The Last Amazon Course Review: Is Brock Johnson a Scam?

This review will cover the main points of The Last Amazon Course. You’ll learn about the different strategies Brock JohnsonThe Last Amazon Course Review teaches and whether they work.

The program does not include any upsells. It is only 45 hours long and includes 350 videos. While the price seems steep, you’ll find that you can save a considerable amount of money over the course.

The course contains valuable information, including how to sell on Amazon without spending a  fortune. It is so comprehensive that you do not need to spend hours reading reviews or researching.

You can start selling your products within days. There are no minimum requirements, and you do not need any prior experience. All you need is the right course to start your business.

The Last Amazon Course Overview

Product Name:  The Last Amazon Course

Official Sales Page:

Creator:  Brock Johnson

Type:  Amazon FBA Training Program

Price:  $3 per month, or $24-lifetime membership – 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best For:  Anyone who wants to learn more about FBA


  • – The course is legit
  • – It’s quite affordable
  • – The trust rating is high

What is The Last Amazon Course?

According to his website, the Last Amazon Course has more than 20,000 members and comes with a private Facebook group for members to interact with one another.

Unlike other online courses, The Last Amazon Course does not require you to pay a monthly fee. You can start learning right away and start making money in no time.

Brock Johnson, the creator of The Last Amazon Course, has created a masterclass on how to make a fortune selling on Amazon.

Who is Brock Johnson?Brock Johnson

Brock Johnson was born in Eagan, Minnesota, in 1992; he began making money online from World of Warcraft by selling copper.

He later began reselling items off his college campus and eventually made $6 million selling solar eclipse glasses on Amazon. His online courses are a complete guide to Amazon FBA, and his bank account has skyrocketed.

If you are considering selling products on Amazon, you have probably seen advertisements for “The Last Alexa Course” and are wondering if it’s for you.

You’ll learn how to sell anything on Amazon without spending a fortune or hours studying. What makes it so appealing is that you don’t have to read reviews or watch hours of video tutorials to get a sense of whether or not it’s for you.

Is The Last Amazon Course a Scam?

The Last Amazon Course teaches you everything you need to start an Amazon FBA business. The program claims that it is the cheapest course on Amazon and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Brock Johnson is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in online business. He has been selling copper for several years and reselling various items online during his college days.

What is Inside the Last Amazon Course?

The Last Amazon Course has a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of Amazon FBA, including product research and sourcing. The course also discusses listing, marketing, and launching products.

Module 1 – Product Research

The first module in the course teaches you how to conduct product research and find a profitable niche in the Amazon market.

The course also covers branding and logo creation, currency transfer rights, and various scenarios for successful sales on Amazon.

After learning how to conduct research, you will be ready to move forward in developing your own business on Amazon. In this module, you will gain valuable insights into all aspects of product sourcing and creation.

Although the content of The Last Amazon Course is mainly aimed at newbies, it is helpful for anyone who’s looking for an in-depth introduction to Amazon FBA.

Module 2 – Sourcing Products

If you’re serious about achieving a successful Amazon selling career, this module will help you do that. This section covers important tactics such as researching potential products.

The Last Amazon course will give you the tools and knowledge to succeed in this crucial part of the course. Each module covers a different aspect of the process.

This module is designed to help beginners develop profitable online businesses, although some lessons may feel overwhelming to beginner sellers.

Module 3 – Shipping ProductsShipping options

To start a successful Amazon FBA business, you must learn how to ship your products from your fulfillment center correctly.

It can seem like a complicated task, but Brock Johnson walks you through the process. He will teach you how to prepare your packaging and label your products correctly.

You’ll also learn how to select the right keywords for your products. This module will help you determine how to list your products and price them correctly.

Module 4 – Optimization

Getting the most sales from your Amazon store is essential to your success. Using the methods Brock teaches, you can improve your store’s conversion rate.

The course will teach you to research keywords and optimize your product listings to rank higher on Amazon. Having a better ranking means more visibility for your product and more clicks and sales.

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Module 5 – Establishing Your Business

The Last Amazon Course has been praised by many people who have tried it. It teaches you how to run an online business.

The course materials are straightforward and communicative, and the author promises to show you the ropes and help you make profits fast.

In this module, you will learn about the legal and taxation aspects of running a business on Amazon.

You’ll learn how to register for a business tax-free in your state and how to protect your intellectual property.

There is also a section where you will learn about the Amazon policy and what you must do to comply with it.

Module 6 – The Basics of Running a Business

This module covers everything from how to set up your business on Amazon to how to grow it. There are new modules and updated notes for this program.

It also offers valuable tips and tricks for managing your finances and running your business successfully.

Module 7 – Accounting on Amazon

In this module, you will learn the basics of accounting in the marketplace. This includes how to account for your sales and expenses.

Moreover, you will learn about the legal issues you must deal with when running a business. Brock Johnson explains the various legal requirements of operating on Amazon.

You will learn how to maximize your tax benefits. The course will teach you about Amazon’s policies and how to comply with them.

If you are thinking of setting up a business on Amazon, you need to understand how the marketplace works. You can use your knowledge of Amazon’s financials and business transactions to set up a successful business on the platform.

You can also use the information you learn in this course to set up a fulfillment center and communicate with sellers.


The Basic Package – It has the following features:

  • – $3 per month, or a lifetime fee of $24
  • – Frequent updates on their program
  • – Access to the Business’ Community
  • – Over 375 Training Videos
  • – Exclusive Discounts
  • – Downloadable Resources

Lifetime Lite

This package has similar features to the basic package, except that it’s much more cost-effective. And it costs a lifetime payment of $10.

Lifetime Plus

This package requires a one-time fee of $39 only.

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This course focuses more on setting up your Amazon FBA business than scaling. It doesn’t teach you how to use split testing and PPC ads. Nonetheless, this course is an excellent option if you are serious about succeeding on Amazon.

The Last Amazon Course is recommended for those unfamiliar with FBA or with minimal experience. Brock Johnson has a YouTube channel with over 35,000 subscribers, but it is no longer active. In addition to the course, Brock Johnson has provided frequent updates to the program.

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