Raven SEO Tools Review: An Effective Tool

When starting a digital marketing campaign, the process can be very easy but keeping track of it certainly isn’t. There are a lotRaven SEO tools review

of things that can go wrong even with your clients and using the ideas from my Raven SEO tools review will make all the difference to the results that you see.

We all know that reviewing work is an important part of any business. That is why digital marketers take their time to search for the easiest, efficient, and most effective ways to measure their data.

Raven Tools makes it easy to compile all the data for you or your clients in one place. It also makes it easier to put your social marketing campaigns together. If you use Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube for your marketing campaigns, Raven Tools can help you manage every aspect of it.

What is Raven tools?

Basic Features of Raven Tools

When reviewing some of The Raven Tools features, we can liken it to an SEO Tool. It is considered an SEO tool because it gives you a number of ways to follow up with your SEO campaigns.

This tool is flexible. You can use it to track your SEO campaigns from anywhere. Wherever you have an internet connection, Raven Tools is there for you.

Raven Tools not only helps you manage your SEO campaigns, but it also helps you to manage your:

  • email campaigns
  • PPC operations
  • social media campaigns, and any other campaign you do offline or online.

Other Features of Raven Tools

Raven Tools helps you compare your market competitors with your client’s site. It brings you different results that contain the rankings and major activities of your marketing competitors. It also has some extra good features inside its SEO Toolkit such as:

  • Link manager: Every marketer is aware that link building is an essential part of online marketing. Raven Tools providesCreate links using Raven SEO tools you with the opportunity to make important outreaches and get relevant links to your site
  • Keyword Rank: This feature brings you monthly results on the ranking you have on different search engines
  • Website Finder: This feature will be important when developing a strategy in the future. It will help you find those websites that rank for keywords related to your niche
  • Site Audit: This Tool is useful when you need to check the speed of your page, the search engine visibility, content links, and other relevant images on your website.

How do I make money online

Raven Tools Dashboard

The Raven Tools dashboard contains a number of features:

  • Content manager
  • Competitor manager
  • Keyword manager
  • Report tool
  • Research central

Use Raven Tools to Oversee Your Marketing Campaigns

Raven Tools comes in handy when working with social media. Its features can help you in managing your marketing campaigns on different social platforms. The tool assists you in replying, posting, and making scheduled updates for your campaigns.

The tool also keeps track of your data on social media. The data helps in analyzing your engagement metrics on the social platform. The tool can provide useful feedback to customers that need it.

Use Raven Tools To Create Your Content Marketing

Raven Tools helps you to create a good marketing strategy. It also makes it easier to organize your team of editors or writers.

Raven Tools helps you:

  • Publish more pieces of content that are creative and come with an in-built SEO adapter and reader
  • Purchase and review articles for Textbroker before publishing them on your blog
  • Integrate your site with lots of WordPress blogs

More Facts about Raven ToolsUse Raven tools to track SEO

Raven Tools was selected for this review because I find it very useful. The tool helps you create customized reports for your marketing campaigns. It helps you manage both your offline and online campaigns and events.

Ease of Use

Raven Tools is software that comes with a pretty good interface. You can explore any menu you want, and every aspect of the software is easy to learn.

Raven Tools also gives you the opportunity to add your business logo. This will give your services a better and more professional look. You can also make quick and easy templates for each of your clients. These templates are visible on any data that you wish to display.

Its Affiliate program

A lot of people ask to know if Raven Tools offers an affiliate program. The short answer is yes. Raven Tools allows you to get a commission whenever you refer someone to use the software.

FAQ about Raven Tools

At What price can I get Raven Tools?

You can try Raven Tools for free or you can upgrade from $39 – 399 a month depending on the needs of your company. If you are operating an agency account, you will have to pay from $139 – 399 every month.

How do I make payments?

The only form of payment accepted for the Raven Tools software is a credit card. Any other form of payment isn’t be accepted.

Can I get a discount?

If you pay for one year upfront, you will get a discount.

Can I get a free trial?

If you want to use a Raven Tools account, you would most likely want to start with the free version, but it is limited to some features. When you have used the free version and you want to move to the paid version, you will be asked to make payments through your credit card.

Can I cancel my plan?

There are no refunds for partially used months. You will only get a refund when you have used it for a certain amount of days.

Ready to start today


If you manage the online marketing for a lot of people, then Raven Tools should be your best choice of tools. With a pricePay for a year and get a second year free

of $100 a month, it would be an excellent idea to include this tool in your marketing strategy.

As the price already indicates, the tool will help you save time for your team and will also help you save a lot of money.

I highly recommend this tool for people creating campaigns for clients and for working in small companies where you need accurate data.

Learn all about bounce rate in SEO and how you can improve it for your clients.

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8 thoughts on “Raven SEO Tools Review: An Effective Tool”

  1. Hi Lily, I just finished reading the review about Raven SEO Tools. Very interesting and informative, so what I get is that this is an excellent tool to use when promoting a company with lots of accounts. It really does seem to track all of the data we’d need to stay on top of our game.  I’ll keep this in mind, thanks for the info!

    • You definitely got the point, Denise. If you have to report to companies and need to be able to track data on campaigns and provide charts to show the results this is a great tool. Thanks for commenting.

  2. To perform effective SEO we need tools. And I have been reading on forums and blog posts that Raven Tools gives us very detailed reporting. I particularly need a backlink explorer and Raven Tools seem to excel in that category. Thank you very much for confirming that this would be a good purchase.

    • Yes Paolo, sorting through all the different options and finding one that can do what you desire at the price you are willing to pay is a prize. They have been around for a long time and will be a reliable tool while you build your business.

  3. Raven SOE tool is something I may need in the future once my website is a bit more filled out. How do you think the Raven SOE tool stacks up against other competitors that offer similar services? Do you think the paid account is worth the cost in your opinion? Your explanation of the service was well done.

    • Hi Al, with any of these tools it will come down to what you personally need to watch on your website. There are similar tools by Ahrefs and Moz but they are more expensive. The free account is good for a small start-up company but if you are working for other people and need to prove the validity of advertising campaigns then Raven is a great mid-price tool, the paid version is excellent.

  4. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It does look as if Raven SEO Tools is one of the most professional digital marketing tools available. Looking at their website and client testimonials do point to the conclusion that this is an essential tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. For my own business, I don’t think I am there yet. I still find the insights I am getting from Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and lately, Monstorinsights are enough. Nevertheless, the time may come when I do need something like Raven SEO Tools. Thanks for this excellent review. Best regards, Andy

    • It is great to know the alternatives Andy so that as our business grows we know about tools that will help us to manage and develop its full potential. Glad that you know about Raven now and can keep it on a list for your future plans.


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