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The Affiliate Lab is a training course for online marketers. Matt Diggity is the founder and the instructor of this course.The Affiliate Lab Review Previously, he was an electrical engineer and went online to make money from his passion.

During his tenure as an electrical engineer, he stumbled across affiliate marketing, which was not only exciting but addictive as well. Today, he can help others make money from the comfort of their own homes.

Before starting The Affiliate Lab course, you need to have a solid understanding of the Internet. You can’t expect to make money in one day. The internet landscape is constantly changing, and practices that worked yesterday are unlikely to work tomorrow. That is why many courses fall behind and become outdated within a year. This isn’t the case with The Affiliate Lab.

Matt constantly updates and replaces outdated content to keep it relevant and up-to-date. This is the reason it is so popular.

If you want to learn how to earn money from the web, you must invest time and effort. Using social sharing and building backlinks will boost your domain authority.

You must make sure you optimize your website correctly. For this, you should check out the Kitchen Sink module. It is a metaphor for cleaning your website and will give you on-site and off-site optimization tips.

What is The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is a new course that can help you become a profitable affiliate marketer. The creator of this course, Matt Diggity, has many years of experience working with affiliate programs. He has been training marketers for over eight years and has taught hundreds of people to maximize their results.

In addition to the eBook, the program includes several video tutorials and checklists that can help you get started.

The Affiliate Lab comes with over 160 video tutorials that will teach you everything from choosing your niche to selecting templates. You’ll also learn how to rank higher and survive in competitive niches.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the videos will help you get started. The system is user-friendly and easy to implement. You can ask Matt any questions you may have.

Another great thing about this course is the Niche Grading Tool. This unique tool helps you find the right niche for your website. It also includes a few bonuses that will help you make more money.

The search engine algorithms change from time to time, and the creators of The Affiliate Lab are constantly updating their SEO strategies to keep your site ranking well. You can take advantage of these updates and gain massive traffic.

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is the founder of Leadspring, a company that partners with affiliate marketers to flip websites. He has extensive experience with SEO and online marketing, and he shares his knowledge of how to build a profitable business. He offers blueprints based on his processes aimed at helping people like you make money online.

His blog offers SEO techniques, case studies, and online business insights. You’ll find everything from SEO techniques to how to make money online.

The Affiliate Lab includes a complete video course that teaches you how to get traffic to your website. It also comes with DFY templates and tools for developing your website. You’ll even find checklists to help you improve your site’s SEO.

You’ll also find a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers to common SEO problems. And it’s only $597 for two payments or $997 Once Only!

Besides being a successful affiliate marketer, Matt Diggity also has an impressive track record as an SEO expert.

But how does he earn such a high income from his blog? The answer is that he combines his blog with his SEO techniques to earn a full-time living while working from anywhere.

How does The Affiliate Lab work?How does The Affiliate Lab work?

The founder of the program, Matt Diggity, has a strong background in search engine optimization. He was a software engineer for a Silicon Valley start-up. While there, he learned a lot about optimizing software, making it function efficiently, and communicating with customers.

After that, he fell in love with the field of search engine optimization and decided to create his course to teach other webmasters about it.

The Affiliate Lab’s training is structured as an over-the-shoulder video course. You’ll learn how to select a niche, how to choose a template, how to get higher rankings, and how to survive in competitive niches.

Thanks to its proprietary SEO tool, the Affiliate Lab is easy to navigate. The software even has a niche grading tool that’s invaluable. The Affiliate Lab’s curriculum is vast, and it will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge to succeed in affiliate marketing.

The Course Modules

The course modules in The Affiliate Lab show you how to make your niche and attract traffic to your website.

You’ll learn how to create an email list and keep subscribers engaged and buying your products. The training course is well-structured and easy to follow. There are four modules in The Program. They all have a great deal of information, and each module is designed for a specific audience.

Matt now runs a popular SEO blog called Diggity Marketing. While testing SEO strategies, he created hundreds of test sites and invented new methods. He made his fortune by flipping websites and selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can learn from Matt’s experience by taking his course.

The Affiliate Lab offers proven strategies to help you get your site unstuck. The course is divided into two types of affiliate sites: Authority and smaller niche sites.

Although authority sites are a great way to earn an income online, you can start one and increase your income when you flip it for a higher multiple. The course includes lessons on the domain name, site structure, and off-page optimization.

What is Inside the Affiliate Lab Course?What is inside The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is a program that will help you create an authority website in just a few short months. In the course, you will learn how to leverage a system that will build links on your site, and you’ll also learn creative outreach techniques that will boost your website’s rankings.

In addition, you’ll learn how to deal with algorithm changes and how to protect your site from penalties. Finally, you’ll learn how to build your e-mails to increase the odds of being read and opened.

The Affiliate Lab course starts with an informational module. Matt Diggity talks about SEO and affiliate marketing. He explains proven strategies for choosing profitable niches.

While many people try to overcomplicate niche selection, this course shows you how to pick a narrow niche, build authority on it, and make money online.

How Can The Affiliate Lab Help You Make Money Online?

If you’re unsure how to build your backlinks, the Affiliate Lab can help. Matt Diggity is a top copywriter in the affiliate marketing world and an expert in buying and selling websites. He’s been able to share tips and tricks with affiliates to help them set up their businesses quickly and easily.

The Bonus section of The Affiliate Lab includes blueprints for starting an affiliate business. If you’re a beginner at SEO, The Affiliate Lab’s course can be a great place to start.

It provides checklists, SEO-related blueprints, and a Facebook group with over 2100 members. These members are selfless and can answer any questions that you might have about the course. Although the course costs $597 over two payments, you can get a $200 discount if you sign up with their link.

The Affiliate Lab’s main selling point is its course. It is one of the best courses on the internet, and if you’re looking to learn how to build a profitable affiliate business, this is the one for you.

The program is comprehensive, and the training modules are helpful and easy to follow. There’s even a community of members to ask questions and get feedback.

How Much does it Cost?How much does it cost?

The course teaches you SEO, how to write compelling articles, and how to make sales. It has no upsells and costs $997 for a one-time fee. You can pay the fee over two months in two equal payments of $597 and get a $200 discount.

Students can learn various strategies to boost traffic, build credibility, and establish authority. The course covers site structure and off-page techniques.


  • The course is also well structured, allowing you to jump around to fill in knowledge gaps.
  • The content is comprehensive and doesn’t contain hidden charges or upselling.
  • The Affiliate Lab’s founder, Matt Diggity, regularly updates the course and removes outdated content. This keeps the course content fresh and relevant for its members.


  • A downside to The Affiliate Lab is the steep price.
  • A free trial is not available in The AF course.
  • There is a no refund policy

Is The Affiliate Lab worth the Investment?

It consists of a step-by-step course that will help you choose the right niche and build an irresistible site. In addition to the SEO strategies, checklists, and SOPs, you will have access to an active Facebook group where others can help answer your questions about SEO and web development. Now, let me tell you why I recommend it.

Investing in The Affiliate Lab is an excellent way to build an affiliate website and earn money online. You will receive over 160 training videos that teach you everything you need to know about choosing a niche and creating a website.

These videos show you how to create an effective landing page and use templates to optimize it. You can learn how to increase your ranking and survive in competitive niches with the help of The Affiliate Lab.

Looking for a Less Expensive Option?

I can recommend another way to learn all about creating a website, Landingpage, SEO, and email marketing. Also how to promote on social media to gain organic traffic and so much more. You will have to pay for hosting anyway, no matter which training course you take, so why not combine the cost and pay monthly?

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning and hosting platform where you can learn everything in The Affiliate Lab and so much more with over 120 video lessons and 1000+ tutorials updated daily. You can start for free and see if it is a fit for you and then it’s only $49 per month all up. Click on the banner to read more.

Start your training now


The course offers tips to flip websites, and Matt Diggity’s Leadspring Company has been doing website flipping for years.

The course is a comprehensive guide to buying and selling websites, and it has an entire section devoted to this type of marketing. However, the pricing of this course can make it unaffordable for many people. Its website has over 20K subscribers. It is an excellent option for those interested in affiliate marketing.

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