ResponseSuite Review 2021

There is an exciting way to get information from your subscribers and visitors to help them receive just the rightResponseSuite Review 2021

information from you, Survey questionnaires! In my ResponseSuite review, I will be looking at how easy it is for you to create and promote interaction and sales with your visitors.

What is ResponseSuite?

It is a design system where you can create the right content, emails, and ads and funnel them through your marketing system to your customers. Getting it right every time. It is a two-step process and so simple you will be up and running with an hour.

Step 1

Build Your Survey

  • Use the Drag and Drop Survey builder –  Simply drag in the elements you want and customize them.
  • Conditional Skip Logic – Increase completion rates by tailoring the survey as they answer questions.
  • 14 Question and Answer types – Choose from a selection of open questions, multiple-choice, etc to get your answers.
  • Score and Rating – Use this as an incentive in the ‘Thank you’ or Trigger different marketing follow-ups.
  • 8 Unique Page Elements – Make your surveys ‘stand out’ with images, videos, spacing, columns, and Page Breaks.
  • Publish and Embed your Surveys – Share a link or embed your survey onto your own webpages using a single code line.

Step 2

Add marketing superpowers by linking your survey to your autoresponder, CRM, or Email Marketing Integration.

Connect your survey responses to the tools you already use, tag each respondent’s answers to collect in separate areas that you can track.

Connect to:

  • Aweber
  • MailerLIte
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • And Many More.

Smart Thank You PagesSmart Thank You pages

Take respondents to different pages as soon as they hit the ‘Submit’ button on your survey, depending on their answers and/or their score. Take them directly to your own URLs or show them an on-page message. Or even build a thank you page within ResponseSuite to make the perfect offer, every single time.

Add Your Facebook Pixel for Tracking

If you add your Facebook Pixel ID to your ResponseSuite account you’ll be able to track the completion rates of your surveys. To increase your sales you can retarget respondents who don’t complete a survey and place everyone that does into different audiences based on how they answer the questions.

Track and Report

Create, build and share dynamic live reports by simply dragging in charts, text, images, and video. Thus monitoring your progress in real-time.

Track With Google Analytics

Add your tracking code into your surveys to track every response and every sale that you make using your surveys.

You can even download your CSV file results so you can grab them and use them any way that you want.

Who Created ResponseSuite?

It was started by two guys in Great Britain, called Rob and Kennedy. They are serial entrepreneurs who have a knack for understanding what goes on in the buyers’ minds and building businesses to great success. They are two of the top email marketing specialists in the world.

How Much Does It Cost?How much does it cost?

For just $1 you can try the ResponseSuite out for 14 days. After that, there is a choice of three different monthly or yearly plans to suit the size of your business. No contracts, you can cancel at any time.

  1. Marketer – $41 a month or $490 per year.
  2. Entrepreneur – $58 a month or $690 per year
  3. Professional – Contact them for pricing for a total package.


One User – Create Unlimited surveys, 50 Active Surveys, 25,000 responses per month, Unlimited questions per survey, Thank you page builder and so much more.


Three Users – All of the above but you can have Unlimited Active surveys and get 100,000 responses per month,  conditional skip logic, Scoring and quizzes, and even more tools.


On-site strategy workshop, Done for you set up, Monthly support package, Plus full software feature set and more.Security and stability

Security and Stability

Everything is delivered on pages with SSL certificates HTTPS and is stored in a fully encrypted database in the UK.

Answer Redaction Function

Don’t want our support staff to be able to read any ‘sensitive’ answers just mark them, they won’t be able to read them but you will.


They take support very seriously and have a dedicated team available to give you support. They have built this platform for their own businesses that operate over multiple niches. Which offers the benefit of regular updates that ensure that ResponseSuite remains current and cutting-edge. They also run a VIP Facebook group for an extra source of real-time support. 


ResponseSuite even has a section called ‘User Cases’ where they give you real examples of people who have used this platform to grow their business through a survey. 

Each idea is targeted for a different reason such as:Ideas from ResponseSuite

  • Email Segmentation
  • Lead Generation
  • Webinar Show-up
  • Membership Retention
  • Coaching application
  • Customer Satisfaction


Sometimes the only way that you can be sure that you are helping people is by asking them in a survey. It is an easy and amazing way to gather information to create better-directed content and offer products that people really want.

ResponseSuite makes it all easy to create and also to track the answers and respondents to your surveys all in one easy place. You can even get them to design the whole plan for you and get it running and provide the reports to your company direct.

Once you have started using surveys to grow your business and stay in touch with your target market you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Because they built this platform to use for their own niche websites they have totally debugged the system. Consequently, now they are offering you the cheapest and easiest way to jump into survey marketing through your autoresponder.

No steep learning curve, just drag, and drop. Make a marketing plan for your future and get started today.


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8 thoughts on “ResponseSuite Review 2021”

  1. Hey! Response suite is a very easy to use survey marketing platform. I Will recommend, Founders are Supportive, Knowledgeable and answer queries and give tips. Also, Ability to Create segmented email list – A survey tool – Conditional Skip Logic – Scoring and Results – Display results in comparison with others -Survey can be embedded on own website too.

    • I can’t think of a better company to use to create your surveys for your website Esiri. They really have all the tricks in ResponseSuite.

  2. Hey Lily. Its the first time learning about ResponseSuite, but I must say I have learnt a lot today. Your detailed step by step process on how to use this design system is quiet detailed and easy to follow for a person you is learning like me. Surveys have been such a powerful tool for a long time now

    The system seems to be such a great easy to use design system, and the fact that you can track your progress with google analytics is a plus for me. And it is also quiet affordable. Thank you for opening my eyes to this opportunity.

    • Hi Boi, you are so welcome. We all need to learn about all the great tools that we can use to push our business along. Any help I can offer is yours just for the asking. Great to hear from you.

  3. Another in depth and informative article, thanks and well done. I haven’t heard of ResponseSuite before reading your article but I can definitely see how someone in the online world with a large customer/subscriber following can benefit from using their services. What’s the best way to know what kind of content your followers want? Ask them of course, and a survey is an incredibly quick and easy way to do just that. Thanks for sharing information about this resource.

    • Creating a survey and tracking the results can gain you some great feedback and ResponseSuite make it so easy. I like that you can do and either/or on the answers to promote what interests your readers.

  4. I have been using ResponseSuite and love it! If you’re seeking to connect your marketing systems to put the right content, emails, and ads in front of every person. Every time, then you’ll be like me after you try ResponseSuite. You’ll love it!
    Building an online survey using the intuitive drag and drop survey builder is like a dream come true to me.

    • Sounds like you have really got a handle on creating all your emails, surveys and ads in one place Ann. I’m delighted that ResponseSuite is working so well for you.


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