Tailwind Scheduler Review

Tailwind is an amazing Pinterest marketing tool. Twitter and Facebook are not the only platforms where you can share orTailwind Scheduler Review

promote your content. You can also explore Instagram and Pinterest because they have a high percentage of people using them. In my tailwind scheduler review, I will show you how easy scheduling your Pinterest pins can be.

As a Pinterest user, you don’t have to stress using Pinterest to direct traffic to your blog. Doing that can be tiring sometimes! All you need is a tool that can take care of scheduling for you and alleviate that stress. This is where Tailwind comes in.

In this review, I will show you how Tailwind could be of help to you and your business. How to track your performance, and how to create applicable content to attract visitors to your pins again and again.

About Tailwind

Tailwind is likely the best-known scheduling tool for Pinterest. But it’s actually more of a total package marketing tool kit.

With Tailwind, you get to do the following:

  • Upload images with great speed
  • Schedule your pins at favorable times
  • Meet new people through the Tailwind community.

Also, note that Tailwind can now be used for Instagram scheduling and publishing too. But its features are specifically for Pinterest, and that’s what we will focus on.

How Legit is the Tailwind Tool?

The Tailwind software is real and not a scam. You can also check its Twitter account with over 11,000 followers for more details.

How to Get Started

The first thing that you must do to get started is to get the Tailwind software on your device. You can then log in with your Pinterest account.

When you have logged in, you’ll get a verification link through your email address.

You’ll be able to verify your account by clicking the Sent link. This, then, opens the URL in your browser.

Tailwind will show you a pop-up box that will ask for your email address and password. Once you’ve provided the details, click the Submit button. The Tailwind app detects your browser automatically and shows a popup box that suggests you install the browser extension.

You can explore the Tailwind Firefox plugin when using the Firefox browser. But for other browsers like Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, or any other Chromium-based web browser, you should use the Tailwind Chrome extension.

Tailwind’s Scheduling and PublishingTailwind Scheduler Review

Scheduling and publishing are features of Tailwind. With these features, you can upload all your content in large quantities, instead of doing it one at a time. You can also explore the Tailwind scheduler to control your posting time. This saves a lot of time so you can do something else.

Check out my simple 3-minute video to create and schedule your very first Tailwind pin for Pinterest for free. 100 pin trial for free.

Join for free and get a gift too. Use this link!

How to Upload Images on Tailwind

The first thing to do on Tailwind after logging in is to upload your content. With the help of the web browser extension, you can save images from anywhere on the web. Let’s say you were reading through a blog post and you wish to share it on Pinterest! You don’t have to pin the images directly on Pinterest. You can just save the images to Tailwind.

Saving directly to Tailwind is extremely time-saving. When you share an image on Pinterest, you’ll probably post it to a few boards, including group boards. This means repeating the pinning process several times. Whereas, when you post to Tailwind, you can do it all at once.

After you have uploaded and saved your images, the next thing to do is to work on your publishing schedule.

Set Up Your Schedule

The center of Tailwind is the smart scheduler. With this, you can choose the day and time you want your pins to be published.

Tailwind helps by suggesting the favorable publishing times, based on their analysis of when people are most active on Pinterest.

The dotted time slot: This is a smart prompt from Tailwind. It gives you all the assistance you need as you are getting started, even when you don’t know what time works best.

The dotted time slot turns green when you accept the suggested time. And it turns grey when you add your own time slot.

You can always change the scheduled time anytime you want to. You can decide to increase or decrease the frequency of your content posting. Based on your Tailwind data, with time you can replace the old smart schedule with a new one.

Viewing Your Scheduled Pins

You can either add an image to the schedule or save it as a draft. At the top of the screen, you will see a corner with the Draft Pin and a lot of Scheduled Pins.

Below the header is a list of the Scheduled Pins. Each line shows a glimpse of the image and the Pinterest board that it will be published on. The padlock symbol displayed indicates that the Pin is locked into that particular time slot. But you can unlock it and move it when you want to.

On the right-hand side, there’s a combined calendar view of your schedule. When you want to rearrange the schedule, you can unlock the padlock and then drag-and-drop the pin to a new time slot entirely.

A Broad List

This refers to a set of boards under the same category. For instance, you can schedule the same blogging pin together with just a click. In this case, you don’t have to choose from different blogging boards. You can always schedule the pin to different “blogging-related” boards with a click.

Board Insight DataBoard Insight Data for Pinterest

This is a Tailwind tab that gives you the same details as shown on your Pinterest account. It has different filters to choose from between individual, group, and private boards.

You can see the total insight for pins, followers, re-pins, and comments. This insight lasts for 7 days before a new insight replaces it.

You also have the freedom to sort the data by each column. For instance, sorting the columns by the most pins allows the Blogging Group Board to be at the top. Whereas when you sort it out by Engagement, it places the regular board Cloud Storage and Backup at the top.

Analytics and Reporting

Tailwind has built great Pinterest analytics into their dashboard, using the official Pinterest API. This helps you track your performance on Pinterest. You can also track trends on the profile, board, and individual pin level.

Profile Performance

When you check the top level of your dashboard, you will see the total number of Pinterest Followers, Pins, Repins, and Comments. You can also examine the virility and engagement levels of your pins. This helps you make sure your pin is effective.

Pin Inspector

The Pin Inspector allows you to navigate deeply into the performance of individual pins. It’s just like the Board Insights. The data is shown in the form of a table. This table contains everything you’ve ever pinned.

With this table format, you can click any of the columns – Board, Pin, Repins, Comments, and Date Pinned. This helps you sort your pins as you wish. You can also search for any pin from thousands of pins stored in the table using the search bar at the top.

Keeping Track of Your Pinterest Account

You can always monitor your domain so you can track how your content performs organically on Pinterest. This is possible when you connect your Google analytics to your Tailwind account.

Organic Activity

The Organic report shows you everything that goes on with your pins and account so that you will know if everything is in order.

Tailwind Community

The main purpose of the Tailwind Community is to have a friendly and collaborative community that encourages users to work together. This community is a place where people with the same mindset can work and share content with each other.

Tailwind Communities solve two major challenges that bloggers and marketers face daily.

These solutions are:

  • Finding a steady supply of premium content to share
  • Getting your content seen by the right audience.

Tailwind has over 4000 communities you can choose from. You get to meet new people and influencers you can work with to activate your community.

For you to enjoy Tailwind to the maximum, you must find a Tailwind Community that works best for you. What you have to do is click on the “Find a Tailwind Community” tab. This allows you to search for Tailwind communities by keyword or category.

Joining A CommunityJoining a community in Tailwind

You need to check if a Tailwind Community is perfect for you before you request to join.

You can do this by previewing:

  • The content of the community
  • All the community rules
  • Total number of community members for that group
  • The number of re-shares on each content piece added to the Tailwind Community.

Once your joining request has been granted, you can check out the Tailwind Community members and the pins they’ve shared so far.

You can also add content to your Tailwind Community by using the Tailwind browser extension. When your pin has already been added to one of your Tailwind Communities, a warning symbol will be displayed.

At the end of every week, your Tailwind Community will send you a weekly digest. This gives you a summary of your performance and that of your community.

Tailwind Pricing

  • Free Trial – 100 free scheduling slots (when they are finished your free plan is over)
  • Tailwind is available for Bloggers and Small Businesses starting at $9.99/month billed annually, $119.88. This can be used by up to 100 employees.

The price plan contains all the features I’ve mentioned. There is also free access to five Tailwind Communities, and 30 monthly community submissions. You can also decide to buy more submissions if you want.

When you’re running a bigger brand or agency, you can get the Max plan. This plan has the same features but gives more access to Tailwind Communities and more posts.

  • Max Plan$39.99/month billed Annually, $479.88

You can, however, start with their forever-free plan. It allows you to publish 20 posts per month on Pinterest.Cost of Tailwind


Tailwind has not only taken away the pain of posting regular content to Pinterest. It also creates a complete toolkit that helps bloggers and marketers direct significant traffic to their sites.

Insights gotten from Pinterest into Tailwind give you a full view of how your visual content is performing. And with the addition of Tailwind Communities, you have no excuse for not reaching more people with your content.

After this Tailwind Scheduler Review, I hope you can make an easy decision as to whether this tool will work for you or not.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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6 thoughts on “Tailwind Scheduler Review”

  1. Good informative article on Tailwind. I have heard of it, thought of looking into it just never got around to it. 

    Yours is the first in-depth review I have read on it. Very thorough too I might add. 

    Price wise, it looks a bargain for bloggers and others who are serious Pinterest users. 

    • I agree Michael, the problem is that as your business grows so does the time it takes to promote each article on social media. To make scheduling easy and quick Pinterest created Tailwind so that you can schedule many pins in one sitting to be pinned when you are not around. It’s perfect for when you are on holiday or trying to balance your workload over a week.

      I’m so pleased that you found this article had all the information to see how it works. I will be doing a video training on it soon as I feel that it is nice to actually see the screenshots and step through the training. Enjoy!

  2. I am hearing of this for the first time. I like the ease at which posting can be done and the scheduling feature is very useful. The community contact and the facility of analytics also is quite attractive. I have a Pinterest account but it has not been doing much except showing me similar pins to mine. Maybe it is time to make it useful. I could join and see how everything works during the trial period. Thank you for the introduction.

    • There are so many tools out there JJ but Tailwind is excellent for creating pins for Pinterest and then scheduling them so you are consistent. Being consistent with your promotion is the key to success but it can be time-consuming and Tailwind allows you to create a whole mess of pins and then space out the upload over a week.

  3. Thanks for that very detailed article on Tailwind. I had never heard of it before, but it is definitely something I will look into. I have found from Google Analytics that most of the Social Media traffic I get comes from Pinterest, so it looks like it will be a big help to me. I have bookmarked your page for further reference. Thanks for a great post.

    • That is terrific news Greg that you are getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest already. You must be putting in the hard work and promoting your website, well done. Tailwind is a great way to keep control of your time on social media. Wishing you all the best.


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