Social Post Magic Review – Is it worth it?

Scheduling is the best social media hack to get your time back. You’ll be able to connect with an entire social mediaSocial Post Magic Review

management team working for you on autopilot.

You can create a whole year of content in just an hour and generate a month’s worth of traffic in minutes.

Explore social media marketing to create a huge blowout event for grand openings or the launch of new businesses.

Facebook is one of the most powerful sources for internet marketing. To get the most out of your marketing campaign, be creative and research your target market thoroughly.

Facebook is the place where most parents hang out, so it’s a good idea to try posting there. This can be a great way to position your business so that customers and prospects want to interact with you.

Schedule All Your Posts from One Place

You can automatically build a library of precious content – all magically sorted into groups and categories. You’ll be able to save time, reduce effort, and reduce hassle.

You can access all your social media platforms from one dashboard. Organize and manage your social media content under one roof. You only need one click to reuse, recycle and reschedule posts.

You can manage, post, and schedule your content anywhere you have an internet connection. Social Post Magic gives you access to unlimited accounts, unlimited posts, and unlimited content.

Increase Customer Loyalty

71% of social media users who had an interaction with the brand would recommend it to others. The best part is that it makes you money! It’s a major source of free traffic.

The thing is that just having a few social media accounts and posting, again and again, won’t cut it in this day. It’s not enough. You should be sharing lots of content, and you need to do it frequently.

The worst part is that it requires so much time. Use social media as much as you need. It’s actually a never-ending, relentless job. It’s like decorating your home. You feel like you’ve just finished the job, and now you need to do it all again.

Build Your Business on Social Media

Social media brings you new customers. 33% of customers say social media is how they find new brands, products, and services.

63% of consumers who look for businesses online will use those with a strong social media presence.

Save Cost and Time, Increase Marketing EfficiencySave cost and time with Social post magic

Logging in to social media sites one after the other, and copying and pasting posts can be frustrating, repetitive, and time-consuming.

To put it bluntly, there are far better ways to spend your time. Whether you’re spending the day on the golf course or with your grandkids, you must find a solution that doesn’t cost you a fortune every month.

You could always hire someone else to manage it for you, but it’s going to cost you at the very minimum $250-$300 per month. And it’ll also take a lot of time.

In a moment, I will show you a solution that allows you to pick between running your business to earn income for your family and spending time with them.

Get More Reach with Less Work

Without you even realizing it, Social Post Magic will build you a library of cool content. It’ll also increase your sales, clicks, and engagements with less effort – all this under one roof.

Social Media Content Is KING

You can use social media to turn prospects into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople. Social Post Magic makes it easy to grow your business.

You don’t even need to lift one finger. Social post magic does all the work for you – Posting, Reposting, Building, and Growing. It all happens automatically.

Get Speedier Posting, Easier Content All on Autopilot

Let’s take a look at how easy, efficient and more effective your social media marketing will become as soon as you start using Social Post Magic.

Social Post Magic allows you to schedule posts for any platform and any time. This means you can post whenever you like, instead of waiting for others to do it.

You can schedule when you are certain your posts will go viral – or to accommodate your fans who live in different time zones. It’s up to you when you want to post. Social Post Magic makes it easy.

You can add unlimited platforms. Keep your accounts logged in so that you don’t have to switch platforms. This means you are in complete control of your social media management. It also means you can easily post to multiple platforms in one click.

This is the fastest way to grow your business and brand. Social Post Magic allows you to automatically build up a library of posts as you post – perfect for your brand and you! It intelligently sorts this data into categories for you.

You can group your content library into findable, manageable collections. You only need to make sure your followers and fans receive new content every day.

Just click, schedule, and let Social Post Magic do the rest. Build a year’s worth of content in hours and reschedule it in minutes. It’s never been easier to build your brand, business, and bank balance.


Your virtual social media team will work for you automatically so you don’t have to worry about posting manually again. Social Post Magic will work its magic for you.

Here’s how Social Post Magic works. It automates the major time-sucking social media activities and turns them into a fully automated system.

Automated Content BuildingAutomated content scheduling

It makes it easier to get customers from free traffic faster and more efficiently.

Although social media isn’t the only way to market, it can offer marketers unprecedented opportunities to engage in meaningful ways. You can also explore it as a platform to launch other marketing strategies. Social media isn’t an island.

It is a powerful engine that propels larger marketing ships. You can get unrestricted access to Social Post Magic for as low as $49.95 Per Month!

Or check out Blog2Social for $10 Per Month with a 60-day trial.


Social media is here to stay, as we all know. It is crucial for your brand, business, and bank balance growth.

You can automate your social media accounts by taking control now. You’re setting yourself apart from the rest. You are far ahead of your competitors.

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I hope this article has helped you to really think about automating your posts onto all the social media platforms. Let me know how you go and leave a comment.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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4 thoughts on “Social Post Magic Review – Is it worth it?”

  1. Well, this sounds like a pretty interesting tool, especially if you are an affiliate marketer. It basically saves you so much time and energy. I think I will follow this program. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. I could not see how much it would cost me. Is it free?

    • Hi Daniel, the cost ranges from $38 per month to $99 per month. Another alternative is Blog2Social which is around $10 a month. It all depends on what you are planning to do.

  2. Social media is king these days!  Linking your blog to a social media platform will increase interest.  Blog websites will always be there but social media makes it easy for information that you care about to make it to others’ eyes.  I think automating it is important also.  Thanks for the write-up!

    • Very good point Jay. Once we have written something we really need to get it out there on social media to find readers who are interested and who will visit our websites.


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