Retired People Making Money from Home in 2023 (Updated)

There are a lot of great reasons to look at ways to earn money when you retire. Many women can stop work when their husbands retire but may still want to keep earning money for theirretired people making money from home own retirement.

My list for retired people making money from home is designed to blend with your lifestyle.

These are my top 5 ways to work from home on your computer.

A little less TV time can pay big dividends and the pleasure of feeling empowered.

Build a better financial future today.

  1. Create your own website and earn a commission on Affiliate products
  2. Become an English Teacher
  3. Sell Items Online
  4. Start a Blog
  5. Freelance on Fiverr
  6. Chat Support Online
  7. Data Entry Clerk
  8. Offer Artwork on Etsy
  9. Become a Virtual Assistant
  10. Sell Printables
  11. Use Skills That You Already Have
  12. Launch a Proofreading Business

These are my top choices for working from home on your computer

1. Create your own website

What you do is create your own website based on a subject that makes you excited. It could be in Music, Art, Health, Wealth, Lifestyle, the list is endless! Then you write articles (posts, blogs) about subjects connected to your niche. These can be reviews of products, opinion pieces, help articles, or anything that people would google on this subject.

Then you join reputable affiliate programs (they pay you a commission on every item you sell) to place a link in your post/article that will take them to the companies’ website to buy. When people, buy from your link you receive a payment from that affiliate program. Woohoo!

It’s that simple!

This is not a get-rich-quick business. But it is totally simple for someone completely new to the online world to learn aboutRetired people making money from home how to create a website, write interesting posts, and monetize them from the comfort of their own home.

Upfront costs are generally for website hosting and learning how to build and maintain a website. All learning platform companies’ on the internet are not created equal.

Some companies just want your money and offer little training or ongoing support to you and your business. I found a company that really supports you as a new business owner on the internet.

Get a Free Website and Training That You Can Understand Today

If you are starting from scratch and new to all this online stuff then Wealthy Affiliate can help you get started by creating a website for you in under 3 minutes for free. You then can watch the 10 free videos to see if you will be able to build a successful online business. There isn’t a catch and I know that I was looking for a safe place to learn when I started years ago.

I’ll even be there to support and mentor you as you grow. You can read all about me here. My name is Lily Munday and you are on my website which I learned how to run with Wealthy Affiliate. I started for free and later upgraded to under $49 per month for my hosting, training, and technical support.

Test drive wealthy affiliate today

Do your own research

It pays to do some research as the cost of learning how to build a website can go from $50 – $5000 as I found when I first started looking a year ago. Thankfully, I saw a review for Wealthy Affiliate and created my website for free in a caring safe community and 10 months later started making money.

This site participates in affiliate programs. This means at no cost to you; I may receive compensation if you purchase something through one of these links. Thank you for your support. For more information please read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Some people can make an income faster but as a Baby Boomer I needed a bit longer to learn something so new and it has been fun. What I am creating today will pay me for the rest of my life and only grow bigger over time.

This is certainly the cheapest way at $50 a month to create a Free website in about 30 minutes and do the 10 Free lessons to see if you can learn how to write content to make it payretired people making money from home for you. (No credit card required.)

Hosting one website with no training usually costs this much, so with Wealthy Affiliate, you get up to 50 websites and lots of training, security, and technical support, plus a mentor. Me!

I knew nothing about the internet before I started and although I was a little nervous at first, I really wanted to build a business from home that would pay me, when I was relaxing with my retired husband. Consequently, I needed to start small, with a minimum amount of expense, and be able to blend it around family commitments.

What a success!

 Wealthy affiliate

If this interests you please feel free to read this review and we can have a chat over a coffee.

2. Become an English Teacher

If you previously taught English before retiring, an excellent way to supplement your retirement income is to work as an online English tutor.

Obtaining certification to teach both native speakers and foreigners will boost your chances. The salary is determined by:

  • How many hours did you put in?
  • Your background and experience

It might take weeks of applying, getting tested, and negotiating before you start working and earning money.

3. Sell Items Online

Do you have stuff you could do without? How about selling these items online?

Here’s what to do to sell faster:

  • Have a descriptive title for your product so your potential customers can know what you’re selling.
  • Make sure your description is short, detailed, and accurate.
  • Take high-quality photos of your products and set good backgrounds.
  • Respond quickly to questions and complaints.

Wondering how much to charge for your used items? You can price your products by looking at what other people are charging.

4. Start a Blog

Another great way to make money in retirement is blogging. Flexibility is one of the reasons blogging is right for you when you retire. You can update your blog whenever you like.

You can make money through your blog by:

  • Promoting advertising space
  • Incorporating affiliate links into your content
  • Selling your products

5. Fiverr – Freelance Writer – Creative jobs online

Do you have a few strings to your bow? Maybe you have been doing art all your life, or you majored in English composition. Perhaps, you have skills in making videos, voice-overs, web creation, or great photo productions. Here is the perfect chance for you to get paid for these specialist talents by people who haven’t the time or the skill. Become a skilled seller on Fiverr.

It is very simple, you join Fiverr for free and then create a profile on what you can do for a buyer. Hey presto, they can contact you to ask if you are interested in doing their job. No chasing money. Once, you have submitted the requested work the payment will be transferred to your account.

6. Chat Support

A chat agent assists customers online for various companies across a range of different industries. Often, there is an actualChat support by phone person behind that chat box that comes up that says something along the lines of, “Hi, is there something I can assist you with today?” when you’re on a website.

Chat agents assist people with a spectrum of customer service needs and escalate to the next service level if the issue can’t be resolved.

The job requires messaging people frequently and juggling different chat streams. It can be done remotely from home, depending on the company.

To become a chat agent, you will need a computer with internet access and the ability to type at a certain speed with a level of accuracy. Some employers may test you. The pay varies, but a chat support specialist can make an average of $15 – 30 an hour. It depends on your country, so it is best to google search Chat Jobs Online.

7. Data Entry Clerk from home

you are a fast, accurate typist and really just want to be able to get on with data entry and earn an hourly rate this is a great job. You have the flexibility to work the hours you want and take the jobs you think you will enjoy.

Data entry work doesn’t require any face-to-face communication — which works great for some introverts who want to make money from home. Other perks? You can work independently and create your own schedule.

Data entry work boils down to entering information on a computer. While it doesn’t require previous experience or a bachelor’s degree, the work does require basic computer skills, such as knowledge of typing, accuracy, and speed, as well as installing and removing software, creating new folders, sending emails, and using the internet.

If you think this is for you, head to google and type in Data entry clerk jobs. You can check out some Australian and International sites like, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

8. Offer Artwork on Etsy

Do you have the ability to create some handmade items, such as paintings, drawings, or woodwork?

Take professional-level photos of your creations. Your artwork will become more distinctive as a result.

Post your creations on Etsy. Newly added items are temporarily arranged first in the section they belong in. Make sure to properly tag your artwork and submit it in the right category. Share your Etsy post on your blog and social media platforms.

Include the cost of your materials, labor, and Etsy fees when calculating the price of your product. Also, consider the competition.

Check out shops that sell similar stuff. Check to see if their items are superior and contrast prices. Then, explain the distinction in your product description.

Here are some ideas for straightforward DIY crafts you can create and resell online to make extra cash.

9. Virtual Assistant from home

Maybe you have terrific administration skills and are a highly organized person. This could be a great job for you to do from home.

A virtual assistant performs remote tasks across a number of fascinating industries, but the core of the job is administrative.Virtual assistant, we all need help Most of us have booked travel, arranged catering for meetings, done expense reports, maintained a calendar, performed general research, and other administrative tasks.

These are among the skills you want to emphasize for the job, along with any other organizational or administrative experience you possess.

Being a virtual assistant can be a flexible and great way to earn money online during retirement. Your job will be to conduct remote administrative work for your clients.

Tasks may include:

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Responding to emails
  • Making an appointment
  • Taking calls

10. Sell Printables

You can sell printables online once you retire. These are downloadable and printable products.

You can use a variety of websites to sell printables. Consider a concept that you could print out. Examples of appropriate items include wedding cards, invitation cards, and even stickers.

Make your printable, then post it on Etsy or, if you have a blog, there. You should post your printables to a listing.

11. Use Skills That You Already Have

The beauty of the job is that it can be done from home, and it can be done on a freelance basis — some gigs last a day, some for weeks or months. The position pays around $15 an hour, and like any assistant, virtual ones need to be good on the computer, well organized and deliver what is asked. Having a good phone and email manner helps.

You can kick off your job search by looking for “virtual assistants” on job sites such as Flexjobs or google virtual assistants for websites around the world.

If you are a baby boomer over 50, married to a retired husband. This is a terrific selection of work-from-home-paid jobs. With minimal interruption to your lifestyle but with the bonus of creating an income stream for your retirement.

12. Launch a Proofreading Business

Another fantastic side business for you in retirement is proofreading. You can proofread a variety of things, including:.

  • Books
  • Magazine articles and blog posts
  • Posts on social networks
  • Hearings in court
  • Essays for academic purposes.

To help you get your proofreading business off to the right start, you might need to get trained. The good news is that accessing proofreading training doesn’t actually cost any money.

Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who makes over $45,000 annually, has developed a totally FREE proofreading workshop to assist newcomers in learning the skills necessary to get started.

Making Money from Home

I’ve personally selected these computer jobs and business outlines because they have longevity for you. Each job costs little to get started, you don’t need amazing skills other than perseverance. And although they all take some time out of your day they are flexible hours. Consequently, you can start your online business or job and still be doing it in 10 to 15 years and earning a great return.

Money for today and an income stream for the future.

I love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and share this article Please!

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I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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  1. I’m far away from retirement but this piece shook me to my roots. I got to ask myself what if I’m forced into early retirement? What if my hands cannot cut anymore? What if an illness strikes that makes it impossible to work in the healthcare sector? I’m working on that right now. Im working on setting something to fall back to when things don’t go as expected. When the day of retirement comes, I want to ease into that life knowing I have something set up.

    • So true Zay. I have had to scramble to fund myself after caring for my mother for 16 years and working on the farm. I’ve loved finding an income stream from Affiliate sales and it is great to inspire other women to plan ahead. We are the carers of the world but who will care for us in retirement.  Hope this inspires you to achieve great things in your life. My best wishes are with you.  Lily 

  2. Thanks for sharing such amazing content with us all, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your content I must say wow. I really do love your sense of humour and all, wish I saw it sooner. This post will surely be of help to my mom, so I will pass on some recommendations and inform her about your site. Many thanks again. 

    • So pleased this helped you with some ideas for your mum. I’m sure she will enjoy exploring what is available. 

      Best of luck. Lily 

  3. Thanks a lot for this interesting article. In this present day and age Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you want to abandon work completely. Your reasons for wanting to work may be to supplement your retirement income or because working enhances your life socially or emotionally. I’ll certainly recommend this to family members  and friends who are already retired or close to retirement.

    • Hi Hillary,  I’m delighted that you could get some benefit from reading my post and hope you will pass it on.

      Wishing you all the best. Lily 

  4. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article retired people making money from home sounds really interesting. These reviews given were awesome. Retired people can work and earn money from the comfort of their home. This is very informative 

    • Hi Charity, I’m pleased it gave you some tips. Being retired myself it is easy to think that your earning days are over but the WWW has opened up a whole new world to business builders. I’d like to think more women will grab this opportunity to build some financial security for themselves.

      Age and sex is no longer a barrier to anyone keen to build a business online.

  5. This is a great article for retired people.  I am finally retired and although I am an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for additional ways to earn from home.  I have a blog about what it is like to be a senior and working from home was one of the things I discussed.  Your list of things to do to earn money is very helpful. Are you retired and are you writing from experience?  I am sure that anyone retired who sees this article will benefit.  It has given me some ideas.

    • Hi Anastazja, congratulations on your retirement. Yes, I am retired and started an internet business to keep interested and to earn some extra money for some holidays. I love learning about different ways to make money online and helping people to make that transition, especially women. 

      We all work so hard for others in our lives it’s nice to create an income of our own that can grow and grow over the years. Wishing you great success.

  6. There are certainly lots of different ways for a person to make money from home and I would like to explore this way that you have shown me. I’m happy to learn this and I think that I should let the retired man just two houses away from mine read this because there are a lot of oppunities here.

    • That is great news Aug and hopefully, your older neighbour will consider creating their own business. Sometimes we think we are past the business age but need to create some more income. There are lots of ways to do that.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article here, it is good to be able to make money regardless of what your age is and how much time you have available. Which are the major determinants that we know to be the normal size. I’ll share this article and it is very thoughtful of your to put it out here.

  8. Hello Lily, Thanks a lot for dropping this very impressive article. Making money online is very advantageous. The only constraint is that there are a lot of scams on the internet now. As a retired person, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to be an affiliate marketer and trust the process and have a little patience and work hard. The smile will do the talking. WA is still open.

    • I love your positive attitude Oviss. Yes, there are a few scams out there because this is a worldwide platform but in some ways, we still have our ‘secondhand car salesmen’ locally and know to beware. That’s what we need to do every time we get on the internet, have a healthy skepticism, and do ‘due diligence’.

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful amazing post on how retired people can make money online, it’s really amazing and wonderful.  A lot of retired people are still active even though they have reached the retirement age, and some of them have stopped being productive, but with this, they can still make money from their homes or in a lot of different ways. It’s also a great way to keep their minds active and connected.  

    • Hi Williams, you are so correct in believing that older people still have a lot to give. Some still need to make money to live a fuller retirement. I’m so pleased that my ideas helped you.


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