Spocket Dropshipping Review

Whether you’re from the US or China, Spocket Dropshipping can provide you with products that will appeal to your audience.Spocket Dropshipping review Fortunately, Spocket has met and interviewed all its suppliers and is confident that its merchants will be able to find products that have up to 30% profit margins.

Another crucial factor that merchants should think about is the invoice. The invoice is the most significant determinant of a loyal customer base and should be carefully designed to reflect the business’s corporate identity.

The Spocket dropshipping platform is unique and has a vast selection of suppliers. In addition, it offers sample orders so that you can test and touch the product before selling it. The majority of their suppliers are based in Europe and the United States.

The two biggest differences between Spocket Dropshipping and Oberlo are in their pricing plans. Oberlo offers a free plan, and Spocket has a mid-range $8 monthly plan.

The Oberlo’s free plan is ideal for bootstrappers and offers access to suppliers worldwide. Spocket, however, focuses on vetting suppliers from the US and EU.

A free trial of Spocket allows you to try the platform out before you decide to pay. You can also access Spocket’s live chat and email support around the clock to ask questions and get help. Spocket’s customer support is active and friendly, which is very useful for new business owners.

What’s Spocket Dropshipping?

Spocket Dropshipping is a new type of dropshipping marketplace that focuses on AliExpress products. It has filters based on shipping costs, product images, and item variants. You can build a list of products and list them for comparison.

While the Spocket dropshipping platform is very popular, it has its flaws. Its fee structure is a bit high compared to other marketplaces. Another drawback is its lack of integration with third-party marketplaces. However, it offers a robust feature set to help you start selling on your own.

One of the major benefits of Spocket is that it allows eCommerce merchants to create a brand identity for their products.

Customers can also customize invoices and product information. Spocket Dropshipping also guarantees money-back guarantees on returned products. This makes Spocket a great dropshipping platform for eCommerce merchants with their product line.

Ease of Use

Spocket allows users to filter results by price, keyword, and shipping origin. The site also has a convenient order tracking system and 24/7 customer service. However, the 14-day free trial is a bit short for evaluating this platform.

With Spocket Dropshipping, entrepreneurs can find and sell drop-shipped products directly to customers. This eliminates the need for stock and shipping logistics.

It also allows entrepreneurs to focus on marketing and providing the best possible experience for their customers.

The Spocket application works seamlessly with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. This platform connects a user to thousands of suppliers from around the world.

The platform works with suppliers holding inventory, automatically updating in real-time. It also automatically removes listings that are discontinued.

Product CatalogProduct catalog

The Spocket Dropshipping Product Catalog enables you to search and compare products from different drop shippers.

You can filter results by pricing, location, and industry. It also allows you to select exclusive products. You can then create a list of items you are interested in selling.

Once you have added a product or two to your store, Spocket gives you a guided tour. You can also browse through its catalogs. Drag and drop the cursor on any product to view its details.

When you see a product you like, a green bar will appear saying “add to import list.” Once you’ve added the product, you can edit its details.

Spocket also provides branded invoicing, which helps you create a more personal connection with your customers. It includes your logo, business details, and a personal note, so your client will feel like they’re dealing with a legitimate company.

This is particularly useful in today’s increasingly crowded online retail environment, where 80 percent of customers say trust is a dealbreaker. Spocket’s branded invoicing ensures that your business is looked at as a legitimate business.

Product Suppliers

Spocket is a dropshipping product supplier that lets you manage your business through a dashboard. It’s incredibly easy to use, and it helps you stay organized.

The platform lets you choose from a wide selection of products and offers a fast turnaround time. You can focus on marketing and delivering the best customer experience.

Spocket Dropshipping allows you to select products based on your target locations. For example, if you’re targeting Canadian customers, you can select from trusted providers in Canada and get your products within 2-14 business days.

While Spocket has limited suppliers, it makes up for it with time savings and peace of mind. The downside is that Spocket does not communicate directly with your suppliers. While Spocket provides a good service, it cannot help you with certain supplier policies.

Importing Products

Importing products is easy with Spocket, and there is a four-step guide on the dashboard. Once you’ve found the products you want to sell, add them to your import list.

Once you’ve added them, you can edit their details and post them to your store. After that, your customers can buy them.

Before deciding on a specific supplier, getting samples of their products is important. This will help you understand their policies and ensure you have the right products for your business.

AliExpress products can take up to two weeks to arrive so ordering samples can be time-consuming. Spocket’s easy sample ordering process eliminates this headache and enables you to order samples within two to three days.

You can also use samples to verify shipping policies and add personalized photos to your product images.

While most dropshipping businesses only offer a small profit margin, Spocket strives to offer merchants a 30% to 60% profit margin on every product sold. This means that you can earn more profit per sale and use Spocket’s service to boost your sales. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about sourcing products from sub-par suppliers.

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment services can be expensive, but Spocket can help you cut costs by offering a cheaper alternative to Amazon and AliExpress.

The slick interface and easy search function let you find products quickly and easily, and the service handles all the logistics. You can focus on building your store instead of managing shipping and product compliance.

Using Spocket’s branded invoicing makes it easier for customers to identify your brand. This way, they can feel more confident buying from your store. Spocket’s customer service staff is also available via live chat and email to help you with any issues you may have.

Spocket Dropshipping PricingSpocket Dropshipping Pricing

The available monthly plans are shown below:

Free: Spocket offers a no-cost plan. As it’s free, the only thing you can do is explore the product catalogs if you decide to use the platform.

Starter: This plan goes for $24 per month. There’s a 14-day trial for both the Starter and higher tier plans. Here, you have enough to get started with 25 unique products.

Pro: The plan goes for $49 per month. This is Spocket’s most-liked and optimal monthly plan for the typical reseller. Additionally, it is where their custom billing and Live support are made available. It has a bigger capacity, enabling you to sell 25 premium and 250 unique products.

Empire: It costs $99 a month. This is the most expensive monthly tier. It has all the features and a 10,000 product maximum for both unique and premium products.

Annual plans:

Pro: You can save up to 5 months by switching from $49/month to $29/month, or $348/year.

Empire: It starts from $99/month or at $708/year, saving you an additional 5 months. For annual plans, this is their most popular tier.

Unicorn: It originally costs $299 per month, but it is now only $115 or $1380 annually, saving you 7 months. It has every feature available in lower plans.

Additionally, simultaneous order checkout and supplier sourcing are included. You can also ask for products that Spocket does not currently offer.

Spocket Dropshipping Pros:

  • – The system continuously monitors and updates your inventory.
  • – To have a solid idea of the quality you should expect from your manufacturer, proceed and get product samples.
  • – Making an import list, then selecting Import is all it takes to import products into your store.
  • – It offers 24/7 customer service.

Spocket Dropshipping Cons:

  • – It offers a limited free trial period of 14 days.
  • – There isn’t a beginner-friendly plan that is always free.
  • – You are unable to access your supplier’s inventory.

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With Spocket, you can choose from thousands of dropshipping suppliers. The customer pays X amount to the retailer, and then the supplier ships the product to the customer. By using this method, you can create an online store without the hassle of stocking inventory.

You can also order a product sample directly from the dashboard to test out the products and suppliers before making full payment.

As a dropshipping platform, Spocket integrates with most major e-commerce platforms. This allows you to manage your products without a technical background.

It also allows you to import products easily with just a few clicks. You can also integrate Spocket with your sales platform to streamline your business.

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