SendFox Review: Scam or Legit?

SendFox is a powerful and simple email marketing platform that allows you to create intelligent campaigns, multiple lists,SendFox Review landing pages, or embedded forms.

It could be the best choice for you if you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month on email marketing software.

This tool is also great because of its lifetime deal and pricing. You can get SendFox’s Lifetime Deal starting at $49.

You need an email marketing tool to help you achieve a better ROI and this will make your job easier. I have provided a complete and impartial review of SendFox 2022 as part of this post. This SendFox review will cover all aspects of SendFox, including pricing, pros, and cons.

Let’s get started!

SendFox Quick Introduction

SendFox is an email marketing tool specifically for content creators. It allows you to send personalized emails to your subscribers to convert them into customers.

It is part of the Sumo company family that runs AppSumo, an excellent platform for grabbing lifetime deals on SaaS products.

SendFox is a simpler email marketing platform than other providers. You can send unlimited emails (scheduled, automated, and instant).

Integrate with hundreds of renowned tools such as Sumo, KingSumo, and Zapier. API is just one example.

SendFox Features

It has many excellent features that will make your job as a marketer easier.

These are the features:

Landing Pages and Forms

You might not have a website if you are a YouTuber or blogger on microblogging platforms like Instagram.

Some users may find it challenging to grow their email list without a website. SendFox is available to all users.

Yes, SendFox provides you with pre-created landing pages in addition to email sending capabilities.

You can also promote your landing pages on various social media accounts with a single click.

Smart pages are not the only option. You can also create forms and embed them on your website to capture leads.

It is easy to create a form. You can customize it with CSS in any way you like.

(If you want to create a website for free I can help you start today.)


This feature makes the tool even more impressive. You can start new automation by simply selecting a template. You will get an organized sequence of emails.

The second mail contains links to the most recent posts, while the last mail focuses more on making your audience follow and engage with you on social media platforms.

You can customize these emails according to your requirements, and you can add additional emails to the sequence.

You can set delays and triggers in addition to the content of your email. Also, you can use the checkbox to send these emails only to active subscribers.

Multiple Lists

SendFox allows you to create multiple lists using opt-ins or double opt-ins. Then, you can use these lists to send targeted emails based on the interests of recipients.

I want to add that you can link users to as many lists as they wish, but they will only be counted towards your contacts quota.

This is a significant advantage over email providers that count a contact multiple times, even on various lists.

Email and Smart Campaigns:Email and SendFox campaign

SendFox’s first feature, Smart Campaign, will have you saying WOW about this tool.

You will find an auto-generated brilliant email campaign that promotes your latest content in the Emails section. This campaign has an excellent context and links to the previous four posts.

It is possible to schedule it at your convenience. You can also automatically send out weekly newsletters or content updates for each publication.

Not only are intelligent campaigns easy to create, but standard emails are also simple.

Click the Create Email button, and then enter the subject matter. You can also schedule it with one click. This will allow you to save lots of time.

Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns are another option that you have to grow your list.

You might now be curious about how to set up your SendFox account.

How do you set up your SendFox account?

SendFox makes it easy to get started. Go to SendFox’s official website and sign up with your Google account or email address. Sign up for SendFox.

Next, you’ll have to create a content source. This will allow you to create intelligent campaigns, automate, and feed your newsfeed. SendFox connects the content source.

If you have contacts, import them on the next page.

Uploading Contacts

You can import contacts in various ways.

This is an easy process to follow if you are also using an email marketing platform.

  • Log in to your Account
  • Authorize SendFox to access your account
  • Choose the list you wish to import

In a matter of seconds, all your contacts will have been imported. You will then be redirected to your dashboard.

Note: You will get 200 bonus contacts if your sign-up is successful. There are two additional bonuses.

  • Send your first email to 10+ people and get 500 extra contacts!
  • Promote Smart Page on a Social Account to Get 300 extra contacts.

SendFox Pros

SendFox has many more benefits:

  • Preview and test the feature
  • Mobile-responsive emails
  • Consent feature for GDPR
  • A wide range of integration (Sumo, KingSumo, Zapier, etc.)
  • RSS feed functionality
  • Analytics that works
  • SendFox offers a complete email marketing solution.
  • You can access multiple domains from one account

SendFox Cons

  • You cannot add attachments to your email messages.
  • No HTML Capability
  • Though it is comparable to other popular email marketing platforms like ConvertKit and MailChimp, it lacks a few features.
  • No attachments
  • You cannot add images to emails – but no footer or logo images.

SendFox PricingSendFox Pricing

SendFox is freemium, which is quite interesting. You can start using it immediately without spending a penny.

However, to extend its capabilities, you can opt for premium licenses, which are a minimum of $49.

This is unlike other email marketing software, where you have to pay continuously. It is the lifetime price. This means that you only need to pay once for SendFox, and then you will have lifetime access.

Below are all details regarding the SendFox pricing plans.

1. SendFox Free Plan

This plan is free, but you can only make up to 1000 contacts. Its additional features are:

  • SendFox branding
  • Normal Sending Server
  • Limited sending (50,000)

2. SendFox Lifetime Plan

For 5,000 contacts, this plan will cost you $49 one-time.

You can also add as many contacts as you wish, but you’ll be charged $49 per 5K contact. It has additional features such as:

  • SendFox branding reduced
  • Servers for better sending
  • Unlimited sending

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The SendFox lifetime deal costs only $49 and you can access it via the AppSumo platform. A free plan is available as well. This allows you to use the tool immediately without having to pay anything.

No matter what reason, there is a 60-day guarantee that you will get a refund.

This is a great tool to use if you are new to internet marketing and want to get up and running fast and free. You will learn a lot with SendFox.

Please leave a comment and share and let me know how it worked out for you.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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  1. It seems like a scam to me. I went through the cons and it is something that will definitely not work for me. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family, hopefully it will help someone out there. I really love your niche, it is really helping me out a lot 

    • I can see that you have really thought about this Daniel. You should go with what you feel will work in your business. Thanks for the compliment.


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