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Serpstat is a commonly used SEO tool for brands. It is one of the best tools when it comes to keyword research, competitor research, and other SEO needs. Serpstat reviewThere are lots of SEO tools available in the market, and Serpstat is one in the crowd. In my Serstat review, I will look closely at all the features.

Serpstat has tools and features that can help you succeed in the online world. Unlike other SEO tools, Serpstat’s pricing is very affordable. The tool has gained lots of hype and that is the reason I’ve decided to review it.

Serpstat at a Glance

Serpstat is an SEO platform that is available to help you care for your website’s SEO needs. Compared to others, Serpstat happens to be an all-in-one SEO platform. It has a lot of useful tools for your site under its belt.

These Tools will take your website from a level of low visibility to a much higher ranking. The platform has lots of tools that will make your site’s SEO strategy a piece of cake. Some of these features include keyword research, rank tracker, site audit/survey, backlinks analysis, and many more.

With all these features that the platform has, its pricing remains one that won’t break your bank. It has lots of features that beat other cheap or free-to-use SEO platforms.

One major tool that stands out on the platform is the competitors’ analysis tool. This tool will make it easier for businesses to boost their page ranking.

Who Started Serpstat?

In 2013 Oleg Salamaha and Artem Borodatyuk create a service for SEO and PPC specialists. This company is going from strength to strength.


Let’s take a look at some features of this wonderful SEO platform. This tool is not specifically listed here, but it has been characterized into 5 different segments.

1. Tools Used for Keyword Research

This tool is useful when it comes to looking into keywords that will drive organic traffic. You get to see the particular keywords you and your competitors have previously used. If your competitors are successful with some keywords that you aren’t using, the tool will also show you.

Other features the tool offers are:

SERP Analysis: This feature helps you see the top-ranked sites that are related to your niche.

PPC Research: This tool can also show you the list of paid keywords competitors in your niche have used.

2. Tools for a Site SurveySerpstat SEO checklist

The platform also presents you with tools you can use for a site survey. With this set of tools, you can look into your site’s overall SEO performance. It will also show you the errors you need to fix in order to improve your SEO.

Some other details it will show you are listed below:

Redirects: It gives you a detailed analysis of the redirects on your site, and also shows you the causes of these wrong redirects.

Loading speed: The tool can show you the loading speed of each and every page on your site. To resolve this, it states the factors that are causing these slow page speeds.

3. URL and Domain Analysis Tools

The platform provides you with other amazing features that will help you get domain analysis for your brand. You will also get to see your SEO results, PPC results, and also batch analysis results.

On the part of the URL, you will get tools that will show you a comprehensive URL analysis. This tool measures your URL with your competitor’s URL and also provides you with keywords that are supposed to be added to your URL.

4. Tools for Backlink Analysis

We are most likely aware that a strong backlink is important for building a good marketing strategy. The platform provides you with tools that measure and analyze your competitor’s backlinks against yours. This will help in showing the relevant backlinks you should add in order to be relevant in your niche.

5. The Tool That Tracks Tour Rankings

There are countless changes Google makes to its algorithm on a daily basis. As a result of this, your rankings for a particular keyword might be greatly affected. This is one problem that Serpstat helps you with.

The platform provides you with relevant SEO tools for tracking your rankings under different categories. This will help you understand how well your SEO strategies are performing and how you can improve on them.

What to Expect When Using Serpstat

At this point, you already know that the platform comes with lots of features that can overwhelm its users. But this is one area where Serpstat beats its competitors. The platform is well designed and has all its information displayed in an organized manner. With this, you will be sure of having a great user experience on the platform.

In terms of customer support, Serpstat offers a free online learning center that trains its users to properly utilize the software. The name of this learning center is called Serpstat Academy.

For queries, Serpstat provides you with a live chat option through which you can submit your queries and complaints.

PricingPricing for Serpstat

There are lots of SEO platforms that provide their users with many features, but Serpstat broadly stands out because of its pricing structure. The platform provides you with valuable and rare SEO tools at a very cheap rate, especially with the 20% off for paying yearly below.

  • Lite plan $55 per month – One user
  • Standard $119 a month – Three Users
  • Advanced $239 a month – Five Users
  • Enterprise $399 a month – Seven Users

Some SEO platforms peg their basic plans at a price of $100 a month, but Serpstat has its Lite plans at $55 a month.

When purchasing any of its plans, you will get a 20% discount if you pay yearly.

Pros and Cons

Like other SEO platforms you can come across, there are pros and cons attached to them. Although the pros of this tool beat many other similar tools, it is still important to mention its cons.


  • It gives the user detailed reports with good visualization
  • Unique features such as keyword tracking and missing keywords
  • Affordable prices plus valuable features
  • It is a perfect SEO tool


  • Sites with a higher number of pages have a longer site audit period.

Wrapping up

From all indications, Serpstat is an amazing SEO tool. With a comprehensive collection of features, you will be sure of gaining higher search engine rankings within a short period of time.

In terms of pricing, the Serpstat pricing structure is one that saves you a lot of money. With a wide collection of different SEO features and pocket-friendly prices, I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t try out the tool.

I hope my Serpstat review helped you to get an idea of just how great this tool is for SEO.

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9 thoughts on “Serpstat Review”

  1. Hi Lily, Serpstat is basically an SEO software suite and it’s slowly evolved from a keyword research tool into a growth hacking tool, SEO, PPC, and link building.

    It’s one of the best, effective and helpful SEO tools that website owners can use to improve their website rankings.

    Serpstat can help you to find the top keywords, find competitors and analyze niche visibility for your business or brand.

    If you want to succeed in online business I think you definitely need an SEO tool. Serpstat software you can use to find a new keyword, content ideas. You can also analyze PPC campaigns, and perform in-depth competitor research.

    Serpstat is one of the most affordable SEO tools in the market for entrepreneurs.

    • This is certainly one of the best SEO software suites on the market for polishing your website to get traffic Bushra. I’ve looked at quite a few and this is a real gem.

    • I’ve been looking at all the best SEO tools Bushra and this definitely a gem. We all need these tools to help attract organic traffic and help people to find us. I’m so pleased that you found my article of value.

  2. Serpstat is definitely an interesting SEO tool. It’s rare to see all-in-one SEO tools under the $100 that get the job done. Most of them always seem to lack something. 

    I was wondering if there were any restrictions on the lite version. I know that some SEO tools use lite plans but limited them in such a way that they basically force you to upgrade. 

    Is that also the case with Serpstat or can you use everything with the lite version?

    • Hi Rogier, this is certainly an amazing SEO tool and well priced. But the Lite version does have fewer options in that you can only use it so many times per tool. Of course, it is worth upgrading if you are serious about keeping up with all the SEO a growing company needs.

  3. Thank you so much for this awesome review over Serpstat!  I was really glad that I read this review and learned more about what this site has to offer.  I was interested to see that the price was so cheap for something of this quality, and for my site that is a good thing.  I don’t have many pages on my site because it is only a few months old, so this is something I may want to look into.

    • Hi Jessie, I think it’s great that you are looking around at what is on offer. There are many quality SEO tools out there and this is one of them but you may find that you don’t need too much extra help at the very beginning of your website design and it is always good to have a solid idea of your needs before paying extra.

      Wishing you great success.

  4. This is my first time to know  about SERPSTAT. I now found another tool to help me in my keyword search. Thumbs up for sharing this information!

    I like the feature of helping writers find the top ranking site about their niche. Analyzing them will enhance your own ability to write.

    Also, I sometimes ask my self about my errors reflected on AISEO. The features of SERPAT in redirecting for analyzing and fixing your error and seeing your loading speed are great tools. Plus the tools for your domain analysis, the backlink analysis tools and the tool that track tour ranking, how will I not improve my AISEO?

    And yes, the information are valuable and of great help for someone who wants to improve page ranking. Every writer loves that.

    • I’m so pleased that you have found another tool for keyword research Rose and I can see that you truly understand how important this tool is to look after your SEO. Wishing you all the best with your business.


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