SEO Copywriting Mastery: Is Josh Lee Legit?

If you’ve wondered what is inside SEO Copywriting Mastery, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive digitalSEO Copywriting Mastery marketing guide will help you write SEO-friendly content for websites and increase organic search engine rankings.

It will teach you several digital marketing tactics, including content syndication. The course includes checklists and step-by-step guides to get you started.

It’s great to learn new techniques and more about SEO copywriting, but it’s even better when you can learn them from experts who have been where you are today. This course teaches you how to write killer articles and blog posts that convert visitors into buyers.

SEO Copywriting Mastery Overview

Product Name: SEO Copywriting Mastery

Official Sales Page:

Creator: Josh Lee

Price: $16.99 on Udemy, but discounted at $14.99 on direct sales

Type: SEO Copywriting Course

Best For: Newbies and expert SEOs who want to master SEO copywriting and on-page SEO

What is SEO Copywriting Mastery about?

While looking for a better way to make money online, SEO Copywriting Mastery might be just what you need. It involves more than simply inserting key phrases in your content.

Today, Google wants authoritative content that answers readers’ questions and stands out from the rest. You must create content that pleases two masters: Google and your readers. You’ll learn how to create compelling content that meets both goals.

The book’s authors are all experts in their field. Some are renowned SEO specialists like Matt Diggity, CEO of Red Stag Fulfillment.

Others are content marketers, like Hannah Stevenson, a content marketing manager at UK Linkology. Both are renowned for their expertise in promoting a site through effective content marketing.

If you are not a web copywriter, you can learn how to create compelling, search engine-friendly copy. SEO copywriting is writing content that both Google and your readers will want to read.

If you only write for Google, your content will be boring and robotic, and it will be unlikely to rank well because it will miss out on essential keywords. SEO copywriting mastery courses can help you understand the basics of SEO copywriting so that you can write for both Google and people.

This SEO course emphasizes the practical aspects of SEO and covers beginners through advanced techniques. You’ll learn how to write content that attracts attention and increases sales.

The course will guide you through planning keywords, developing compelling content, publishing SEO-friendly copy, and much more.

This course includes more than two hours of instructional videos, 14 quizzes, and PDFs that give you SEO copywriting tips.


  • – There’s lifetime access to the course so that you can revisit the course as necessary.
  • – A variety of testimonials from users back the book.


  • – The refund policy is not well explained.

Who Is Josh Lee?Josh Lee

Josh Lee’s business is Canada’s most extensive search engine optimization (SEO) consultancy firm. Josh is a top-ranking SEO consultant and author.

He has helped hundreds of companies succeed online. Josh Lee has worked for agencies as well as direct clients.

Besides being the founder of SEO Copywriting Mastery, Josh has worked as a senior content marketing manager at a leading search engine optimization agency, TopRank. His expertise has also been featured in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

SEO Copywriting Mastery can genuinely help your online marketing campaign. This course is backed by three experts who have been involved with SEO for years.

Is SEO Copywriting Mastery Legit?

SEO Copywriting Mastery teaches you how to write content understandable to Google and engaging for readers and search engines.

SEO copywriting requires a balance between analytical and creative thinking. Writers must know their audience and their goals to ensure their copy is search engine optimized.

They must have a keen sense of what attracts their audience and satisfies their needs. It can be a challenging process, but it’s certainly not impossible.

What is Inside SEO Copywriting Mastery?

This section covers the Introduction, The Three Pillars of SEO, and the Technology Foundation. The next chapter three discusses On-page SEO. After that, it’s on to the meat of the book. Let’s explore each section of this guide in more detail.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In this section, you’ll learn the secrets of a high-traffic writer who took his employer’s business to 150 million dollars in sales.

Learn the secrets of writing to attract prospects, create a compelling story, and convert visitors to paying customers.

You’ll also learn Carmine Mastropierro’s strategies to boost his organic traffic by triple-digits. His clients are Marketo, Forbes, Neil Patel, and GoDaddy.

You’ll also learn how to build credibility on social media, a critical component of SEO writing. In addition, Ekaterina Howard specializes in relationship building and authority building and shares her strategies for turning contacts into paying customers.

The book’s author uses social media to build authority and connect with customers. He teaches his students how to market to customers in ways that fit their needs. Ultimately, this can translate to increased sales and revenue for his clients.

Chapter 2: The Three Pillars of SEO

The first pillar of SEO copywriting is to place people first. Write short sentences and paragraphs. People cannot wait to read lengthy content, so it’s imperative to keep it short and sweet.

But while keeping your content short and sweet is essential, you also want to provide in-depth information to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Keyword research is also essential. Don’t forget to include your keyword in your copy!

The second pillar is relevance. Your content must be relevant to the user. This means that it should satisfy the search intent of your audience. It should also signal authority that your content is beneficial to your audience.

While ranking is an integral part of SEO copywriting, there is also content presentation within the search engine. The Meta description is the piece of content that appears below the title, influencing whether users click on your page.

The final pillar is authority. Authoritative content has the power to increase your site’s rankings in search engines.

Understanding your audience is critical to SEO copywriting mastery. The best copywriting convinces readers to act, whether signing up for a newsletter, booking a demo, or purchasing a product.

By providing valuable information, your content will be perceived by Google as valuable, pushing you up the search engine rankings. As many as 3 in four people never scroll past the first page; a compelling copy will get readers to take action.

Chapter 3: Technology Foundation

This book is designed to help you write better search engine optimization copy. It features several sections on the subject, including articles on SEO and usability testing.

It also includes examples of selected items. It is written by a writer who’s spent years developing her skills in SEO and marketing.

The course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their website’s ranking in search engines.

Chapter 4: On-page SEOOn-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an essential aspect of writing high-quality web pages. It’s the process of optimizing a webpage to rank well for keywords, both for human visitors and search engines.

Inside SEO Copywriting Mastery, you’ll learn how to use keywords to improve your writing.

Your content should be engaging for people. People don’t have the time to read long, boring articles. Moreover, the in-depth content is essential in establishing your authority in a niche and increases the likelihood that others will share your content.

On-page SEO is a critical part of creating a high-quality webpage. In addition to keyword targeting and Meta tags, on-page SEO involves adding value to a website.

In addition,  internal links and social shares can increase traffic to a website. With SEO Copywriting Mastery, you’ll learn how to write compelling content to attract customers and increase traffic to your website. To learn more, read on.

Chapter 5: Introduction to Keywords

One of the first lessons in SEO Copywriting Mastery focuses on keywords. Knowing the importance of keywords and how they can help your website rank well in search results is critical for success.

Without an understanding of keywords, search engines and consumers will not find your website. You can develop and implement a content strategy that will help your website rank highly in search results by studying keyword strategy.

One critical aspect of successful SEO copywriting is knowing which keywords to target and how to incorporate them into your content.

While keyword research is still a necessary step, choosing the right keywords to target your audience is an art.

If possible, choose long-tail keywords because they are more relevant to the searcher’s intent. You can boost organic traffic by eleven percent in 14 days using these keywords.

In SEO copywriting, keywords are the guideposts to your audience. Avoid writing content that is hard to read and does not stick to a central theme.

This practice can be pretty harmful to your website. To keep it from being an eye sore, use relevant keywords and include them more than once.

Keywords in SEO copywriting are a powerful tool to bring in traffic. However, you might be more confused if you do not know the basics.

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The SEO Copywriting Mastery course was initially priced at $19.99. There’s now a 40% discount, bringing the price down to $14.99, thus helping you save $5 when you enroll on the course.


SEO copywriting also involves keyword research. Make sure your content focuses on relevant keywords. While copywriting for SEO is the basis for the success of your website, it’s the only way to get the results you’re aiming for.

Keyword research is essential for SEO copywriting. Before you research and write a draft, make sure to select keywords relevant to your business niche.

Similarly, keywords related to your brand will draw a wider audience. After writing your content, check it for clarity. Make sure it doesn’t contain awkward phrasing or poor grammatical structure.

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