Raven Vs Ahrefs SEO Tools Review

Ahrefs has the second-largest backlink database after SEMrush and is one of the most powerful SEO tools.Raven Vs Ahrefs SEO Tools Review Ahrefs’ crawler ranks only second to Google in terms of active crawlers.

In my Raven Vs Ahrefs SEO tools review I will give you the best facts to compare these two excellent tools so that you can decide which will work best for you.

Let’s look in-depth at Ahrefs first:

Ahrefs Stats

It crawls approximately 5 billion pages and 170,000,000 root domains each day. It also has access to 10 search engines.

Ahrefs includes tools such as:

  • Content explorer
  • Site explorer
  • Backlink analyzer
  • Keywords explorer
  • Site audit
  • Rank tracker
  • SEO toolbar
  • Alerts

These tools will give you a few features such as:

  • Content gap
  • Analysis in batches
  • Link intersect
  • Domain comparison
  • Broken link checker
  • Analysis of backlinks
  • An SEO analyzer
  • Checker for website authority
  • Overview of Ahrefs Tool
  • Disavow Tool

Ahrefs keyword research tool allows you to get the data needed from these search engines:

  • Baidu
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • Yandex
  • Yahoo

Ahrefs comes with a Chrome and Firefox SEO toolbar. It pulls data from Ahrefs. This toolbar allows you to analyze both page-level and domain-level stats, along with SERPs. This toolbar is very similar to the SEOQuake toolbar by SEMrush.

This is a great way to analyze the SERPs of keyword competition analysis quickly.

Ahrefs is very similar to Raven Tools in terms of its features. But it wins when it comes down to comprehensive backlink databases and other SEO-related features.

SEMrush, along with SEO, is the best digital marketing toolkit for you. It includes PPC, social media posters, and brand mentions.

Pricing:Pricing for Ahrefs

You can get a 7-day trial for just $7. This is more than enough for you to get started. All features are available in the trial.

Ahrefs offers four pricing options:

The lite plan, which starts at $99 per month, is limited to only 1 user. This plan is sufficient to get you started as a solo business owner. The features are not extensive. The plan has a downside: You cannot access their recent and historical indexes.

The standard plan is $179 per month and again allows up to one user access.

The advanced plan costs $399 per month and allows access to up to three users, while the Agency plan costs $999 per month and allows access to up to five users.

You are permitted to upgrade/downgrade or cancel these plans at any time.


  • Suggestions for a parent topic to the keywords
  • It is simple to use
  • It is easy to analyze the SERP features
  • All tools have powerful filtering options
  • Largest backlink database
  • Detailed metrics


  • A lack of an outreach tool
  • Prices are very high
  • Keyword suggestions do not have a relevancy score.
  • The first plan has very few features, making it a poor choice.
  • Traffic stats may not be as detailed as other tools.
  • It does not integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console

Ahrefs replaces SEMrush as an all-in-one SEO tool. Ahrefs is an excellent tool for SEO agencies and bloggers who want to accelerate the execution of their SEO strategies.

This plan is not suitable for you if you have a tight budget. If you have more than three to four sites to manage, the lowest plan may not be worth it. You will need their advanced plan to access all its features.

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Raven Tools

All in SEO software that includes SEO audit, rank tracking, and marketing reports.

It includes tools such as:

Raven Tools does not have a backlink database (which you can only access in Ahrefs for $179 per month up). Majestic API is used to pull backlinks from a site. You can categorize these links by trust flow, anchor text, and type. It is as powerful as Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Site auditor – This tool reports your website SEO issues and advises you on fixing them. It is highly recommended for SEO professionals. But there are cheaper options in WordPress for new people, I can show you how.

Link building manager – It includes a “link spy” feature. This feature allows you to search for new link opportunities on your site. Linkspy uses data from Majestic, Moz.

Rank tracking – Tracks data for different search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, and Google.

Search analytics and Google Analytics – This feature pulls data from GSC (Google Search Console). You can possibly integrate this tool with Google Analytics. These tools can be set up for free.

Keyword research shows all the information like Google trends, local competition, and long-tail keywords. Competitor research shows the competitor’s site and metrics such as backlinks and citation flow.

Overview of Raven Tools

Raven Tools include many features such as:

  • Data Integration
  • Reporting and management of social media
  • Tracking keywords on-demand
  • Content Management
  • Task manager
  • Storage of historical data
  • Customized dashboard
  • Automated client reports

Pricing:Pricing for Raven

You can start by downloading the 7-day free trial. The “Start” plan costs $79 per month and provides 4 users access. The “Grow” plan costs $139 per month. It is very affordable compared to SEMrush.

It offers almost all of the features you need for a reasonable price. Except for keyword and competitor research, it restricts access to this data and it varies according to the plan.


  • Client reports
  • The Start, Grow, Thrive, and Lead plans cost $79, $139, $249, and $399 respective.
  • There are very few limits


  • Outstanding features at an affordable price
  • All plans include unlimited data
  • Offers approximately 45+ features


  • Still expensive for what you get
  • It doesn’t include an outreach tool
  • It is difficult to use the interface

Raven Vs Ahrefs SEO Tools – Bottom Line

These tools are excellent for SEO agencies and serious bloggers.

Ahrefs allows you to view any domain’s ranking, keyword ranking, and backlink profile. It also lets you see the site structure.

Ahrefs, a backlink analysis tool, was created in 2011. Their headquarters are located in Singapore. Ahrefs has developed many of the features required for modern digital marketers to do various SEO activities over the years.

It provides various SEO tools to help you optimize your website or those of your clients.

Ahrefs attempts to be the SEO industry’s SEMrush with a unique style. This tool is worth your attention. While they don’t offer a 14-day free trial as SEMrush does, Ahrefs has many unique features that make them stand out.

It is something I recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried it before. Sign up for a 7-day trial account, add your domain name and see how Ahrefs ranks you and the keywords you rank for.

It scans your domain to provide you with reliable information about where you rank and where your standing is. If this is your goal and you are a large progressive company or SEO specialist I would recommend Ahrefs for you. Try it out, you have nothing to lose.

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I hope that this comparison review will help you to decide on your plan for your SEO. Please leave a comment and share.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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  1. Ahref seems more better of an option for SEO, it offers more tool and the pricing is just right. Raven offers a little for just a high price. Ahref has everything you need and also teach you step by step to get into affiliate marketing. I’ve checked out the website and it is trustworthy, I do want to get into it and I will see if it’s a good program to take and the tools as well.

    • It sounds like a great choice Caleb. We all need these tools to build our business but choosing the right one for us can be a hard decision. Well done!


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