for free.

Yoast is the most popular plugin, but there are other options. Rank Math SEO is a plugin that’s gaining traction. Is this plugin worth the investment? We will be discussing Rank Math SEO, its features, and how it compares with the competition.

What is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that you can explore for free. Rank Math’s ultimate goal is to help you achieve high SEO standards and rankings. But it monitors much more than your overall SEO ranking. This plugin also monitors how well you rank for specific keywords and web pages.

Remember that Rank Math focuses only on On-page SEO. However, Rank Math focuses both on advanced and basic On-page techniques.

Now that you know a little bit about RankMath, let’s get down to the details and see if it is a good or bad option.

Rank Math Features

Rank Math is a great free plugin that offers many impressive features. Below is a list of all the features.

  • Keyword Suggestions

Rank Math offers a variety of keyword suggestions. This is a cool feature. The plugin will ensure that you include your keyword in the title, Meta description, and URL.

This is my first experience with Rank Math. I am more familiar with Yoast Keywords and Ubersuggest, but I prefer Yoast for clients and the other for my websites. This is mainly a comparison to Yoast because it’s most similar to Rank Math.

Yoast is a great tool, but I have a problem with the requirement to use the keyword a certain number of times. You get a red rating or an orange rating if you don’t use keywords enough. If you use the keyword excessively, you will also receive an orange or red rating.

It is more difficult to do this if your keyword has a meaning that is not natural (such as “how to get freelance clients”). Or if you use the same term throughout the text (such as “freelance clients”)!

Keyword Tools

This is why I was eager to compare Rank Math’s keyword tools. As I own an affiliate marketing blog, I took an article I had written about SEO plugins to illustrate the point. I simply entered the keyword and received good ratings. My keyword was in the title, Meta URL, content, and text.

I made a few mistakes. You can sort your errors into different categories. To view your errors in greater detail, you can click on the drop-down menu.

My keyword density was, for example, at 50%. They explained that although there is no standard for keyword density, it is important to keep it within the acceptable range. It didn’t appear to have any impact on my SEO score.

My problem with Rank Math is that it’s difficult to find on blogs. Navigate to the toolbar at the top right of your screen if you are using the Gutenberg Editor. The Rank Math logo looks like a bar graph.

A window will open on the right side of your screen. Click this to activate it. The keyword must be entered as a “focus keyword” and not as a tag in the WordPress settings tab. (I was initially confused about this).

Aside from that, I prefer Yoast’s keyword tool to Rank Math.

Modify Meta Data

One complaint I have about the Gutenberg Editor is that editing metadata is almost impossible. Rank Math has a solution. Click the “Edit Snippet” button on the Rank Math tab. You can then enter your title, description, and permalink.

Rank Math has suggestions for improving your SEO if you are new to the field. One example of this is the length and readability of your title. The Rank Math snippet will assess whether your title is too long and offer suggestions such as adding a number for a listable title.

SEO novices might not be familiar with certain ranking factors such as blog length or linking. Rank Math will ping your blog if it is less than 600 words.

If you do not have any external or internal links, they will ping you. Both internal and external links can be used to direct readers to pages on your website. Both are extremely beneficial for SEO.

Content ReadabilityContent readability score in Rank Math SEO

Rank Math also provides a section for overall content readability. This is something I really like. It does offer great suggestions, like writing short paragraphs or including media. It doesn’t go as deep as it could.

Grammarly Premium or Hemmingway App is great for improving readability. Both apps look at passive voice, difficult sentences, and grammar errors. Remember that Grammarly Premium is a paid service, while Hemingway App can be used for free. Grammarly free is terrific for spelling mistakes and punctuation.

Yoast also won in this category. I’ll explain in another section.

Start by Downloading the Rank Math Plugin.

Another issue I have with Rank Math was the slow downloading process. It is understandable, as Google Analytics requires that you verify your website before you can give accurate rankings. These were steps that I didn’t expect.

Install the RankMath Plugin, and then Activate it.

It works the same way as other plugin downloads – navigate to your plugin section, click “add new”, type “Rank Math”, and then select “Install” and “Activate.”


You will need to register an account from this page. You can sign up using WordPress, social media, or your name and address. I selected my name and email.

Linking to Your Google Account.

It is simple to connect your Google account. Select the account you wish to connect by clicking the blue button. A second screen will appear that confirms certain details. This was the part that I found annoying. All of this should be approved. You’re done.

Comparison of Rank Math with the Competition.

As I have already stated, Rank Math is not the only competitor. Yoast is the most well-known competitor, but they are not Rank Math’s only competition. Here are some comparisons of Rank Math to similar plugins.


Let’s begin with the biggest competitor. Yoast is often considered the most widely-used WordPress SEO plugin. It is not the best, but there are certain ways in which Yoast can win. Yoast, in my opinion, is much more user-friendly than Rank Math. It does have some limitations, however, that are not present in Rank Math.

I like that Rank Math doesn’t have as strict a content recommendation and SEO process as Yoast. Yoast wins in other categories.

Did you notice that Rank Math does not offer detailed content readability suggestions? Yoast examines your content for passive voice and transition words and then gives it a Flesch reading score.

Hemingway App, in my opinion, is better than Yoast for this category. You can use Rank Math and Hemingway together to get the same benefits.

Pre-Post SEO

Although I have been using this tool before, a quick glance at their website shows that they are a cheaper and more WordPress-friendly option than SEMrush. They can check your links and keyword density, as well as plagiarism.

You’ll also get an SEO score and a grammar checker. They even have their own grammar checker.

A quick search revealed mixed reviews. Although it isn’t a free tool, they are worth looking into if you require more SEO plugins.

What’s Instant Indexing in Rank Math?

I don’t know if there is a standalone plugin that can do this. This feature is not available in any other SEO plugins. It is not available in Yoast, I’m certain.

What is Instant Indexing? This module will notify search engines such as Google and Bing about any new page or post. It will notify search engines about any changes or deletions to a post or page.

This is especially useful because the Bing search engine will immediately be notified if you delete a page or post. This allows for quick de-indexing of an existing page or post.

This is what I’ve seen in action. During a complete site overhaul, I deleted a few posts. The content was very thin. After using Rank Math to delete those posts, I discovered that the previously indexed posts don’t show up in Bing searches even though I searched with exact article titles.


Question: Is Rank Math safe?

Answer: Rank Math works fine. You can be sure to have no issues with Rank Math and WordPress.

Question: Is Rank Math Really Free?

Answer: Rank Math offers a freemium service. A free plugin is available that includes basic features such as On-page SEO assistance and keyword suggestions. This was the plugin I previously used to review. They also offer paid plans with additional features.

The Pro plan costs $59/year, allows you to track 500 keywords, supports unlimited personal websites, and offers 24/7 support.

The $199/year Business plan can track 10,000 keywords and offers support if clients use Rank Math.

Question: Is it worth paying for paid plans?

Answer: Both the paid and free plugins are stronger than the paid ones. The plan you choose will determine how you optimize your website. The Business plan is for experienced pros that have their own agency or business, while the Pro plan is for solopreneurs and personal bloggers.

All plans, including the free one, come with an impressive suite of features. Rank Math will satisfy you in every way.

Question: How do you upgrade your free plan?

Answer: Let’s suppose you have tried the free Rank Math plan, and now want to upgrade to a paid one. This is easy with Rank Math. Go to the website to purchase the subscription that you desire. You can then download the latest plugin from this website.

Upload the downloaded file to your WordPress plugin page after the plugin has been downloaded. To activate the new plugin, go to the Rank Math plugin page and click Connect Now. It will then take you to the Rank Maths website, where you’ll need to approve the changes.

Question: How do you activate rank math?

Answer: Once you have installed the Rank Math plugin, you will see a button that reads “Activate.” Click this. To use the plugin, you must activate it.

Question: What is the best way to use a Schema Markup for Rank Math?

Answer: Schema Markup is crucial for SEO. Schema markup is a way to tell search engines which type of content you are producing. This will impact how your website appears in SERPs.

Rank Math makes it simple to modify your Schema markup. Click the Rank Math icon at the top-right of the toolbar to edit your draft and then click Schema. You can then make any adjustments.

If you wish, you can also go to the Rank Math section of your plugins to set default Schema preferences.

The Final Verdict on Rank Math SEOThe final verdict on Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. The free version of Rank Math is very powerful and offers you keyword suggestions and On-page SEO insights. You can also opt for two paid plans if you want to get more SEO reports.

Rank Math has its advantages and disadvantages. Yoast is the largest competitor and I prefer Rank Math’s insights. Yoast, however, is easier to use and provides more resources for improving your content.

MyThemeShop created RankMath, an SEO plugin. It was marketed by the developers as the Swiss Army Knife in SEO. This marketing strategy is reflected in the many features this plugin offers.

RankMath is a powerful SEO plugin that offers advanced features that the Yoast SEO plugin doesn’t offer, even their premium products.

RankMath started out as a free plugin. However, the community voted for a premium version and they launched the plugin.

The good news is that all the features that RankMath originally offered for free are still available in the free version. The premium version has only a few more features.

The best SEO plugin for you depends on what your website needs are.

You still need to choose the best SEO tools. This comprehensive guide would help you select the right SEO platform.

I hope this has helped you in your research, please leave a comment, or a like and share as this will help me in bringing you more articles for your success.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. An SEO plugin of some sort is undoubetly a neccessity in this day and age. This sounds pretty good. Although I use All In One SEO for my SEO Plugin. But still looks like it would be worth trying out. Do you know if it will work okay alongside the All In One SEO plugin? Or would I need to uninstall that one before I can use this?

    • Hi Kwidzin, there is a rule of thumb for plugins, keep it to a minimum so that they don’t affect your loading speed and definitely don’t run two SEO plugins at the same time. That said I don’t usually have too much trouble this way but I do check my site speed before I load a new plugin and then after. Usually, WP will notify you to deactivate one of the two SEO plugins if they are clashing. But they won’t crash your website if you have them at the same time.

      I moved to use the Free Yoast plugin from All In One as I wanted the prompt to fill in my meta description and prompts on better SEO and Readability. Yoast has a great system of prompting you, I really love it and it has taught me heaps.

  2. This was really interesting. I had heard that there were other SEO options from the one I was using but hadn’t got around to exploring any. To hear about the different features of each is fascinating. But what really caught my attention was the comparison between Grammarly and Hemmingway. I have always used Grammarly and never given Hemmingway a chance, as someone who has an issue with writing in passive voice hemming way sounds like something I should check out.

    • I really think that you have this correct Kelly. We do so much writing and I know that I need to be prompted to get out of the passive voice and watch my spelling. It’s really worth having a look at Hemmingway, it’s a great tool.


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